Hot Shots: Mariah Carey In Florida

Published: Friday 22nd Jan 2010 by Trent

Diva Mariah Carey hit the stage in Florida last evening. The icon performed to a sold out crowd at Hard Rock Live! in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. Peep more pics of the Carey and her diamonds below (via MariahDaily):



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  1. Jamaican Bouy January 22, 2010


  2. RaydeeohCity January 22, 2010

    i wish she give this whole princess-swing-s*** up. Her old ass always doin some Disney s***.

  3. AREIS January 22, 2010

    Yes I was there as she came onto the stage 1hr late. She did look good a little disappointed in the set list, some of her biggest hits where missed. Of course she’s still trying to promote the Memories of the Imperfect B**** album, as I can tell by the audience people didn’t even know any of the songs (such a slept on album). Favorite songs of the night where Always be my baby and its wrap. Mariah energy level was not there to me she was too busy being a diva on stage. Her dancers where a big distraction too. Unlike the Emancipation of MIMI tour was way better. Your rather off better than listing to the album at home than going to see this tour. It’s a Wrap. Hoping that Remix album will deliver.

  4. MushyLove_1992 January 22, 2010

    She looks beautiful in that pic..

  5. January 22, 2010


  6. shelly-chelle January 22, 2010

    not feelin the outfit! it’s time to give up this look mariah

  7. GeeMan January 22, 2010

    She looks great and she hits the stage @ 9 every show she hit the the stage @ 8:50 last night

  8. GeeMan January 22, 2010

    Fact out of 17 song set Mimi performed 4 songs from off of memiors the rest of the songs were from all old material from different albums. The swing enterance represents the daydream/butterfly intro she does different outfits.

  9. jeremimi January 22, 2010

    GORGEOUS!!! And @ Aries… HI HATER…Mariah did Amazing y’all in Florida!!!!

    Her voice was BRILLIANT…She shut all the haters up (including ARIES)!!!!

  10. AREIS January 22, 2010


    It proves my point again it goes to show people who don’t know anything about sounding good make themselves sound stupid even as they write a comment…

    Mariah struggle a lot last night on a lot of songs walking back and forth across the stage shaking that hand in the air like it was going to make her sound better, I’m not a hater I’m just giving my option. And again maybe fat chicks will learn to appreciate her fans better than what she has done. Again she looks good last night with the extra weight, and with clothes on. As I say at least Beyonce can sing and dance. Cause MIMI can’t do it all.

  11. Khalil January 22, 2010

    @ Areis Ummm sound like a hater to me. Beyonce is how old? And when Mariah was her age had she not peaked way more than Beyonce will ever imagine. Who cares? Mariah does not have anything to prove. She has a string of timeless music that stay in the heart of people. People like her, Whitney, and Janet have nothing to prove. They have done it all. The fact that she is still making albums is a blessing. And her last CD is soooooo much better than who did you mention oh yeah Beyonce last CD! Go sit the hell down comparing a legend to a child! F** outta here!

  12. AREIS January 22, 2010

    you must cant read … its not a compare and contrast bottom line she did not sing every song that good.
    Comparing the two is non-sense, if you think that she sounds good than let it be maybe you’ll help her with her album sales or winning more Grammy awards. It’s not about proving a point that’s better than who. Of course she’s older or not yet a legend yet.
    but if you know your histroy and want to compare the two Mariah vs Beyonce, just let the industry decide for itself.

  13. Khalil January 22, 2010

    It already has! Enough said this is pointless next!

  14. Slick January 22, 2010

    Arie, its clear your a Mc Hater. My question then is, why did you go to the concert? I wont comapre B to MC cause there is no comp…Mc can be annoying some times with her palyfu ways, but that doesnt take anything away from her Great Voice

  15. Slick January 22, 2010

    In her prime Mc was flawless unstopable. Whitney was the only one who could (in voice) match MC (in her own stenghts of course)

  16. Slick January 22, 2010

    B? shes great on the stage and shes hella hot. But vocally she cant match MC period.

  17. AREIS January 22, 2010

    I’m a hater just because im giving my opinion on how she sounded last night I’m actually a huge fan of Mariah Carey like everybody else, fans have the right to voice their opinion and not always sugarcoat something when an artist f**** up. Just because her last album flop didn’t mean I was going to drop her from my playlist LOL.

