Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland’s Music Choice Shoot

Published: Thursday 15th Jul 2010 by Sam

Peep Kelly Rowland posing it up for SWRV Music Choice recently. As ever, the Grammy winner looks stunning!

Reiterating our previous report; the release of her hotly anticipated new album has been re-scheduled. Initially set for a September release, Rowland confirmed that the LP – her 3rd – will instead be arriving in stores ‘this Fall’, as she’s still recording with hitmaker Tricky Stewart. There’s also some talk about the album no longer being self-titled. So,  as you can see, much going on in the world of Ms. Rowland.

Meanwhile, the album’s lead US single, ‘Grown Woman’, is poised to be a smash – if its ever-rising Urban airplay is anything to go by. Go Kelly!

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  1. Tae July 15, 2010

    my girl always serves it up..never takes a bad pic..beautiful kelly love the hair

  2. Bacqui July 15, 2010

    Kelly is one hott dark sista,I love her!,,I cant wait for her album.

  3. Independent Thinker July 15, 2010

    She’s still RECORDING with HIT-MAKERS. She may be giving the album a LEGITIMATE TITLE after all. She’s SOLIDIFYING COLLABORATIONS as I type AND she may be serving a fuller album; meaning, instead of 11-12 tracks we may get 14-15. That would be ideal considering how many songs Kelly has recorded and how much her supporters(and even some of her haters) are anticipating this album. I hope the date change is not too drastic and as long as promo is on point I don’t think Kelly will have much to worry about in terms of people losing interest or forgetting that Kelly has an album on the way. Not this time around.

  4. Kayla July 15, 2010

    KELLY IS BEAUTIFUL… She was always my favorite. Hope her album does well in the U.S. this time around.

  5. malusi July 15, 2010

    kelly rowland rocks…..she must take her time to prepare for the album and i also agree with the change of the album title

    love you staxssssssss KELLY!!!!

  6. Jajarag July 15, 2010

    miss kelly better work..i think i khow why she pushed bit ack,neyo has an Album coming out on 21 he might still all the light for kelly a bit…so i’m glad she pushed it back.!!..she looks amazing absuletly gorgeous as always..GO KELLY!!!..i will be buying ur Album ten times…….

  7. Khalil July 15, 2010

    I love the pics! I listened to her recent interviews while she was in Philadelphia and in Washington DC very interesting. I like the direction that things are going. My only concern is that I hope that this does not go like Ms. Kelly did. Meaning all the hype is being build up, there are a number of push backs, and then people start to lose interest. Kanye is coming out this fall and a number of big names and I dont want her overlooked! Anyway I am proud of her #TEAMKELLY all day!

    follow me on twitter @stillstanding_1

  8. FreshUrbanEnt July 15, 2010



  9. RaydeeohCity July 15, 2010

    She looks better when she smiles. She has a beautiful colgate smile. i dont like these pics…then again Music choices take some HORRIBLE pics ANYWAY. they make every artist look bad. lol

    and Sam the stan…..i like ur wording. With Ms. kelly ‘s album it was branded BY YOU as “re-scheduled” lol.. WHEN U KNOW DAMN WELL IF IT WAS ANYONE ELSE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LABLED AS (COUGH) PUSHED BACK (COUGH)

    YALL HAVE sooo much faith in this chicks music….that it clouds yalls reality. Not enuf ppl are checking for her. Yall are based in the UK and seem to have a far-eyed stretch when it comes to the US urban world…but yall fakin if yall cant see that shes lame over here.

    Im not hating. She has a number of songs that i dig alot ( Blaze, Every thought is You, Simply Deep, The Show, Comeback etc) but there is so much goin on in the US Urban market that she is simply overhshadowed and isnt flamboyant enough to stand out.

    I havent heard ANYTHING by her, thats new anyways, on the radio and im based in DC. They aint tryna hear that…its enough Irreplaceables floating around the airwaves. Im bein real. So hopefully yall will start doing that too when it comes to who u STAN 4..

