New Song: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Good Hit’ (HQ Snippet)

Published: Saturday 28th Aug 2010 by Trent

Here is an extended snippet of Jennifer Lopez’s new single, ‘Good Hit’. The track was crafted by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart and will be featured on her revamped ‘Love?’ LP. Give it a listen below:

Finally a song from Lopez that has some potential to be a hit (no pun intended)! Overlooking the disgusting cliche that is auto-tune, the record is supported by a heavy beat and a driving melody that should make it high demand both on the radio and in the clubs.

I wonder, however, how she intends to perform such a studio enhanced song live. Then again, how often does Lopez ever actually sing live? Exactly.

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  1. ThePrincipal August 28, 2010

    But Louboutins was a hit; Although it was hella repetitive…

  2. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010


  3. JACOB FLORES August 28, 2010

    Love the verses! She’s kinda rapping a bit. NEW YORK SWAGGA.

    Not loving the chorus, but then again, it cuts off during the chorus.

    🙂 Welcome back, J.Lo! You work, Ma! Now, promote this right LA REID!

  4. LOLA August 28, 2010

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT.

  5. S*** August 28, 2010

    Poor Jenny, She really needs to quit it. Shes embarrassing herself, you had your time & its all up up. your Irrelevant . & Generally speaking, Your Music & Films are Horrible. You’ve only done 2 good movies: Selena & Enough, the rest are just LAME just like your Career. Your just an OK actress & a less than OK singer. You cant even perform well anymore!! Please sit down J.H** & take care of those B****** Babies.

  6. ILOVEXTINA August 28, 2010

    It’s alright. Not a big fan of the auto-tune, but it does sound like a grower.

  7. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    WTF is this piece of trash. I am so disappointed in J-lo. IT doesn’t even sound like her. This by far (next to Ritarda’s Te Flop O and Flopstar 1010) the worst song of the year. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  8. Joao Pedro August 28, 2010

    I Love this song so much. Can’t wait for the full song!!! <3
    JLo has been always my favorite artist out there. will always support her 🙂

  9. Nothing But My Opinion August 28, 2010

    love it!

  10. FreshUrbanEnt August 28, 2010



  11. JACOB FLORES August 28, 2010


    Oh, so f****** clever copy and pasting s*** messages into different J.Lo threads on DIFFERENT WEBSITES. You’re so pathetic. STAY PRESSED B****

  12. Dax August 28, 2010

    Retire JLo. Your Eddie Murphy-esque foray into music was “cute,” but you are past your prime with it. BTW, that song was garbage. It sounds dated as f***.

  13. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010

    LMAOOO I know DAMN well a HEara stan sin’t talking s*** about J.Lo AND Rihanna.

    IT ain’t NEVER getting another hit and that’s a FACT HEara is STILL leaking and releasing monkey s***. Now THAT’s a disappointment. ALL of her s*** is trash lately.

  14. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    YES It’s catchy but awful. I don’t like songs like this.

  15. xMusicx August 28, 2010

    I think I love it! I like the rapping parts “Got that New York swagger, Miami base” Very different for her, but change can be good sometimes. Now get a remix with some rappers…

    I want to hear the full song… I hope it’ll get a hot dancing video.

  16. Bronxken August 28, 2010

    @Trent Happy that you like the song 😀 Can’t wait to hear the full track.GO J.Lo

  17. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    MAxriah PLEASE B**** take a sit darling. Don’t waste your time on looking like a dumb ass.

    The song is awful and I love J-lo but this is horrible.

  18. CT August 28, 2010

    Well i have to be honest! She could kill it with a great choreography! an awesome video and a great promotion it’s dance,catchy but i don’t like the chorus a lot! I love the Pre-Chorus! Anyways Good Luck Jenny!

  19. Poor Jenny August 28, 2010

    The “Brave” 3 J.lo Stans left still think it’s 1999 and their girl is killing the music game. They come up with the funniest excuses ever known to man as to why J.lo is not only desperate, but also irrelevant. They make it a point to defend her fashion because they know everything related to her career has gone to s***. It’s funny to mess with them because they are such a small group and they are one of the few Stan groups to forfeit after they’ve been dragged.

