New Song: Usher – ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Ft. Pitbull)’

Published: Friday 9th Jul 2010 by Trent

Check out the 1st single from Usher’s upcoming ‘Versus’ project. The track, entitled ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love’, features Pitbull and was produced by Max Martin. ‘Versus’ hits stores on August 24h. The song can be heard below:

It sounds like Usher is revisiting the Pop sound that made ‘O.M.G. (Ft.’ such a huge hit. However, this time he didn’t copy the lyrics from the back of a cereal box. This record is infectious and the thumping beats of the chorus will easily take this to the top of the Dance charts if not Billboard Hot 100. Usher certainly isn’t playing any games in 2010!

Hit or Miss?

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  1. truth serum. July 9, 2010

    LMAO @ copy the lyrics from a cereal box so dead. Those lyrics are horrible.. but we have to blame for that. Wish he would go back to the production style he used for Talib.

  2. Kayla July 9, 2010

    I like it but it remind me of something Enrique Iglesias did 6 years ago.. *Shrugs*

  3. truth serum. July 9, 2010

    Hate this song tho.. not fond of Usher doing the euro/techno/gay club sounding crap.

  4. nothing but my opinion July 9, 2010

    I don’t like it!

  5. raraskils July 9, 2010

    @Truth Serum


  6. Zell July 9, 2010

    Didn’t he just release an album. Go sit Down!!!

  7. Boricua July 9, 2010

    Its funny how he rags on Jay Sean and Taio Cruz then jumps in their pop/dance lane….
    What the f*** ever!

  8. JT July 9, 2010

    you’re right, Kayla. It does sound like Enrique.

  9. MUSIC LOVER July 9, 2010

    There is no way it will go to number one. “OMG” may have had horrible lyrics, but it was catchy. This song is mediocre, and the beat does not compare to “OMG.” I was hoping he’d release “Fooling Around.” It was my favorite off the album, and could be marketed off as a new “Confessions.” Regardless, I think he will still do great and sell plenty with his re-release.

  10. nickalus Randle July 9, 2010

    I agree !! FOOLIN AROUND WOULD KILL THE RADIO, its a HIT, I luv the album…

  11. number1k9 July 9, 2010

    To me
    “Foolin’ Around”
    gave me more of a
    “Burn” [Part II]
    sound/feel. It was still one of the better songs off the album and brought me personally back to the Usher that I like. I agree this song,
    “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”
    is nothing special, and the repeated/doubled words gets really annoying.

    I do agree, even if this is a re-release and 2nd installment of
    ‘Raymond v. Raymond’
    it is being released WAY to soon after the original release. But you know why they are doing this.
    exploded and became a huge hit, which was no surprise since it was produced by of the currently hot, best act of 2009, BEPs. And there was nothing else on the album
    Raymond v. Raymond’ that contained a Pop/Dance crossover feel like

    My guess is that this
    project will feature at least 3-4 songs that are heavily Pop/Dance/Electronic influences songs that will work with the current radio trends.

  12. Justice198 July 9, 2010

    @Truth Serum, the song was produced by Max Martin, not Will.I.AM

    and honestly, the thing about Will is that he uses easy lyrics for everyone to remember (kids and all) and his songs are usually catchy. Annoyingly catchy sometimes but they stay stuck in your head which is the goal, I guess

  13. pinkpop July 9, 2010

    what about “Guilty” as the next single!? …wasn’t it already planned? 🙁

  14. pinkpop July 9, 2010

    oh no…don’t like this one…at least not as an USHER single

  15. ADE July 9, 2010


  16. annon July 9, 2010

    WOW with the success of OMG and justin bieber, LOL, this is a hit for sure. pitbull feature makes it all the more certain.

  17. truth serum. July 9, 2010

    I was referring to OMG.. which was produced and written by Will.I.Am. Trent or Sam, whoever wrote this, referenced OMG lyrics sounding like they were written from off of a cereal box if you rd the whole article ;).

    Yes, Will.I.Am has produced for Talib Kweli.. I believe it was on the Beautiful Struggle album. I’ll have to go back and check. ;). Remember, Black Eyed Peas used to actually make conscientious hip hop before Fergie came and got into the group when they recorded Monkey Business. I remember, actually, it was between Fergie and Keri Hilson being in the group. On Where is the Love, which Justin Timberlake helped to produce, Keri Hilson is actually the female singing on the track as I believe she helped write some of the lyrics (can’t remember for sure tho.. 6 yrs is a min ago LOL).

