Have Destiny’s Child ‘Fulfilled’ Their Destiny?

Published: Thursday 7th Jan 2010 by Trent

In 2005, Destiny’s Child shocked the world when they officially announced their breakup while touring in Spain. Since then, the R&B trio have gone their separate ways in the industry, each embarking on successful careers in their respective fields. Beyonce Knowles has become, without a doubt, the premier act in R&B/Pop, Kelly Rowland has experienced phenomenal success in the European markets, and Michelle Williams has blossomed on the Gospel charts and on Broadway.

However, despite their various individual achievements, their fans continue to demand that Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle reunite. This encourages the following questions: would a Destiny’s Child reunion be plausible? Or have the parts become greater than the whole, with the former members becoming too musically dissimilar?

Having established themselves as the biggest selling girl group of all time, Destiny’s Child conquered the world of R&B/Pop in every way imaginable. After a short break in 2001, the group reformed in 2004 for their hit album ‘Destiny’s Fulfilled’, which depicted immense growth amongst the members; vocally, lyrically and in their performances. Nevertheless, since that time, they have each experimented with incredibly different sounds, diverging further away from their roots. Furthermore,  in conscious effort to focus on her solo career, Kelly has generally distanced herself from Mathew Knowles, the group’s manager.

Moreover, having finally created their own individual identities, many doubt that Kelly and Michelle would readily conform to the Destiny’s Child paradigm where Beyonce is undoubtedly the lead act. With Kelly primed to finally capture the success in the US that has long since eluded her because of incessant comparisons to her former bandmate, it would certainly damage any chances of her being considered a capable solo act without the crutch of Destiny’s Child.

Thus, with swirling speculation surrounding the chances of a Destiny’s Child reunion, there remain several possibilities that need to be considered. Either way, having created such substantial legacy, there is no question that a reformation of one music’s biggest groups would be remarkable.

Do you think that a Destiny’s Child reunion would


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  1. TJ January 7, 2010

    I hope so, I really do.

  2. keasyy January 7, 2010

    i wish they cut the B.S and give us one more GREAT album. they all have grown so much sing DC fulfilled! i wanna see what they’d produce nowadays. i doubt they will tho… i truly dont think michelle cares for beyonce like they used to… kelly too…. and i doubt beyonce cares about them at all.. lol kelly and michelle seem to still be friends tho. who knows

  3. NATE January 7, 2010


  4. Jay January 7, 2010

    I would LOVE to see DC3 reunite, i will rather see to girls do an album together this year rather that their own separate projects. However Beyonce and Kelly are expected to release new material this year so i’ll keep my fingers crossed for next year.

  5. keasyy January 7, 2010

    Although they will NEVER admit it… there has to be some jealousy with the girls and BEYONCE… because she is like… one of the biggest stars known to man now.. and they’re still just.. Michelle and Kelly… (in the US) from Destiny’s Child. I love them as a group tho… even tho it was still BEYONCEandthem. they got to sing a lot more on the last album. They need to hook up and give us another PLATINUM album. YOU KNOW they’d go platinum in like a week if they came out. i said in my earlier post that i dont think they like eachother anymore… but MONEY might bring another album out of them — whoknows.. i love all of them! although i dont see it for Kelly musically… shes grown to be really pretty. cuz in her dc4 the writings on the wall days she was AWFUL. OH! and Michelle… she really wasnt a good performer at all… EXAMPLE: the BET AWARDS: Cater 2 u… was AWFUL and shes been doin broadway now.. and from some youtube clips ive seen of her in CHICAGO… shes gotten good. hope they all realize how EPIC a new album would be and get it together!!! lol sorry this was so long

  6. GtheGreat January 7, 2010

    Though I would like them to get back together because they create such great music together, realistically I do not think it will happen anytime soon, if at all. For one, Kelly and Michelle both are after their own spotlight in the U.S., and really do not wanna play backup singers to Bey anymore…because, let’s be honest…that is EXACTLY what it was.

    Plus, I do feel some tension between the members, due to Matthew Knowles, management, and the push that only Beyonce seemed to get when going solo. Even Solange got more marketing push than some of the members received for their solo albums. There is special interest being played out and it doesn’t take an expert to see it play out.

    Yes, Destiny Child will get back together….but only once ALL of their destiny’s have been fulfilled…not just one.

