LeToya Label Drama Escalates

Published: Tuesday 10th Nov 2009 by Sam

According to our good friends over at LeToya Online, things are going from bad to worse with Capitol Records‘ handling of LeToya’s latest project ‘Lady Love’.

Ever reliable, the site, run by Toya’s camp, assert that the label have pulled the plug on all promotion for the album, inclusive being new single ‘Regret’. A video for the song, which has been a surprise hit considering the lack of any promo, was commisioned soley due to the countless fan petitions calling the label out for ignoring the Ludacris-assisted song’s success. Yet many internally are scratching their heads at the point of giving Ms. Luckett the green light for a video, yet refusing point-blank to promote it. What’s more, a crossover remix of ‘Regret’, with all new lyrics, beat, melody (the full works) is ready to drop, however the label apparently aren’t willing to service it to radio. {Source}

Though the ‘done-wrong-by-label’ argument is levelled by many an artist and fan, I really feel LeToya is being mistreated here. I never understood  the logic of a label under-promoting a project from the jump, it goes on to perform badly, and they hastily drop all support (and usually the artist). Itjust doesn’t make any sense. Here’s hoping things work out for LeToya in the long-run – she seems to have a thick, media/industry-savvy skin, so I’m sure it will.

In other LeToya news, the video for ‘Regret’ premieres this Friday on BET’s 106 & Park.

Your thoughts?

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  1. leah November 10, 2009

    I feel bad 4 her, i hope that things work out. Where is the video? It should drop by now, the song i top 10 at r&b?

  2. Ps November 10, 2009

    the video will drop dis friday on 106 park, thez no denying dat the song is hot, i mean the song has reached no 8 on its own on the highly comparative billboard rnb hiphop chart with no video its a miracle on its own. even receiving the pleasurez of been GREATEST AIRPLAY GAINER on the chart last week on the chart. on the billboard 100 it moved 13 steps frm 91 to 78. the song is fire. the release of a video will also boost it, the label is stupid. letoya should drop capitol records and find anada label

  3. Mena November 10, 2009

    If this is true it does not make sense at all! Regret is a hott trax. I think they sufferd from the order they released her singles but other than that Letoya’s management should be shopping her to other labels! or Hook up with JoJo she got her business together when they tried to self her. And I wont get into conspriracy theorys but you’ve all heard them by now. SMH

  4. doble November 10, 2009

    the single choices were wrong from the beginning. right now she’s already on her third single/video. if i were the label, i’d be extremely cautious too about spending more money on this project.

    having said that, the label is stupid not to jump on “regret” immediately.

  5. antertain November 10, 2009

    The song is doing really well without proper promo or a vid as yet BUT they still don’t wanna push this song or her!!! hmmm

    Give her one more single after Regret (Good To Me or Over) then do her right and let her leave of her own accord.

    How can you treat your first ever R&B act go to debut No.1 on Billboard 200 (LeTOYA) and tarnish her this way, with the VERY VERY even better than the 1st …album sophmore project (Lady Love)??

    U either want success as a label or u don’t.. GO HARD OR GO HOME team Capitol because you about to lose a star who’s self-perseverance got her to be loved by the general media and get the blessings of many doors opening her way outside of just music!!

    Hmmm u either have business sense or you don’t!! Try abit of common sense and don’t be stubborn in restricting an absolutely STRONG woman with class and swagger like LeToya Luckett.

  6. Anonymous November 10, 2009

    All I can say is I can’t wait to see the REGRET video! As a fan, I am proud to say we the fans help promote her single without no support from Capitol. I will be even more excited if LeToya would leave Capitol. Capitol do not believe in Urban music, nor do they show support to already established artists. LeToya girl fire your PR team, they suck. Business is business. If they are not willing to fight for you and get your face out there for people to know who LeToya Luckett is… FIRE THEM!


    LeToya is hilarious! On the acting tip LeToya should try to land a comedy role. She might just be surprised at how funny she can be.

  7. james November 10, 2009

    lmao at u calling letoya online ur friends when the owner constantly states on his site that you a bullshitter and you always lie about you getting an interview of Letoya

  8. me November 10, 2009

    crapitol are so bad i feel so bad for letoya she needs to go to another label.

    also i wont be suprised if matthew is up to his old tricks paying people off not to promote toya

  9. Roabsalom November 10, 2009

    Ok, track for track “Lady Love” was miles ahead of that schizophrinic mess Beyonce called I am…. I know they are two diferent artist etc. but my point is the push behind some of the crap that comes out these days is awful .Lady Gaga is cool but how many of tracks were really good 2? WTF???? That’s why the music industry is hurting…they keep going with cloned garbage!

  10. number1k9 November 10, 2009

    I agree with the person who said they chose wrong singles. because “Not Anymore ” was and is a great song, but it should have been reserved for a 3rd single or just album filler. I think they should have released “She Ain’t Got…” as the first single. I don’t understand how it wasn’t able to make a crossover to Pop charts, because it has such a Pop Dance, Alternative feel to it. Agreeing that the music video should have been more of a dance video, and there should have been a caught on everywhere ‘swing batta batta’ dance, it still was a great single choice. Then as a second single I think “Regret” would have helped to push sales for the album and continue having it on peoples mind. I am glad though that “Regret” wasn’t released as the 2nd single because it would have been like too slow to catch people who like semi uptempo R&B music’s mind. IMO….

    I hope LeToay gets better treatment, and the label decides to push her. And what is this Pop/Crossover version of “Regret” you are talking of, does it feature anyone…. need more info on that PLEASE!

    @number1k9 on Twitter

  11. Ken November 11, 2009

    This remix should be released!!!!!!!!!!
    This remix features singer J. Valentine.

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