Beyonce Lines Up Next Single…

Published: Monday 24th Aug 2009 by Sam

Beyonce Lines Up Next Single...

According to Amazon, the next single to be lifted from Beyonce’s ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ will be Video Phone.
Sigh. While we love Bey here at That Grape Juice, I can’t help but feel just a little bit short-changed with this ‘era’. ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘If I Were A Boy’ aside, there have either been issues with the quality of the videos or the worthiness of the chosen singles IMO – ‘Video Phone’ I feel falling into the latter category. In not being big on this song at all, I would have instead opted for ‘Radio’ or one of the album’s few ‘AAA’ ballads such as ‘Hello’ or ‘Scared of Lonely’. I mean we are seeing single after single, yet little in the way of cohesion or quality – if I’m to be entirely honest. The general promotional strategy of this record, in comparison to the first two albums, seems a little off too – with Beyonce being on tour for the bulk of it.
With ‘Single Ladies’ having had an amazing run, not to mention it’s cultural impact, as well as ‘Halo’ doing quite well too, I’m pretty much ready for her next project – which will hopefully be a more focussed affair i.e. sound-wise, as well as 3-4 really great videos as opposed to 100 medicore ones! That or she could just hook up with Michelle and Kelly and do that much anticipated Destiny’s Child reunion project LOL.
Your thoughts?

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