  18. truth serum. July 9, 2010

    @Number12k9 (sorry if I got that wrong)

    Really? I didn’t like that song at all. You’re right, it reminded me of songs that we’ve already heard him do. And the continuation of Burn is nearly 6 years too late. Raymond vs Raymond is about a C as far as content goes. There are extremely bright spots, and then there’s extremely low spots — very rarely is there anything in between. Usher is never going to get to the status that he wants because he is an artist who doesn’t really seem to know how to evolve. He sings about the same themes — cheating has been revisited by him multiple times ever since the Confessions era. At some point, you need to move on from that dilemma. Or perhaps go deeper to uncover more depth… perhaps explore the WHY. I think his best work to date has been all of the songs that he has recorded with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The duo really knows how to make timeless R&B music for him as we’ve seen with U Remind Me – 8701; Bad Girl among others w/ Confessions (lol I didn’t really get into that album due to the overhype so I can’t remember all of the credits); and the amazing tracks they did for RvsR.. Mars Vs Venus, Monstar, Pro Lover, Lingerie and Lay You Down (the last two which were not included).

    Monstar was my favorite from the two, as it was very revealing and creative. It also offered the careful listener insight into how a person in the entertainment industry must react. Key note is to see it’s monSTAR not ‘ster’. The lyrics seem to be a reaction to the public demanding to know more of the star’s personal life and the obsession that we have over them with the blog coverage and so forth. And then when the artist gives too much — as he did during the Here I Stand era, they get annoyed and turn the back on the artist.

    “Look at what you made me do babe, said you know me. Say you want all of me; now you got the other side.” & from the chorus: ‘Tell me how deep you want me to go (I’m back celebrate life), ” This is the resurgence of the illusion of what people think he is; the ‘star’ and the conceptions that people lament on these entertainers. It’s a really great song. The creepy intro from the lady is a foreshadowing of its content: ‘You are. What we. Say. You are: MonSTAR.” IE… We label these artists and brand them or attempt to fit them in a box; and then when they deviate from our labels, we shun them.

    The problem with Here I Stand is that it was too big of a jump forward from Confessions. The problem with Raymond Vs Raymond is that is too big of a step backwards from Here I Stand. Hopefully this next album he will be able to find that medium in between, and if he can successfully do that without sacrificing his content (as he did on RvsR), then he will have finally cemented himself where someone his age in the business needs to be.

  19. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    it’s ok

  20. FK July 9, 2010

    I like it… You guys are pretty rough. Its good and it will be huge on radio. I still think they should release Guilty and Fooling Around. There are so many songs from this album floating around on radio, I’m not even sure what the single is at the moment. Who ever is doing the promotion for this project should be axed. I keep hearing There Goes My Baby on radio, is that a single? I do have to agree that its WAYYYY too soon to do a re-release, the cd just came out. The origional cd didnt even go platinum yet.

  21. number1k9 July 9, 2010


    Keri Hilson was never asked to be a part of BEPs.

    They worked heavily with a girl, I believe her name is Kim Hill, before Fergie joined the group on ‘E’lephunk’ and Fergie ended up replacing Kim Hill-who was simply like a backup singer for the group in the 1990s.

    The Peas still do make contentious songs, check out “One Tribe” from their album ‘The E.N.D.’

  22. number1k9 July 9, 2010


    I think the label realized that there were no more songs that would appeal to US Pop radio stations on the ‘RvR’ album, and that’s why they are releasing this new ‘Versus’ EP /deluxe edition to the album so soon.

    I see them allowing “There Goes My baby” to be sent to R&B/Rhythmic Radio and send this newer Pop influenced track wit Pitbull to the Pop stations, that were head over heals for “OMG.”

  23. truth serum. July 10, 2010

    @NUMBER 2k9..

    Meant Ele’phunk not Monkey Business — ty for correcting it! But I remember reading about her being considered for BEP as well… due to her connection w/ Justin Timberlake. (Which is prob how Fergie may have gotten the job as well come to think of it.)

    Also.. nope, don’t care for anything they did post 2003 tbh.. but thanks for the heads up!

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