Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ Bumped To April

Published: Thursday 28th Jan 2010 by Sam

According to RCA Records, the release Christina Aguilera‘s 4th studio album ‘Bionic’ has officially been pushed back. Initially set for release in March, the LP will now hit stores in April.

As previously announced, ‘Glam’, will serve as the record’s first single; the song should be debuting any say now.

Producer and writer credits on the LP include Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, Linda Perrry, The Neptunes, M.I.A, Goldfrapp, and Ladytron. {Source}

What’s with all the push-backs already this year? In any case, I’m quite amped to see what Christina brings to the table this go round.

Your thoughts?

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  1. urias Davis January 28, 2010

    any say now ??? lol

    and daaaaaaaaamn another one bites the dust

  2. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! January 28, 2010

    What is with all the push backs! Well the bright side is that Mooriah, s*** is pushed back, hopefully till the end of time! Good luck Christina!

  3. TRUTH January 28, 2010


  4. nate January 28, 2010

    RCA NEVER CONFIRMED A MARCH RELEASE, WHICH MEANS THERE WAS NO PUSHBACK!!!! there was never a date set in stone, so get your facts straight Sam!!

  5. Red January 28, 2010

    Im so excited. Now we have the official date.
    I CAN’T WAIT !!!
    Im actually listening to “Dirrty” right now :p this song is not getting older.

  6. Red January 28, 2010

    @ Nate – thats true, RCA never confirmed a March release, Christina was talking about March release, but lables make those decision.

  7. Dave January 28, 2010

    I’m here for the April Release

  8. MATT January 28, 2010

    “album gets pushed back” well we know what this means, just look at mariah carey – MOAIA = FLOP!! nothing against christina but this is the start of it all!!

  9. Renae January 28, 2010

    This chick can sing..she’s right up there with Celine Dion, the old Whitney, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, JHud, a lot of gospel greats..a list of women that can actually blow.

  10. January 28, 2010

    an album whose first single isn’t out and never had a concrete release date to begin with being moved back =/= flop

    nor is it like MOAIA — that album had a single, a release date (several), and hype when it got pushed back

  11. kenney January 28, 2010

    @ Nate- thank you! You said it! Trent, you don’t know what the hell u talk about sometimes. I remeber back a week or two ago u posted a blog saying “Christina new album Bionic to hit stores April” and now you post something like this! A pushback back is what Ushers, Ameries, Mariahs, Marys, Alicias etc all went through. Unless you have a set release date it isn’t considered a pushback. Christina isn’t finished with Burlesque til next month and it wouldn’t give Glam anytime to receive airplay for Bionic to be released in March. She can’t be filming and promoting Glam and be fulltime wife and mommmy at the same time. Christina is smart to say the album was suppose to be March but not give an actual date. I know about y’all but I think needs to be shutdown lol? J/k about that part but seriously Trent baby do ur research better

  12. g3 January 28, 2010

    so does this mean that viral video isnt about her like everyone thought??

  13. AC January 28, 2010

    A date was never confirmed by RCA. She is still working on the film Burlesque and wants to be able to give promotion of the album her full attention.

  14. Red January 28, 2010

    Sam & Trent you should really pay attention to what are you publishing… Few weeks ago Trent said that Bionic is coming out in April and now Sam says that album is bumped in April… it like wtf

  15. Ben January 28, 2010

    Aww well,………………guess Lady Gaga has become a nightmare for the pop princesses.

  16. MushyLove_1992 January 28, 2010

    Why Christina why?

  17. drowned world January 28, 2010

    Isn’t it obvious? she’s still filming burlesque. Good lord people, please use ur own judgment, and not others. And to Ben saying Lady Caca scares the pop princess away, well duh; lady gaga’s time has passed, she is so 2009, move on people.

    If Christina is worried about things then she should have rushed this album to target a release date with no major-artist competition (are you listening Britney’s management?), but because she wants to finish the film first to fully promote Bionic, she will not release the album in March.

    Sometimes people entertain gossips more than their logic…ugh!

  18. RANDOM January 28, 2010

    i’m glad she cut her hair.

  19. Joe Sullivan January 29, 2010

    i dont see how this project could be bad….. but i could see how it might not be 100 % well received…..
    m.i.a, goldfrapp… not peoples usual cup of tea….
    but it should be pretty awesom!

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