  18. AREIS January 22, 2010

    Slick your right

    MC has a timeless voice, Whitney last cd was better than Mariah…. yes the divas can can sing

    Beyonce is very talented as well can sing and dance but her voice is not as powerful as MC. Agree we know MC cant dance

  19. Slick January 22, 2010

    Ok fair enough. But I did read some very positive reviews about the concert. The voice was ssaid to be there and in good shape…

  20. TRUTH January 22, 2010


  21. Slick January 22, 2010

    Thats 400 pounds you wish you had…

  22. tellitlikeitis January 22, 2010

    Mariah lipsyncs some of her songs and uses backtracks alot that’s why I believe Aries and i won’t be paying $ to see her. she is too frickin old to be on a swing and dressed up like a ballet dancer- it’s distracting looking at her Double EEs (did she get another implant) and her huge thighs

    adding MC and Whitney are better vocalists than B although B is good (better performer- their records and stats will never be broken by B in termsof sales and legacy/just saying #donthateme and i’m not a MC fan

  23. AREIS January 22, 2010

    TO THE TRUTH & tellitlikeitis

    Funny!! I mean she’s sitting up there being a little kid princess on a swing trying to spread glitter to the audience with that big as tiara on..Call me a hater if you want I’m addressing this tour was a Hippopotamus MARIAH going wrong. Her shoes out did her. Enough is enough people really hate hearing the truth. Other blog sites are saying the same thing I’m saying f*** the Miami Enquire. I’m tired of making excuses for Mimi.

  24. SOOS January 22, 2010

    Oh haters! You are just frustrated and jealous….

    Mimi is wonderful and beautiful! Go on my girl!

  25. Rob January 22, 2010

    You go Aries! Mariah has been resting on her laurels long enough. Bottom line – she cannot sing well live anymore. Her voice is trashed she now requires that “studio magic.” Its really sad to go from having one of the most beautiful voices to having it ravished but we dont know what she does in her personal life but its time people stop lying about it. Every youtube performance of this tour I have seen either sounds awful or is lipped/backing tracked which is inexcusable for an artist that just stand and walks. And the reaon why we get on her for her weight is because she markets her body and s** appeal but she is too fat to be squeezing into the clothes she wears if she continues down this path she will become more and more laughable and floppable.

  26. AREIS January 22, 2010


    That is so TURE 100 points …

    I mean you come out there with a song call touch my body who wants touch it Mariah when your ass is getting fat from the stomach to the waist down. Then she puts those little ass clothes on like she’s 12 again. I mean MIMI lets be grown. She looks good when things fit her not when your head is bigger than your dress Mariah. Crazy. Does a diva have to always show her boobs, and most of the time her songs are not even about s** so the s*** never matches example HATE U video s*** don’t match. FINAL ANSWER she has not been delivering

  27. Rob January 22, 2010

    Tell me about it. I’m like its a recession you have to really show me something for me to buy your album and not just either bootleg or itunes the singles let alone spend a damn near C-note on some concert tickets. Her #’s speak for themselves this is the LOWEST SELLING ALBUM OF HER CAREER. All I want is for Mariah to be able to SANG live again none of that whisper shiat. Is there vocal plastic surgery or voice-rejuvenation or something? Just say it aint so ya’ll Mimi’s voice can’t go down like this.

  28. Slick January 22, 2010

    Rob, I don’t entirely disagree with all that you are saying, but one must remember her catalogue. In the early 90’s (my fav) she sang her ass off on every song, Belt, belt, belt, it effed up her voice. She has a medical condition too, being a “fan” and all you should know this…I do think she should not be drinking so Effen Much though and she could cut down on her weight if she’s going to sell s**…

  29. Slick January 22, 2010

    I honestly think her last record was really good, minus a couple songs that could have been replaced with some club bangers.

