Katy Perry Does Special Show In NYC

Published: Saturday 28th Aug 2010 by Trent

Katy Perry performed at a special concert at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City earlier this week. The Pop sensation did renditions of her new single, ‘Firework’, as well as fan-favourite ‘Peacock’. Check out all the action below via Kevipod:




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  1. ILOVEXTINA August 28, 2010

    She has this ability to make the dumbest songs sound catchy.

  2. True Blue August 28, 2010

    ^^^ LOL! I’m not too crazy about “Peacock”, though…

  3. ILOVEXTINA August 28, 2010

    ^ lol i know it sounds really juvenile, but i think it’s for her fanbase which consists mostly of pre-teens [with no good taste in music]

  4. nicolas August 28, 2010

    her songs are good and catchy but damn, she is a reallllllllly bad live singer… eurkkk

  5. Badd August 28, 2010

    LMAOOOOO @ILoveXtina.

  6. thekiddz August 29, 2010

    Why does she get promo from this site?…

  7. lexi August 29, 2010

    so true about making stupid songs catchy

  8. Kevin August 29, 2010

    honestly, everyone goes in on Ke$ha for using too much autotune…………..but everyone conveniently msises katy Perry.

    Katy’s live vocals, i think, are actually worse than Ke$ha’s.

  9. MUSIC LOVER August 29, 2010

    She makes some good ass pop songs! Peacock is a catchy ass song even with that garbage lyrics! It’s been stuck in my head for days.

  10. GangsterA August 29, 2010

    what i don’t think she sound bad i love those 2 songs her album is very dope

  11. DimpZone August 30, 2010

    did any one notice how the black girl messed up on the 2:15 mark in “Firework” LMAO!!!! Katy Looked back like BIITCH!!

  12. Software for Quibids April 9, 2013

    I’m not certain that I agree 100% as part of your blog post, but I did discover it intriguing.

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