  7. Robert January 7, 2010

    Honestly… when that twirk song leaked yesterday… and i watched old performances from them… I wouldn’t care if they didn’t reunite. Kelly and Michelle doesn’t do it for me like Beyonce does. Since they became a trio… kelly and michelle finally got a chance to have their own solo parts… but they never go full out like beyonce. But if the reunion comes about… Beyonce should just chill and let kelly and michelle do everything. but i have a feeling that performances will be boring… as well as the music. Don’t get me wrong… Michelle and Kelly are talented… but they just don’t do it for me.

  8. Carl January 7, 2010

    No. They had there run and it was great.. End of.

  9. keasyy January 7, 2010


    yesssssssss i feel you — when watching performances it seems like beyonce is doing all the work… kelly is trying to keep up and michelle….. shes just in her own world and usually 2 or 3 steps behind

  10. Mickjoe19 January 7, 2010

    I’d love it if they came back and reformed even if it was just for one last album! I’ve seen Beyonce solo on tour but I’d love to see my favourite girl-band together again. Destiny Fulfilled was a solid album and I just hope that they can show there doesn’t have to be any animosity and that groups can go away, reform and still smash it out of the park!

  11. anonymouss January 7, 2010

    i want another album from them, an epic one
    but damn michelle’s verse on this one just didnt do it for me 🙁

  12. Chile January 7, 2010

    Trent, maybe if you and Sam weren’t so focused on being so gossipy and biased, u would have cared to mention that Destiny’s Child OWE Columbia Records ONE more CD. They NEVER completed their contract. Who knows, they may make a new cd or do an official greatest hits, but yes…the girls have to spit out one more album. How could you miss that in your “feature article?”

    Also, technically speaking, Spice Girls is the biggest girl group of all time. Numbers dont lie.

  13. Reunion January 7, 2010

    As much as I love them as a group , I don’t want a reunion now maybe in 5 years.

    @ Robert
    I totally know where you are coming from but Kelly did not have to keep up with anything, her dancing was on point if not better than Beyonce but her vocals, well she tried to.
    Michelle was just a mess period, from dancing to her everything.
    Beyonce herself has said Kelly deserves much credit for her contribution to her success.

  14. DC3 January 7, 2010

    @ Chile

    Sit down, Spice Girls are done and over by the time Destiny’s Child release their next project they will surpass Spice Girls’ sells, that is why DC3 are named the biggest selling female group now.

  15. Ben January 7, 2010

    I would give it another 4 or 5 years before something like that would happen. Kelly JUST NOW separated herself from the Knowles camp, a move she should have done years prior. So with that happening, you already know the last thing she wants to do right now is join Bey on stage as her sidekick. Beyonce is too much of a powerhouse right now to jump back in a group. And Michelle is enjoying her acting on Broadway and other ventures. I must say though, I can’t wait to see Kelly’s new project finally come alive this year without any strings attached like before, and watch her tackle the charts at the same time as Beyonce, oh boy, it is gonna be good. Cause I know Kelly is really gonna come hard how.

  16. Mya January 7, 2010

    No Destiny’s Child are the biggest selling female group of all time just ask Sony. And the World Music Awards Spice Girls comes in next but DC has it

  17. TRUTH January 7, 2010

    i doubt for an album. but for one-off concert or tv special i can see that. the group will never get back together long run not as long as beyonce is the famewhore and papa knowles is the “boss”. kelly wont do it. she’s distancing herself from the knowles crew.

  18. meechy05 January 7, 2010

    Hell no what u should be talking about is how Kelly’s going to snatch the wigs off. These industry’s broads this year, no need for a reunion don’t see it happening ever again, Kelly has finally woke up and realized what she’s capable of, get ready 2010 kellz is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kingnoah3000 January 7, 2010

    Beyonce been writing, producing, aggranging for the group since the 2nd album, B is a beast on dance (not creative because she steals everything known to man kind) .. Let c Kelly had about 3 verses on the 1st cd, 2 on the second, some backround vocals/ recorded tracks when live most the time… im not comparing…but The group was a beyonce group. The parents managed the group, how can anyone keep up/ find their identity (without being kick out) or even work on their craft.. Kelly and M added to the group.. They wasn’t Destiny Child..so Leave it be I say .

  20. louuu January 7, 2010

    MEH… I’ll stick to my TLC albums thankyou.
    Destinys Child can only dream that they made an album that even comes close to the quality of CRAZYSEXYCOOL and Fanmail.

  21. Kingnoah3000 January 7, 2010

    louuu .. crazysexycool was the height of their career and made its make in music. However, Don’t down DC3 because of your preference. Use another outlet like Twitter for that.

