Whitney’s ‘I Look To You’ Certified Platinum

Published: Wednesday 2nd Dec 2009 by Sam
whitney platinum

Legendary diva Whitney Houston‘s comeback LP ‘I Look To You’ has been certified Platinum by the RIAA, her team announced today. Important to stress is that the critically-acclaimed album, which was released in August, achieved such a feat for sales in excess of 1 million in the US, and not just shipments (there’s a difference folks). {Source}

Congratulations are most certainly in order for Nippy! Factoring in the current climate (aka downloading era) and the sparse promotional spots Ms. Houston has done for the record (pacing it out), selling a million in 3 or so months is an amazing accomplishment. Go Whitney!

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  1. Malibongwe December 2, 2009

    Congrats to her. I love the album

  2. Anon December 2, 2009

    Congrats to Whitney. I’m sure she really is selling many albums, but I have to say RIAA certifications ARE based on wholesale shipments, and not actual sales. Thus, Whitney has only shipped 1 million units of that album in the US.

  3. Anonymous December 2, 2009

    not a HUGE difference between shipments n sales.. u asshole.

  4. imyourstar702 December 2, 2009

    Awe congrats Whitney!!! I’m so happy for her, the album is great 🙂

  5. leah December 2, 2009

    Congrats Whitney. In a sea of floundering sales by other artists, this is a good look for her. hoping for salute or worth it to be released next.

    Also, the album is a worldwide smash getting to #1 in 8 countries, #3 in france, uk and ireland.

    Grammys now

  6. Mikey December 2, 2009

    Uhmmm yeah, RIAA certifications in America are based off of shipments of the record not the actual sales of the album. Which means her her label has shipped over a million copies but her sales are not in excess of a million.

  7. whitneythe best December 2, 2009

    Her sales are in excess of 700k, shipments > platinum. Still, a major achievement for Whitney. Look at poor Mariah still struggling to go gold. LMAO!!!! WHITNEY UR THE BEST!~!!!!!

    GO DOuBLE PLaTInUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. GeeMan December 2, 2009

    Stop the corny ass poor Mimi she ain’t hurting what so ever. In all honesty I say congrulations to Whitney and her team. But the reality is this Whitney sales are good for this climate but based on come backs Mimi wins hands down.

  9. AWOLLUVA December 2, 2009

    ^^ Nevermind Gold…Mariah’s struggling to go Copper, pfft.

    700k is great for Whitney, and she’ll more than likely reach the 1,000,000 mark soon enough anyway. The album certainly ain’t stalling or anything..

  10. THE TRUTH December 2, 2009


  11. wanda December 2, 2009

    There is no doubt that I Look to You will SELL platinum. The fact that Whitney has managed to sell 800k+cds with no support from pop radio in 3mths is phenomenal.

    That is quite an accomplisment and it should not be downplayed. Likewise, the album has done very well overseas.

    Congrats Ms. Houston on this certification. I enjoy the album, it tells your story and serves as a window into your soul. It not only works as a cohesive album but there are tons of potential singles.

  12. GeeMan December 2, 2009

    As for singles I don’t expect that many maybe one more release and maybe the tour.

  13. Nye December 2, 2009

    I am happy for Nippy per the Grammy nods that she gonna get and the awards, the album is gonna increase so much in sales and I am sure the AMA performance and Dancing With The Stars didn’t heart either…

  14. dean December 2, 2009

    go whitney..we love u

  15. Bottom_Line December 2, 2009

    CONGRATS!!! people blaming the recession on low album sales..PALEEEASSE…this just goes to show that people will pay for music they feel is worth something! go head girl!!!!

  16. Jmoore December 2, 2009

    Congrats whitney…the album is Fiyah…

  17. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS December 2, 2009

    “this just goes to show that people will pay for music they feel is worth something! go head girl!!!!”


    I didn’t like the album, only one or two tracks, but it’s great to have her back.

  18. AC December 2, 2009

    That’s great for her she got plenty of money to spend on crack now lol
    Just kiddin..
    But that was expected she’s gone for too long..it was a comeback so it’s normal!I’m more interested to see how her next albums going to do…..(My love is you love did great too but Love Whitney and Just Whitney were major flops)

    @Whitney the best
    Speaking of comebacks the only thing i can say is that Whitney would love to have the same sales that Mariah had back in 2005 but that’s never gonna happen cause ONLY Mariah can do things like that. Like Geeman said Mariah wins the comeback battle hands down!

  19. Stefan Rainier December 2, 2009

    I am proud of you and your songs are timeless!

  20. KIM December 2, 2009

    Go Whitney! I luv the album.