    Still love the site

  10. Lostonez July 15, 2010

    she looks good in these pics not beautiful likes she always does.. But im happy the album title is being change n im happy that grown woman blowing up but what about rose colored glasses

  11. The AlexanderTG July 15, 2010

    Maybe all you said is true regarding the US, but, as I’ve said before, an artist can have a successful career without ever doing well in the US – if she forgets trying to compete in the US and concentrates on the UK and Europe market she can succeed – just another example of an American singer who does better outside the US than in – I mean do you think Anastacia was that worried about not doing so well back home when she was playing to stadiums of 80,000 people in Europe. People have just got to remember that although there are artists who do well on both sides of the Atlantic the two markets are still quite different.

  12. I’m just saying July 15, 2010

    Where is Rose-Colored Glasses on the charts? Oh yeah…NOT THERE. Sorry, but having an urban hit does not guarantee across-the-board success! Grown Woman is still #51 on Billboard R&B…wake me up when it goes top 10!

  13. Veebz July 15, 2010

    I don’t want her 2 just put the album out 2 put it out she needs 2 make it a master pice! So she can atke all the time she needs

  14. X,Y,”and Z” July 15, 2010

    Oh Look, another Kelly Rowland post! … Just what I need, another reminder of what a weave; boob-job; layers-upon-layers of make-up; and the “magic of lighting” can do: give the illusion, of beauty and talent!

    @Kelly Rowland — Don’t take this, “the wrong way”, but you’ll be nothing-more-than; be-remembered-for-nothing-less-than-being Beyonce’s back-up singer …!! That’ll be your fate; your legacy; and-should-be-your “stock-in-trade!” … Why not “embrace” your time-in-the-presence of a true-superstar – Beyonce? Your-days-spent, “walking in Beyonce’s shadow” were more-productive, and-gave-you-more-shine, than the current-road you NOW travel — No one is buying the “disco-dance diva-queen” s***! … And more-to-the-point, you’re not talented-enough to sell it!

    I recently saw you on The Graham Norton Show, Kelly, you have ZERO-personality! All you did was to sit there; trying to look-and-act-‘cute’! … Even-then, even after Graham tried to add color/layers to your “couch-cramped persona,” the best you-could-do, was to relate your ‘getting-s***-on-by-Dolphins story.’ But-that-too was delivered with “such flat mono-syllabic atonality,” that the audience wound-up “LAUGHING-AT-YOU,” instead of empathizing and feeling your humanity!
    Take heed, Kelly Rowland: Kelis’ recent embarrassing, if-not-humiliating debut, offers you a glimpse into YOUR future!

    … Oh, and you’re NOT fooling anyone: That older European-gentleman, the one you-were- pictured-with, recently, on a beach in Miami; the one that, once you had noticed your picture taken with him, you began to turn-away, and “play it off!” Why not just ‘retire to Europe’ and “play-on-their chocolate fantasies?” Kelly, you’re-good-for-nothing-else; Kelis will soon find this out! ‘Eve’ is NOW fast-coming-to-said “cold-and-sobering reality!”

    SO HERE’S THE TRUTH, difficult to read(?!), yes; but-you’ve-been-lied-to:
    You(Kelly Roland), Brandy, Kelis, Eve, Lil’ Kim, Janet Jackson,Tony Braxton and Ciara had y’all time-to-shine! If you didn’t “ALREADY-shown” then you NEVER WILL!
    … Even Wine, will eventually sour into Vinegar! Do you want to “sell P****” as Rihanna is currently doing? …Ciara just tried it, didn’t you see that video she did with Justin Timberlake? … Didn’t exactly work-out as she’d planned, now did it?
    What you and the aforementioned “seven-sisters” will do, is to be “consort to white men,” ‘hold-fast Alice Walker’ and-thus-continue-to curse black men!