  22. Chile January 7, 2010

    According to factual NUMBERS, Destiny’s Child is the THIRD best selling girl group of all time. POW!!! lol Not only that, but Sony combined their solo albums as part of their overall numbers. Plus the numbers for Columbia House music was never included. Columbia House lost its prominence right before Destiny’s Child became relevant. Therefore millions of TLC albums were sold and never accounted for…so they most likely sold more then DC as well. You can do your research on Billboard for that. Good luck and POW POW!!!!

    Here is a list of FACTUAL numbers for the Best Selling Girl Groups of ALL TIME: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_girl_groups

  23. MushyLove_1992 January 7, 2010

    The best Destiny’s Child album to date is “Writings on the Wall”. I really loved them when they were a foursome. Beyonce’, Kelly, Letoya, I’m not sure what the other girl name was but I think its Tasha.(Somebody correct me if I’m wrong) Thanks in advance..

  24. DC3 January 7, 2010

    @ CHILE

    Way to go for Wikipedia, such a reliable source.

    Try again.

  25. Chile January 7, 2010

    Give us your source DC3…I would love to see it. lol

  26. DC3 January 7, 2010

    “Therefore millions of TLC albums were sold and never accounted for”

    That theory is bogus, then I could say the same s***, they didn’t count the millions of TWOTW.
    Not only that Destiny’s Child have constantly released successful albums after another can’t say the same about TLC or Spice girls.

  27. jasmine January 7, 2010

    Im A big fan of destiny’s child but…..really…they dnt need to reunite cuz bey is doing her thing and she doesn’t need them….She’s like the mj of the jacksons, diana ross of the supremes, patti labelle of the labelle’s she dnt need them at ALL.

  28. meechy05 January 7, 2010


  29. jasmine January 7, 2010

    LOL 🙂

  30. Dave January 7, 2010

    I don’t think it would & should. Beyonce been shinning in & out the group. Kelly about to have the same reign, y would she condense herself again to be 2nd rate to Beyonce in a group. Mcihelle doing her own thang, exploring far different sounds & music than the group did, hit success on Broadway & she goes back to being 2nd rate to Beyonce? HELL NAW!! They have a dream too, to be successful singers/performs. The group was great while it lasted, but considering the lack of solo success between the other 2 members & the unfair treatment. Kelly & Michelle should leave that in the past. I don’t really want to see a DC again, unless they do like a reunion show or album when they’re like 40.

  31. Dave January 7, 2010

    Goodbye @ Robert. Kelly danced & performed way better than Beyonce. Beyonce should have the better vocals, but when Kelly wanted to act right, her vocals did great.

  32. Joe Sullivan January 7, 2010

    I would love if they would re unite….
    the cool thing is they could reunite in 40 years…
    and do and mature, less dance oriented album,
    that is more focused on vocals, because they are all three talented vocally,
    where as other girl groups ie. Spice Girls couldnt sing that well,
    and sold more of an image that they couldnt pull off in their 50s…

    I can definetly see them doing shows together or a live album, because their harmonies together are kick ass!!

  33. Dave January 7, 2010

    I completely agree w/ Ben. Kelly >> 2010, end.

  34. Randy January 7, 2010

    Really I would love it if they did come back but i dont think it would work tbh. since they are so great in their own rights now i just think they would function as a group because they are individually so powerful. it would just be three solo acts together rather than a group working together, all they would do is compete for air time. beyonce’s vocals have grown, kelly’s have grown and michelle ‘s have grown aswell as them all becoming more confident comfortable and apparent (USA, Europe and Broadway stuff), and i just think they’ve out grown Destiny’s Child.

  35. G.LaSalle January 7, 2010

    I would love to see a reunion, but not right now. All three girls are doing what they want to do right now, as far as their careers go. Being in a group would mean they would have to sacrifice and give up a lot, and I don’t think that they are ready for that yet.

    When everything slows down in the future, then I can definitely see an album. Until then, I guess we’ll all just have to wait.

    P.s. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want another DC3 and tour. lol

  36. DJ January 7, 2010

    ‘m gonna go rant just a bit because I LOVE DC and definitely support a reunion.

    I know everyone talks about Kelly being able to sing (and we all know that she can), but we all know Beyonce had the strongest voice out of all the girls in the group (Kelly, Michelle, LeToya, LaTavia…forget Farrah lol). I don’t think it’s fair to blame Beyonce for being the lead at the beginning of the careers, because it wasn’t up to her for who sing lead vocals (I’m pretty sure that belongs to the producers…and possibly management). However, when Survivor and Destiny Fulfilled came out, Kelly and Michelle got more vocal leads, and DF was the strongest album (vocally) that they released.

