Kelis Performs On ‘Jools Holland’

Published: Tuesday 18th May 2010 by Trent

Check out Kelis’ performance on Jools Holland from last week. The unique star was promoting from her upcoming album, ‘Flesh Tone’ which hit stores on May 17th in the UK and will be released in the US on July 6th. Peep the cover of Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ below:

Sweet Dreams


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  1. Andy BOY May 18, 2010

    I guess im first. Kelis is unique. but she doesnt do it for me.

  2. Aryo May 18, 2010

    Best song ever = Nicole Scherzinger ft D. Guetta – Cold

  3. Zoli May 18, 2010

    Pretty good.

  4. Commander Diva May 18, 2010


  5. ADE May 18, 2010

    LMFAO @ her ‘Caught Out There’ performance!

  6. channelexor May 18, 2010

    KELIS IS THE F****** BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These other chicks could never be as amazing as her.

  7. geronimo Deuces May 18, 2010

    that blue picture is nice i like it…..

    NB: Im listening to aint_thinking_about_you by chris brown and tyga, FIRE

  8. Jermaine May 18, 2010

    KELIS HAS TALENT!!! The Beautiful thing about her is that she has a very unique voice, and a amazing sense of style.

  9. ULISES May 18, 2010

    Still like her a lot! Her CD is bangin! She’s unique and talented. Very refreshing.

    “Jungle”- s***, tribal, exotic summer anthem. Don’t click on the link! You’re not ready for it, or are u?

  10. Its Me Again May 18, 2010


    For some reason I hadn’t noticed that she has a very good, quality voice. Songs like Caught Out There, Milkshake and Bossy never showcased it before.

  11. Gucci May 18, 2010

    On more important news, Janelle Monae’s amazing debut album comes out Today and Kelly Rowland’s Commander just got released on iTunes but it doesn’t look like it’s making much of a buzz.

  12. Love Music May 18, 2010

    She has a great voice. Hope her album is a success…

  13. All Ryght May 18, 2010

    How the fawk ya’ll gone come up here & promote other artist & not comment on Kelis! I swear ya’ll some fawking haters! Ya’ll got the nerve to like Kelly Rowlands wack ass “Commander” song with is on the same path as Kelis “Accapella” I swear you young adolescence don’t know anything about creativity & good music. Kelis do you! At least you’ve been singing LIVE & not being backed up by your own track. Get it baby!

  14. Gucci May 18, 2010

    @All Ryght

    GIRL PAHHHHLEEEEZE. Janelle Monae is superior to this garbage. You obviously don’t know what good music is if you let this whack performance pass the test. And no sweetie you’re calling me a young adolescent when you’re the one who has under developed hearing girl. You think Kelis is the business? Yes the girl is different but honey let’s not kid ourselves.

    Like I said girlies Janelle Monae critically acclaimed album in stores and on iTunes today
    Kelly Rowland Commander also on iTunes today and not doing to well. Stans, where are you?

  15. kveick May 18, 2010

    news been slow lately TGJ? lol

  16. Mr. T May 18, 2010

    So I guess Im the only one who hates her voice…

  17. GangsterA May 18, 2010

    She killed it flesh tone is fire and shes so creative hey any one saw her album pics she have a pic when she is half dog and half human just amazing

  18. GangsterA May 18, 2010

    @Aryo i agree nicole song cold is hot hot hot and her vocal blow me away it should be her first single

  19. Davey May 18, 2010

    It’s a shame that none of you so-called “music fans” have even commented on the real star in this clip – the musical genius that is Jools Holland, and how deliciously he transforms and funkifies the iconic Eurythmics track.

    Nicole Sher-cant-singer = best song ever?!!!!
    Really? Best song ever? EVER?!????….. Catch a grip you fool.

    Are there no real music fans in the world any more?

  20. Dave May 18, 2010

    Her voice is very nice, really like her

  21. ginger021 May 25, 2010

    oh well

  22. wow…horrible August 7, 2010

    Kelis sounds like a damn chain smoker! Flat tone…has no range in her vocals at all! She seem to be struggling at the end as well!

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