Hot Shots: Lady GaGa & Kanye West

Published: Friday 18th Dec 2009 by Trent

 [Images Removed As Requested]

While her new album ‘The Fame Monster’ continues to blaze the charts, Pop phenom Lady GaGa took some new promotional pictures alongside the ever controversial Kanye West. Captured by David Lachappelle, the images are featured in the Ultimate Super Deluxe Limited Edition of the singer’s new LP. Peep more of her fierceness below:


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  1. Beth Mburu-Bowie December 18, 2009

    yup. that illuminati obsessed guy is going to have a field day with these!!!!!!!!

  2. Malibongwe December 18, 2009

    Lol at Ultimate Super Deluxe Limited Edition… Lmao

  3. shelly-chelle December 18, 2009


  4. Drake December 18, 2009

    she looks like a w****… its just too much for me… plus she is ugly…

  5. fifi December 18, 2009

    OMG, I think I believe TPB and TW that you steal their photos!! So sad.

  6. anonymouss December 18, 2009

    why is there only white ppl in dat last pic? :/

  7. thatmangojuice December 18, 2009

    oh for F**** sake get over it! F****** hate people like you!

    She had ONLY black dancers in Love Game. Why are there no turkish people in the last pic? Why are there no Indians in the Love Game video?

  8. 12345 December 18, 2009

    what’s the prob?Oo

  9. TOW3RA December 18, 2009


  10. peter December 18, 2009

    are gaga and marilyn manson related? the same person? … they have the same face 😡

  11. parisian girl December 18, 2009

    @anonymous u sound a bit retarded,where is the problem?
    most of her dancers are black,are u happy now?

  12. Imyourstar702 December 18, 2009

    And now of that was Rihannna or Beyonce they would get called all the names under the sun…

  13. 12345 December 18, 2009

    yep, its sad but when black artists get their shine, black folks like to tear them down, if Gaga was black, that would be happening in this moment and this post would have 50 comments by this time

  14. Stoney-Brie December 18, 2009


  15. Kenney December 18, 2009

    I said it when she first came out, I said it when she released The Monster and I’ll say it now to confirm my statement! PSYCHO FREAK B****! What is she trying to prove? She’s already established herself as a gay icon! She’s already proven that she can have mutliple #1’s! She’s already proven she can perform! She’s way over the top now and it’s too extreme! I can’t wait til Christina Aguilera puts this desperate b**** in her place!

  16. Kenney December 18, 2009

    what happens when you run out of ideas to catch your fans attention! That’s why you don’t overstay your welcome in the industry too long because that’s how ppl lose their interest very quick, Your little gimmicks only last so long before people get tired and move on. You got to have some little break in between acts. What happened to making your fans wait? What happened to good quality music? What happened to simple performances to where all you have to do is stand there on stage and your fans go crazy. Without all the makeup, freak costumes, and desperate overperformances!

  17. Imyourstar702 December 18, 2009

    I meant *if that… lol


    Yeah i agree…smh

  18. stx December 18, 2009

    when gaga does it, its called fierceness, but when ri ri does it its selling s**. Such double standards . Notice no one is up in arms about gaga being naked in 3 pics. Ri ri was just topless, and everyone came at her like she was some jezebel, but gaga is getting praises. WTF.

  19. …still nothing December 18, 2009

    Okay, pause. I want to differentiate Gaga from artists like Rihanna.

    Yes, they both get naked. BUT:

    1) Lady Gaga has an AMAZING VOICE.

    2) Lady Gaga is a musician, who can play piano. How many artists do you know are devoted to their craft enough to master an instrument (BESIDES AUTOTUNE) and incorporate it into their sound?

    3) Lady Gaga is NOT ALWAYS NAKED. Most of the time she`s overdressed, wearing too many goddamn layers of lace and draping, fame whoring in her own special way.

    4) Lady Gaga is CONSISTENT. musically, creatively, and in fashion.

    I don`t think Gaga is Jesu Cristo, but I wouldn`t even compare her and a mannequin like Rihanna who has just now resorted to s** to sell a sound that actually takes chops. She`s failing miserably, by the way.

    5) NOBODY`S CRITICIZING BEYONCE FOR BEING NAKED. She`s a strong singer and performer. Whoever calls her scantily clad can`t discern her stage outfits from what she wears on the street. She`s a conservative chick and she carries herself accordingly when she isn`t performing. Most of her nakedness comes from the costumes.


  20. mediacannibale December 18, 2009

    you guyz who hate her are just JEALOUS

    she’s the NEW MADONNA

    a icon !

  21. PDF December 18, 2009

    She is showing that stank ho Rihanna how it’s done. GaGa is more than her image. She actually has talent ( can sing, dance, play instruments, write songs, and just do the damn thang)! Double standard…no..there is a difference when a woman can do more than just show her tits and ass.