    Also, alot of people complain about Beyonce being everywhere…but is it really her fault? How many of you actually support Kelly and Michelle? I know I purchased and loved both of Kelly’s CD’s and Michelle’s dance album, but numbers show that not many others aren’t supporting them. In this day and age, we could’ve easily requested more Kelly and Michelle music on the radio or on iTunes, but we didn’t. Instead, the same people who complain about Beyonce are the same ones talking about “if you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it!”, contributing to her massive success. And I know Beyonce supports them as both friends and fellow artists, because I’ve definitely heard thier music being played during Beyonce concerts.

    That being said, I do think Kelly has done the right thing by seperating herself from Mathew Knowles and Columbia Records, because clearly Beyonce is going to get preferential treatment from them (but she is their money maker). So it should be interesting to see how fans will support her now that they can’t blame Beyonce, Matthew or Columbia records. if she does succeed, I’m pretty sure Michelle may eventually follow suit.
    But, what do you guys think?

  37. G.LaSalle January 7, 2010

    I would love to see a reunion, but not right now. All three girls are doing what they want to do right now, as far as their careers go. Being in a group would mean they would have to sacrifice and give up a lot, and I don’t think that they are ready for that yet.

    When everything slows down in the future, then I can definitely see an album. Until then, I guess we’ll all just have to wait.

    P.s. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want another DC3 album and tour. lol

  38. Rob January 7, 2010

    It was all about Beyonce, we all know that. I like Kelly better, and her Ms Kelly album was fantastic, but she is not that huge in Europe, she had one solo hit song… I wish her all the best and I cant wait for the new album, I hope she makes it big in USA & Europe

  39. louuu January 7, 2010


    HAHA now that i look back to that comment, it does seem a little naive. I do respect DC, they had some anthems and they do deserve all the sales and titles that they get. Plus Beyonce is imo one of the only few credible and talented mainstream artists out there today. But i’m sticking with my comment that DC albums were no-where near the quality of TLC’s. Unfortunatley TLC can never really have a ‘comeback’ cos of course sadly a third is missing out of the trifectaa, so i guess 2nd best (sorry but in imo haha) i.e. DC should do some sort of comeback.

    I hope they clean-out and show all the other ‘girl groups’ how to perform without dressing and dancing provocately to promote and sell singles 🙂

  40. Denny January 7, 2010

    I’m going to be honest and say that right now I don’t want a Destiny’s Child reunion. I feel that they are a great group and produce magic when they are together but it’s time for each of them to concentrate on being sucessful in their Solo careers. I’m REALLY excited about Kelly’s new album. I really feel Kelly has realized that it’s “DO OR DIE TIME” and she is ready to take her career to the next level. I believe she is finally going to experience that this year and you see by her interviews that her confidence level has increased. I mean she’s really stepping into her own and especially cutting off ALL TIES with Columbia Records and Matthew Knowles that should show that she’s READY!!!!

  41. MushyLove_1992 January 7, 2010



  42. Erica January 7, 2010

    It wouldn’t hurt.

    Not sure if Kelly would be up for it.

  43. Erica January 7, 2010

    @Denny, Im wit’ you!

    Kelly is a very good singer, Im sure she wants to show the world what she has to offer w/o being under the Destiny Child umbrella, or Bey & M. Knowles.

    It’s time for her to do her, and honestly, she is a great artists. Im buying her album. But you better BELIEVE Beyonce is going to release her album when Kelly releases hers to make sure she stays on top. Even if BEYonce doesn’t want to , her management is going to do it.

    Bey is rich and successful, and has showed the world her best, I don’t think she can get any better than what she is…(that’s just my opinion). New songs by her, but the same voice, new videos but the same concept…so it’s just the same thing….

    Michelle, I really don’t know about her, I can’t get with her too much.

  44. Chile January 7, 2010

    @ DC3, that was not a theory. Its fact. You can find that on Billboard…if you care to do research. You still have not told us where you got your info from…lol

  45. meechy05 January 7, 2010

    I don’t think Beyonce would release her album around Kelly’s time because no one is checking for her and if she did the truth will come to light at how shady her and her camp are…

  46. Robert January 7, 2010


    Get Real…. please for GOD SAKES! If Kelly is the better vocalist and dancer… why Kelly always calling up beyonce on how to hit a certain note and s***. Why is kelly always going around the media saying how good of a teacher she was to her. I can’t wait till Kelly’s album come out. I really can’t…. This is gonna be really interesting. I’m not wishing for failure… but if she fails… what people gonna say? Oh it’s beyonce’s fault. People blame beyonce for their lights getting cutt off.

