Mariah’s ‘Angel’s Advocate’ Pushed Back Yet Again

Published: Monday 25th Jan 2010 by Sam

According to our good friends over at Mariah Daily Journal, Mariah Carey‘s serially delayed remix LP ‘Angel’s Advocate’ has been pushed back yet again. Initially due out in January, then March 9th, the album is set to hit stores on March 23rd. The videos for the singles preceding the record’s release – ‘Angel’s Cry (ft. Ne-Yo)’ and ‘Up Out My face (ft. Nicki Minaj)’ are set to première this Thursday (January 28th).

Oh Mimi! Though pushed back by just a few weeks, news of this nature never tends to bode well for projects, especially projects like this where the original album flopped worse than ‘Glitter’ (fact).

Having actually had the original (‘Memoirs’) keep annoyingly pop up on my iPod when in shuffle mode, it has grown on me significantly (loving ‘More Than Just Friends’). However it seems it’s less the material and more so Mariah that folks just don’t seem to be gravitating to, hence the album’s dismal sales. Whatever the reason (be it the industry’s unfair ageism towards females or the fact many just want Mariah to sing meaningful, yet easy-on-the-ear songs again), one thing is for sure; Mariah would definitely have benefited from pretending ‘Memoirs’ never happened and laying low musically for a while (to recharge her creative batteries and give the public a break).

Instead, we have ol’ MiMi trying to re-flog an album, which no was checking for to begin with. If the foundation wasn’t there at the start, I’m a little baffled as to why she’s trying to build on it. At best, this should have been a ‘for the fans’ type iTunes release; yet giving it the whole album treatment (especially when the label aren’t supporting it) will only cause for more embarrassment IMO. I’d be forced to shut my mouth if the material was actually any good, but the wackness that has been these cheap remixes (no new vocals or lyrics, just phoned-in guest appearances) hasn’t done her any favours. It’s all quite sad really, as she’s kinda ruining the re-establishment of herself as a musical force that she achieved with the ‘Emancipation’ with her album offerings thereafter. SMH…

Tidbit: Trent come and get your girl!

Your thoughts?

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  1. January 25, 2010

    “especially projects like this where the original album flopped worse than ‘Glitter’ (fact).”

    so selling about a million records in 2001 is the same as selling ~300-400K in 2009?

    different times…both are extremely poor sellers but you can’t compare their sales due to the fact that sales in 2001 were so much higher than they are now

    i do agree that mariah needs to take a break, recharge, and hit ’em again in a couple/few years. to me, she’s been rushing material out — i love memoirs but it was damage control to undo “e=mc2”.

    memoirs did very very well critically (it has her highest rating on metacritic)/in her fanbase, it just never got the casual fans interested.

  2. unity January 25, 2010

    lol at trent come get your gilr but co-sign every word that you wrote Sam. Pushbacks are never good especailly when it’s more than 1x. The hype about Precious is dying down so she won’t have anything to mask this second flop!

    Give it up alreayd Mariah, drop out the public eye and come back in 2 yrs inspired

  3. Kyle January 25, 2010

    Agree with the first post. Unless you plan to statistically adjust the 01 album sales into 09 figures, it may be a fact in sheer numbers, but it’s like saying that a car costs more now than it did in 1910.

  4. Manny January 25, 2010

    She’s still on tour, that’s the reason for the pushback. She has to do promotion & what not. & sam yu just sound stupid. ” Memoirs…” was criticlly acclaimed, with many critics comparing it to the masterpiece that was “butterfly” which didn’t sell well in the begining either. In this day in age R&B albums just don’t sell , we all know that . Memoirs is one of her best albums and critcs agree. To say she needs to sing something meaningful yu must not have heard the album , asidefrom obsessed it had many personal tracks on it. i.e The impossible. & she sounds very soulful on tracks like Its a wrap.

    Her ” Advocate ” tour has been getting really great reviews as well . Radio is going to eat up the Mariah & Nicki joint. If she pulls this around, it’ll be another reason why Mariah is Mariah.

  5. jeremimi January 25, 2010

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH MANNY…..At least SOMEBODY speaking the Truth!!!

  6. S*** January 25, 2010

    Mariah does what i call DISPOSABLE MUSIC….