  22. PDF December 18, 2009

    @ Imyourstar702…get another avatar, you are not Aaliyah! First of all, learn how to write properly; work on the grammar. Beyonce could have done the same photos and would not have received the hate that the dumb w**** Rihanna would have. Why? Beyonce and Gaga are working with talent. Rihanna works her tittays and ass. See the difference?

  23. Quise December 18, 2009

    I really dont give a f*ck if its GAGA, Rihanna, or Beyonce they all look slutty and trashy when they pose nude. I mean honestly what happend to the real talent. I miss all the real singers that provided music with real meaning Kelly Rowland, Whitney Huston, Usher, hell even Justin Timberlake be doing his thing. I really can not relate to a b**ch singing about a video phone or wanting someones ugly/diease. These three ladys I named are a disgrace to the industry and will eventually be washed up has beens when all the real singers return. Yeah Beyonce has been placed on top by the females and gay boys but trust what I tell you 2010 is Ms. Kelly’s year I’m riding coat tail straight to the top. GO TEAM KELLY!!!!

  24. BrendaFierce BEY ROCKS U JUST MAD!! I PITY ININDIGNANT SIMPLE B****** December 18, 2009

    @ Quise U such a jealous Kelly Stan! Please Kelly and beyonce were in DC together! So i guess u should include her in Ur real talent! Anyway not the point! U seem so i sided! Beyone and Lady Gaga have real talent! They both can sing and dance! And sidenote I Love DC3 bought all their albums! And yeah i was one of the 6 people who brought Miss Kelly! haha…

  25. Fierce December 18, 2009


    I understand you are bothered by Quise’s comment but no need to throw shade at Kelly like that, and for you 411 she has sold 1,000,000+. I would understand why you are mad.
    I also love Beyonce and Gaga, those 3 ladies are the world and music to me.

  26. Maggie December 18, 2009

    I do love that pic with Kanye! He saved her!

  27. SEAN2009 December 18, 2009


  28. stx December 18, 2009

    @still nothing your name speaks for itself. There’s still nothing in your brain. So because you have so called talent, you get a pass for being slutty and naked? Rihanna has talent, it just depends on who you ask. I and many other individuals believe she is a talented young lady. I have to laugh at your taste, because you actually called lady gaga consistent in fashion. WHat fashion? those utterly ugly rubbish she prances around in, and you dare to take potshots at ri ri. Gaga can’t even hold a candle to ri ri in the fashion department. And as for Beyonce, what is so classy about her? she has posed topless in magazines before and people don’t talk about what she’s wearing, because there ain’t nothing to talk about she is just a regular round the way girl when it comes to dressing, she don’t stand out in the crowd. and there is no levels of sluttyness, you can’t say she’s slutty in her performances and conservative on the streets. It does not matter people have seen it all on stage and in the videos,so what if she dressed s*** on the street. She has a double image, so do we really know who she is? Is she the freak or the lady? Kind of like Alicia Keys they all project this sweet innocent persona, then they do something like sleeping with a married man. At least with ri, what you see is what you get, and she is the real consistent one to me. but you all always trying to elevate someone over her. No need for that, she is her own person and they are their own person, just let her be.

  29. Chris T. December 18, 2009

    Why does Kanye look so a stereotypical brute in that first picture. I feel like I’m watchin (insert movie non-speaking movies circa 1920s)…Not feeling that at all…AT ALL

  30. Suzy G December 18, 2009

    I’m actually offended by that first picture of Gaga with Kanye. It’s such a racist image…. This photo can be seen two ways. 1.The black man/savage is risking his life to save the pure, virginal, white woman. Notice that Gaga isn’t scratched or dirty. It’s because white woman are clean & pure, & black men/savages want to save/honor/worship them. Or 2. The black man/savage who has no self-control is going after the pure white woman. She’s weak and can’t fight off the savage as he plans to have his way with her…. Either way, I DON’T like it!! Kanye should know better than to approve this mess. People try to get away with everything by calling it “Art.” And the mass population just gobbles it up……. Why is everyone naked all of a sudden? I don’t want to see Rihanna naked or Gaga. This is why Taylor Swift was so popular this year. She was the only one not getting naked!

  31. Kongo December 18, 2009



  32. bobby from bulgaria December 19, 2009

    Well, I think I’m getting bored of these abnormal and disturbing images already… When you see it all the time you just get bored…

    I really prefer Mariah’s normal feminine and s*** looks to those futuristic mechanical ugly BS of Lady GaGa, Beyonce or Rihanna… They think it’s interesting and original, but it’s not at all… It really starts to disturb me…

  33. Drake December 19, 2009

    Somebody said that Gaga has amazing voice??? hahahahahahh yeah right

  34. Drake December 19, 2009

    Rihanna, Lady Gaga, what went wrong with the industry?? they all look trashy and sluty, I mean when Beyonce and Christina took clothes off its look s***… I mean Christina looked less sluty in her Dirrty video…

    This is just wrong…

    we need more people like whitney, kelly, christina aguilera, alicia keys, beyonce (?)….