  47. matt pacheco January 7, 2010

    my favorite is michelle….lol

  48. M. Reid January 7, 2010

    Why does Sam keep letting Trent write these pointless essays?

  49. Ashley V. January 7, 2010

    First of all, let me just say that I love this picture of Destiny’s Child. They all look amazing.
    In my opinion Destiny’s Child have fulfilled their destiny. I really think that the album “Destiny Fulfilled” was aptly titled. It’s their BEST & most mature album in terms of their vocals and songwriting. This album BLEW me away & STILL does.

    A Destiny’s Child reunion would be a dream come true for me. As a matter of fact, I’m sure they would be willing to record another album together at some point in the future. Despite the fact that Kelly no longer has Matthew as manager, the ladies are close and will forever be close. They LOVE each other and they are all SUPER talented.

    However, if they did reunite, judging by the fact that they all took the route of infusing a lot of pop music into their last solo albums, they may not produce anything like Destiny Fulfilled (i.e. R&B/soul).

    Also before a reunion takes place, I would love to see Kelly & Michelle have the same worldwide impact as solo stars that Beyoncé has. Imagine if ALL of them asserted themselves at the top of the game and than reunited.

    But I would welcome a DC reunion with open arms regardless of the musical direction they decide to take because it’s so wonderful seeing them together.

  50. WTF – (THE ORIGINAL) January 7, 2010


  51. S*** January 7, 2010

    I dont see it being much of a possibility, I think their legacy is complete & doing another Album would be taken a huge risk but they are still young. I think Chelle is 30, kelly 29, & Bey 28.

    Besides Bey is more successful than the Group. DC may have sold more Albums but thats it. Bey has 5 #1s & DC has Four. She has 7 grammys when DC has only 3. She has 3 #1 albums & DC has only 2 after 5 Albums & Bey has more single Sales etc & is more popular Solo & has a stronger fan base & audience. It would be a step Back for Her. Not to mention it wouldnt be Far for Kelly & Chelle to be slacking off while Bey is winning Grammys & going on World Wide tours. & I think its amazing how Bey can still add DC acts into her show & it still blends in & feels good- this shows there music might be lame but it is also timeless.

    DC has enough success & Yes their Destiny is Fullfiled.
    My Fav DC Songs:
    Say My Name (CLASSIC)
    Bills, Bills, Bills
    Killing Time
    no, no, no part 1
    Sail on
    cater to you
    T shirt

  52. Kelly4eva January 7, 2010

    I think part of the reason people are so brain washed,uh,I mean smitten by Beyonce is because she’s the one we’ve always heard in EXCESS. Beyonce dominated vocally on every DC album and as a solo artist she was given EVERY opportunity to shine. We saw her ALL THE TIME. We heard her ALL THE TIME and her talent and appeal was undeniable;and while Beyonce milked every opportunity(you can’t be mad at her for that), Kelly sat on the bench and passively settled for what ever left overs her label was willing to hand her because she was not yet “ready” to be that solo star(she has said this herself). By the time she was ready(The Ms.Kelly era)her label continued to shaft her,hence her decision to leave them. As I said in my earlier post,Kelly was not always as vocally daring as Beyonce but that did not mean that she didn’t have just as dynamic a voice. Kelly’s talent was always there it just needed to be tapped into and CHALLENGED. I think that is finally happening now that she’s branched out and sought new handlers(figures). Ofcourse the public would gravitate towards the one that media outlets promote and expose(even if they’re over promoted and over exposed). This however is the year in which Kelly will hopefully get EVERY OPPORTUNITY to show the world what I’ve always known she’s capable of. The least we can do is take notice.

