Pussycat Dolls Drama: Ousted Jessica Slams Nicole! (Video)

Published: Friday 29th Jan 2010 by Sam

In what appears to be a never-ending saga, yet another Pussycat Doll has spoken up against lead singer Nicole Scherzinger and the group’s management. This time it’s Jessica Sutta, who claims she was axed from the group while nursing a fractured rib at home (I didn’t even know she wasn’t there any more).

In an interview with E!, which you can watch below, Sutta levels quite shocking accusations against the group’s management; one of the most potent being that all the other members besides Scherzinger were drug tested regularly. She also highlights her feelings of being a glorified back-up dancer to Nicole – who allegedly lapped up her preferential treatment.  Peep the video below for the ‘juice’:

While this isn’t coming as much of a shock, it still makes for a compelling watch. Yes, there are three sides to every story (Sutta’s side, Nicole/management’s side, and the truth), but I can’t help but feel that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It goes to show, what folks have been discussing for years (about Nicole being given star’s treatment, while the others were unsatisfied being pushed to the back) had some truth to it. SMH…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anthony January 29, 2010

    Okay this is what I have to say about this.. Jessica doesn’t seem to have a reason
    to lie, so what she is saying seems to be true.. Unless she’s just trying to promote
    that solo album she’s working on.. Which I don’t think is gonna work for her..

    NOW, this is the problem I have.. Back when the first album was blowing up. They did
    a photo shoot and interview with Blender. They are on the cover. And in the mag they
    ALL said they know who the star is and they are just using PCD as a stepping stone.

    NOW WHY complain now??? I mean, if you all have goals and things like that
    WHY the hell when Nicole goes solo, ya’ll sit on your assse and do NOTHING but just
    wait around for her??? Don’t complain when you getting kicked out the group and all that.

    Nicole has always wanted to be solo, and she goes for what she wants.
    You expect to get what you want just sitting around not doing anything????

    So it’s two sided kinda. Why complain now??
    But in the beginning you didn’t have a problem with it?
    And if you were just using PCD as a stepping stone, it really
    shouldn’t have been that serious to blast her about it, even if it is true.
    It aint professional.

    But idk….
    Good luck to all of them.
    PCD got more drama than DC.

  2. Anthony January 29, 2010

    And @ Sam she didn’t say that just them and not Nicole were drug tested. She
    said they all were. You need to change for you send out false info.

  3. Pinkpop January 29, 2010

    by that titke I thought she litereally HIT nicole

  4. JT January 29, 2010


    Hold up, while you may be right, but the part about Nicole controlling how much camera time each person gets is a STRAIGHT UP FORCE!!! I’m sorry, but she just had too much power. They also could have been told to say that, so you can’t start making assumptions and just believe that thing from the past.

    And today she vented out her frustrations, and I liked Ashley’s( I think) idea when she said something about starting a new group. I think that would have a better chance! Well, I wonder if that last girl left is fine with the way things are, and if so i wonder if she is happy or not.

  5. hihihihihi January 29, 2010



  6. bobs January 29, 2010

    You have to be a DAMN MORON to think that any of those other girls were anything more than back-up dancers. There isn’t one person on this PLANET who’d buy albums from those other talentless tramps. Sam, you keep talking about talent – these girls are nothing but T&A strippers. I’ve heard all of them sing, and they royally suck. They should have kept their mouths shut and lapped up whatever swag they could muster up on Nicole’s coat tails.

  7. AalexisR (Bahamas) January 29, 2010


    Um sit around doing nothing? Jessica has had the most successful solo career out of all of them. She’s the only one to have a number one anything with her name on it.

    Here’s a quote straight from wikipedia.

    Sutta is featured on a track named “Make It Last”, which was released in May 2007 and reached number one on Billboard magazine ‘s Hot Dance Club Play charts for September 22, 2007.

    Dave Audé told About.com in an interview. “Jessica was one of the Pussycat Dolls that didn’t get a lot of the spotlight in the actual Pussycat band, but she just loves club music. So I’ve been doing a few songs here and there. I recorded the vocals for her song with Paul Van Dyk’s ‘White Lies.’ She sang on my song which wasn’t a full vocal song but it had some, it was more of a club track and fortunately went to number one.” [10] ”

    She is also featured on Paul van Dyk’s July 2007 single “White Lies”. Paul Van Dyk said: “I had a lot of fun working with Jessica. Her lascivious voice and s*** attitude reflects the theme of the single perfectly.” Jessica spoke about working with Paul Van Dyk: “It’s crazy how the universe works. We were in Germany on tour and we were just talking about dance music and it came up that Paul was doing this album. Before I knew it,I was guest starring on his album. We only had two hours to record the song and he was very professional. He is so sincere and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You don’t expect someone that’s so well known to be so humble.”

    The track has been a success on the American dance charts, peaking at #3 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart in August 2007, and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales. “White Lies” appeared on the album In Between.

    In 2008, Jessica recorded the 80’s influenced, electro track “In Your Heart”.

    I guess it’s her sitting around with the right people that’s gotten her a lot more success than Nicole aye?

  8. AalexisR (Bahamas) January 29, 2010

    Melody has the most talent but she needs to work on her control and such. She did background vocals on Timbaland’s Shock Value II so that’s a start. Expecting big things from the soprano who’s way better than Nikki Flopzinger…

  9. rightround(U.S.A pride!- help HAITI!) January 29, 2010

    PCD is so 2005! Jessica is prettier than Nicole. she was my fave. she has more presence and grace than Nicole… i can’t say anything about vocals because I never heard her sing in the group. smh

    It’ll be funny when Jess releases her debut album first. while flopzinger waits for her album to see the light of day.

    overall I can see Jess with a successful solo career out of all the girls.