  21. George December 2, 2009

    To AC!!!
    Your comments are so irrelevant and immature. You’re so negative…
    They don’t ask you to compare Whitney and Mariah.
    Anyway, Congrats Whitney and you’re still loved…..You’re such a talented woman

  22. Drum December 2, 2009

    LOL…what EXACTLY did Mariah “come back” from?!…the b**** had a breakdown and was tired…PLUS she was 35!…Whitney is 46…at 35 she was STILL @ the top of her game. Whitney was doing ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ and ‘My Love is your Love’…All before 35!…Mariah couldnt take the pressure because she’s weak!…Whitney was on drugs …had a bad marriage and God knows what else…Mariah hasn’t experienced anything…if she went through HALF of what Whitney endured…she’d be dead!…so quit talking about MC’s ‘comeback’…she didnt go through anything to come back from!…you idiots…sheesh…gain some perespective.

  23. wtf December 2, 2009

    lol @ that comment about mariah not even being copper..that was funny…congrads whit..i have the album and love it to bits…

    now she just has to stop talking during her peformances and actually sanggggggggg…

  24. AC December 2, 2009

    @ George
    I mentionned Mariah cause a Whitney stan above brought her name up!That’s all!
    As for my comments being irrelevant and immature i don’t think so!
    Was it irrelevant that Whitney went platinum cause it was a comeback?No and that’s why i said i’m gonna wait to see how her next album will perform..
    Was it irrelevant that My love is your love was a succes but her next two albums were flops?No
    I don’t think being immature by saying that she can spend all of her money on drugs?Many celebrities make comebacks just cause they’re broke and they need money to buy their drugs.You don’t think that Whitney’s gonna use again?That’s your opinion. Mine is that all you fools just bought her drugs for the next 10 years.
    @ Drum
    The only thing i’m gonna tell is that Mariah is a smart woman and not an irresponsible one like Whitney to let drugs ruin her life!So don’t blame her for being intelligent.

  25. MACartist December 2, 2009

    she should celebrate by giving her fans a new video before the year ends

  26. Paul December 2, 2009

    I like how you feel the need to explain that there is a difference between sales and shipments, and then state incorrect information. Certifications are based on shipments, not sales. So far I look to you has sold 800-900k.

  27. MIAH December 2, 2009


    Chile please, you wanna talk about Whitney having JUST WHITNEY and LOVE WHITNEY flop….The last time I checked “Love Whitney” was a compilation album with no new songs. And if you want to talk about flopped albums, lets see here >>>>Emancipation was Mariah’s ONE and ONLY hit of the 2000s……Glitter, Charmbracelet, Rainbow, E=MC2, and now Memoirs were ALL flops honey. I remember them because I actually like many of the songs, but if we just gonna go there, they were all flops, “HANDS DOWN”….Anway,

    CONGRATS WHIT!!! True talent always shines!!

  28. Kevin December 2, 2009

    Yes this is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! Anyone who says otherwise is just delusional.

    All of this with NO RADIO SUPPORT!

  29. AC December 2, 2009

    @ MIAH

    Last time i checked E=MC2 made Mariah’s biggest opening week in sales of her career!She also had a number 1 hit with this album so i wouldn’t call it a flop! As for Rainbow it has been certified 3 times platinum and had also a number one hit too so can we call it a flop?i don’t think so…especially compared to Whitney’s albums during the 2000’s…well… her one and only besides I look to you (she was busy smoking her crack pipe)! I f you remember them it’s because they were either hit albums or they had great songs something we can’t tell for Just Whitney!As for I look to you…what’s the hit in there can you tell me cause last time i checked Whitney was not on the radio.
    Do i really have to add that Obsessed was her 12th platinum single which is more than any other female artist?
    So STFU and enjoy Whitney’s platinum disc cause it’s her last!Next year will be her pipe’s comeback

  30. Kevin December 2, 2009

    AC you need a life. Whitney is back and isn’t going anywhere soon.

    Wallow in the fall, flop and embarrassment that is MC. If it weren’t for Precious she’d probably have another breakdown by now.

  31. AsraStar December 2, 2009

    @AC: F**K off! Why come on here with all that negativity about Whitney?? There was no need to come and make unnecessary crack-pipe jokes. You’re clearly not a fan so if you have to say something at least keep it relevant to the post! Just give the women her credit – she’s clean and she’s gone platinum with her comeback album with minimal promo. CONGRATULATIONS WHITNEY!!!

    And as for this dumbass argument. Mariah’s fantastic. Whitney’s in a league of her own. The post is about WHITNEY! Leave Mariah the hell out of it, no one cares! Why Whitney & Mariah stans 4eva gotta be bringing down the other artist. Sh*t they’re both phenomenal in their own right, they’re cool with each other, produced a track together, leave it at that init. JHEEEEEZ!!!!

