Hot Shots: Jennifer Hudson And Husband In The Bahamas

Published: Monday 25th Jan 2010 by Trent

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Jennifer Hudson and her husband David Otunga were spotted in The Bahamas recently. The two enjoyed a day of kayaking at the Atlantis Paradise Island while attending the ‘Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational’ in Nassau. Check out more pics below:

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  1. parisian girl January 25, 2010


  2. Nicky January 25, 2010

    damn, her husband is fine!

  3. Gary January 25, 2010

    i don’t think she will be to see these pictures !

  4. meechy05 January 25, 2010

    Omg lol Jennifer. No comment and David is getting fat they must really love eachother awe!

  5. Nick January 25, 2010

    who woulda thought… j hud and punk from i love new york…

  6. sugar January 25, 2010

    when did they marry? mmmh i thought they were just hitting it…. by the way jen that bathing suit is a no no no go back to the GYM first

  7. hihihihi January 25, 2010



  8. S*** January 25, 2010

    CICI had 1 of the biggest debuts in Urban music history in terms of Album sales, the Charts, & overall popularity. Chris, Ciara, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney, Ashanti & Mariah all had big Debuts. But CiCi is 1 of the ones who wasnt able to keep up with the success of her debuts. Even with nice radio friendly songs & good videos & wise single choices Fantasy Flop, well Flopped!! Not even going gold- a fleet that Ciara almost achieved in just the 1st week w/ the Evolution LP. I think that its ultimate Fail was #1- the bad Album Cover, #2- Bad Marketing, & #3 No Growth. The same goes for Chris Brown but without the Advances…

  9. January 25, 2010

    YES. love them — so happy that jennifer’s happy, healthy, and doing well.
    i wouldn’t have thought this relationship would be so serious, but good for them.
    always nice to see a sane couple in the sea of crazies we have to deal with.

  10. 12345 January 25, 2010

    stupid beyonce stans always have to put their nose everywhere, shut the f*** up you c*** go dance to Single Ladies rofl

  11. S*** January 25, 2010

    ^ Who the F*** you callin a C*** H**??

    Go lick Ci-ERRORS C***/Harry Ball Sack…

  12. khena January 25, 2010

    Hmm no comment on both of them and they are not married yet.

  13. Rihanna Flop January 25, 2010

    ewwwwwwwwwwww @ Jen in that bathing suit

  14. just real… January 25, 2010

    @12345 & S***

    WOW….just wow…

    They look happy but they both def need to hit tha gym

  15. Ash Jones January 25, 2010

    im glad she put a sarong on becus im sorry but this wasn’t exactly flatttering. in a way its why i love J-hud. she a real woman!!! no size zero s***.

  16. RANDOM January 25, 2010

    why does it say HOT

  17. norma January 25, 2010

    Honestly, you people can say what you like, but the couple is very much in love. Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga is the hottest couple in the industry today. I did not say the most powerful thats Beyonce and Jay- Z. I said the hottest black couple since Will and Jada Smith. Not only are they hot, but they are also very interesting. The media and almost every magazine are going crazy lying. They are both very nice and easy going peoples. I think they are a wonderful loving pair. David is crazy about Jen, and she is the same about him. I believe Jennifer when she said that David really is a great guy, and that he is a sweatheart. Jen is a very smart lady, and she knows what she want in a husband. I wish this happy couple nothing but the best to come.

  18. Pucci January 25, 2010

    @ S***

    Wow, you posted something about CIARA on a JENNIFER HUDSON post… what kinda sense does that make?

  19. TRUTH January 25, 2010


  20. no tea, no shade January 25, 2010

    David is s*** as hell.. I love his body type.. He’s still muscular but extra thick.. I would love to be held by him *drool*

  21. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut January 26, 2010

    ^^ Totally agree, Jen is a lucky woman!

  22. G.LaSalle January 26, 2010

    J.Hud looks a disgusting mess. Ugh! Everybody can’t wear everything. She should have worn a lonnnnng sarong.
    David is looking very s*** as usual.