    The day Kelly Rowland abandons everything she ever “learned” from Beyonce and embraces her own vocal identity(which she’s doing right now) that is the day she will no longer have to worry about being compared to Beyonce.
    I think some of you are quick to dismiss how much Kelly has grown vocally. When she performs her current hit “When Love Takes Over” she soars over those vocals with ease and grace. I would like to hear Beyonce try and sing a song as challenging as that one without growling and hiding behind excessive bravado to mask the fact that without all that extra she has no power. Kelly can actually hit a high note without screaming it and when she does not hold back she matches and at times surpasses Beyonce vocally. People really need to stop acting as though Kelly hasn’t been a vocal staple in Destinys Child since the very beginning. She sang leads and she was a vital part of the groups harmonies. Basically,DON’T SLEEP ON KELLY SHE IS JUST AS MUCH A VOCAL BEAST AS BEYONCE. Beyonce has praised Kelly on more than one occasion for her vocal talent. She even once said in an interview;and I quote,”Kelly can do some things with her voice I wish I could do.” Now would Beyonce say that about someone that she doesn’t consider her equal as a vocalist? Kelly was never a bad vocalist she simply lacked the confidence and the support that was/is required to be great. Now that she has both tose things,confidence for days and a team that will actually support her,she will be unstoppable. The only person who will be able to hold her back now is herself and I don’t think she has any intention of doing that anymore. The girls may reunite again one day but I don’t think it will be nor should it be any time soon.

  53. S*** January 7, 2010

    & LMAO @ the Moron who said TLC had better albums- they only have like 3 hits so how are better than DC? DC got way more Commercial sales. and neither member can SING, at least not separately. As a matter of fact Rihanna can sing better than all 3 of them, they make rihanna sound like whitney houston. all TLC did was mubble their dark whispers & called it singing. DC > >> TLC

  54. Jessica January 7, 2010

    If I could have ONE more DC3 album I would be so happy. I love them solo but they are better as a unit. Each brings their own personality to the group. And as much as i love them I am torn between doing an album cuz Destiny Fullfilled was so classic and if they came back and did an album idk if it can top it.. just like Jay with Black Album and then comes back with that corny Kingdom Come…. ONE MORE DC3 ALBUM

  55. Ashley January 7, 2010

    YASSSSS! omg. they need to get back together,and let the world know that,they can do solo things and still be a group! we need our DC3 girl back. i miss them so much. and even tho Kelly,and Beyonce are planning on releasing this year,they can still get back together next year!!! that would be great. But we all know that 2010 is KELLY ROWLAND’s year. maybe 2011 will be Destiny’s Childs year. you never know…

  56. Hadli-Man-E January 7, 2010

    I agree with many of you, I don’t feel now a DC reunion. Right now it’s time for Kelly & Michelle to show their real potential and when they get their success, then it would be great to see three #1’s record an album together, but I said something from they three, not Beyoncé plus back vocals.

    I love them all, but I think that Beyoncé’s success is logical, I mean, Kelly’s last album was amazing, but I felt she didn’t really work on some very important sides, specially her dancing skills.

    Now I wish Kelly reaches superstardom with this next album, improves past flaws, and shows the world the great performer she is!!

    Finally, I know it would be very difficult, but don’t you guys dream about a DC3 song including LeToya and even LaTavia? I know it’s almost impossible to get them to record an album, but if we talked about just a song… it could be something amazing 🙂

  57. KAYA January 7, 2010

    LMAO @ the MORON who thought DC were superior to TLC because of SINGING. It’s not even about that. TLC and DC are completely different, yes they both sing and yes DC may have one better vocalist Beyonce (the other two are just there for the show) but when it comes to everything else TLC wipes the floor with them in sooooo many different aspects (orininality, songwriting, dancing, rapping, fashion etc)…

  58. KAYA January 7, 2010

    But yeah a DC reunion would be great for the other two. Might dent Beys credability if they went all out on a new album, a tour, public appearences etc. Maybe do a few shows maybe one televised but nothing else.

  59. JT January 7, 2010

    @Rob she did not only have one hit in Europe. When love takes over was hugeee there as well. I heard it just as much as i heard beyonce songs being played.

    And let me tell you something, kelly wouldn’t always be there if she only had one hit. She has collaborated with many european artists because PEOPLE LIKE HERE THERE!

    and @s***

    you are stupid. .Destiny’s child had 7 grammy’s i believe!

    I’m pretty sure they had MORE than 4 hits…

  60. Join HBQs for FREE! January 7, 2010

    Their group albums fall far below their solo records. I’d rather three lots of great music than a few average ones.

  61. Dave January 7, 2010

    @Robert, I never stated Kelly had the better vocals, actually it was a typo in there. I said Beyonce had the better vocals, but Kelly was th better Dancer/performer & when Kelly wanted to act right her vocals we’re great (Bad Habit, Delimma Destiny’s Fulfilled, & the C6 from emotions, etc). Watch DC’S performances, like “Lose My Breathe” kelly killed the dance moves & the performance. She got so bored, she switched to Beyonce’s routine & beyonce took her routine & she still managed to slay the moves w/ out effort & ease. Get of Beyonce’s c***, end.