    WHITNEY FANATIC FOR LIFE!!!! So proud and happy for her!! LOVED the album CANNOT WAIT for the tour!! She’s gonna be freaking AMAZING!!

  32. December 2, 2009

    I’ve not been feeling Whitney as much lately (the voice has been disappointing + I didn’t like the album that much), but I’m very happy that she’s healthy, happy, and doing what she obviously loves. We’ve lost so many talented people in the industry far too early, so hopefully this is a new chapter in a very long life story. Major props.

    And this is coming from a major Mariah stan.

  33. Imyourstar702 December 2, 2009

    Theres always gotta be one fool …. AC shut the hell up!!!

  34. AC December 2, 2009

    Of course i’m happy for her!I like Whitney (actually 90’s Whitney but whateva..)!It’s her stans i can’t stand!!IYou can check the first comments to see who brought Mariah in this post!It’s her crazy stans..whitneythe best,AWOLLUVA! Be happy for her and leave Mariah out of this!!

  35. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 2, 2009

    congrats to Whitney! Going platinum these days was like going 10x platinum 10 years ago! Huge accomplishment. her AMA performance really helped… many people cried.

  36. MT December 2, 2009

    AC said “Next year will be her pipe’s comeback”


    As for this sh!tty ass album… it;s barely sold half a million in the U.S. whitney’s the one that can’t talk for 2 weeks just so u can have 1/100th of her vibrato for any performance.

  37. GeeMan December 2, 2009

    This site sometimes doesn’t do their accurately the album was certified platinum based on shipment not actual sales rite now the album stands at 819k copies sold. So in all reality the album is gold. Which is an incredible feat in this music climate.

  38. Rob December 2, 2009

    1998 My Love Is Your Love – US: 4× Multi-Platinum
    2002 Just Whitney – US: Platinum
    2009 I Look to You-US: Platinum

    and NO TOP TEN HIT in almost a decade

    1999 Rainbow 3× Platinum
    2001 Glitter – Platinum
    2002 Charmbracelet US Platinum
    2005 The Emancipation of Mimi 6x Platinum
    2008 EMC2 US Platinum
    2009 MOAIA – no certification

    9 TOP TEN Hits since 1999 including 5 NUMBER ONES, plus the biggest album of 2005 and biggest song of the decade!!!

    Congratzs Whitney!!!!! but your delusional stans can’t accept or rather in denial over Mariah’s HUGE COMEBACK!!!

  39. Drum December 2, 2009

    Again…what COMEBACK did Mariah have?!…she NEVER went anywhere!…lol…she never went through anything…she continued to make albums like normal…whereas Whitney was GONE for 7 years!….quit callin Mariah’s Emancipation a comeback….b/c it wasnt…it was just a good album that caught on…thats IT….her subsequent releases have been good they just never caught on that well…Whitney hasnt been singing for years…give her time…clearly Clive pushed that album on her…she wasnt ready…evidenced by her voice on the album and how she sounds better than the album live…plus Whitney’s over weight…you’ve seen her…she wasnt ready…hopefully in a couple years we’ll see differently…she’s just gettin her feet wet again

  40. Rob December 2, 2009

    since Mariah’s 1990 debut, all her albums were all multiplatinum even her NUMBER ONES compilation (with few new materials) was certified 4x platinum. Not until;
    -glitter album and movie tanked,
    -high-profile breakdown
    -kick out from virgin records

    Everybody even MTV called off her career. CB was release the following which is supposed to be her REAL comeback but it didn’t materialize until TEOM came 2005.

    -TEOM BIggest album of 2005
    -WBT spending a massive 14 weeks atop US chart and probably the biggest single of the decade.
    -WBT being the BIGGEST RADIO HIT EVER ( 153 Million Mediabase impressions)
    – 8 Grammy nods, 3 wins

    Nelly: “Mariah Carey, she’s possibly the best singer I’ve heard. And you watch someone such as Mariah, who went from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, and come back like she never missed a beat, and stand up and smack everybody in the face like, ‘I’m still here; matter of fact I’m better” that gives you inspiration. That keeps me going.”

    It’s funny coz ur the only one unable to catch Mariah’s comeback!!

  41. Bobby from Bulgaria December 3, 2009

    I stand with AC & ROB here…

    Whatever other people say about Mariah they just can’t take that away…

    As for Whitney, wish her luck, happiness and success…

  42. Teee December 5, 2009

    all ive got to say iz the public dont know good singing and by that i mean live performances and with that compare the memorable of the two and with ms houston every sells another album she has some memorable performances that i never tire of

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