  35. Imyourstar702 December 19, 2009


    Are u stupid?? what does me having Aaliyah as my avatar got to do with anything?? If Lady Gaga has sooooo much talent then WHY the heck does she need so much gimmicks?? why does she need to walk around naked all the time?? if you have REAL talent you dont need to do any of those things so just hush up!!

  36. tmm09 December 19, 2009

    RIHANNA IS CALLED A W**** BECAUSE . she came out as this inoccent little island girl.

    WHY ISN’T GAGA BEING CALLED A W**** ? she was always this sexual person, so she didn’t sell out ( I’m talking about gaga not stefani ! )

    rihanna sold out and thats what ho’s do !

  37. ohwell December 19, 2009

    1.Christina Aguilera has charm, in the Dirrty video she was a s*** but she can be slutty and elegant at the same time, now that is a real woman! Not like these girls, Christina Aguilera hasnt got a limited voice like Gaga and Rihanna, she even can reach the whistle register (Shanice, Mariah Carey, Minnie Riperton, you know, people that can sing and dont need to be naked to sell)

    2. That Kanye West and Lady Gaga photo is the best, @ Suzy G, get a life rofl

    3. About the song “Cater 2 U” by Destiny’s Child being stolen:

    “This legal mess the girls find themselves in has Kelly Rowland pointing the finger at Beyonce’s father for trying to push his daughter ahead of the pack.

    It seems that for many years, Matthew Knowles negotiated songwriter credits for Beyonce to give her more credibility and cash. According to insiders, Kelly is fuming over the fact that his greed is now falling back on her. The source says:

    “Matthew [Knowles] has a long history of trying to get songwriters to add Beyonce’s name to songs she didn’t compose, just so she gets publishing royalties. That information eventually became widely known, and now anyone who wants to accuse Kelly or Destiny’s Child of stealing material has ammunition to file a lawsuit. Kelly is livid.”

    This isn’t the first time an allegation like this has been made against the Knowles family.

    In 2006, Ne-Yo called out Beyoncef for declaring she wrote her smash hit Irreplaceable, when he insisted she had nothing to do with the lyrics and minimal involvement on the music.

    But back to Kelly, the news of this lawsuit and the reunion of the girls to fight the charges leaves her and Beyonce in a difficult spot. Earlier this year, Kelly fired Matthew as her manager and since then, the girls have tried to keep things cordial. But this might put an end to that. The source says:
    “She and Beyoncé remained cordial at first. But things have gotten tense since Kelly griped that Matthew is the cause of this lawsuit.”

    Now that is an artist, awesome, and there you have the queen of the year, Beyonce, the thief, it is a shame that people actually support someone that steals. I dont like Rihanna but actually I prefer someone that sings live, even though she doesnt know how to sing, I prefer someone that sings live than someone that doesnt even try and get millions (Jlo, Britney Spears..), it is so much better not knowing how to sing then to claim a song that isnt ours.
    So yeah, who is more brainless when there is a debate between who is better? Beyonce or Rihanna fans ?

  38. Dan December 19, 2009

    Why does she always feel the need to get naked in her pictures?? It’s gotten really old….

  39. AUSTRALIAN Weed Smoker December 19, 2009


  40. S*** December 19, 2009

    Why do I see 2 PENISES in that last Pic??

  41. stx December 19, 2009

    @tmm09 yo momma is a h**!

  42. Suzy G December 19, 2009

    @ ohwell…. get a life? In America, images like that go back to the 1600’s, and further back in other countries. That fact that a person of any race can look at that picture and call it art means we haven’t learned or grown any wiser. But it’s cool if you enjoy it. Actually it’s not cool, because you, along with millions of others, only help to perpetuate the belief that white is better. If you did some research, or took a decent history class, you’d be able to understand the message of this photo. Ignorance must be bliss, but in this case, it only continues to hurt the fabric of all societies. I’m glad that not only am I smart enough to recognize the problem with this image, but that others who have commented on this photo (and not just on this blog) are also aware. It’s a step in the right direction. But as well all know, for every step we take forward, there are those who pull us two steps back.

  43. OMG January 27, 2010

    OMG for the people who don’t like Lady Gaga or any other singer just shut the hell up if u don’t like the artist fine but ppl who do support ppl like Lady Gaga don’t wanna hear u yapping about she’s a s*** or can’t sing keep it to urself u have ur opinion keep it to urself unless u have someone who has the same thinking about lady gaga as u its ppl like you who start fights and s*** in this world.