  10. Aryo January 29, 2010

    What tha f*** are U sayin ?
    I think U dont know what is talent!!!!!
    And U’d better know that Pussycat dolls sold nearly 3 million copies of their 1st album
    so dont say that ”There isn’t one person on this PLANET who’d buy albums from those other talentless tramps.”

  11. Aryo January 29, 2010

    I completely agree with you
    at first all the pussycats accepted Nicole as the LEAD singer so why are all of em just complaining???????????
    I think they are jealous to Nicole, mostly Kimberly and Jessica.

  12. Aryo January 29, 2010

    ah and I wanted to say that i’m on Nicole’s side!

  13. RANDOM January 29, 2010

    so she a BACK UP singer chick that could be replaced and nobody would notice,nicole is more valuable as she is the FACE of the group.go find another backup singer job where you still wont be noticed.

  14. January 29, 2010

    jessica’s solo material > nicole and melody’s shout-y, offkey messes

  15. Music Maker January 29, 2010

    hmmm…..girlbands = satanic. exploitative bs. you be your own stepping stone.
    it’s all I’m saying.

    ps. (re the first comment – there’s probably things in their contracts stipulating that they can’t perform outside of the dolls because of the way the group set up)

  16. ACE January 29, 2010

    Did they not know this going into the situation? Nicole got her wish, to be the star, and they were just there to fullfil that dream. Many may not remember Nicole from Edens Crush (POP STARS SEASON 1 GOOGLE IT) BUT the reason the group didnt make it had a lot to do with Nicole being a diva- she wouldnt show up to rehearsals or shows and eventually no one wanted to support the group… they say lighting never strike twice… well it does and sometimes in a different form

  17. S*** January 29, 2010

    Umm, Baby this isnt Destinys Child…

    You knew this would be a 1 women show B4 You got signed so why complain Now? Thats what makes PCD Special: 1 Lead singer, 1 Co leader Melody & the rest Back up Dancers/Singers. This isnt TLC either, Normal Groups have a lead singer Cuz Normal groups always have atleast 1 member more talented than the rest, Justin, Omarian, Beyonce, Nicole.

  18. Erica24 January 29, 2010

    …and again, where did these chicks come from? Like the only song I know is Buttons lol. and Dont cha’ from norbit. lol.

  19. Raychel January 29, 2010

    Pussycat dolls were just so…. no….
    Nicole ALWAYS got the leads. the only song they all sung on was santa baby (which I loved all their voices on)
    I absolutely HATE robin antin. she’s the reason for all this she’s the creator. she always wants her way, and if her way requires treating people unfairly and doing shady things, then thats what she’s gonna do. And she dosent care. Thats why GIRLICIOUS is a flop in the u.s. and nobodys checking for them anymore, because they ousted tiffany for her being to URBAN which was stupid, and to me a wee bit RACIST.
    Im interested in them making a new group without nicole. It could go far, because the girls can actually SING! its just that, robin dosent want to give them a chance..

  20. vegasgirl January 29, 2010

    I have a suspicion that the other girls solo projects are delayed because Nicole gets first crack, basically her album is probably scheduled to be released first. Maybe that is where the anomosity comes from but most of them should be thankful for the exposure and success because Dancers usually don’t get that much exposure and that is what most of them (excluding Melody ) are, dancers that kinda sing. They should get a chance to do a solo project but I doubt they will be greatly successful. The only reason i liked PCD is because they didn’t pretend to be ” artists” they were a group of pretty girls who made cute dance music. I hate when a person tries to pretend like they are serving some kind of greater purpose with their “art” when all it is is commercial dance or rnb music.

  21. vegasgirl January 29, 2010

    If she was smart she would have just done what Destiny’s Child did, one day the girls where there the next day they were gone. In the say my name video all of a sudden you realized that Michelle and Farrah were not the original girls but you liked the song enough that most people didn’t care. If she didn’t want this drama she should have done the sneak attack that Matthew K. did to LaToya and LaTavia when they added new members to destiny child. Not nice but the song was hot enough that you shook your head in disbelief while you turned the volume up.

  22. ThePurpleJournal January 29, 2010

    First of all, when did wikipedia become a credible source for anything?

    Second, the real question is why is she coming out with this on E! now? Might it be a part of her publicity tour for her new solo career? I don’t feel sorry for any of them because I see behind the BS. It’s just a business strategy.

    Next, like a lot of people who commented, my first thought was “Is this a deja vous of the Destiny’s Child story?” This fuels another question, why don’t the Beyonces and Nicoles go solo from the jump? Is it because they are not strong vocalists and need the group dynamic to build popularity so that when they do become solo artists, people would already like them and ignore there mediocre musical skills?

  23. becca January 29, 2010

    They were ALL drug tested on the tour because Britney”s handlers wanted a clean environment. Her dancers were tested too.

  24. Ben January 29, 2010

    Homeless? Where did this girl’s money go? I know she was making at least something. Man, all this is really gonna tarnish Nicole’s image now.

  25. Aryo January 30, 2010

    I’m so angry
    idk why jessy quit??
    she knows that she wont be succesful without PCD!!

  26. The Truth January 31, 2010

    I dont understand the bias on this website. Just report the facts and let people make up there own opinions. Also this is what happened with beyonce and destinies child for years but yet it is rarely mentioned when u refer to the group yet u make a point of always bringing it up when talking about the pussycat dolls. Bludclart! lol

  27. The Truth January 31, 2010

    Also Melody is in no way more talented then nicole. Nicoles voice is versitle which is extremly useful in the kinda music the produce. Black people just here one to riff and power note and they think melody is gods gift, lowe it man

  28. OJ March 4, 2010

    They wanna kick out all the girls cause Nicole can’t make it on her own. People can’t scream about bring PCD together again if there isnt a PCD.

    Destiny’s child did it too.

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