Alexandra Readies ‘Broken Heels’

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British Pop sensation and winner of ‘The X Factor’, Alexandra Burke, has confirmed that the next single to be lifted off of her album ‘Overcome’ will be none other than ‘Broken Heels’. The track was written by Nadir Khyatt, Bilal Hajji and Savan Kotecha, and produced by RedOne.

Having listened to the entire album and disliked most of the material, I wasn’t very interested in the future of this project all, to be honest. However, I was hoping that her camp would have selected ‘The Silence’ as the second release because it is by far the best song on the record. ‘Bad Boys’ is an infectious up-tempo that definitely grew on me (especially after the video came out) but ‘Broken Heels’ is dead in the water. Either way, I’m sure her label won’t spare any expense to make sure that it’s effectively rammed down our throats. Sigh…


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  1. Li November 6, 2009

    As if it isnt bad enough that we have biaised comments from Sam, we now have lame comments from Trent too…. Great…

    Broken Heels is a good track, and one of the better ones that RedOne has done. It doesnt sound like the rest of his tracks (Lady Gaga and Sugababes) that all sound the same…

  2. SM November 6, 2009

    ITS S***!!!!

  3. C-mo November 6, 2009

    I actually really love the track. Its one of my favorites on the disc…it’s very sassy and I think that is when Alexandra is at her best…”The Silence” sounds like a reject Celine Dion track from the early 90s…yes Alexandra sounds amazing on it but people wanna dance right now…as you always say we’re in a “recession.”

  4. Dee November 6, 2009

    It’s a grower but ‘The silenc’ would have been a better choice. Up tempo follwed by power ballad.

  5. Alex November 6, 2009

    The album is horrible, and this single is worse. They should’ve gone with “The Silence” or “All Night Long”.

  6. Anonymous November 7, 2009

    I can’t believe I am actually agreeing with Sam but I am. To be honest, Alex has never excited me. Bad Boys only grew on me because it was stuffed down my throat! She should have released the silence which was a much better track!

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