    Oh, and since Sam/Trent ‘continues their worship’ of “The White Rapper” by giving him “shine and rave reviews”, you can now expect me (X,Y,”and Z”) to-log-on, under different names and IP addresses, on/at the different Urban Blogs, and throw some SERIOUS shade/acid/bile/cold-lace-mucus/and whatever bodily-fluids I can – YOUR WAY …!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT ..!!

  15. RLS July 15, 2010

    Grown Woman is a killer track. A definite grower. A hot video will put that one into hit territory for sure. I’m glad to hear about the title change. She needs something strong and powerful. I’d be all about “Commander” or “Grown Woman” as an album title. Both project power and authority, which is what she needs to be projecting right now.

  16. Jay Jay July 15, 2010

    @IM JUST SAYING “Grown Woman” just moved to #51 from #68 and its only been on the chart for 4 weeks and thats just on AIRPLAY. Next thursday check it again and it will include the sales because it was just released… dum dum.

    I think they are canning “Rose Colored Glasses” because “Grown Woman” captured the most attention.

    @RAYDEEOHCITY: I’m in DC too and WPGC plays “Grown Woman” and she was just on with Big Tigger…. so please actually turn on your radio before you speak.

  17. Zoli July 15, 2010

    I love Kelly, so I’m kinda sad that we have to wait more time for the album, but changing the album title would definately make me happy. Ms. Kelly was already a self-titled album in some way, so don’t call it Kelly Rowland please!

  18. PinkKush July 15, 2010

    I think she should call it “Commander”

  19. Dakkylove July 15, 2010

    I actually love what her management is doing, they are tapping into what the people want to hear, the radio promo she has been doing is amazing and oh yeah hater, grown woman moved to 51 on the rnb chart on radio plays alone, it just got released to itunes and she is shooting the video next week…as much as i love the dance direction she took, i like the fact that she is hitting the studio with Bangladesh and Tricky stewart and she recorded a song with pitbull…she looks good

  20. Chile Please! July 15, 2010

    I like Kelly but call me a hater if you want to but something just don’t look right with her in these pics!!!! I don’t see these pics as being beautiful or hot…it looks pretty dull & out dated! Girl Bye!

  21. MJfan July 15, 2010

    X, Y and Z , so what if Kelly is dating a white man, last time I checked she was her own woman. And if she should go to Europe and play on their chocolate fantasiexs, than I say go head Kelly. It’s wrong for a black woman to be with European men, but it’s ok for black male celebs to play out their mandigo fantasies with white and latina women? how double-sided is that. Maybe Kelly and other black women wouldn’t have to play the white man’s fantasies if black men weren’t making it painfully obvious that we are not desirable to you. I’d say Kelly play on mama, and get all you can out of the old dude, a white girl would.

  22. RaydeeohCity July 15, 2010

    @Jay Jay
    LOL then u shld know that aint no f***** kelly rowland gonna get placed within the 5 songs dc plays O. U. T. (ANYTHING Drake, ANYTHING Trey Songs, Unthinkable, OMG, There Goes My Baby etc, That dondria s***)

    Big Tigger played that b******* cuz she was a guest on the show…aka he did his job.

    I know wtf im talkin abt (U SEE MY NAME) that means my radio is on @ ALL TIMES. U heard the song one time and one time only…and THATS because her ass was in dc.

    U need to open ur ears to better music 4 b4 u address me!

    Im not here to go back in forth with some sorry obsessive fan, u can be the only one in DC to purchase her s***…but u know damn well Kelly Rowland (Outside of DC) is NOT a household name esp. in DC.

    F*** outa here

  23. RaydeeohCity July 15, 2010


  24. SoTeamKelly! July 15, 2010

    You have to think of her as a go -getter. She is doing her thing. Lets just wait until the stats come out when she releases the album… I think it’s going to be hot. PLUS, you can’t depend on all of these leaks as what ‘s going to be on the album. If you watch her interviews, she subliminally tells you what is and what isn’t going to be on the album. Grown woman made, it, not “Shaking them Haters off” which I really like though…

  25. pjayy July 15, 2010

    too much make-up!

