Introducing…Lady GaGa

Published: Thursday 11th Dec 2008 by Sam

For the last year, Lady GaGa, who is signed to Akon’s Kon Live/Interscope imprint, has been creating quite a buzz within the industry. Indeed, her first single ‘Just Dance’, which made its debut back in May, has been making a steady ascent up the Billboard Hot 100 and currently sits at #3. Her debut album ‘The Fame’ was released in October.

With a sound that is an eklectic fusion of Electronica, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop/R&B, this New York native is definitely a breath of fresh air in an increasingly ‘samey’ industry; you’ll be seeing alot more of her here on That Grape Juice. Check out the video for her current smash ‘Just Dance’ above, as well as a live rendition of the track below:

Are you checking for Lady GaGa?

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  1. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    lady gaga is mad dope!!! her live sets are aesthetically pleasing and she’s so fashion forward. i love it.

  2. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    Im checkin for her. I bought the album and actually love the whole thing. havent been able to say that in a min.. besides kanye. call me crazy but her sets are dope and her still is fresh and love how shes very intricate to the nails to the face make up to the wardrobe. very effortless id say.

  3. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    She’s a cool artist. I have her album and I like it. She wrote/produced a song for Britney’s album but it didn’t make the cut. But I LOVE her song ‘Poker Face” which I believe is her current single right now.

  4. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    shes just aight to me nothing to go crazy about!!!! i mean u can tell they gave her a nice budget for the video but live she kinda boring! Seems she got her style from gwen stefani

  5. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    OMG. Her CD is one of the rare ones that I can listen to OVER AND OVER. 3 months later and I’m still blasting it. Love her music. But you’ll love her even MORE if you see her live. Her music videos don’t do her any justice. She is CRAZY live… so much energy!

  6. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    YES very happy!! I LOVE LADY GAGA!!! She even got chics that have been in the industry not saying any name CHRISTINA AGUILERA copping her style!!!! which would be fine if she admitted it, imitation is the finest form of flattery! LOVE THIS GIRL! x

  7. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    she’s not interesting to me. but again, i’m not a fan of electronic music.

  8. Richard December 11, 2008

    Lady Gaga’s style influences are from the 80’s, her name came from ‘radio gaga’, her shoulder pads gwen don’t have them!

    Just dance made top ten where ever its touched really, number 1 in canada and aus, 3 usa. Poker face got number 1 in Aus, Canada and Newzealand. The fame is her third single for oceania.

    Christmas Tree is joint single with Pokerface for other places. (post it Sam!)

    She’s helping Michael Bolton, working with him on his next album along with Neyo.

    Quicksand is a bonus track on britneys album.

    it’s all sucess for her!!!! I love the lady!! best thing to come out all year and for a long time! 😀

    thanks Sam for doing a spot on her.

  9. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    Introducing Lady GaGa? Are you serious!? Lady GaGa has been creating a buzz in the industry for quite a while now. She wrote songs for recent albums of the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, and New Kids On The Block. She has also been touring with New Kids On The Block in the US. She has received much success in Canada and in the US, and has acquired quite a following along the way. The video for her 2nd single “Poker Face” premiered in October, and the video for “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” premiered in September. Her album and singles have been steadily climbing up the charts, as more and more people discover her. Definitely posts her videos for “Poker Face”, and “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”.

  10. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    She’s nothing special to me, seems like another looks over vocal talent.

    I don’t see her releasing any more than 2 albums/5 singles.


  11. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    baby you are so late lol

  12. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    I love her. Her music is amazing. She does have some real vocal talent too. For sure a breath of fresh air. Glad you are noticing her.

  13. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    Yeah I’ve known about her, ain’t all that great but I like ing her around. I might get the album for Christmas.

  14. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    Finally Lady Gaga has made it on That Grapejuice! She is what this boring low talent level industry needs right now.

    She can:
    1. Sang
    2. Dance
    3. Write
    4. Produce

    Lady Gaga is the truth period.

