New Video: Trina – ‘Million Dollar Girl (ft. Diddy & Keri Hilson)’

Published: Monday 15th Mar 2010 by Sam

The video for Trina‘s brand new single ‘Million Dollar Girl’ surfaced a few moments ago. You can check out the Gil Green directed clip, which features Diddy and Keri Hilson, above…

Pretty standard-fare in that it’s more or less glamour shot after glamour shot. That said, both Trina and Keri looked great. The Diddy feature should garner the song some more interest too. Here’s hoping the song/video does big things for the self-proclaimed Baddest B*tch.

‘Million Dollar Girl’ is lifted from Trina’s forthcoming LP ‘Amazin’, which is due in stores on May 4th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 15, 2010

    Khia needs to come whip this ho back to the streets of Tampa where she came from. Dead @ her calling herself the “Baddest B****”. More like the “Baddest Trick”.


  2. stellastar March 15, 2010

    why is p diddy still rapping? he never has anything to say apart from the fact he is rich and living the good life, we hve heard it all before. P diddy stick to being a buisness man and leave the rapping for people who have something to say. trina and keri looked pretty though

  3. KodieBlue March 15, 2010

    Why are you people putting down the success of them.

    Diddys doing her a favor by appearing in this video. You know that right?

    So whatev. Everything he says goes with the theme of her song.

    And Kerri Is Looking better in every video. Im looking forward to her

    next album. But please. No more overproduced product from timbaland.

    Seems like hes been breaking away from that a little more. Its Unecessary!

  4. Dilla March 15, 2010

    Khia??????????? LMFAO, that saggy, busted ass, one hit wonder couldn’t even win Miss Rap Suremem on a vh1 show, at least Trina actually has a record deal. Khia is running her chafed bunions down, around town begging networks to pick up the reality show that she recorded with her iphone. That ugly ass b**** couldn’t give away naked photos of herself to a heterosexual prison inmate with a life sentence, hell, she couldn’t even free style 16 bars to save her spot on miss rap supreme, the h** is done.

  5. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 15, 2010

    You see, that’s the problem with Khia haters. The only thing they have to go against her on is her looks. That’s a lame argument, and doesn’t hold up to much of anything significant. And that tired ass Miss Rap Supreme b******* from 2 years ago…although I agree that she should have never been on that show in the first place and that she messed up big time on it, it’s time to let that s*** go.

    It’s just sad that, if you look like any typical everyday woman instead of some fake ass model type in this business, you’re “ugly” or “busted”. Sure Khia may not be a supermodel (neither is Trina with her sleep-looking ass), or wear a weave in her head, or cake her face up with makeup, or have the perkiest b****** (we ALL gonna sag one day, best believe), but she’s real with her s*** and she relies on her own methods and her OWN RECORD LABEL to put her music out there.

    And speaking of “one hit wonder”…what exactly is Trina? What “big hit” has she had? Better yet, what TWO big hits has she had? As far as I’m concerned, both ladies are in the same boat when it comes to the “one hit wonder” thing. At least Khia didn’t have to rely on Trick Daddy to get her s*** out there, she did it on her own without the help of another artist.

    Hell, Trina’s on a major label and STILL couldn’t go Gold if her life depended on it. Yet yall wanna act like she’s the “Baddest B****”? Please, don’t make me laugh.

  6. Dilla March 15, 2010

    Hey, I never agreed with the baddest b**** part and I do agree that Trina has had about 2 hits but come on now, Khia is peddling her cd from the back of her car lol. I attacked her looks because she said that she looked better than Trina just recently , when Trina’s pic where released from her stolen iphone. What I’m really trying to say is that Khia is the wrong person to compare with Trina and I think many people would agree with me, check out the comments on her “reality show” clip from youtube.

  7. Dilla March 15, 2010

    Oh and, lmao at the white dude in the vid pretending to know her song lol.

  8. Alex March 15, 2010

    What is sitting on Keri Hilson’s head?

  9. ms jazz March 15, 2010


  10. Dilla March 15, 2010

    @youputthelimeinthecoconut, thanks for posting that vid of Trina, so much for the rumors that she bleached her skin lol, chances are if Khia would have tried what Trina pulled in that video, Trick Daddy would have stuffed his boot in her ass and kicked her fugly ass back into the audience lol. I don’t get your point????? Trina never claimed that she wasn’t raunchy, nor did Kim, Eve, Nicki ect….. Khia compared to Trina= FAIL

  11. jamaican cutie March 15, 2010

    just like diddy i knew his ass had to put ciroc in da video

  12. Anne March 15, 2010

    All about using their looks & body to try to sell records and no real talent in the video at all.

  13. Khalil March 15, 2010

    Excellent combinations of folks…….btw Monica Still Standing March 23!!!!

  14. Liberal March 15, 2010

    Diddy should stop rapping but Trina should continue? What exactly is she saying that so important? Trina is a horrible a horrible rapper. Keri has been looking sluttier and sluttier with every video. That’s all she do is sell s**. Trina and Keri both look a mess with all that makeup on.