  26. Alicia July 15, 2010


    P.S AND IF SOMEONE GOES OUT THERE WAY TO PROVE A POINT THATS WHAT YOU CALL A HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. GangsterA July 15, 2010

    I dont like the first pic the others are cute shes smart i hope she ad on &on to the album

  28. tronthemonstar July 15, 2010


    Nobody’s even known she had an album coming out in the states to even know about a push back. Secondly I don’t think you know your radio too well cause she’s been doing damn well on the radio prior to a radio promo tour. Thirdly, do your research before you try and attack and play some1 else for being delusional.

    Read it and WEEP PLAYA. Wait until the Itunes Release and Video it will only go up. While she’s up there at the top I’m sure she will wave down hello to you and the rest of the naysayers.

    Nice Day… And #TeamKelly all day baby. You killling em Kels!!

  29. tronthemonstar July 15, 2010

    and to add further validation that she must be getting radio airplay i wld like to state that she is sitting right at #51 on Hot R&B and Hip Hop charts on Billboard charts. This is without a release on Itunes or even a video. So yeah. Go somewhere else and hate!!

  30. Tamsin July 15, 2010

    If you love GROWN WOMAN by Kelly Rowland, you have to listen to UNITY as well ! An amazing vocal performance by one very talented artist … see iTunes, YouTube etc.

  31. Renae July 15, 2010

    I’m such a grown ass woman, ain’t got the time to play high school….hopefully she put a guy in it worth the part.

  32. The AlexanderTG July 15, 2010

    @X,Y,”and Z”
    Saw the Norton show too, but can’t believe you saw the same one I did – thought she came across really well in it, like she did on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. To me she has a personality that goes down well with the majority of the UK public – no airs or graces, no Diva attitude – she comes across as a real person.
    So Beyonce is more successful than Kelly, so what? This is music not a football league – its not some testosterone fuelled nonsense where one person has to win and everyone else has to fail. Like are you at the top of your game? – of whatever career you’ve got? If your not like one of the top in the world at what YOU do does that make YOU a failure – sure hope you don’t think it does.
    You say no-one is buying her disco stuff – Commander got to #9 in the UK, When Love Takes Over got to #1 (and don’t give me any of that she only featured nonsense – David Guetta just produced, Kelly did all the singing). Every single she’s released in the UK has got into the top 20. Her first two albums sold over 3 million combined – again not up with B’s sales, but who cares? As long as she can make a good living from music and has fans who appreciate what she does her career is doing fine.
    And as for who she chooses to go out with or not – please, its the 21st century – get used to it.
    OK – rant over.

  33. Muni July 15, 2010

    Beautiful!!! go KELLY

  34. room319 July 16, 2010

    She’s great…. but sorry…. the lighting is a SHITTY MESS.

    No bueno.

  35. Teflon Boy July 16, 2010

    @The AlexanderTG…, you always speak with fairness and intelligence:)

  36. X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2010

    Any black man that supports Kelly Rowland is either ‘Asexual’ or ‘Gay’ !!! Kelly Rowland don’t want you, she’s lives in Europe with ’em white men, F*** HER …! NO self-respecting black man wants any ‘YT’s leftovers’ …!!

    … And LET’S BE REAL, Kelly Rowland is mediocre/marginal – AT BEST as-a-singer, she certainly can’t dance; has ZERO stage-presence whatsoever and I (X,Y, “and Z”) will expose her for the no-talent “near-Rihanna-esque” HACK that she REALLY IS …!!!

    @Kelly Rowland — Don’t take it personally, don’t blame yourself, or-even-me; blame Sam/Trent who continues to “deny opportunity” to the Talented-Black Youth-of-the-World with their “House-Negro-like, Uncle-Tom-esque ‘love-masa more-than-masa-love-himself’ slavish-worship of any-and-every ‘The White Rapper’ does …!!” … And-if-YOU-think, you seen me ‘throw shade’ at Rihanna/Camp-Fenty … Trust … you ain’t-really-seen-me-yet-go-in …!!”

