Kelis ‘Flesh Tone’ Album Cover

Published: Thursday 15th Apr 2010 by Sam

Check out the official album cover for Kelis‘Flesh Tone’. A-mazing!

‘Flesh Tone’ hits stores in the UK on May 17th and in the US on July 6th

Tidbit: Kelis’ new single ‘Acapella’ is currently set to debut in the top 5 on the Official UK Singles Chart!

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  1. thatmangojuice April 15, 2010


  2. Ali April 15, 2010

    Love mama! So glad she’s back! cover is HOT! I’ll be bagging this on the 17th (May), played acapella in my set last night, house went crazzzzy!

  3. Parisian girl April 15, 2010

    I expected a better cover but it’s awful
    i’m so glad”acapella”is smashing in uk!!!
    I can’t wait to listen to”scream”and “22nd century”!

  4. MR. PRESIDENT April 15, 2010

    It looks a bit busy and tacky. Would’ve been cool if she made more of an iconic cover. But thankfully it doesn’t matter much because the music easily makes up for it 🙂

  5. Craver April 15, 2010

    I preferred the cover for the mixtape by FAR. This is…cheap looking and slightly awkward.

  6. bbq April 15, 2010

    I LOVE IT!!!
    VERY EURO!!! AND VERY S***!!!

  7. ADE April 15, 2010

    dont like, looks really cheap and tacky 🙁 cant wait for the album though 🙂

  8. Meod April 15, 2010

    Too much going on looks like she purchase that crap from a jumble sale

    ayyy since Lady gaga swagger jacked The Grace Jones ..everybody has hopped on the crazy fashion band wagon

  9. (: April 15, 2010

    love the cover! good job K

  10. Miss M Carey April 15, 2010

    Sorry, she looks funny. Maybe she tries hard to be Gaga? 🙁

  11. boom.boom.PAW! April 15, 2010

    Screw the haters! BEST ALBUM COVER THIS YEAR SO FAR!!!!!
    And f*** you all who’s mentioning T***** PAPA.

  12. channelxonr April 15, 2010

    Oh please! Lady Gaga is not the 1st, Kelis has been doing outrageous before Gaga had a record deal. Y’all give her too much credit like shes innovative, when in reality shes not.

  13. antertain April 15, 2010

    This is hot i love it.
    So suit Kelis and her style

    That woman knows herself and her versatility

  14. Meod April 15, 2010


    Did you read what I said?

    I said Lady Gaga swagger jacked Grace Jones

    Grace Jones has been doing it first and it seems like Kelis has upped the fashion
    because of Lady Gaga and you cannot deny that , everybody has.
    she wasn’t like this in her milkshake days

    I don’t recall anyone wanting to copy her multicoloured hair or anything else for that matter

  15. KOKO April 15, 2010

    You know what? A month ago I would have been blowing the Hot Mess trumpet on her but now I’m so captivated by Accapella that I can’t wait for this. I hope Kelis claws her way back on top, knocks Rhianna off and hopefully collabs with Neptunes again (ahhh but one can dream)!

  16. Kingnoah3000 April 15, 2010

    This is where Nas’s money has gone 2?

  17. channelxonr April 15, 2010

    Kelis is not thinking about Manly PAPa. Are you serious?? LMAO!
    Kelis has always done the UNTHINKABLE while everyone was doing the SAME THING.
    Do your research before making inaccurate comments.
    And Kelis has always said Grace was her inspiration since 1998.

  18. Joey April 15, 2010

    I dont like it, it looks kinda cheap

  19. Meod April 15, 2010


    What is your gripe with Lady Gaga ?

    Ok , thats if you class the “unthinkable” as a grey mullet and a bull ring
    that been out of fashion since the 90’s…you cannot be serious

    my comments are not inaccurate its true..GAGA came on the music scene
    and everyone has upped their game

  20. Last Boy on Earth April 15, 2010

    cool cover, I love Acapella 😀

  21. PhatMat April 15, 2010

    OMG @ MEOD! Seriously ya need ta sit ur wack ass down with the “she’s trying to be like lady gaga” BS! Kelis was kelis wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy B4 gaga was even thought of. Not knocking my girl gaga, but they’re both from 2 different worlds! Keis has been taking fashion, music and videos to new and different places since she arrived in 98′ hunny! One needs look no further than the than the bossy era when she got swagger jacked all over the place from the short black hair (rihanna) to the breast high pull up stone washed skinny jeans (ciara-promise, and every other girl after that) and even the laying in candy in the video (beyonce-upgrade you, gwen stefani-luxurios etc.) . Just watch the Acapella video which hands down defines how videos and art should come together (and in no way represents anything that GAGA is doing right now). Kelis isn’t worried about Lady Gaga, they’re in 2 different lanes and kelis hasn’t “upped her fashion” for anyone, if anything she’s evolved into a woman and is just taking it to new places (like always)…………….NE WAY sorry about the rant but soooo sick of the GaGa comparisons lol
    BTW. I think the cover is dope as hell and is super empowering!