  20. JACOB FLORES August 28, 2010


    Same old b**** tactics. If you’re gonna write s***, be original about it. Copy and pasting it? Take a seat c*** waffles.

  21. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    This song would fit CIARA much more. Ciara would kill this. Tricky should of gave this to Ciara.

  22. SEAN2010 August 28, 2010





  23. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010


    Sit your TIRED ass down. I don’t give a damn if J.Lo flops the REST of her life. You and that manly b**** can’t come for a DAMN thing. You’ve already made yourself look like a dumb ass by even THINKING you had room to speak.

    Who gon’ check me?

  24. DLo August 28, 2010

    some of you really hate her’

    but shes done a whole lot better than youve done

    this isong is infectious

  25. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010



  26. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    I DON’t HATE J-lo I hate this song,.

    Don’t try me today b******.

  27. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010

    I already TRIED you now POP AWF!

  28. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    All that f****** auto-tune, I feel like I’m inside Kesha’s recording studio.

  29. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    Ciara would kill this track without auto-tune. This belongs to Ciara.

  30. Poor Jenny August 28, 2010


    How am I Un-Orriginal when Im Copy/Pasting MY OWN S***??

    H** Please SIT!! J H** its OVER!!

  31. ILOVEXTINA August 28, 2010

    LOL ya’ll tooo damn funny *grabs popcorn*

  32. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010

    And then you guys are talking about her using auto-tune? Be happy she didn’t take the T-Pain approach. Now THAT’S a serious case of auto-tune lol

  33. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    I mean auto-tune to the extreme!!! More than K@#@#ha. That’s a shame.

  34. Cyphers August 28, 2010

    It won’t be hard to perfom. I’m sure she’ll just lip synch it….like she does every other performance. The song is okay.

  35. SEAN2010 August 28, 2010



  36. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010

    Ciara would sound like a damn MAN, as she always does. Ciara sounds SO stupid on her new songs. I’m so over her attempt at rapping as well.

  37. Eden August 28, 2010

    this song is a hit and jlo still knows how to work it

  38. queenbeyonce10 August 28, 2010

    That is horrible. NEXT!

  39. queenbeyonce10 August 28, 2010

    Ciara didn’t use auto-tune like this. It’s like J-lo went too far with it. It doesn’t even sound like her at fist few listens. That’s how much auto-tune they used.

    @ciaradabess you have me rolling

  40. _Maxriah_ August 28, 2010

    And she may have used auto-tune for the entire duration of the song but ita no where near as serious as Ke$ha’s usage of it. And lets not act like Ciara hasn’t used it. -_-

  41. kess August 28, 2010

    This is Hot finally !!!!

  42. daniel August 28, 2010

    UMMMMM all these Beyonce and Ciara Fans! Please Leave.

    Jennifer is the real deal not like all these other current “#1” artist. Cause there not even artist, they make music to sell and what they think is good.
    jennifer is a real artist, she makes music she like and that expresses herself and what she is all about.

    SO dont be coming and talking s***. Jennifer has a career way beyond many “A” listers out there (beyonce for example).

    The song is HoT! no need to hate on it. If u dont like it, move on. No need for yor stupid comments.

    Thanks! =]

    Love Ya Jen! Keep up the awesome work.

  43. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    Ciara would destroy J-lo in a performance. J-lo can’t even talk. At least Ciara doesn’t mime mos to the time.

  44. SEAN2010 August 28, 2010



  45. True Blue August 28, 2010

    This is s***, it doesn’t even sound like her. Her time in the sun is up, and as much as I hate to admit it, S*** is right. She is not a great talent, she’s a so-so actress and a mediocre singer. Her success is due to timing & making the right career choices, but as soon as she decided to flash her personal life in everyone’s faces, she overexposed herself and committed career suicide. Now she’s done, and there’s no coming back. The glory days are over. Better artists have come & taken over, so why should anyone be checking for her anymore?

