Hot Shots: More AMA 2009 Pics

Published: Monday 23rd Nov 2009 by Sam
whitney ama (2)

Peep a stunning Whitney Houston posing it up with daughter Bobbi Kristina at last night’s American Music Awards. Bobbi-K has grown into a fine young lady herself!

Alicia Whitney AMA

Alicia Keys and Whitney. Tidbit: did anyone else see Whitney getting “crunk for Jesus” (trademark Miss Jia!) during Jay & Alicia’s ‘Empire State Of Mind’ performance?

rihanna AMA

Though Rihanna‘s performance was a steaming hot mess, she never disappoints on the fashion tip. She looked hot in the press portrait room!

Lopez AMA

Peep Jennifer Lopez giving her trademark “diva” for the papps. I feel sorry for her; she gave a relatively decent performance, only for everyone to dwell on her falling on her a**. Damn.

Lopez 2 AMA

Jennifer and hubby Marc Anthony

neyo AMA

Ne-Yo in the press portrait room…

keri hilson AMA

Ms. Keri Hilson looks pretty in her press room shot, yet something looks different, which I can’t put my finger on (??)

snoop AMA

Snoop Dogg.

What do you think of the looks?

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  1. Nadz November 23, 2009

    My god. What happened to Keri Hilson?? She doesn’t look right!

  2. whystillinbusiness November 23, 2009

    Keri Hilson needs to take a break and Rihanna really had to do something to distract people from her performance which I agree was a complete hot mess!! The need to stop letting this girl perform if they actually want to sale concert ticktes in the near future… She sounds worst from last year and she has already had 3 performances and they keep getting worst.

  3. lakvir November 23, 2009

    keri does look diff. i think its coz shes usually got a fringe. she looks like shes got a big forehead in that pic.

  4. Imyourstar702 November 23, 2009

    Whitney looks great!!! i loved her performance…

  5. Diosa November 23, 2009

    Keri’s skin color looks different and she has no fake lashes like she usually does, also, the forehead is waaay too highlighted, she needs bangs again ASAP! Rihanna does not look right with that outfit! Trying too damn hard to call attention, worse than Gaga. J.Lo looks boney :-/
    Whitney looks great!

  6. ….. November 23, 2009

    Shes gone SKINNY…. n she looks wrong her head is now 2 big 4 her body…. her skin looks bad 2 she looks bare old!!

  7. ….. November 23, 2009

    she looks yellow like she got a liver problem 2…. u needs 2 lay off those booze n start eating

  8. lew098 November 23, 2009

    keri looks ugly as HELL!!!

  9. CO November 23, 2009

    Whats ur take on Janet’s performance? Please let us know. You always give good reviews.

  10. Kay Kay November 23, 2009

    Its her FORHEAD Sam, thats what you can’t put your finger on! Ive been wondering why she looks slightly different too, her forhead looks bigger for some reason…. changing her face slightly. Including the darker hair.She still looks great,, I love me some Keri! But it’s sumthin ive noticed…

  11. yellagirl09 November 23, 2009

    WTF is wong with keri Hilson? She scared me!

  12. oh no she didn’t November 23, 2009

    1. JLO shoes were fire. Hot mess of a performance wasn’t feeling it,her
    2. Keri looks old as hell and what’s up with that big ass forehead go sit down
    3. Janet did ok, she did some misses but it still was ok, she’s 40+
    4. Whitney did a amazing job. Good comeback
    5. Alicia really showed her growth, she wasn’t yelling the whole song thru
    6. Lady GaGa is lady GaGa she did the damm thing
    7. Rihanna must have been reading the blogs, because her lip singing matches more to the actual track, yes she’s trying to hard but she still will sell to all the dummy’s
    8. Mary J Blidge was the best by far.. She put her soul and heart into her music,song can’t wait for her ablum I believe everybody there felt her and didn’t you see jay-z bopping to her song
    9. Adam was amazing what a voice

  13. iDrizz November 23, 2009

    Keri Hilson’s 7-Head (extended forehead) is making her look like Lala, only slimmer… She needs to fire, burn and throw out her hair dresser for causing that mess.

  14. 12345 November 23, 2009

    what the f*** is that, Keri Hilson looking pretty? are you kidding me? she looks like a monster, she is 26 and it looks like she is like 40, i wonder why is she invited to these award shows, is she famous? never heard anything by her besides that song with nicole and timbaland

  15. teeci November 23, 2009

    rihanna has no respect for herself!

  16. Pinky_G November 23, 2009

    Why doesn’t Rihanna just stand there naked? She practically is already……

  17. AWOLLUVA November 23, 2009

    Weird…but I actually like RiRi’s getup for a change. Bobbi Kristina is a spitting image of BOTH her parents, it’s absolutely insane. They both looked great, Whitney always comes classy with it. J. Lo looked nice, except for that hair. It makes her look like a cat…or something, lol. Her and Marc Anthony still weird me out as a couple, but good for them for lasting as long as they have so far. Ne-Yo and Snoop both look handsome and “gentlemen-ish” which is always a good look for them both.

    Miss Keri Baby…what in the f***?? Lol, it’s a bad picture to begin with but it’s also her eyes. Her eye makeup is what’s making her look like a well-made up crackhead. Her forehead is big, but that’s God’s fault, not hers. Everything else is on point, it’s just the eyes. Everybody takes bad pictures at times, it is what it is.

  18. KIKI November 23, 2009

    Whitney and Bobbi looked good.

    Alicia looked beautiful in blue.

    NeYo and Snoop looked handsome.

    I liked JLo’s dress.

    Keri looks weird for some reason.

    Why does Rihanna bother to wear clothes anymore? I’m sick of her..

  19. MsB November 23, 2009

    Keri Hilson has no weave in her hair. That’s the difference. Usually she has a thick head of colorful hair covering her forehead. And we’ve never seen her forehead before…or the other three that she also has.

  20. denise November 23, 2009

    everybody looked FABOULOUS except for keri hilson, i didnt like her look for some reason

    she looked funny

    alicia keys looked gorgeous

    rihanna looked fierce ( now watch beyonce COPY that look from rihanna, it’ll come soon..just WATCH) even though her performance was boring

  21. The Truth November 23, 2009

    Love Keri!!

  22. Ultra_Soniks November 24, 2009

    Keri needs to get the bangs going again, she’s showin her real hair and all but she got a 5 head!! still love her though!!

  23. tessy April 23, 2010

    So what if she as a big forehead,I do & I look good & so does keri,sum of u who r talking don’t look better so stop hating,love u keri

  24. itz G33 November 27, 2010

    wooow……………keri wat have u done to your self..
    rihanna u’ re looking good in dat dress buh too much spaces

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