    @MJFan — Don’t “knot-it-up,” (reiterate I must) — No self-respecting black man will support Kelly Rowland …!! If you didn’t notice, no-one wants a gimmick; Rihanna and Kelis stand as recent-testaments of-said-undeniable, irrefutable and-now-well-documented fact …!!

    @The AlexanderTG — … ‘Don’t-even-know, if you’re black; as SAID, was directed to/at black youth( young men) but I’ll address you: Who cares, what the English likes? … European’s have no-soul, no-vibe, no-verve-for-life; much-like, their European-descendants, here in the U.S.,’YT’/the, mainstream – will-emulate, NOT-originate; they commandeer/burglarize/approximate and-by-the-“mass-and-weight”-of-their-numbers, they then “take-over,” not-unlike some Retro-Virus; then the hose Autolysis and dies. But there-in, their proliferation, they-THEN-change, if-not-pollute the gene-pool! … And-that-what-was-once “pure and inviting” is now dead-gone … destroyed! This is what happened to “Disco”, Rock and Roll/Blues, Jazz and now, with the ‘Cultural-Piracy’ of “The White Rapper” – “forbidding-and-ominous lies-the-road-ahead of Rap/Hip Hop ….!!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  37. NikkiIsChillin July 16, 2010

    Kelly looks really pretty in these pictures. I like all this promotion she is doing. Go team Kelly!!!

  38. los July 16, 2010

    Kelly is so gorgeous and she is shaking them haters off everyday while she is traveling around the world and the US promoting her hot single.

  39. tera July 16, 2010

    @xyand z i dont no whats ur problem but u got a serious 1 kelly dont need no white scall to go out with 1 of these days she will get a fine husband dont worry u coveteous mind give her sum space to breathe it seems like kelly ave sumthing for u tell her fast let she give it to u y u want her to sell her body its a gift god gave to her go let ur moma sell hers it would b better

  40. That FLOP Juice July 16, 2010

    “new album has been re-scheduled. Initially set for a September release, Rowland confirmed that the LP – her 3rd – will instead be arriving in stores ‘this Fall’,”





  41. The AlexanderTG July 16, 2010

    @X,Y,”and Z”
    “Don’t-even-know, if you’re black” – guess that phrase sums up the difference in where we’re coming from – to me it doesn’t matter – actually I’m a blue-eyed blonde-haired girl with a half black dad and an italian mum – no idea what that’d be called in the US. But it does effect the way I think I guess – to me a mixed relationship is normal so if Kelly wants to date a black man, a white man, someone mixed I’m not bothered – more important she finds a GOOD man whatever.
    Re the music – I’m certain the R&B / Rap world will survive just the lone white rapper doing his stuff – the fact that you can call him that and everyone knows who you mean shows he’s still pretty much on his own.

  42. MJfan July 17, 2010

    XYZ do you feel the same way towards the her male counterparts who use latina women for their videos, or only biracial/light complexion women for their videos.

  43. Zett July 18, 2010

    I truly thought this was a joke at first. Its the same thing she did with Ms Kelly: why start dropping buzz singles & official singles & promoting an album that isn’t FINISHED yet? Then she just gets caught behind the gun with these push backs. The right thing to do would be to fully complete the record BEFORE you give release dates, make videos, et cetera. The thing isn’t named yet, THREE singles are at radio on various continents, there’s a video out & one on the way, and she’s STILL IN THE STUDIO?!

    Universal Motown had no choice. You don’t set a release date until the final tracklisting has been handed in to the label like TA DAH! here’s my baby. Lets go with it!

    I wish her luck, & I’ll cop the record on the 3rd tuesday of Wheneveruary when she drops it, but damn, girl. This the same shlit that your stans claimed was the fault of your ….play-sister and not-daddy. Looks like it wasn’t them after all.

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