  46. CIARADABESS August 28, 2010

    At least Ciara didn’t sounds like a dying KESHA,

  47. JACOB FLORES August 28, 2010


    You’re a f****** dumbfuck for thinking logging into two different usernames and spreading the same copy and paste s*** all over JLO is a SMART IDEA.

    No one buys it. KEEP SIPPIN THAT HATERADE AKA JLO’S DIAHERRA. Slurp it down mami!

  48. Duh August 28, 2010

    This song is f***** horrible

  49. OMG August 28, 2010



    that was so damn FUNNY! that had me rolling.

  50. Duh August 28, 2010

    @ Poor Jenny

    lmao! agreed 100%

  51. John August 28, 2010

    wow. I really like it so far. The first song in ages I really enjoy by her. Hope we can get a video and the complete version soon. Wanne see her body move to this song!!!

    JEN IS BACK!!!!

  52. Me no like August 28, 2010

    More like Jen is gagged by all that f****** auto-tune.

    I would prefer this song without the auto-tune.

  53. Carmello August 29, 2010

    This b**** is using auto-tune like there is no tomorrow.

  54. TheEverwing August 29, 2010

    Only thing good about this song is the Auto-Tune

  55. Poor Jenny August 29, 2010


    You are a Certified Stan!!

    ” Jennifer has a career way beyond many “A” listers out there (beyonce for example). ”

    LMAO, You Cant be serious, Beonce excels JHoe at EVERYTHING!! She has FAR SURPASSED her both in music & Film & in Talent. Shes grossed over 500 Million in the Box Office thanks to Austin Powers, Pink Pather, Dreamgirls Etc & has 2 golden globe Noms & she played a Legend not an Icon like Jlo did. & do even need to mention the music side. Ill just end that part with 9 #1s, countless other Hits, GOOD HITS LOL, #1 Albums, 16 Grammys Please Jlo could never. Jlo has done NOTHING ground breaking.

    I give it up to Jen though, she lasted 15 Years in the game!!.. Thats commendable. But un-fortunately any other singer would be considered a ICON by then, oh but not Jennifer Lopez, Still not an Icon, She is completely forgettable & Forgotten. Even Flavor Flav will be remembered long after Jen. FAIL 😆

  56. Nicole August 29, 2010

    @CIARADABESS JLo can’t even talk ? no you must be a real dumbass hun haha, Ciara TRIES hard to get a personality like JLo, .. If you think Ciara will destroy JLo in her performance, then it means you are the duubest person I’ve ever seen hahaha, please Ciara still can’t even have famous performances like JLo, when the hell did she performe anyway ? she should try to performe like the silly copyonce, trying to dance without underwear hahahaha

    Beyoncé used to dream of having a carrer like JLo but Jennifer is original not copying people to do something. Then why the f*** are you obsessed with JLo ? since you think she’s done, please explain cuz it doesn’t make any senss, especially that S***, she always type crap when we get any news about JLo, b**** you are obsessed, go kill urself, it’s better than talking about someone who is f****** rich and doesn’t even care about you. Jennifer is a great singer, actress and dancer, her achievements proved what I’m saying. She’s not Lindsay Lohan in singing or Beyonce in acting.

    Jennifer is a true triple threat, she can sing ( Live ) and she had so many performances live, she can act, dance, buisness woman and fashion icon.

    Do us a favor and stop posting ur crap if you REALLY think she’s nothing, you can’t believe yourself that you find something POSITIVE about her to come and post your crap, are you scraed ? LMFAO !!!!!!!!

  57. S*** August 29, 2010

    Hell I know its against the rules but I agree with CERRORDABESS, She knows her Ish!! Shes a better Dancer, performer & probably better singer that JHoe, especially nowadays. & Atleast Cera isnt Completely irrelevant like someone I know of…

    Read it & Weep 🙁


    H**, B**** I have every right to Copy/Paste whatever I please how many times I please. Hell, I WROTE IT!!