  62. Dave January 7, 2010


  63. Caprikorn313 January 7, 2010

    They will have to reunite once Beyoncé is released (or tries to break free of) from the hold the illuminati has on Sasha Fierce…. That will probably happen after she is able to retire and try to release the spirit and has to get to her roots of where she started…. And thrive off of her initial success which made her successful enough to be tried by the illuminati. That’s partially why Kelly and Michelle won’t f*** with her. Matthew took that vow, that’s why he has no problem with his daughter being married to someone who has been so heavily scrutinized for his outward messages pointed to the new world order. Once Beyoncé let’s go of that spirit that has her… Her DC sisters will again be there for her to sing with. The era of Destinys Child is not over. This also explains why Kelly isn’t shining as bright as BeyBey. When offered tfe chance she said no she is not ready to make such a choice that would forever change her soul and tried to do it on her own and failed. Ms Kelly was their second attempt at gaining her but she again turned them down. And when she finally wanted to give in…Matthew wouldn’t give it to her… So she left.

  64. Cume January 8, 2010

    Ok,for Jasmine who said bey dont need dc,well let me remind you that if it wasnt for dc there wldnt be a bey,and she said ppl dont give kelly credit but I knw why the snake she has as a father,he carefully cut the original girl group they where in b4 dc and chose the girl with the low self esteem as at then(Kelly),the one who couldn’t sing(La tavia) and the only one who had a good esteem jst like his daughther he never let sing(Le toya),now whenit was obvious to letoya wat he was doing she wanted a new manager but since the snake didint want anyone to get the attention he dumped them trust me letoya wld have given bee some disturbance cos then the focus wld av been on two ppl not 1,she was fine and had a high self esteem,so when they got booted he found anoda one who cldn’t sing(farrah) and now jst to make sure wat happened the first tyme dosent happen again,he found one thta wldnt be able to keep up to the dance,the sexiness et all(Michelle)now he didint let her sing much cos she got vocals.See its called the overshadow process,ppl cld only see beeand(@those who said bee was making the money and thats why she was promoted more) by the tym kelly got over the esteem and recorded Dilemma,and was the first big hit in Dc wat happened the snake(matt knowles)had to underpromote her so that bee cld shine remeber bee sucked with her first single ‘work it out’.If kelly was promoted well from dilemma I mean the girl wld av grown faster….OK by gones are by gones,when elly was now ready to bump like this
    Matt totally milked her virtually all her songs from that album got no promotion they promoted themselves eg Unity a top 10 in canada and of course the ones that charted in the uk..overall Kelly’s fans gave her the promo i mean all hetr promo not the knowles.so 4 a dc album,I’ll so love it but NOOOOOOOO not know its a cue they want to sabotage ms kelly.Kelly Runn for your Liffeeeeeee.dnt cage it again…maybe in the next decade.

  65. jasmine January 8, 2010

    uhhhhh…..CUME…..First off wtf did kelly and michelle do for Beyonce????????absolutely nothing…she had talent before them and she’s gonna have talent without them…it was not dc that set her career to a skyrocketing level…it was her debut solo album dangerously in love… Kelly or Michelle cannot sing to save their mothafuckin lives. Like i said b4 i am a big fan of dc.. and always have been since they first came out but….c’mon we all know bey was the star of the group doesn’t matter if her dad was their manager of group or if f*****’ simon cowell was the manager….now you holla at me when you hear a HIT SONG from Kelly or Michelle on the radio bcuz i damn sure didn’t….and i prolly never will……so take your f***** fallicious argument and shove it up your f***** ass…

  66. Joe January 8, 2010

    IDC what anybody says when these girls are together (when u look at them as a group instread of singling out your favorites) they release so much power i be thinking they super heros lol. When they are together i dont see Beyonce i dont see Kelly and i dont see Michelle…. I see them as ONE a group!…they all bring something to the table…If u watch there Live in ATL DVD they all have it!….so if they release an album i will be on board so damn fast lol…and whoever said they wont make another album until beyonce gets rid of that devil worshiping s*** about sasha fierce can SIT THE HELL DOWN! Sasha has been around for years! and Michelle is a church girl who clearly stated she doesnt know or talk to anybody who worships the devil so get outta here with that mess…Michelle also said they talk regularly and nothing has changed…IDK why ppl always have bring in so much shade and negativity because it never works…these girls are like sisters and they love each other…

  67. Hadli-Man-E January 8, 2010

    As she said on her I Am Yours… DVD: There’s no Beyoncé without DC!!

