New Video: The Saturdays – ‘Missing You’

Published: Saturday 26th Jun 2010 by Sam

The Saturdays sure don’t waste any time, do they? Following to so-so performance of their sophomore LP ‘Wordshaker’ last year, the ladies are back with ‘Missing You’ – the lead single from their forthcoming EP ‘Headlines’ (due August 16th).

Today saw the debut of the song’s video. Check it out after the jump…

While the clip is kinda ‘just there’, it serves its purpose. As for the song, it too isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, yet should garner the group another UK top 10.

Randomness: Who ever sanctioned Frankie’s verse ( which is LACED with all that autotune) has issues (no pun intended).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stay Mad! June 26, 2010

    Queen Rihanna

  2. Martyn June 26, 2010

    Nice song, but the dancing is CRINGE.

  3. Rameez June 26, 2010

    Love it! The dancing is awesome. Love the song. Well done ladies!!

  4. spring June 26, 2010

    beautiful… i loveeeee it!!!

  5. Richard June 26, 2010

    Absolutely love the song! It’s nothing groundbreaking, but a great glossy pop track. The girls are all gorgeous and can actually sing live.

    Thanks for posting 🙂

  6. Tiff June 26, 2010

    blocked in my country…so blah


    Samantha we all know Frankie can’t sing for s*** = autotune.



  8. OddOne June 26, 2010

    Ugh, for f***’s sake why are The Saturday’s on an urban site? Please don’t tell me it’s just because one of them is black? That would be racist.

    Naught TGJ.

    This song is a bit meh. A bit drag and a bit done-before.

    It’ll certainly continue The Saturdays’ near riligious pattern of ‘Shite lead single, good follow-up’.

    That said, there’s not much to dislike: people will either like it, or not be bothered by it.

  9. BEYONCE VS. WORLD June 26, 2010


  10. steevie June 26, 2010

    lmao Vanessa isn’t black. She’s half white, half filipino. Filipinos are naturally dark skinned.

  11. Topman June 26, 2010

    No one said she was black haha. I think ODDONE is referring to Rochelle but even she’s only half black.

  12. spread the love June 26, 2010

    firstly is this a WATCH advert??
    secondly Rochelle doesnt get featured much, why?
    thirdly, cool, calm song but their is too much auto-tune!

  13. cocoa lux June 27, 2010

    They had a good number of popular fan tunes on Wordhshaker that were asking to be released.. ( One Shot, Wordshaker, Lose Control, Open Up, Denial etc) but the record label messed up the entire campaign from the get go. Shame!

    They need a big pop song that will capture the public imgaination. Missing You’s a nice summery pop song but not exactly first single stomper. On the plus side, they all look stunning. Can’t deny that.

  14. Anti_Frankie July 3, 2010

    totally makulit! the worst band eva!

  15. amer August 10, 2010

    WoW that soo sweet song ,the saturdays !GoOd LuCk……..

  16. alsa November 14, 2010

    vanessa is HALF BLACK not all filipinos are dark?

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