  7. MT January 25, 2010

    I hope I’m not the only stan that thinks MOAIA is amazing. I think its brilliantly produced and each song was well written with thought and craft. It’s not pop lyrics, its R&B lyrics.

    I still have the album on regular rotation and believe it was one of the best albums (if not, THE best) of 2009.

  8. TRUTH January 25, 2010


  9. Prince January 25, 2010

    @MT youre not the only 1 that album is AMAZING and i still listen 2 her album almost everyday! She jus disappointing me in releasing the wrong singles and not putting that much effort in the videos! Mariah get ur s*** 2getha!!!

  10. CiCi January 25, 2010

    This news of the push back to 3/23 has been announced for the past few weeks already. I used to think it was bad that ‘MOAIA’ wasn’t selling really well because it’s such a great album. But the critics LOVE the LP and like someone said on here, is her most critically acclaimed album in a while. Some even like it better than ‘Mimi’. I think pushing it back is smart for now b/c she has a scheduled tour date the day of the original February release, so it would not have gotten the right promo. I like this site on occasions, but if you want some real music news from someone that ACTUALLY knows about music and not biased, visit THE DOC REPORT ( It may not be on the level of these other blogs, but the dude that runs that site is hella educated about the music biz.

  11. Pinkpop January 26, 2010

    This article speaks from my mind.
    I think it’s less the music, it’s really her.
    People can’t stand her anymore, neither do I.
    Used to love her in the past, was really a huge fan.
    But every now and then, when I see her she is so outta this world.
    And I don’t mean that in a positive way. There is nothing normal anymore.
    And she still got more in this s**-sells and “I-just-present-my-body-in-my-vids”
    kinda thing…and that is just so enough. It really sucks.
    So, I like her music, but I don’t like her appearance or behaviour,
    and as amatter of fact, that reflect to the music and I don’t give a s*** anymore.

  12. Paul January 26, 2010

    That’s what everyone wants to read. Sam mouthing off about Mariah some more. If it was Kelly Rowland we’d hear every excuse in the book about why it’s justifiable. But instead he runs his mouth and does his own website no favours.

  13. Red January 26, 2010

    another flop for Mariah…

  14. SOOS January 26, 2010

    Sam always does DOUBLE STANDARD, which is a hateable thing.

    A lot of artist, who never sold a lot records (e.g. Kelly Rowland – I Love her and her music, but don’t be silly, she can sell no records alone, jutst with DC or eg. Guetta) are so FANTASTIC and WONDEFUL and Beautiful and I don’t know what, but Mariah, who sold more than 200 MILLION records, and I think she sold more off the ‘Memoirs’ than for example Kelly Rowland, Cassie, and other “Sam’s favorable” artists at all…

    So think about it, Sam. And choose: you talk about records sales in connection with all ARTISTS you write about, or with NONE.

    I hate double standard, it’s one of the worst and most annoying things in the world.

    This blog was so good in the past, but now it’s going to be a SH*T, and it is because of you SAM!

  15. hihihihi January 26, 2010



  16. SOOS January 26, 2010

    The new name of the blog should be DOUBLE STANDARD SAM JUICE.

  17. GREY January 26, 2010

    maybe shee needs to take a break because people has been hearing a lot from her these years. she should disappear for a while and make people miss her. i sooo love Mariah that’s why I’m saying this. e=mc2 has so many beautiful tracks (Last Kiss, For The Record, Thanx 4 Nothin’, Side Effects, Migrate, Cruise Control, to mention my faves) but they were underrated! i wish they were released as singles! If only she pushed that album! in “Memoirs”, strong singles are Ribbon, Up Out My Face, Inseparable, & Betcha Gon’ Know. They are catchy song esp. RIBBON! I’ll be very dissappointed if she dont release that song!

  18. B. Mike January 26, 2010

    “Memoirs” (the original) was an awesome R&B album. Anyone with the ability to hear and disagrees is either:

    1.) clueless about what good R&B sounds like
    2.) a hater

  19. anthony January 26, 2010

    Mariah is at a point in her career where it’s not about
    sales anymore. she can do whatever the hell she wants
    when she wants. Like she said on Larry King, ppl wonder
    why she doesn’t sing those big ballads anymore and she
    said cause she doesn’t want to and it’s boring to her.