    I think Mathew wouldn’t let Beyoncé fall on charts like he did to Kelly or Michelle with their last albums, but the real cause of Beyoncé’s success is herself, if you don’t think so, look at Solange, who dropped with a very good album, and also beoing Mathew’s daughter.

    Beyoncé is always growing up as an artist and her live performances are some of the best in the world now, so her success has its reason!!

    After saying all that, I have to say I don’t have preferences between the girls in the group, but as I said yesterday, Kelly and Michelle have to improve some things like the dances and their presence on stage to make things work! And people shouldn’t stop blaming Beyoncé for all that happens.

  68. Hadli-Man-E January 8, 2010

    Sorry! on my last post I said: “And people shouldn’t stop blaming Beyoncé for all that happens” and I meant People SHOULD STOP blaming Beyoncé for everything that happens!

    Sorry again! 🙂

  69. Tony January 8, 2010

    A DC3 reunion would be great. However, I do not want Kelly and Michelle to be subject to the mania that is Beyonce. I feel that a new album in 2015 qould be great!

  70. Dave January 9, 2010

    Some of y’all are delusional. Beyonce has not grew as an artist, how if other people write & produce her songs, and most of her songs are recycled? She maybe grew w/ live performances, and as far as dancing/performing Kelly still slays her, naturally @ that. Michelle has vocals too, listen to “Through with love” Michelle punched be OWT!! Michelle just doesn’t have CONSISTENCY, & that is w/ her vocals & dance moves, but she can do both. Kelly just has to step up her vocals, then she’ll be slaying everything, & that’s what Rico love is getting her to do. And her confidence, which she has now.

  71. Katey January 10, 2010

    Yes. I would like.

    It isn’t true they don’t like eache other anymore. They’re good friend in the real life too.
    Kelly and Michelle is like family for Beyoncé. They both were at Beyoncé’s wedding and Jay-Z were at Michelle birthday. They definitely LOVe EAch other forever…

    To every body. It doesn’t matter Beyonce has the lead role in the gruop. I’t impossible that everybody has the same voice and the same dance rutine and the same looking…
    Beyoncé has the lead role in the group from the beginnig because she has bigger and more saleable voice and the others has. She is not my favourite member form the group because it is Michelle.
    But I admit Beyoncé works in the group.They sings preety good and wrote a lot of hit songs. And i have no doubt about she was a big reason of the succesful of the group.
    I love Kelly and Michelle. They’re both talented and beutiful and unique and have such a good voice too. I think in the Destiny fulfilled song the vocals of the three was perfect, for example in “Girls”.

    They need to make solo things to show the world their own personalities. But They’re DESTINY’S CHILD. They have to runite!!!! Even if Beyoncé sings more in the songs. Who cares? Destiny’s Child is the best group of all time and DF album couldn’t be the end of it…They have to sing together again because togheter They’re unbelievable….
    and I my life I’d like to go a Destiny’s Child concert… 😛

    So I hope They will be reunite someday in 2011 or 2012….

  72. Katey January 10, 2010

    And I can tell hit songs from Kelly. for example Dilemma or Work…
    I can’t compare to Beyoncé of course but I don’t have to.

    I say Neither Beyoncé nor Kelly and Michelle said They won’t runite at all. Everytime Sombody asked them about the DC reunite the answer was: Anything ca happen.” or ” It possible but We don’t know what will happen in the future.”

    They didn’t say It’s impossible to do some project in the future together.
    And I heard Dc has record conract with Sony.
    And Matthew said when Kelly seperated from him that He is the manager of Destiny’s Child irrespectively of Kelly’s separation…
    So it means Destiny’s Child shall continue as a group…

  73. JonathanLGardner January 21, 2010

    I love DC but no female group has ever come CLOSE to the accomplishments of The Supremes.

    The Supremes had TWELVE U.S. #1 singles (yes twelve!!), DC has only managed four so far. Oh and The Supremes managed to have five #1s in a row at one point! Yet, their accomplishments are overshadowed by the sales figures of more recent groups because Motown still has not properly released the EXACT sales figures of the group which I’m sure would surpass 100million – why? well there are the twelve #1 singles then there are the countless hit albums (20+ – including all the lineups).

    Anyway, a DC would be great but I would love it, if the personalities of each of them were displayed – so they were shown as 3 INDIVIDUALS who come together to make something great.

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