  15. mrsjones December 11, 2008

    I like just dance, but she just seems really gimmiky to me. i mean the whole image thing, wearing similar outfits all the time, having a signature hairstyle, why is all that crap so cool?? why can’t people just be themselves?? or maybe that image is her…i don’t know really

  16. Richard December 11, 2008

    [QUOTE!!She’s nothing special to me, seems like another looks over vocal talent.

    I don’t see her releasing any more than 2 albums/5 singles.QUOTE!!]

    She will have released 4 by January… and she is meant to be relasin AA!

    1. Just Dance
    2. Poker Face
    3.The Fame
    4. Aye Aye Nothing Else i Can Say

    and Digital single – Christmas Tree
    Promo Single – Beautiful Dirty Rich.

  17. atownmex03 December 11, 2008

    Yay! Im glad to see Gaga finally making on TGJ!
    Poker Face, Money Honey, Love Game, Just Dance, The Fame are my favs but the rest of the cd is just as good

    she has a video for Poker Face and Beautiful Dirty Rich. you need to post them along with hot live perf on youtube. check them out!

  18. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    She got Rihanna Brintey and Ciara beat on Vocals
    Her and Rihanna idk Id say a tie on fashion
    Ciara beats her and Britney in dancing tho. Ciara makes better music IMO. Gaga seems like a gimick to me.

  19. Richard December 11, 2008

    Here’s what the UK press have had to say about her too, Sam you should post it, after all this is our best urban blog we have thanks to you!!! I visit here before I do that usa site Concreteloop these days for my music goss and previews.

    “Its Madonna’s Erotica and Bowie’s thunderbolt theatrics all rolled into a gimmicky but delicious attack on ordinary pop” – The Independent

    “a tasty little pop tart with a Ziggy Stardust fascination” – The London Paper

    “powerful electropop… consistently catchy” – Evening Standard

    “glorious, state-of-the-art modern chart music” – Attitude

    “This American pop genius will be HUGE” – News of the World

    “a high-octane blend of Seventies glam and modern dancepop” – Daily Mail

    “like Gwen Stefani stirred with Goldfrapp and Roisin Murphy, all shaken up with splashes of Queen and David Bowie” – Daily Star

    “an electro-packed delight” – Metro

    “Equal parts pop cutie, Studio 54 debauchee and art-trash performance artiste… Warhol would have loved her” –

    “a thrilling debut” – Music Week

    “The Fame is one of the finest pop albums we’ve heard in a long time” – Record of the Day

    “she’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a winner” – Popjustice

  20. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    love me some poker face lady gaga

  21. ND December 11, 2008

    She gets AIR from me… NEXT!

  22. tia December 11, 2008

    i like the tone of her voice…its a cute song…not really that different from anything i have heard…a mixture of all the lil pop divas (madonna,christina,britney,nelly futardo,fergie)….i like her tho she cool.

  23. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    Poker face, best track on the album hands down, strong beat, strong lyrics, and the VIDEO is hot too, esp. when HIGH, lol

  24. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    I like her album. I can listen to it backt to back. I thought i would get tired of it after like a week but it’s good. She gets my vote. I didn’t think she would be singing live either so that’s nice to see that her talent holds up in live performances.

  25. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    I love Lady GaGa. I enjoyed listening to her album.

  26. delroy December 12, 2008

    this is the second time that i have heard this song the first time round i heard a version with akon just making noise. oh im sorry rapping and i hated it. Now hearing and watching this vid i give it 9/10 it is a grower i’m going to buy her lp.

  27. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    Lady Gaga…now I see where beyonce has been stealing styles from. She’s been stealing from everyone.

  28. Anonymous December 13, 2008

    YES YES YES!!! Love her – amazing voice, that performance was live all the way with good dancing as well. ‘THE FAME’ is a class album. She will be massive here in UK when just dance is released nxt month. Predict BIG THINGS for this one…

  29. Jordan December 13, 2008

    A little bit late, aye Sam? Lol…

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