  58. CIARADABESS August 29, 2010

    YAWN, not going to read that. So you wasted your time LMAO Love you too 🙂

  59. CIARADABESS August 29, 2010

    Yeah that’s why J-lo fell flat on her ass at AMA’s. DUMB B****.

  60. CIARADABESS August 29, 2010


  61. Nicole August 29, 2010

    This song is so frealink amazing and I’m sure she’s working for other smash hits. I REALLY can’t wait for the full song.

    Now, something for you haters, f*** you and I’m sure some of you use different nicknames cuz you have the same words b******. The most important thing is that you have Jennifer Lopez in ur minds, and you know what’s kind of an artist she is, that’s why you are here anyway. F****** jealous and stupid b******. LMFAO !!!!!!

  62. MAL86 August 29, 2010


  63. Yuck August 29, 2010

    this is horrible. I wasn’t looking forward to her anyways. So it don’t matter.

  64. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 29, 2010

    @: S***.., maybe you wanna look up for the word B****** before you start using it unneccessarily. You obviously don’t like JLO however what would you achieve being hostile towards her family????
    Just STOP it cuz I sure know your fave star (B) would never encourage it!

  65. miss one August 29, 2010

    this song is cute that’s about it

  66. Nicole August 29, 2010

    @Ciaradabess, you read everything, you are the dumbest person here omg, that’s why you posted crap another time,it’s YOU who wastes time cuz u r a ficking hater, your words don’t mean anything, she’s Jennifer Lopez, and you’re nothing for her.

    She fell on ama’s but she knew how to back to her dance routine in one second, some people thought it was a part of the choreography. At least it was not bad like Beyoncé’s fall LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

  67. Bronxken August 29, 2010

    Oh come on guys why a Drama ?
    Give a chance to Lopez, she had her own style,she can do a great video with this.

  68. Bwhine August 29, 2010

    This is a bunch of grade A B*******…..Why does she do this to herself?!

  69. WHITE JESUS August 29, 2010

    marc anthony’s 40 yr old wife dropping it low why 😐

  70. Nicole August 29, 2010

    @ NAS, you’re so right, this b**** called S*** said the same things yesterday when the song was not even released, she just copied her crap again, but what do you expect from stupid jealous haters ? Nothing lol.

  71. Jay August 29, 2010

    The Song is called “Good S***” for radio its called Good Hit!

  72. CIARADABESS August 29, 2010

    I’m bored already. It feels like I’m talking about boring s***. Or a more specific feeling is:

    It feels like we are talking about s*** and vomit.

    So I’m moving on to the next post.

    One more thing

    Jennifer Lopez. Love ya girl but this is horrible and I will not support this whatsoever. Please take off the auto-tune.

  73. jessica August 29, 2010

    wow hot !!! love it.

  74. Nicole August 29, 2010

    Ciara ?? where the hell is she anyway ?? she’s irrelevant, she has to try to steal something like what Beyonce did all the years, but I don’t think she likes being a famous copy cat.

  75. MAL86 August 29, 2010

    ARE YOU F*****’ RETARTED?! Ciara is a nobody. Period. THE SONG IS FIERCE!!! And Jennifer RULES M************! R U L E S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. I miss Mariah Carey August 29, 2010

    I don’t comment that often but I have to say this is terrible. Mediocre lyrics, hell, not even that. A five year old can write those lyrics. The auto-tune just sounds messy and annoying with J-lo’s voice. She’s an okay singer and with her type of voice that’s just too much auto-tune. She has done better and can do better. She and her camp must think it’s a hit because of Tricky Stewart and The Dream but this is the worse song I’ve ever heard without even hearing the whole song. Come on J-Lo give me something with some meaning and substance. You’ve done it before, do it again. SMH!

