New Song: Mary J Blige – ‘I Can See In Color’

Published: Monday 26th Oct 2009 by Trent

As R&B diva Mary J Blige prepares for the release of her 9th studio album, ‘Stronger’, on December 15th, the track that she recorded for another of her highly anticipated projects has surfaced. The track, entitled ‘I Can See In Color’, will serve as the theme song for the upcoming move ‘Precious’, which will debut in theatres on November 6th.

There is a reason why Mary J is known as the ‘Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul’ and I think after listening to this track, everyone will know why. Her vocal delivery, though not pitch-perfect like many of her contemporaries, is raw, powerful and gritty yet relatable and honest. I can’t think of a single song on the radio today that has moved me the way that this track has after listening to only the first 60 seconds.

To be honest I was a bit upset that Mariah Carey’s ‘100%’ was replaced as the film’s official theme song but now that I’ve heard Mary J’s offering, I have no further quarrel. It definitely has my vote for ‘Best Original Song’ at next year’s Academy Awards. Sheer Brilliance.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Hector October 26, 2009

    It’s pretty good, but redundant. To be fair, though, I have never been a big fan of Mary’s voice. I’d give it a 2.5/5.

  2. GeeMan October 26, 2009

    I feel like the song is ok but Mary”s delivery really sells the song. A strong statement nonetheless.

  3. john October 26, 2009

    i think i like this song,even tho repetitive, because u get to hear the meaning of the words with Mary’s raw and emotional vocals.

  4. Shawty j October 27, 2009

    i would have rather mariah or beyonce to sing this song

  5. KBJr. October 27, 2009

    Umm, I love Mary, but…this song loses its fire as soon as she hits the second verse. The singing is forced; and doesn’t it sound a little unfinished production-wise?

    Hearing this song makes me think about how much better an artist like Fantasia would have sounded on it. She would have been able to breathe a fresher life into those lyrics without trying so hard (which is often how Mary sounds when she’s in her “soul” mode).

    Lately, Mary sounds tired. Uninspired. Ho-hum. She needs to reevaluate what direction she wants to take her sound for the future, because the “No More Drama”/”Breakthrough” era is over.

  6. martze123 October 28, 2009

    well i think mary did a super job on this song she sing the song right and it made me cry so good job mary

  7. tanya June 12, 2010

    I am a 61 year old grandmother and a lover of the blues. Mary J put her heart and soul into this song. For me, it is nothing less than a heart wrenching blues number and I love it. Bravo Mary!

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