Leona Performs ‘Happy’ At Rosa Bandet Galan

Published: Saturday 31st Oct 2009 by Sam

Vocal powerhouse Leona Lewis performed her current single ‘Happy’ at the Rosa Balet Galan in Sweden this week. Check out how she did above.

Hmm…while Ms. Lewis is undeniably a great technical vocalist, this performance was a bit of a snoozer. Perhaps it’s the song (which IMO simply isn’t cutting it) or the fact that she has yet to develop an engaging enough aura about her other than her voice. Regardless, she’s definitely one of the premier talents to emerge in recent years; let’s just hope her forthcoming album ‘Echo’  (due November 13th) serves up better material than this.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. lewis October 31, 2009

    very very harsh comment mr grape juice brilliant PERFORMANCE not jus voice…..what more can she do?…..its a slow song…she aint gonna do no routine……music shud be about song and feeling….soemtimes artist like to wrap a whoel performance and put on a roaring scream (beyonce) shes too much music is music and leona definately is a great performer i didnt snooze lol

  2. Anonymous October 31, 2009

    Sam, you really p*** me off when you criticize leona. You are forever complaining about Rihannas lack of vocal ability but here we have one of the best vocal talents to come out of britain in a very long time and all you can do is criticise her lack of movement. There is such a thing as an artist who does not dance around the stage all the time. Take for instance Mariah, she released ballad after ballad for years. Leona is very good at what she does and just leave it be!

  3. anonymouss October 31, 2009

    i love this song; so powerful!

    but your right sam, its not as commercial as bleeding love, which might make Echo garner less sales than her previous effort. She needs to release something a little more commercial sounding so that people can pick up her new album and appreciate her overall talent!

  4. Anonymous November 1, 2009

    Sam is very annoying when it comes to his critique of Leona
    he’s just breaking down someone who’s finally making a big enough noise for UK talent.
    She’s not a dancer, the minute she dances, i know you’ll say , she’s not being true to herself, and has stepped out of a box to appear commercial. so nobody can do right for you, except BEYONCE its very evident she is the only artist you dont critique,
    Leona is doing great things for the UK
    Happy is a good song, guarantee’d if it had been her that sung halo, it would have been MASSIVE!!!. but not to take anything from Beyonce as she did her thing.

    But leona is repping the UK and can tackle the majority of the worlds best vocalists amd all you do is break her down. What do you want her to do , prance about in a Leotard?. showing off the majority of her lady areas? GET A GRIP! some artists like to be CLASSY.

  5. antertain November 1, 2009

    Excellent vocals and Leona cant and wont dance, “forgive me” was prime example that she shouldn’t dance.

    Leona is a vocal BEAST of shining light and the pop ballads suit her a lot.
    Hope bit more R&B stuff on this album as that’s what some of her pre-X factor material was.

  6. Puhleeze November 2, 2009

    Chrisette Michele is not a dancer yet she is a beast at performing, Jill Scott, India Arie, Jeniffer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan…all these people have great voices, don’t dance yet they give great shows…

    I agree with Sam, this performance was just a snoozefest!!!!

    This girl should pick up on her performances, act like she is happy to be on stage, and that she is actually infront of people and not her mirror!!!!

  7. B November 2, 2009

    Why would she act happy when it is a sad song? Its about a man that she loves but can’t have…would you smile about that?

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