  77. slick August 29, 2010

    Luv it! shes hot. Hope radio shows her sum love

  78. Mickey August 29, 2010

    HELL YEAH!!!!! It is about time to release a new f****** hot new single! I LOVE IT. Wanne dance to it. GREAT TRACK!!!! Don’t understand why so many people here have a problem with it. It is a simple dance/r’n’b single for the club with a good urban vibe. We need more songs like that. U DID IT THE DREAM!!!!

    by the way: Where is the difference between Beyonce, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez etc etc.???? They have ALL the same f****** producers. They are all doing the same f****** pop music. So why is everyone fighting here? IT IS ALL THE SAME? well, but there is one difference: J.Lo has the greatest ass :-p Can’t wait seeing the performances and video to this smash!

  79. S*** August 29, 2010

    EVERYONE who was out when JLO started her music Career has EXCELLED Her!!…

    *Britney, Pink, *Beyonce, hell even Christina!! 😆

    & 2 of these 4 are already Icons unlike JHoe.

  80. Step Back August 29, 2010

    Lmao at a ciara fan calling out a global megastar! first off sit the f*** down ciara is a f****** hasbeen never was Not only does b**** flop in the US she dont even chart well in places like that UK so b**** please! she is f****** lanky janet wannabe shame she just aint got it Not like JLO!

    Ciara has never been relevant outside the US she has never matterd or made a impact and she cant sing at all she just shaked her f****** string arms and bandy legs all over the place like a f****** Man!

    Anyways This snippet is f****** Hot Jennifers deffo got a hit on her hands!

    Welcome back JLo

  81. S*** August 29, 2010

    @ Mickey

    Please dont put the Queen Bey in the same group with C-ERROR & JHOE!!~

    That doesnt even look right together. Eww.

  82. Nicole August 29, 2010

    @Poor Jenny b****, beyonce did all the achievements by stealing everything from old artists, she never came with something original, Crazy In Love and Singles Ladies her biggest hits were also stolen from old bands, what a shame, Copyoncé is always a jay z follower, she won awards foe being jay z wife to be, it’s unfair to give 6 grammys for someone in one night for something which has already done years ago.

    Jennier has grossed 900 million in box office for her acting not something else, Jennifer is one of a few artists thatr get something by their efforts when it comes to personal relationships or cheating in awards, Béyoncé is always in the begining, this b**** can’t even perform like an artist, she has a voice yes but she’s totaly a crap, she’s no Celine, her acting is horrible, she won those awards for her fake performance, she’s not the box office queen, that’s why her last 2009 movie didn’t gross a lot of money like Jen’s the Back Up Plan in last April before even being released on DVD.

    B****, Jennifer did a legendry role in Selena and other movies. in 7 years only, she could did great achievements in charts, and always as a triple threat not only a singer or wannabe dancer like Beyonce. Her only bad luck is awards but she has gotten so many important awards and nominations, she recently won a legendry award in World Music Awards.

    Now, I’m done with this, don’t try to waste ur time, I will never come back cuz I have my own life, seeing you here in JLo’s article is enough already. haha

  83. Mickey August 29, 2010

    I am getting atticted to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Step Back August 29, 2010

    and @ s*** have you f****** actually sat and looked back at your comments how old are you f****** 5?

    Get a f****** life you sad f****** divvy! I mean your a beyonce fan the fakest f****** ganky grotty c*** in showbiz! And I see why all ya are mad you said all these artist have suppressed JLo shame they aint even head to head with Jennifer on Forbes JLO= 9th richest female in showbiz

    Your faves LOL nice try!

    Jlo always wins thats why people like you always hang on her threads trying to pull the wool over our eyes we all know You love JLO your obsessed its ok JLo does have the Xfactor!

  85. Carmello August 29, 2010

    One thing for sure I prefer Ciara over J-lo anyday. Ciara is a better singer and dance than J-lo.
    J-lo doesn’t even sing.


    This song is horrible and her silly little fans are going to stick up for her because that’s why they are her fans. But stop being so f****** delusional, this song is a hot damn mess. Jennifer’s voice has always been edited but not this damn much. I think the auto-tune is unnecessary and i can tell it takes away the excitement of the record it originally had.

