Nicole Scherzinger Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Mar 2010 by Sam

Pussycat Doll front-woman Nicole Scherzinger has been confirmed as one of the contestants in the 10th season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. The show kicks off on ABC on March 22nd.

While in the past the show has revolved around turning novice dancers into professionals, Scherzinger joins the growing list of more experienced dancers who have taken part in the show (see: Mya, and to a less extent Toni Braxton). {Source}

I must say this has caught me a little off-guard, as usually participants careers usually have waned to the level by which they stand to gain much more than they’d lose. However, irrespective of Nicole’s futile efforts as a solo star, she’s still regarded rather highly in the industry due to her Pussycat Doll fame; something evident in her securing lead parts in ‘We Are The World 25’ and ‘Stand Up (To Cancer)’. Hence, her joining the cast of this particular show is a little surprising.

Still, I’m imagining her team are hoping her stint on the show will warm people towards her ahead of her solo debut. Time will tell…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kyus93 March 2, 2010

    She’s too good for this show! But never mind, hopefully it will make her even more famous

  2. Kyus93 March 2, 2010

    I like that photo btw

  3. G.LaSalle March 2, 2010

    Lol! That was random as hell.

  4. Mrs. Darren shellychele Sharper March 2, 2010


    are you serious? She’s too good? Who is she? She’s simply a lead singer of a girl group who can’t sing. This will be the highlight of her career at most.

  5. hking March 2, 2010

    She a dancer.
    I Think it would be unfair for other contestants in the show.

  6. MushyLove_1992 March 2, 2010

    She sure is enjoying being dolo….

  7. TJD March 2, 2010

    she sucks when she is solo. She cant even get a hit by herself! But whatever…her being on “Dancing with the stars” is whats best for her right now.

  8. Ben March 2, 2010

    Wow, didn’t see this coming.

  9. stan March 2, 2010


  10. Kingnoah3000 March 2, 2010

    she is already a dancer…next!

  11. jjjjj March 2, 2010

    this is only to launch her solo career.
    joining DWTS, will only put her name out there more.
    then ppl will see her and try to like her.
    then she’s gonna probably release some new material once DWTS ends in May.
    and probably try to release an album in the summer.
    eew. isn’t her solo career called “the Pussycat Dolls” since she was the sole-singer.
    oh well.

  12. Roabsalom March 2, 2010

    Awful! She’s a professional dancer. That takes all the fun outta the show! Dummies! And she needs to sit the hell down.

  13. phil_up March 2, 2010

    She will NEVER be an successful solo star, simply because she is not relateable, has no image, and overall lacks the star quality of even Rihanna.

    Then the whole PCD debacle is leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths.

  14. MaZ March 2, 2010

    She needs good records, I’m sure her next (first) album will have success. She’s working with A.R. Rahman, Timbaland, Will.IAM, Lady Gaga, Chuck Harmony (Rihanna’s Russian Roulette)…..Still like her, she’s pretty, has charisma, (and let me say) sings well (compares to others)

  15. aries_BLU March 2, 2010

    The thing is, from the few interviews that I’ve seen from her, she has no personality. This truly is a stunt to introduce her to a different crowd to better her solo career, because her debut solo album never even hit the pavement. We shall see what becomes of this season.

  16. aries_BLU March 2, 2010

    But she’s not the only professional dancer that’s been on the show. Besides Mya and Toni, there was Melanie B, Mario, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, the little brother of the lead singer from 98 degress, and I’m sure others that I just can’t think of. Plus Kristi Yamaguchi who had an advantage because she was a skater. So it isn’t foreign to have professional dancers on the show, although some just zone in and call hate and unfairness (like last season with Mya).

  17. GeeMan March 2, 2010

    Sorry but I don’t see this as a stepping stone for Nicole she has no personality and her talent is sub par at best and honestly nothing about her stands out against today”s pop stars. So a solo project will be a waste of any labels time.

  18. Jasmine March 3, 2010

    I feel bad for the other contestants. However, every celeb gets the same pay no matter when they get cut off the show. Mya, Mario, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone all know how to dance but I guess ballroom dancing is supposed to be a “challenge”…LOL (more like a publicity opportunity for washed up celebs). Toni was never a dancer though before the show so I think it might have helped her a little on how to move more on stage.

  19. ROC NATION 4423 March 3, 2010


  20. Anna March 5, 2010

    I think Nicole Scherzinger will enjoy dancing with the stars like Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Toni Braxton and Mya are amazing and talented too. That is my opinons or suggestions. Thanks.

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