  44. jeanette February 9, 2010

    lol when did we get so uptight? who cares if beautiful women want to pose nude? get over it. besides, gaga uses her sexuality to make a cultural statement & most of the time she isn’t going for s** appeal but shock value. the vast majority of men i know aren’t attracted to her- they’re scared of her. she wants everybody to get worked up and question her & in turn question society. do you really think beyonce and rihanna put that much thought into it? they’re just beautiful human specimens who know their place in the world — to please others with their looks and talent. omg HOW DARE THEY???? ladies stop hating women for being comfortable with s** & nudity. the only problem i have with it is perhaps it sends men & women the wrong signals … perhaps we can’t all run around with our tops off because we’re modest or we don’t feel attractive enough …. yet our boyfriend won’t stop watching that f****** “Videophone” video on youtube & slobbering all over our new keypad. don’t hate beyonce & gaga. hate our slimy boyfriends & tell them to grow up. i know it’s lame but it’s our responsibility as strong, secure females. lol ok i’m done

  45. Caitlin March 18, 2010

    Honestly I love Lady Gaga. It’s so refreshing to hear and see something new. Obviously the people who have an issue with her have no ear for good music as they have been listening to the main stream radio stations that are all owned by the same company and try to control what we should like. Also all of her videos not only have musical depth, they also reach a new depth in cinematography, delivery, message, and over all creativity that I have not seen yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what she develops in the future and what kind of artists will follow in her footsteps and will find her as their inspiration.

  46. Caitlin March 18, 2010

    Plus Jeanette made a good point about how Gaga is trying to get us to look at ourselves as a culture and maybe change somethings or get over other things. She puts a lot of artistic thought into things that most singers don’t. Most singers don’t even write there own songs or videos any more, they are ust told how to look, what to sing, and what to think. Gaga is a powerful, beautiful individual that does it her way and that is admirable.

  47. maxime April 17, 2010

    super hot

    lady gaga?
    are you really a man
    i think not
    but everyone says that


    from you’re big fan

  48. lolopolo June 17, 2010

    hot like fire bith id love to suck on her vigina

  49. hate whores November 4, 2010

    what a w****,,,,,, i dont know but when rihanna do this its like ok shes naked nothing else ….. when she do this …… its like “hey im naked pay me money” ……all she think about is fame and money …she dont even believe in GOD!!!!!!!((if she does correct me))((but shes an Illuminati sh!t right?))

  50. JUSTMAKE’SSENCE January 13, 2011

    @ suzy G. soo rate your comment thats exactly what the picture represents infact if anything telling by his posture and his eyes looking like a zombie i would say he is under the monsters spell.
    I dont know why people argue over these icons, when really they are all the best of freinds and larf at you mindless drones. they are all about the same robotic agenda that keeps the world at ease while theres starving people and pointless wars going on. and its sooo bait infront of your eyes most of you cannot even tell what these pictures represent, all you see is the fancy glitter and Profanity instead of that hidden message that relates to the world around you and their agenda of brain washing. have you ever thought about the reasons these icons do what they do? most of it is to promote s** and heck its working and for you to not even take notice at importance. get on with your life, i aint saying you cant listen to their music, but arguing about who does what the best really doesnt matter because they dont even know you infact they larf at you and say who gives a flying F***K im rich B***H and i love you becos your a hater and that makes me strong because as long as you talk about me good or bad i still remain famous. and the biggest joke, some of you talk about illuminati yh well thumbs up to you nobody cares because they are all apart of the same satanic worship but yet still nobody seems to care people still worry about materials and follow that every day agenda and @JEANETTE how can we blame male`s for they are only human you go on like woman dont stare at those chris brown videos jeeze, i blame them to the fullest its only human to be attracted to sexual nature wich they exploit to the max to a point that it is just rong like i said they promote s** and its only a logical thought to look around you and notice how many teenagers are having s** so early, compare the counts to the 1950`s. and may i mention gay marriage ALL rong its not them exposing their image its them exposing a certain image because they know your “BOYFREIND” will drawl all over your new keypad so you better go buy a new one or you and your boyfreind can WAKE the F**K up! @ CAITLIN you are joking RIGHT? shes all over the radio stations infact she is what they want you to hear, and speaking of good music, that aint good music, no offence but you must be death, good music is about the concious and good meaning and things that make sence, if you like her music that much to rate her your a puppet.and may i add again they are all in the same criteria, they all have the same agenda, dont anybody see these icons collab? @OMG its a forum what do you expect? im just saying it as it is to save you all from this insane conditioning and to move on with your lives. for those who dont agree i couldnt give a f**k! stay in the matrix. kl.

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