  30. Slick January 22, 2010

    CNS Reviews Mariah’s Concert in Hollywood, Florida
    Mariah Carey Delivers At South Florida “Angels Advocate” Tour Stop
    By Anthony Jones, Celebrity News Service (CNS)

    Most importantly at a Mariah Carey show is the voice and she was almost surprisingly pitch perfect. Just when you think there’s some playback assistance, she adds a run or changes the note to something different from the album version. It’s a lot more Mariah than some naysayers might think.

  31. Slick January 22, 2010


  32. Music Lover January 22, 2010

    She looks wonderful in my opinion. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Yes it may be a bit childish but over the top. But who cares? Beyonce dresses provocatively as well, but she doesn’t get the same amount of criticisms. Mariah dresses normal compared to starts these days like Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Rihanna who seem to just try and out compete each other over who can dress the most “unique.” Yet people praise them for their fashion sense. Mariah has a nice body. We have enough size 0 celebrities in the industry. We don’t need anymore to brainwash people in thinking that being thin is everything. She has curves. More power to her for being confident in her own skin. And s** sells. Why should she use her assets to her advantage? Everybody does. It’s called using what you got. And her voice? Of course she doesn’t sing as well as she used to, but even in her off days she stills sings better than most stars. She has already made her mark in the singing world. Who gives a f*** if she dresses “inappropriately” or doesn’t sound as good as she used to? She’s still trying. She still looks great. She still sounds great.

  33. Fat, drunk, and ugly January 22, 2010

    My name describes this tired b****! stick a fork in this tired b**** she is done. @ geeman try pulling ur brown tongue out of mariah’s ass you f** covered in glitter! Get the butterfly net she is done!

    She can’t sell out stadiums so she doing hotels, like bette middler! LOL!!

  34. Anna January 22, 2010

    Gorjussss. 🙂

  35. Slick January 22, 2010

    dang there are some extreme haters on this board…

  36. FiercerMC January 23, 2010

    Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by a woman as gorgeous as Mariah?!
    Mariah is always on her best element when she’s onstage!
    She don’t dance but her presence is just enough to put everyone in awe!

  37. bobby from bulgaria January 23, 2010

    OK, please don’t compare Mariah to Beyonce… :)))

    *** First – Yes, Beyonce is a better ENTERTAINER and DANCER… And that’s just ALL that she is…

    Cuz when she’s DANCING on stage (and she always is… ) she’s DEFINITELY “relying” on PRE-RECORDED MATERIAL… That’s a FACT…

    *** Second – even when she’s standing STILL and singing LIVE Beyonce could never REACH Mariah’s sound and range… NEVER…

    Lately, Beyonce’s simply screaming…

    *** And third – Mariah may be having some problems with her voice lately, but when she was at the age of Beyonce now, and if you put them together… well, then Beyonce would be blown really really far away… That’s a FACT… 🙂

    We’ll just have to wait some time and see where will Beyonce be in some 10 years from now… I mean VOCALLY…

  38. Baleia January 23, 2010

    jesus this woman is so horrible. whooriah.

  39. Mike January 23, 2010

    Shut the f*** up you haters! Mariah said it many time that she is eternally 12. She’s being herself. DIVA, THE VOICE, THE BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST EVER

  40. such a f***** lady January 23, 2010

    Everyone did a good jod lastnight

  41. MC January 24, 2010

    Someone here is clearly retarded. As a person sitting in the front, I can tell you now that Mariah did not struggle. In fact, I was shocked to see how easy it looked for her. Check the reviews, even they agree with me. That outfit is obviously something that needs to be seen in person. Pictures don’t do it any type of justice. The effect it gives when the light hits it has Mariah looking like nothing else BUT an angel. This show was 5/5 stars. She only lipped on Obsessed and It’s a Wrap. The lines, “Aye, he’s all up in my George Foreman” and “That was your last shot…” and on until she came back in on the ending. Other than those couple of lines, everything was live. And yes! She finally nailed the ending of “Touch My Body!!” I think “Fly like a bird” was the performance of the night. Hearing that song live gives you a whole new perception of it.. Mariah did great, please give the woman credit. Clearly, she deserves it.. Or maybe you’re just upset ’cause you sat way in the back. Losers.

  42. The One January 25, 2010

    To ARIES You sound so Dumb…. Please go kill yourself… Make the world a better place……Keep downing your thing MC Forget about the broke and talentless haters out there!

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