  22. channelxonr April 15, 2010

    Haha! YOu must be like 16 years old to think Manly Papa is something special to music.
    First of all, her style is nothing but a gimmick and a fraud.
    Her style is a total rip-off from Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones, Goldfrapp, Bjork, Kylie Minogue, Dave Bowie, Madonna & Cher.
    So everything you are saying is very irrelevant & INACCURATE.

  23. DizzyGuy1985 April 15, 2010

    No one can be different nowadays without being compared to Lady Gaga. I believe Lady Gaga has set her self up in a way that whoever decides to be different from the norm they get compared to her. Its really annoying.

  24. MK April 15, 2010

    Amazing? really now…

  25. RATED x April 15, 2010

    l love gaga and her music, and her weird s***…but kelis being doing this crazy s*** for yrs..the haircuts rihanna got…the fashion sense gaga got i can go on on..kelis music might not be big big,, but people being jacking her style for yrs.

    i dont like the cover..i mean she could have done 100% better..its not the worst cover ive seen..
    hopefully she can make her own money now..

  26. ULISES April 15, 2010

    I think it’s AWESOME! Can’t wait till the CD is out!

  27. jonstrax April 15, 2010



  28. Meod April 15, 2010

    Excuse you? Hunny I am far from wack

    1. Rihanna swagger jacked Fefe Dobson
    2. Kelis did not invent “high pull up stone washed jeans” & “laying in candy”
    3. Actually I have to disagree she has not “evolved” she crawling backwards in time a
    with the grey mullet and a bull nose ring
    4. The Acapella video is nothing more that a Kanye West love lockdown remix

  29. Meod April 15, 2010


    When did I say she is something special to music? did I write that or what?
    & didn’t I write that she swagger jacked Grace Jones ?

    seriously if you want to argue at least read what I wrote correctly

    and am I DONE don’t care for the army of Kelis
    to go back and fourth with you all day

  30. boom.boom.PAW! April 15, 2010

    Chile please! RIhanna copied Kelis HARD!
    Stop trying to discredit Kelis, its making you look more like a stupid hater.
    Acapella looks like Love Lockdown? LMAO!
    Yes, I’m convinced…you’re a CONFUSED hater.
    Pitiful you.

  31. April 15, 2010

    you know luxurious came out before bossy, do you?

  32. Meod April 15, 2010


    just because my opinion differs for you does not mean I am a ” Hater”
    You need to get off Kelis’s c*** because its really pathetic & sad ….. ¬ _¬

  33. Aunt Jackie April 15, 2010

    Why in the F*** does Lady Gaga have to be brought into everything? Next person to bring up her name in a post about Kelis, Kelly Rowland, Christina A., Beyonce, (All out 10-12 YEARS before her) Rihanna (Out 5-6 years before her), or any other Pop-tastic female needs to be physically slapped.

    All of these women were out before her, all of these women have their own personal style that had absolutely nothing to do with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga isn’t dictating ANYTHING. She looks to fashion designers for the latest, let’s not forget that. I will say that her craziness has inspired a few designers, and she does have influence.

    That’s how freakin’ illogical people are. Just because you can find her wonderful, pop-tastic influence in SOME places doesn’t mean you can find her influence ALL PLACES.

    Once again, people who constantly bring her up in EVERY female pop star post need to be physically slapped. Unless they are 10 years old, which would give them an excuse for acting like Lady Gaga created weird, or is influencing every artist to walk the planet.

  34. rem April 15, 2010

    Me likey 🙂

  35. seriously? April 15, 2010

    I dont like it too much but i am still looking foward to buying the album.
    Also excited that acapella is #3 on itunes. a slow grower but growing indeed 🙂

  36. Danni April 15, 2010

    and the moral of the story is nothing is original in the music and fashion business…like duuuuh

    i have to agree with some of u..anyone with blonde hair or doing something different…oooooh its got to be copied from Gaga. *rolls eyes*…..

    apart from that the album cover is a bit busy but makes a strong statement i guess…. cant wait for her album tho whooo hooo!

    p.s. the word “swagger-jacking”…….*pause*

  37. Darren April 15, 2010

    It’s totally her.

    @parisian girl

    Kelis’ new song “Scream” (or ‘scream & shout’ as it is more commonly known) can be listened to IN FULL right now. just google it. its not as good as “feel alive” and “4th of july” though.

  38. Kevin April 15, 2010

    i really don’t like the cover, not gonna lie.

  39. Timmy April 15, 2010

    You people disgust me. Kelis gives you a CREATIVE and MEANINGFUL music video about the birth of her son (Acapella) and yall hate on it. Then she releases an amazing creative album cover that shows her inner warrior and yall hate on it. WTF?? Have u seen Lady Gaga’s covers??? Its a close up of her face in shades and her with a weird pyramid hairstyle in a ugly black jacket, and yall say this looks cheap????? Yall must not know Realness.
    KELIS is back . ACCEPT IT.

  40. noah April 15, 2010

    i really really love this cover very different and lovely:D
    im most def. buying the cd when it comes out!!

  41. roadsareendless April 15, 2010

    i love this b****.

  42. boom.boom.PAW! April 16, 2010

    LMAO@ Lady GAG-me stans talking s*** when she had 3 of the UGLIEST covers ever.
    The Fame & the Fame Monster were hideus and cheap looking.
    Kelis is pure ART!

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