Soulja Boy To Feature On Both Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Albums

Published: Saturday 31st Oct 2009 by Trent

Young rapper Soulja Boy Tell’em will ironically feature on both Chris Brown and Rihanna’s upcoming LP’s. Rihanna’s album, ‘Rated R’, hits stores on November 23rd and Brown’s ‘Graffiti’ will be released on December 15th. Here what Soulja Boy had to say about his contributions to both projects:

“With this particular project [it was] like, ‘Whoa!’ because it was like, ‘Yo, I need you to do something for Rihanna’s album. You got 11 hours. Go,” Soulja Boy said about the last-minute call to work on an unspecified track from Rihanna’s upcoming Rated R disc.

“It was like, ‘What?’ ” The challenge, he said, was how to cook up some verses that would help make a #1 hit in such a short time. Luckily, he had plenty of experience with working fast, thanks to the 30 minutes he said it took him to write his breakthrough hit, “Crank That.”

The pressure was not as intense when he got the call to guest on a track from Rihanna’s ex, Brown. “I got nothing but love for Chris, that’s my homeboy,” said Soulja of the singer, whose Graffiti will be his first release since his assault on Rihanna in February. “He called me up and he was like, ‘Yo, I need you on this song for my album. Will you come through?’ ”

The answer, of course, was yes — and the result is a tune titled “She’s Bad.”

“My approach to it was, if me and Chris Brown ever did a song together it got to be the best song ever,” he said. “When people hear it, it gotta be automatic, be in all the kids’ heads, all the girls definitely gotta love it, all the females gotta love it. That was my approach to it. I was just thinking, ‘What is the slickest lines I could say to a female to make them fall in love with this record?”


If there is one thing that this boy has is work ethic. He really gets his name out there and stays on his grind. If only he applied this same zeal to developing quality material for himself, he could become one of Hip-Hop’s heavyweights instead of being known as the ‘Ringtone King’. That’s a damn shame.


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  1. whatever October 31, 2009

    lmaooooo at the ringtone comment…i agree, he hustles hard.. i can however see him and breezy doing something but rihanna??? cleary def jam is trying all over to reach peeps and get those sales…smh..what happened to the roc circle that is tight!! no kanye or jay??? i like how he has nice things to say about can feel the love and support for his homie..cant say the same about rihanna..i guess it was strictly business!!!

  2. Thatmangojuice October 31, 2009

    I respect him for doing what he does, but its swiftly swept away by the crap he puts out … that’s minus 1 song im gonna listen to on those albums

  3. flahsback October 31, 2009

    soulja boy what a bore…….he doesnt look like he makes music coz he loves it….it seems hes doing it to make money…..he aint real

  4. ThatGrapefruitJuice October 31, 2009

    Dead @ ‘Ringtone King’, that really is sad, lol.

  5. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS November 1, 2009

    Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy? Rihanna’s album is already screwed. Just because they’re popular (I thought Soulja’s three mins of fame had passed, but whatever…), doesn’t mean they should be anywhere near the record.

  6. MiSS BMJ March 10, 2010

    iLove Soulja Boy with all my heart!!!<3 ithink he's a great rapper and he looks ahmayessing!

  7. keyonna February 25, 2011

    dearr soulja boy … i am so n luv wid you … i really love you i hope one day we just meet n talk cuz i really want to get to kwn you i lov you n your songs i listen to every one you made n you was n i hope you lik diz n white me bck

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