Mariah Carey To Perform At VMA’s

Published: Monday 27th Jul 2009 by Sam
According to our friends over at, Mariah Carey has been added to the performer line-up at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009. The show airs live on September 13th at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. More performers are to be announced in the coming weeks.
No doubt this will be Mariah’s moment to sell her ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ LP, which hits stores 2 days later. For her sake, lets hope she doesn’t sound like crap. This performance and the one’s which launch the album really need to be on-point; no “stop singing my part now baby” moments this go round! Gone are the days where I felt I was the minority that loved Mariah, yet noticed something was up with her voice (basically a lot of the ‘Emancipation’ era). Casual listeners are starting to catch onto the fact that Mariah not only doesn’t sound like how she once did (understandable), but actually sounds straight shot (not acceptable). Fans, stans and Lambs can quote how much she’s sold till the cows come home, but it doesn’t change the fact that crap will always sound like crap – whoever the artist. We are in a day and age where live vocals are scrutinised a lot more. So my dear Lambs, Mariah doesn’t automatically get a pass because of who she is. She has to come correct just like anyone else. Otherwise it’s like saying ‘I know she sounds like she’s on the toilet, but I’ll buy it because she’s so amazing’. I mean, honestly….
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