  23. WhitneyFanatic January 26, 2010

    lol i still cant get over him being Punk from ILNY2
    am happy 4 JHud tho

  24. KayB33 January 26, 2010

    uhhh she looks fine considering the fact that she was never small and she just had a baby less than a year ago. Give her a break. Damn.

  25. MushyLove_1992 January 27, 2010

    David is gorgeous. Love Jen. Hope they had a great time..

  26. coco April 18, 2010

    Jennifer you are very sweet,and it does matter whelther you fat or slim,just be you baby….i love you and you look great with your darling husband..continue the good work girl..

  27. yolunda April 18, 2010

    jennifer hudson and her husban looks real nice on they vacation i am very happy for her she needs somebody in her life right now after all that bad tradget she had over the past few months and she has a very pretty little boy may god bless you and your family

  28. tasha August 12, 2010

    I think that Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful person inside and out. After the tragedy in her family. Seeing her with her husband and baby makes my heart smile. She deserves some happiness. You go girl.

  29. Gynah! August 12, 2010

    Most importantly, they’re happy. Its obvious he fell in love with her just she way she is. Shut your shallow asses up!!!

  30. carmen August 25, 2010

    They look cute together, so nice to see them happy and in love. Im glad they are happy.

  31. NOT A JUDGE* October 10, 2010

    People are so critical and negative,ouch!!! I think they seem like a nice REAL couple which is refreshing and a good thing and a better role model for women and young girls than many others.NOT everyone is or should be a size 2,besides it is what is inside that counts and no one is perfect …I know I’m not! l.o.l

  32. CAROL HERLONG October 24, 2010



  33. Latarsha November 3, 2010

    Jennifer and her husband look great. To all her and his haters you just made it’s not you. Beyonce you ain’t got nothing to worry about you and Jennifer are two of the most beautiful ladys in the business. Let’s talk about Rhianna, ladys hold on to your man because that S*** is out to get him.

  34. Says who November 21, 2010

    65% of the American people is overweighted.
    So don’t say she is to big to wear a swimsuit, because then half America shouldn’t wear it.
    I’m glad she has the guts to wear it, it’s a beach!!
    Btw: her husband is overweighted also, but everybody thinks he’s great. Why is it with women different?
    *English is not my foreign languages, so don’t shoot*

  35. vonsay January 10, 2011

    I can guarantee most of the people posting all the negative comments about Jen are sitting on cellulite asses as well. Cut it out judgemental fools! Dang most celebrities who are not air brushed and retouched pretty much look the same way. Geesh! Furthermore, she isn’t really overweight in the pics anyway! She just doesn’t have the muscle tone of a body builder but of a regular woman. And David is super s*** with his thick, muscular self!

  36. SugarBear51 February 8, 2011

    wow I didn’t know that she was married to david otega, a professional WWE wrestler on the team called ( Nexus) go girl!!!!

  37. elw-Atlanta March 1, 2011

    Congrats Jennifer to you and your family. I wanted New York to choose Punk but I am so glad she did not because the two of you deserve one another. He seems like a nice guy and you have a beautiful spirit. Together the two of you have made a lovely child. Be Blessed & Be Happy. .. By the way you have inspired me and I have lost 25 lbs on WW determined to reach my goal !

  38. MONEE March 26, 2011


  39. skylar April 25, 2011

    that man is s*** and i love jennifer hudson were you at is her best in the world im ten im in 4 grade peace pepole

    love skylar

  40. skylar May 10, 2011

    ok this is skylar again jennfiner hudson i whis i can see you in real life um i gess this is goodbye rember im 10 im 4 garde

  41. Kayla May 22, 2011

    jennifer hudson and her husband make a cute couple and so what if her bathing suit don’t look all that good at least there happy.

  42. JOANNE August 5, 2011

    iF YOU LOVE EACH OTHER BE HAPPY. Rember God is love with him in your life both of you will be winner Be friends and real with each other.

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