  15. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 15, 2010

    Dead @ Dilla trying to cover up some stripper w**** as being “raunchy”. The point of the video was to show that Trina’s a ho. Ain’t got nothing to do with her bleached/unbleached skin, hell as much as I can’t stand the b**** even I don’t think that rumor is true.

    And don’t disrespect Kim or Eve by bringing them into this, or even mentioning them in the same sentence. Nicki Minaj…she’s basically the poor man’s Trina as far as I’m concerned, just rank.

  16. princejg March 15, 2010

    I love trina, and keri why people so negative on this site people dont ever wanna see other people succeed and before hating on nicki do your research especially her song can anybody hear me,( its before she went mainstream) she is a lyrical assassin. hating on people who will never read your comments= epic fail

  17. BIGMYKE March 15, 2010

    The video could have done without the cheap Vegas scene.LOL Gil Green always incorporates some cheap looking stuff in her videos…good catchy song tho

  18. Gary March 15, 2010

    i like this video 🙂

  19. Dilla March 15, 2010

    Don’t disrespect Eve? are you fuggin serious? Eve getting head by her fellow srtip w**** friend GTFOH.

    I’m mature enough to admit fault where it exist, you on the other hand have issues, non of these girls are innocent, but I’m still talking about Khia= FAIL when compared to Trina career wise, so try to stay on the subject!!!!!!! Trina= private jet, Khia= selling cd’s out of her trunk. Whatever!

  20. MS.CLAY March 15, 2010

    Khia really?????????? Can we say waist of existence???? Khia is whack as hell! She should be ashamed of herself for first going on a reality show with other [ASPIRING RAPPERS] to try and make something out of their career, then to come out with a video and try to pick up your own reality show is just the epitome of desperate! I mean it’s one thing to try and get a record deal but when you can’t even get your own reality show is just sad! I mean her lyrics are just average AT BEST!

    As far as this video, um is it not 2010? Same ole ish! Smh.

  21. Dilla March 15, 2010

    lol, Ms Clay speaks truth!!

  22. Liberal March 15, 2010

    Keri is a hater her damn self. She is cocky for NO reason and stay talking sh**!

  23. KAMI March 15, 2010


    The thing about Khia is that she only has one hit that everyone remembers and doesn’t have a lot of exposure because she fell off the radar since then. Trina hasn’t had a similar hit, sure..But at least she’s still in about half of the spot light these days and gets her credit. She may not have a string of ‘hits’, but you can’t deny that she’s become more of an urban-black house hold name because she gave herself a title and keeps us satisfied with what she produces every so often.

    Would you rather have a one hit that only keeps food on the table for 3 years? Or a shiny title that’ll be imprinted within your demographic for a decade or two?

    That’s the actual difference between them.

  24. cool chick March 15, 2010

    loved the video and song. Won’t be getting her album tho. Who is checking for Trina anyway?

  25. Aaron Jay March 15, 2010

    Trina iz the f****** best. People keep saying that artists these days have no real talent but think about it… trina has been in the game for over 10 years now. She has put out more albums than any other Female MC ever! and that is a fact! So if she didnt have real talent do you think she would have survived in the business this long? and even if she didnt have talent, people in the streets love her. have you ever been to one of her shows? or even seen one of her shows on youtube? she most definatly knows how to rock a crowd. She is steady gettn money. She has never even claimed to be the best lyricist in the game she doesnt even care about that she is getting money. This is probably her best video ever. The video speaks for itself she is most definatly a million dollar girl. So even if the haters dont think so, you are making her more and more famous by keeping her name in your mouf so continue to hate…she iz stilllllll the baddest b**** and still gettn money……..

  26. Aaron Jay March 15, 2010

    @ KAMI I agree 10,00000%…that iz very well put. . .

  27. Mr.727 March 15, 2010

    I actually like Khia! She be reppin Tampa Bay so I will the silly ass h** her props! I have nothing against Trina , cuz they are both from same state, but what I don’t like about Trina is the fact it is always the same message with her, I got money, I’m a bad b****, you h*** are lame, I’m betta than ya””!! Will she ever learn to expand her material, pass being materialistic? I like Khia cuz she may not be a bad b****, or have a album out, up Khia do be keeping s*** real! She speaks her mind, without the Barbie mentality! Khia is not all of that, but I totally prefer her over Trina!!!

    JUST IMO!!!!

  28. lostonez March 15, 2010

    the last time i check trina had a bigger hit single than khia so i dont kno y pplz keep sayin khia had a huge hit n trina jus been in the game longer..the last time i check trina song feature kelly rowland reach #17 on the billboard 100..n khia 1st n olny song my neck, my back reach #42 on billboard who had a bigger hit!

  29. Its Me March 19, 2010

    All ya’ll chick are crazy! All ya’ll talking bout Trina ain’t this and Trina ain’t that are the one the ones that never purchased one of her ablums and actually listened to her music! Do you chicks realize that Trina just did a song with P.Diddy and Miss Keri Baby?????? Do you think Diddy and Keri will let Khia be on one of there songs???? Get real! Trina all day every day! 305 Baby!!!

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