    This can be a hit because if Kesha’s Tick tock can be a hit i don;t see why this wont be a hit.

    But is it a good song? Hell the f*** no and it will be a shame if it gets praise. Wish I see it hasn’t had that much, so it’s a ll good with me.

  86. S*** August 29, 2010

    & Beyonce’s 1st #1 Song ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ was the Song that Knocked Jlo’s 1st #1 song OFF THE TOP SPOT!! It probably even blocked it from going #1 altogether. LMAO. 😆

  87. Nicole August 29, 2010

    @ I miss you Mariah Carey, this song is a club song and at least it has great and meaninful lyrics unlike some songs that have no lyrics lol !! like it or not. The only thing that I must do is to leave this website, it’s made for some silly haters who speaks with no facts.

    @s*** : these singers you mentioned Britney, Pink, *Beyonce, Xtina, and JLo are ones of those artist that were copied by ur unoriginal girl copyonce, if you think that Jennifer is not even a icon, why the hell r u anyway ? u know what ? no need to wait for any reply from a stupid hater. Bye !

  88. egialbania August 29, 2010

    i love this song go tothe hell jelause forca jlo

  89. Nadin August 29, 2010

    I like it … from what I hear so far it sounds really good … of course she used a lot of auto-tune, but I kinda like it it fits for the song!!

  90. S*** August 29, 2010

    @ Nicole

    H** dont be pressed just because Beyonce is more successful & relevant than your beloved J.H**, they cant all be like the Queen Bey. Obsessed made 90 Million & Bey slays her in singing no doubt, Bey is just as good a dancer & almost as good a actress as JHOe ( cause face it, Jlo is no great actress herself) so who wins in the end?? The one with 16 DESERVED Grammys & is a CURRENT ICON or the one whos irrelevant & Trading Shifts with C-Error at Popeyes because her original career was & still is a JOKE??

  91. MASTER P August 29, 2010


  92. Nicole August 29, 2010

    haha there are JLo songs that blocked Copyonce’ songs from going to #1 on billboard charts too, you have no life b****** lol !!!

    Jennifer is a bettert singer, actress and dancer, fashion icon and buisness woman than copyonce and ciara who can’t even dreess and dream of being another JLo. haha

  93. ILOVEXTINA August 29, 2010

    @S*** girl Bills, Bills, Bills, was #1 for one week while If You Had My Love was there for 5 o_o

  94. Jeff_Turnbough August 29, 2010

    Love this song & I wish J. Lo was back on top. I’ve always loved her. Even the repetitive “Louboutins” was hot to me. Love, love, love her. “Brave” was way under rated and should have done better. Listen to “Mile In These Shoes” or “The Way It Is.”

  95. ILOVEXTINA August 29, 2010

    It’s true no one touched J. Lo from 1999-2001. But now things have changed, even though her recent songs have been good. She just needs better producers & promotion. get rid of the auto-tune

  96. MAL86 August 29, 2010

    It’s not just a “Good Hit” it’s a “F*****’ FIERCE HIT” ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  97. Nicole August 29, 2010

    @ s*** !! b**** beyonce won 16 grammys since DC and 6 grammys for something which has been done by another band, copyonce is boring singer, and can’t evn dance or act like JLo a long way to go, copyonce has became an artist because she laughed at some stupid people like you. Now say whatever the f*** you want, I will alway prefer JLo. Just go and support ur b****, hello? this is about JLo not copyoncen dumb b****.

    Now bye bye !

  98. thekiddz August 29, 2010

    Let’s be honest. Jennifer’s music career died when Beyonce went solo.

  99. SouzaGui August 29, 2010

    I really liked!

  100. daniel August 29, 2010

    @s*** come on, just leave and stop posting. isnt it embarassing by now for you/?

    clearly ur a beyonce fan, no one ever compared the two intill u brought it up.

    i personally like beyonce, Jennifer and her are cool with each other. But face it, Jennifer has had 25 #1 hits on the billboard chart’s. A way better actress! Beyonce cant even act, have you seen “Obssesed”? horrible. All of Jens movies do great in the box office for the exception of one. We all know witch one it is.

