Pussycat Dolls Perform ‘Jai Ho’ On Ellen

Published: Monday 20th Apr 2009 by Sam

The Pussycat Dolls (aka Nicole and ‘the others’) stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to perform their current single ‘Jai Ho’ recently. While the song has grown on me considerably, the ‘sameyness’ of the group’s dynamic continues to jarr me. It’s like damn, give one of the other chicks a chance to say something…anything…’hey mom’…something!!!
In all fairness to Nicole, I doubt she has much say as to who sings what (although I could be wrong); it’s most likely the team/producers behind them. Yet surely they should know by now what the masses are calling for – to hear Melody and co sing (and for them to produce better material ala the first album). I mean, if you watched the performance closely, the other girls (whose names I’d bet good money you don’t know) barely, if at all, hold the mics to their mouths.
Baring all of this in mind, it does kinda make one think about the whole ‘only one person singing’ in a group debate. For years many have argued about the unfairness of a group (usually female) only having one lead; however increasingly I’m finding more people saying ‘shoot, I’d fall to the background. After all it’s a cheque at the end of the day’. That said, and I know this is kinda random, but would you rather…
a) Be in a group that gave each member some kind of shine


b) Fall back, keep quiet and accept the money for essentially being a nameless face in the background?

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