LeToya & Ludacris On The Set Of ‘Regret’ Video

Published: Wednesday 28th Oct 2009 by Sam
letoya regret

The run-away success of LeToya Luckett current single ‘Regret’ on the Billboard Hip-Hop & R&B chart (current peak of #12) apparently forced label Capitol to commission a video for the Ludacris assisted song, after they had pulled the plug on her ‘Lady Love’ project after quite dismal sales (the fault of which ironically is theirs IMO). Peep Ms. Luckett and Luda on the set of the video, which was shot recently in LA. The clip was directed by Parris.

letoya regret 3
letoya regret 4
letoya regret 2
letoya regret 5

Looks good…

Your thoughts?

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  1. “Lady Love” by LeToya in stores now!! October 28, 2009

    DAMN LeToya looks good!! I like her gangsta attitude lol 😉 Luda looks nice too

  2. lena October 28, 2009

    I feel so bad for her. She really worked hard but they released a shitty first single. they did it only because ne-yo worth it- that tells u a big writer doesn’t always = a great song

    Her album hasn’t sold 200k they should have been able to get her on some high profile gigs not some radio station bus tour cause r*b stans don’t buy music- they just illegally download it.

  3. okschz October 28, 2009



  4. MK October 28, 2009

    Capitol is full of s***, her album wasn’t amazing but deserved a lot more promo


    The purple lipstick looks hot. Glad to see things coming together after her label got lazy (excuse the pun). Now the fans have done the hard work, the label want to get involved. They’re completely clueless. If they don’t know how to market ‘urban’ artists then they should let them go elsewhere.

  6. ChampionX October 28, 2009

    You go Toya..!!! you look beautiful and cant wait to see the video…! And whoever user”okschz” if u dont like her then leave her alone.. very simple! She’s my “Lady Love”

  7. diva2 October 28, 2009

    I am not Letoya’s fan fan, but that was a harse thing(oksch) said in requards to if she even got jay-z on her record she would still flop. If she could have gotten jay-z on her record she would have done better trust. I’ve heard her ablum and I’m not to crazy about it, but I do like regret and I think it would do ok.

  8. D’sabadmofo! October 28, 2009

    I like love this song. hopefully after this she releases “Good To Me” or “Lazy” because those are by far my favorie song on the album. And Sam…please put the border with all the different artists on it back on the page. A new one would be even better! Please…I like it.lol.

  9. Ps October 28, 2009

    damm letoya is fricking hot, im glad capitol were forced in to doing the right thing, u cant keep a gud artist down. and regret peaked as high as no 11 at billboard hiphop rnb chart without a video which is really hard 4 any song 2 get dat far without a video, regret has also entered the billboard hot 100. ludacris is the s*** he always delivers

  10. Anonymous October 28, 2009

    Craptitol still sucks! My homegirl Toya is looking hot to death. Luda Lu I see ya! LeToya should consider leaving Crapitol they dropped the ball. Very poor job on their part. Anywho I look forward to seeing the REGRET video.

  11. MusicLova October 28, 2009

    LeToya looks amazing.. LOVE the entire album. I hope the video is HOT, “Regret” is da shyytt!!

  12. Nick October 28, 2009

    Yes this should have been the 1st single— song is hotttt to def!!!!

  13. Davis October 29, 2009

    “Regret” is In the TOP 5 on URBAN RADIO!!! That is the airplay charts and how many spins the song is getting. Billboard is Urban and UAC and something else combines thats why she isn’t as high on that chart as the other. Because the song hasn’t taken off as quick on Urban Adult Contemporary. Trust and beleive “Regret” is a smash hit and is WELL ON ITS WAY to that #1 spot. I can’t stand haters that talk s***….stay mad and pressed Baby!!!!! She is snatching your fav singers wigs and I DID say wigs! Song and video will be the HOTNESS! Haters=NEXT->

  14. CJ October 29, 2009

    Is it just me or does this song seem a lot like Kelly Rowland’s “Ghetto”?

  15. Newchick October 29, 2009

    Letoya looks so beautiful. I have her album and she really did a good job on the songs she selected to sing. Peep out her other slow jams you will love them too. Make sure you pick up a copy, you won’t regret it!

  16. Ps October 29, 2009

    yee is does sound like ghetto, although regret is hotter

  17. Ps October 29, 2009

    yee is does sound like ghetto, although regret is hotter

  18. Mickey October 29, 2009

    R&B singer and song writer TANK wrote both “Regret” and “Ghetto” that why they sound so much alike. “Regret” is much hotter than his other song.

  19. antertain October 29, 2009

    Lady Love is a HoT R&B album

    He label failed her big time cus her vocals are stronger, her swagger is better and her live performances are impressive and improved…

    An artist who has a debut album reaching no.1 on the billboard charts should have had a lot more put in2 her 2nd project.
    Once that Virgin/Capitol merger happened you just sensed trouble cus look what happen when Janet J & Mariah were on Virgin (dumb label). Capitol should have fought a better cause and defo shouldn’t have had “Not Anymore” as 1st single (oh well its done now!)

    Regret is better than Ghetto and i like both tracks.
    Her track Good To Me is fire vocally especially bridge section (outstanding)

    She is a true hustler, trooper and business woman who is not held down by adversity.
    I LOVE THAT and its inspiring because most would buckle and fade out…

    She looks great in this video pics and i hope it’s major for her.

  20. Person October 29, 2009

    Im so happy for LeToya cant wait to see the video.

    I hope after lady love era she looks for another record deal.

  21. denise October 29, 2009

    @ OKSCHZ- u need to shut the f*** up

    your probably a dayum beyonce stan…so why dont you go suck her c*** and let letoya do her thang

    this song is hotter than anything beyonce’s played out ass puts out now and days

  22. Linda October 30, 2009

    LOVE IT. I love LeToya and Luda, but them togetha made a F***** splash. I really like it especially since i just went through a breakup. I didn’t lace him with anything but me, which made him fly. The song is on point. ” I made you cool, u wasn’t dat dude, until I started f***** wit you….you gon regret the day you left me”

  23. kenitta henderson January 24, 2010

    i dont like her luda is my man i loved that since day one in she cant sing

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