New Christina Aguilera Promo Pics

Published: Monday 29th Mar 2010 by Sam

Check out these new promotional shots for Christiana Aguilera’s forthcoming LP ‘Bionic’. The hotly anticipated album hits stores on June 8th, and will be preceded by first single ‘Not Myself Tonight’ – which premières tomorrow.

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  1. ZV March 29, 2010

    I\,m over it already. Can we just get the single please, Enough with the teasers.

  2. Stoney-Brie March 29, 2010


  3. March 29, 2010


    can’t wait to hear the single tomorrow.

  4. ~TeAM WeeZY~ March 29, 2010

    Um, Sam could you please post Erykah’s new video! Geez, I’m all for these constant ‘HOT SHOTS’ and promo pics but um, yeah, it’s Erykah!

  5. Coffeee March 29, 2010

    Simple & clean but yet amazing! I like it.
    I cant wait for the single debut tomorrow!

  6. kenney March 29, 2010

    @ ZV I’m so with you on that one. She’s giving her fans everything except for what they really want.

  7. Puppy Love March 29, 2010

    She looks good, but whats up with the eye thing? Beyonce and Gaga did this in their “Telephone” video, I see Rihanna doing it, is it a new sign I’m slow about catching on to? From the looks of things it looks like the “A-okay” sign or the #6 or something…Just curious thats all…

  8. Kenken March 29, 2010

    Gaga been doing that waaaaaaaaaay before she hooked up with Beyonce can you say poker face?

  9. Anon March 29, 2010

    Wow! Christina is really sweating Janelle Monae these days. @ Team Weezy – I saw Erykah’s video earlier today. It was simple, but really different. I hope those were hired extras walking around because I would have been extra startled by some lady stripping in the street.

  10. 12345 March 29, 2010

    why? does it hurt you? a natural thing like the human body scares you? f*** you, nudity should be legal, f****** religion and religious people have to make everything a taboo

  11. roadsareendless March 29, 2010

    uuuh…dude whats with the eye thing?? cant she get her own trademark pose and stop biting off gaga??

  12. cool chick March 29, 2010

    lmao i just noticed that is ALL GAGA smh

    anyway, i have a feeling her music is gonna suck this time around

  13. TriniBoy March 29, 2010

    Hey stony b****, why don’t you shut your dirty mouth! Ugly is in between your legs honey, and if u got nothing positive to say then..shut the f*** up!

  14. SOOS March 29, 2010

    She is soooooooo beautiful.

    Gaga is ugly (I love her music, but she is terribly ugly)

  15. Topman March 29, 2010

    So I guess this girl will just never stop with the red lipstick, eh?…

  16. Justin March 29, 2010

    Love the new Christina pics! She looks great! Cant wait for the new single tomorrow!

  17. mrsjones March 29, 2010

    here is christina displaying the illuminati/masonic watchful eye symbol. these celebrities are getting more and more free with their intentions everyday

  18. jammy March 29, 2010

    no not chrıstına too!! sadface

  19. wideawake March 30, 2010

    OMG! OMG! She’s trying to scrap up whatever little amount of anticipation she can get to the people!

  20. TOKYODIAMONDZ March 30, 2010

    She is illuminati… IMDONE

  21. roadsareendless March 31, 2010

    of course gaga is ugly, she’s a musical genius, not bimbo!!!!

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