Cover Star: Shanterrial Sings Beyonce’s ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’

Published: Saturday 19th Jun 2010 by Sam

After a brief rest on the bench, this week sees the return of our Cover Star feature…

This week’s Cover Star is Shanterrial. The 23 year old Chicago-based music student serves up her own rendition of Beyonce‘s recent release ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’. Check it out below:

She nailed it!

For more on Shanterrial, check out her Youtube page

Your thoughts?

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    Ashy and she can’t sing for s*** !!!



  2. SDW June 19, 2010

    She did great. She had sass, and she really sung it!!! Wy isn’t she signed? She’s got it all!


    too dark skin to ever be a sucess look at kelly rowland, jazmine sullivan, brandy.

    no longer relevant.

    whereas Beyonce, Rihanna, monica etc…

    *ALL DONE*


    follow me on twitter.

    Shanterrial ? Ghetto name, suprise, suprise



    how about posting something that doesnt involve RIhanna, Beyonce, Xtina and Kelly Rowland……… ??????

    any chance of that EVER happening…………

    also, please sack trent, I can’t stand it !!!

  5. CURTAINS June 19, 2010




    sit it on down b****.

  7. Diane June 19, 2010

    Wow! She made me like the song better. Her version is less squeaky than Bey’s.

  8. Info June 19, 2010

    LOL she killed dat right there. And shes very beautiful too!

  9. Sarah June 19, 2010

    DANBOFFICIALL (AALIYAH/RIHANNA/XTINA) STAN) What a hater, she sounded great. Jeolous much?? Also your comment about dark skin people is ignorant and stupid. “too dark skin to ever be a sucess”. Thats a load of rubbish. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is also lots of light skinned woman who are no longer relevant too e.g Ashanti, Cassie, Amerie. Just because you are light skinned, doesnt mean your all that, so stop trying to make out that light skinned people are better than people who are darker. Doesnt matter how light or dark you are you can still be beautiful and successful. Go educate yourself, you stupid asshole.

  10. MuzikMan! June 19, 2010

    OMG she was incredible! This girl needs a deal ASAP!

  11. Lindani June 19, 2010

    She actually sounded better than Beywolf… And I am not hating. I initially didn”t like the song. But she got me enticed. Congrats to her!!!

  12. Top Notch Diva June 19, 2010

    U have a beautiful voice! I know u may read the comments so pllzzz… ignore the haters. There will always be someone sitting & plotting to bring someone else down to feel miserable as they are. & reality u can saaang girl! I enjoyed it! Don’t let the negative critisim stop u from giving up on something u love! I am going to subscribe to your channel!


    U r so pitiful & miserable, just know that God is watching every little thing u say & do sweetie. I feel bad for u hun, I really do! I hope u get help…

  13. K,Row Kid June 19, 2010


    Yep ignore the haters!!!! They WISH they could, but since they don’t have talent like you they spend their time whoring their twitters out on That Grape Juice and hating. What the hell are you doing telling Sam what to post and what not post when a low life like you thrives off of each one! XD

  14. Blasian June 19, 2010

    She did good! To you haters You Damn Well she doesn’t sound better than BEYONCE! HATERS STAY MAD LMAO!

  15. KOOLERZ June 19, 2010

    cute, a tad pitchy though! she can sing good job!

  16. aries_BLU June 19, 2010

    She has a really good voice that she can hone and make stronger in time.

  17. Stoney-Brie June 19, 2010

    Sam ur funny lmao i see what u tryna play at sweetie.. u have posted this gurl’s video about 4 times.. u see that she is really to atually get noticed so now u wanna keep postin her so that when she makes it u be like “ya’ll remember her ?” i promoted this b**** while she was on youtube! 😉

  18. S*** June 20, 2010

    It really is a great song & If It takes her for some to like then so be it. LOL @ Bey’s Version being squeaky. Ive seen better but This girl here did a pretty good job but at times her vocals sounded rather unpolished & slightly Silly at times but she gets a pass cause Its a very hard song to sing cause Its so Busy.

  19. Anne June 20, 2010

    Not bad.

  20. CJ June 20, 2010

    This girl nails it…although I don’t care for the song, she did really good job of it.

  21. Ugh June 20, 2010

    Shanterrial????????????????? seriously what kinda ghetto name is that? Anyway, she did a great job

  22. remmy June 21, 2010

    I feel kinda bad being honest…cuz it’s not like she asked to be on this site…but she wasn’t anything to write home about…nothing to keep my attention…I already know the song so I turned her off…

  23. shanterrial July 10, 2010

    So i just found out that my video made it on here once again which means that someones taking notice, look im not tryin to be beyonce, rihanna or watever im tryin to be me, if you dont like it’s fine cuz i have to take the good with the bad, @ danbofficial the fact that you took time to even notice my video, shows me that im doing something right so thanks sweety lol! and that comment about me being darkskin has not nothing to do with anything, im gone g make it regardless of what you think or not! I have GOD on my side thats all i need thanks for your time lol!….and to everyone who supports me thank you so much, i really appriciate it, and subsribe to my videos on youtube at Dekyra1112!

  24. Lonzo July 10, 2010

    @danbofficial. U r the biggest hater i kno. and da fact u commented more than once shows that u even more of a hater. B**** i bet u cant crack a note and u sound like 1 of them lite skin h*** wit a duck mouth dat tthink she lookm good. Get yo dumbass outta her. dat girl was incredible and u kno so take yo hatin ass outta here. As far as dark skin_ Lauryn Hill da best f***** singder of all time is f***** dark skinned u dumb h**.

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