Preview: Rihanna’s ‘Russian Roulette’ Video (Longer Clip)

Published: Wednesday 11th Nov 2009 by Sam

Check out this extended preview of Rihanna’s video for ‘Russian Roulette’, which is set to premiere this Friday. I’ve seen a similar video floating around a few other sites, however this is a much longer taster of the video. I’ll reserve full judgement until seeing it in its entirety.

Tidbit: Interestingly Chris Brown’s video for his new single ‘Crawl’ also premieres on the 13th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS November 11, 2009

    Of course, it’s only thirty seconds…

    It doesn’t look as dark as I expected it to be. The car scene looks a lot like the paranoia video. I hope the video doesn’t ruin the song, because it’s pretty good. They’ve covered her vocal ability very well, and she doesn’t go beyond what she’s capable of.

    The battle with CB should be interesting. They wished each other well, but then go head-to-head whenever they can?

  2. Ps November 11, 2009

    sam since uve got the nokia rihanna competition, uve dramastically lowered ur hate lol, not dat m complaining m very happy. this is the thatgrapejuice(p***) that we wanna c. LMAO

  3. trucie November 12, 2009

    I’m going to reserve all comments too but I do hope its not just another fashion clip like rehab! def excited to see what she and chris are going to bring tmw!

  4. Thatmangojuice November 12, 2009

    Looking pretty good! Love the song as it tells a morbid story.

    What is also looking pretty good is that dude across the table in that interrogation room …

  5. whystillinbusiness November 12, 2009

    I’m waiting to cast judgement and I hope this is not one of those WIO type videos. Rihanna is going for the jugular here and I really hope it backfires on her though. Rihanna has showed just how vendictive she can be here lately.. She used this situation in the worst wrong way.. Dont scream to the mountain tops that you’re edgy and then play the victim..

  6. lool November 12, 2009

    f*** yeah russian roullete jumped from 75 to 9 at billboard top 100, eat that (;

  7. jean alchemist November 12, 2009

    bad song bad video bad album period,nuthn can b done to salvaga her s*** shes done milked nthe doestic violence and it didnt work,fall on ur sword and die rihagoat

  8. jean alchemist November 12, 2009

    just go away you cant salvage this album its done

  9. jean alchemist November 12, 2009


  10. Laura November 12, 2009

    Reports tells that after Rihanna’s interview, emergency calls for domestic violence increased of 59 % and that most of those calls came from teenagers (73 %)

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