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Published: Tuesday 27th Apr 2010 by Sam

Rapper Eve has been out of the spotlight for almost 3 years, and in January confirmed that she has parted ways with Interscope – her label home of 11 years. In a new interview with VIBE, the self-proclaimed ‘pit-bull in a skirt ‘ elaborates on the split, revealing  the mishandling of her shelved 2007 LP ‘Flirt’ to be the reason for her departure. Check out what she had to say below….

“[Interscope was] stupid because they didn’t drop me at first, they [just shelfed me] and dropped the ball. After ‘Tambourine’, they straight up were like, ‘Umm, yeah, nah, we’re not putting out the record.’ After that I was like ‘Yall gotta let me go. I’ve been here 11 years and you’re frontin on me?’ It got to that point,” she reveals.

Eve who’s debut album off Interscope, Let There Be Eve… Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, debuted in 1999, says she loves the label’s chairman, Jimmy Iovine, but admits that he’s motivated by trends, no matter how much faith he’s already invested in a senior artist – “I’m not going to talk shit about him, but I don’t appreciate the fact that he didn’t go the extra mile for me.”

However, the main reason the Philly chick says she left disgruntled has everything to do with a pledge that was made to her before her 4th album, Flirt was meant to drop in 2007. “They promised me the machine. The machine is basically the roll out. It’s ‘Yo, when [Flirt] comes out, we’ll give you this, we’ll give you that. And that’s what made me mad. It’d be different if we didn’t have a mtg where people promised me shit. If they were just like ‘Oh we’re going to put the album out and see what happens,’ that would be one thing,” she says.

“But they were like ‘No, we’re making sure this happens, it’s coming out on this date.’ It was concrete. But it’s all good, everything happens how it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.”

Eve confesses experiencing a short surge of confusion. “I definitely went through a period of ‘Are you serious?’ I think I didn’t know how to feel. Once it finally happened, it’s like ‘Damn, so you wasn’t really fucking with me?’ I went through a lot of different thoughts, but that only lasted for two days.”

Almost immediately after getting dropped Eve went overseas for a series of club performances off her dubstep record, “Me N My”, and reached an epiphany that even without Interscope she was still on her right path.

Currently the rapper/actress is still taking major label offers and promises fans that her recharged album, Lip Lock, will be out this year.

It’s a shame how things panned out with her ‘Flirt’ LP, particularly considering how strong its first singles, ‘Tambourine’ and ‘Give It To You’, were. Here’s hoping things work out this go round. After all, with Lil’ Kim busy on the surgeon’s table, and Foxy MIA, it’d be refreshing to see a proven female rap heavyweight back on the scene. I mean the likes of Nicki Minaj are cool and all, but a little diversity certainly helps bring about competition, which ultimately results in better music. Just my two pence…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Isyss_Paige April 27, 2010

    I was wondering what had happed with eve and interscope. so glad she cleared that up as soon as she drops lip lock i’ll be happy until then the rap stylings of miss U.N.I.T.Y. will hold me over.

  2. STAY MAD! April 27, 2010

    You forgot to mention something about Floppy Rowland. Isn’t that what you love to do? Or is it just in Rihanna posts?


  3. Dilla April 27, 2010

    Goof for her, now drop some good music, cause I love Eve’s style. Somebody needs to come and kick this Minaj b**** outt of here

  4. X,Y,”and Z” April 27, 2010

    @Sam — ‘Pit-bull in a Skirt?!?’ ….I guess; that’s what she does: snarls into the camera, with all the charms of ….a Pit-bull; not-to-mention, her consorting with those who DO NOT look any-at-all, like myself, OR YOU, who DON’T BUY HER RECORDS! ….So, why in the hell, am I any-at-all interested in Eve? …Why is SHE relevant to/in MY existence?

    …Sam, Eve’s “talent”(?!?) took HER, as-far-as, where you NOW see her. She HAD her shine, she should be happy, with even-that; “a-minute-longer,” THEN makes said painful uncomfortable and embarrassing, and further diminishes the Art-form!

    ….THANK GOD for Nicki Minaj; is what I say!

  5. True April 27, 2010

    i think rappers & singer need to be thinking forward about their career, when you hit the big time & your contract is up set up your own label because all these record label’s think they know what real music is, they are picking & choosing who they think will sell based on trends. That has nothing to do with the music & supporting the artist to have core fan base to build on.
    Akon, lil Wayne, P Diddy, Luda they own their own labels to keep them were they are

    i surprised akon career has lasted this long but the man is smart he has his own label, lady gaga is a big star part of the money she produces goes to akon i think owning your own label and moving away from the big name record labels is how you will keep your career in this industry today.

  6. stan April 27, 2010

    “flirt” sounds like it could’ve been huge.

  7. PLAIN AND SIMPLE April 27, 2010

    @TRUE I feel u on that.

  8. DizzyGuy1985 April 27, 2010

    Aren’t the FEDS after her? I’m just saying!

  9. Topman April 27, 2010

    I want Missy back!

  10. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 27, 2010

    Her first album was the S***!!! I LoVe HeR!

    Come Back EVE!!!!!!!!

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