Madonna Falls (Flat) During Rio Concert

Published: Monday 15th Dec 2008 by Sam

Madonna took a tumble during her recent concert in Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro. Peep the clip above

By all means funny stuff, but the Pop superstar is likely to be the last one laughing; her Sticky & Sweet tour continues to break records across the globe, already amassing a whopping $213 Million for the singer already.

Randomness: I really wish Michael and Janet would take note. Record sales may not be what they once were (even for ol’ Madge), but hitting the road is increasingly becoming ‘the’ way to go. One can only hope…

Your thoughts?

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  1. jonnyhco December 15, 2008

    Michael and Janet are so stupid. and Michael is having money problems too. he could tour and pay off all of his debt.but hey i doubt that michael can move the like he use to. no tour is better than a terrible tour like janets

  2. Anonymous December 15, 2008


  3. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    what’s funny is that she wasn’t even dancing….she was just walking. at least when Beyonce fell she walking down deep steps…and we all know beyonce dances hard…..go home, madonna.

  4. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    there’s nothing for janet to learn. the kids rather worship a white singer. no matter much more talented janet is.

  5. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    LOL NO what is REALLY FUNNY is that Beyonce actually fell!!! Madonna slipped (maybe there was water or something slick)! U can’t really categories that as a fall lol. A slip is way more common than actually falling down steps. Don’t Do IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    The difference is that one has more creative control over her career and image because she runs most of what she does! I think that all those people who say madonna lacks xy and z should actually google her career and see how smart and innovative she has been. Can’t be mad at her if she knows how to make money and gives her fans what they want. U never hear her fans on blogs complaining about how rnb fans complain and b**** constantly.

    SHe’s not me, she doesn’t have my name, she will never have what I have, It won’t be the same!!!!!!!!!! AMEN MADONNA!!!!

  7. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro? The capital of Brazil is called Brasilia, and it’s actually about 700 miles NW of Rio.

  8. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    LOL so funny how negative posts on madonna go nowhere. And he couldn’t even get the capital right!!!!!! Idiots breed negative energy, Madonna told us that before lol

  9. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    Well i guess it shows that she’s not singing live because the track still seemed to be going while she was picking her old ass up… at least Beyonce got up quick as not to be revealed

  10. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    lip singing………!

  11. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    post the new leaked Danity Kane song…. She can’t love you

  12. Yan December 15, 2008

    I’m From Brazil… She fall because of the rain… The rain didn’t stop during the show… (sorry for my bad english)

  13. [email protected] December 15, 2008

    unlike all of these other, Michael saved his energy and he knows when he comes back he will be the only one because Janet, Madonna, George Michael , etc have worn there a sses out and here Michael is actually trying to attem to have a good album AND tour, not just do like Janet and Madonna and come out unorganized and rushing and no respect what so ever for there music or their fans, so Mike gets my pre vote, dont sleep he does it all the time. Madonna and Janet GOOD NITE!

  14. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    I like how she played that off like it was a part off her routine! Lol

  15. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    I was at her concert and she was amazing.

  16. Alejandro ~dro~ December 15, 2008

    Madonna is the queen bow b******.

    She’s Not Me

  17. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    Here in argentina she had 4 sold out shows of 65.000 ppl…i think that only rolling stones can pull that apart from her…

  18. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    LOL!I love how she lifted up her leg in the air whiel on the floor like it was part of the show or something…Joke!

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