From The Vault: Dream – ‘He Loves U Not’

Published: Sunday 18th Apr 2010 by Sam

This week’s classic From The Vault clip is Dream‘s 2000 smash ‘He Loves U Not’. Many will remember the Bad Boy collective as the Danity Kane before there was a Danity Kane. Indeed, just like Aubrey, Dawn and co, Dream boasted much in the way of potential, however never got to achieve it due to poor label handling (no shocker with Diddy, ay) and bad management. Still, the four-piece left their mark with this winner of a song and video – which hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 when released. Enjoy.

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  1. qc April 18, 2010

    BISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS MY S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 *ROCKS OUT*

  2. Stoney-Brie April 18, 2010


    I MEAN
    C’MON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Topman April 18, 2010

    Ahh I used to love this song 😀

  4. ADE April 18, 2010

    really Sam?? lmao bet u liked the spice girls too SMDH

  5. lemonda April 18, 2010

    WTF??????? plz help?

  6. simply me April 18, 2010

    lol I used to own their cd back in the day. LMAO

  7. Aunt Jackie April 18, 2010

    WOW! That was my song!!! I loved Dream.

    Damn Diddy!

  8. number1k9 April 18, 2010

    Yeah haters are def out, I will def agree, Dream was the s*** back in the day. It at a time was like them and 3LW as the new younger girl groups.

    It is sad that Diddy lead to their breaking up so early, and then even more so Danity Kane was a tragedy on his part! Sad stuff, becuz they both could have at least stuck together and released music for 5 years and then decided to do solo endeavors.

    On the Making The Band finale, Diddy was like I would never release music with the Danity Kane name unless it was the five girls, but they started in 2005, it’s now 2010, in this new decade do we really wanna see a rehashed girl group that was formed in like 2003-2004, ummm hmmmm, it’s like they’ve past their expire date, which is very sad.


    yeah as you can tell I was a bigger DK fan than D fan!

  9. dj dunkonthatbitch April 18, 2010

    It was not Diddy’s fault that danity kane broke up. The girls did not get along. Aubrey and Dawn tried to do solo stuff, and Aubrey was always bringing bad publicity on the group. Quit hating on Diddy

  10. here to laugh April 18, 2010

    More victims of Diddy’s bad management.

    I used to love this song too!

  11. Darren April 18, 2010

    LMAO this song is so horrible……. i cant believe I used to sing it naked in front of my bedroom mirror.

  12. kekeluvsu April 18, 2010

    @ Here To Laugh


    So true. I used to LOVE this song. I remember when MTV had that show were fans could remake their favorite artist videos and some girls remade this one. It sucks that Diddy f***** over so many ppl. He is not a good record label president at all. I just wish ppl would realize that and stop thinking Diddy isn’t the problem because he is. I feel so bad for anybody that signs with him. Like Nicki Minaj. She shouldn’t have Diddy as her manager if these rumors are true. I wonder where these young ladies are at now.

  13. tessa j. April 18, 2010



  14. I Love Music April 19, 2010

    I like this song.

  15. Michelle April 19, 2010

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Dream and adored this song. Thx for this, time to bust out the old album 🙂

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