    She is doing the kinda music that she wants. She has already
    proved herself.. sold this and that amount of records.

    and now if she wants to make an album for fun then so let her do

    and IMO, I LOOOOOVE Memoirs. I can listen to it over and over and over.
    And I don’t get tired of it.

  20. anthony January 26, 2010

    and ps. I CAN’T STAND TRENT!!!

  21. marjan January 26, 2010

    Sam no one gives a f*** about your opinion! just shut the hell up and state the news! and why don’t you talk about your girl Kelly who has sold S*** alone in the last few years! check yourself and your facts. Kelly will alway be a flop without DC!!!!!!!

  22. MIkey January 26, 2010

    LOL @ Sam putting the album to death before it get gets off the ground! lol! Uhmmm, the videos aren’t even out yet and the singles just got sent to radio TODAY! The obvious reason they pushed it back is because the label IS supporting her this time around and they’re giving enough of a window between the single releases and the actual release of the album to make people like the material.

    Def Jam is fully backing the “Angels Advocate” release and it’s getting a full scale push this time around instead of the half-hearted push they gave “Memoirs…”! I guarantee the week of release we’re going to see Mimi on at LEAST 4 or 5 televised shows pushing the album….wouldn’t be surprised if she popped up on “American Idol” too.

    I could see how pushing the album back 2 weeks could be damaging if the videos were out or if the songs were being played at radio already or even if the tracklisting was released, but it’s not so pushing an album which hasn’t even started it’s promotional push yet back 2 weeks really doesn’t mean squat.

  23. The One January 26, 2010

    Memoirs of an Imperfect angles is A wounderful Album!!!! Guess what guys FYE music store in my city has closed down. reason being No one is buying Cds anymore when you can burn them!!!! Mariah Carey is one of the best singers and songwriters who has ever lived!!!! Album Sales doesn’t determine if a album is good or not the voice and the music does!!!! H** Mariah pays Sam’s bills!!!!!! LOL trust that!!!

  24. Slick January 26, 2010

    Memoirs is a great album it just did not recieve the promo it derserved. Its got the big ballads and sum good upbeat songs. Hell she even did IWTKWLI fo rthe old fans…

  25. Richard January 26, 2010

    Sam you are an idiot! The album keeps getting pushed because the dates have been tenative to begin with!

    Her press release with album release date and tracklisting is coming out Feb. 2!

    Stop hating! These dates were supplied by UMG anyway and were stated to be tenative to begin with!

  26. Bobby D January 26, 2010

    Regardless of whether or not this album succeeds or sales many copies, its important for the fans who felt let down with the release of “memoirs” with no guest appearances. We love that s***! I understand what she was thinking, but instead of 2 albums, 1 with a feature artist here and there would have been great. I still am glad the remix album is comming out. even more excited to hear the JUMPSMOKERS REMIX ALBUM OF HERS!! now THAT is gonna be some hot s***

  27. “Let the GIMMICKS, GO!” Campaign January 26, 2010

    I wish she would go back to doing songs that show her vocal talent. Leave the guest rapper appearance alone (Robin Thicke just did that too on his new album). Not everything has to have a rap in it. ENOUGH ALREADY! We have ENOUGH GIMMICKS out here as it is. You have god-given talent…stop half-azzin. Also, put some damn clothes on. I love Mariah, but we’ve been seeing her dress like a 13 year old for HOW MANY YEARS NOW?

  28. BINKIE January 27, 2010


  29. juanita January 27, 2010

    Nothing could save this era. Nothing but a strategy to gain back money from the loss of Memoirs sales.

    Sit down quietly, Mariah. Your prime is up and done deal ! 🙁

  30. stevvy January 27, 2010

    Flop Alert…once more, ya’ll !!!!!

  31. R I P Old Diva January 27, 2010

    The Desperation of MooMoo…!

  32. Whitneyz January 27, 2010

    Who cares about that garbage / album anymore???? 🙂

    Me NOT !

  33. Skankery March 8, 2010

    How did Mariah escape charges after killing that trainer at Sea World?

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