New Video: Mario – ‘Ooh Baby’

Published: Thursday 21st Jan 2010 by Trent

R&B crooner Mario released the music video for ‘Ooh Baby’ via Bossip yesterday. The track serves as the 3rd single from his ‘D.N.A.’ album. To date, the LP is yet to sell more than 100k units since its release on October 13th, 2009.

In addition to the confusing editing and dim lighting, this video leaves much to be desired. For the most part, I felt like I was watching low budget clip that was rejected by ‘BET Uncut’. Moreover, the song itself is far from impressive, with the “ooh baby” hook sounded very similar to The-Dream’s ‘Falsetto’ (minus the high notes). Put simply: it’s a recession special.

Sam’s 2 Pence: Love the song, but I co-sign on the video!


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  1. shelly-chelle January 21, 2010

    nothin special….

  2. Erica January 21, 2010

    Good for you Mario.

  3. hihihihi January 21, 2010


  4. VP22 January 21, 2010

    Love the song; video not so much

  5. Aryo January 21, 2010

    Ur da f*****’ talking against all of the succesful singers except beyonce
    ohh C’mon Son of a gun

  6. Ben January 21, 2010

    Yeah, you won’t be seeing this on regular daytime tv.

  7. January 21, 2010

    i wish he would have made a video for “starlight”
    best song he’s ever done IMO

  8. joonkers January 21, 2010

    the song is amazing you s***

  9. Keekster January 21, 2010

    Great song! Typical video: Light skin chicks and s**. No wow factor there. Therefore, video=FAIL!

  10. Pucci January 21, 2010

    not really fond of the song & the video doesn’t do anything for me. He should’ve picked another song as a single, IMO he has so many other ones to choose from.

  11. Quiana January 21, 2010

    I like the song. I think this song should have been the 2nd single to keep up with the hit break up. The video not so much, I just wish this video could have been better than what it was, this is a good song though should had a better video.

  12. foxytoocool January 22, 2010

    I seen cheaper video so I not that mad about it but i wish he make a video for

    Soundtrack to My Broken Heart, Before She Said Hi, The Hardest Moment

  13. renee January 22, 2010

    mario is mii f***** boo….i luv the song the whole album and the video….n e thing tht man do is sexiiiiii….so fall the f*** back haters

  14. mkgh January 23, 2010

    Yeah the lighting effects are bad…but its not a bad vid….I think it wasnt meant to be all bright and shiny cause the dude is having a THREESOME!!

  15. ghgirl January 23, 2010

    Well I dont think the vid was meant to be bright and shiny!! dude is having a THREESOME! I get what they were trying to do…but it wasn’t a bad video

  16. Capr1libra January 23, 2010

    1st of all, it is bcos of d likes of u dat Mario was underrated in d 1st place. From the tone of ur blog, it is clear to see how biased u r about Mario. If not u wud hav been able to see that the video was actually intended to be as it is.
    The hook has nothing in common with “falsetto” at all except 4 d fact they both said “ooh”. Granted “The Dream” is a very good artist but so is Mario. They hav different style to d way they sing and dat is obvious to anyone who care to check.
    In case u didnt kno, this video is actually Mario’s self funded project and until u actually produce a video or anything similar to his, i suggest u keep ur negative opinion to urself. How wud u feel if some1 tells u dat d fruit of ur labour is nothing to write home about, crap infact?. Next time u wanna blog about ppls work i suggest u do ur homework or atleast use d right side of ur brain.

  17. jessa January 23, 2010

    Oh wow to say mario sound like dream I don’t really have no idea to what you are listening to but they sound nothing alike. please do not try say something out there and saw low budget bet uncut video. So I guess you watched them a lot , but there definitely people like you gonna say something like this as soon as he does something you like you gonna be on his bang wagon

  18. mnari January 23, 2010

    I think u should do your homework so that u stop confusing 2 different people whose music are different. listen to the lyrics and then maybe u’ll b able to get the story line behind this clip. we all have our opinions but if we know its crap & full of ish, it’s sometimes better to shut up and that’s what i’d advise you to do. either way, you should revisit your music especially Mario’s and the dream, if you do listen to them, with that you can get to write the right blogs and comments. Mario is a talented artist and i think the video is great, i love it.

  19. Ebony January 23, 2010

    I love Mario but u got sum freaks in this one ll’s…..S*** song tho as usual …Mario probably turn every girl on wit this one!!!!

  20. FAMOUSMRSMARIO January 23, 2010


  21. Mrzz_SoulTruth January 23, 2010

    first let me strt by sayin this is a bunch of b..s comparing mario to dream WTF…the song was great and the video was greater i liked the fact the video gave a shock in a good way showing us tht there more to him and hes growing as an artist….he aint a lil kid anymore!! the face is he has thinking wht is he gonna do next keeping on our toes and WE AS HIS FANS LOVE THT..mario ure the best haters gonna keep hating ur fanz love you so keeping ur hating diease to urself we dont want or need IT !!!!!!!!!

  22. Schye January 23, 2010

    Wow, Recession Special? LOL – Um okay. I like Mario. The song is definately not my favorite, but I mean hey, the boy does his thing. And I mean if you can’t beat em, join em. He’s still in the game, even with his “low budget clip that was rejected by ‘BET Uncut”. Mmm Hmm. Now, from many nights goin at it on Twitter, Mario knows that I will keep it real. So here it is, “Do ya thing Mario. But, Imma need to see some caramel skin shicks in ya vids. I mean C’mon Son you playin us light skins out!” LOL Much Love – Video = Thumbs Down

  23. RachealLJohnson January 23, 2010

    I just wanted to say thank you Trent for saying what you did, but I also want to let you know somethings as well. I am a die hard MARIO fan i’ve been a fan since Just a friend and I will remain a fan, regardless of your blog post. You have the right to post anything that you like about anyone that you like, so you did. But my question to you is why MARIO? Do you like his work , and have you ever danced to one of his songs? Have you listened to the words of this particular song Ooh baby? if you listened to the words of the song and watched the video you would have seen the video for what it was and what it is. This was something that MARIO did and I think that is was a really good project, no it may not of been alot of money according to you, but it was something that was done with heart. I ask you Mr. Trent since you think so little of MARIO and his latest video Im asking you to do your own for this song and let us judge your work. You also said that this video would not of even made it to BET’S UNCUT, well i hope not because MARIO is a young man who has respect for women and his fans. The video was well done and it was also respectable. There was nothing in that video that would make me as a mother turn the channel. MARIO is unlike anyother so you making refrence to the dream was not right. Do you know how many other singers out there who sound just like this one or that one there are plenty, but do you compare them ? I just hope that the next time you blog about someone’s work you try to be just and fair. MARIO may not of sold enough copies of D.N.A for you but he has a wonderful fan base and thats all that matters. MARIO isnt out there to show off how much money he makes unlike most singers, he is out there to show of his wonderful voice. So once again I thank you Mr. Trent for you blog post and for letting me see MARIO as I type my comment to you.

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