  101. Nadia August 29, 2010

    @thekidzz no you’re wrong. It’s true Jennifer’s career has changed after 2003 but it does not mean her career died because of Beyonce no, the only probleme is that she stoped giving a lot of things after that year, but she had other few sucessful things after that year, that’s about English Music only.

    Then I think Beyonce herself lost her shine, she’s not the same as it used to but it doesnt mean Rihanna or Gaga destroyed her career.

    Anyway, I never loved Beyonce or anything she does because of this.

  102. Nadia August 29, 2010

    Oh btw, she stoped working a lot cuz she was planning for her having a family and her record compagny was a reason of any bad promotion of her last works.

  103. MrIncredible August 29, 2010

    You guys are too generous on this website… this song is nothing special. LMAO.

  104. thekiddz August 29, 2010


    There is nothing new under the sun, just different ways to interpret it. And if a video (obviously made by someone who hates her), can influence who you like and dislike, I think you should stay off the internet and think for yourself.

  105. S*** August 29, 2010

    @ daniel

    Um, As I recall YOU were the very 1st person to mention Beyonce in your argument DUMBASS. & yes Bey can Act actually, neither are great actresses to be quite frank, stop OVER-EXAGERATING. Bey was believable in Cadilac Records & Dreamgirls & she did a very good job in Austin Powers & Obsessed. & Overall Bey lands the Better Roles & Better Movies. Bey was in the #1 comedy & Musical of all time!! & JHoe does NOT have 25 31s sweetie, she couldnt possibly, most of her music is a joke, musically she cant even see Britney Spears. You #FAIL. Bey is more talented & is a better performer. The only thing that Jhoe has over Bey is an Ass & I would say she looks just as good but really Beyonce makes JHoe look just as Plain as Xtina. Face it, Beyonce is a BAD B****. Jlo could never…

  106. harvey August 29, 2010

    cant wait for the full J.Lo went in on this tricky & dream track it reminds me kinda of the 90’s mixed wit new skool J.Lo back b**** and harder than eva…wait till this song hit the radio…m so tried od lame ass gaga and kesha go jenny;)).

  107. Pantelis August 29, 2010



    KISSES !!!

  108. harvey August 29, 2010

    ashoot my lil cousin dance’in to this s***…yeah its a real good hit if my lil cousin dancin to it and hes only 2 years old.

  109. BB August 29, 2010

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to hear the full thing! 🙂

  110. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 29, 2010

    What’s up with this auto-tone crap??

  111. Nadia August 29, 2010

    @S*** : I’m gonna waste my time and talk with another hater, Beyonce did a lot achievements but she did not desereve any of them, she just steals from other people.

    Beyonce no matter what number she gets, she’ll always be an artist to be. Like it or not, her father and jay z relationships who brought her many awards, etc… She’s not the god of music to win 6 grammys in one night and for something that has already done.

    Don’t compare Britney with Jennifer cuz it’s stupid, Britney can’t even sing live or do something VERY professional, but I would prefer her than Béyonce anyway.

    Jennifer is the only one who is famous in everything, many people still don’t even know that Beyonce is an actress. When it cmes to fashion, Beyonce’s look is better ? LMFAO !!!!!!! Now don’t try to compare a street girl with a bomb latin, everyone will laugh at this.

  112. harvey August 29, 2010

    can stop listin cant wait for the full version….she sounds way doper now

  113. aries_BLU August 29, 2010

    This sounds horrible to me. It’s not even singing…

  114. S*** August 29, 2010

    Im just now hearing this song & I gotta say Its BELOW AVG O.K even for Jen probably. This B**** is 40+ years old & shes over here trying to be Fergie now??, please Fergie can actually sing. NEXT ==>>


  115. Nadia August 29, 2010

    People love auto-tune then it’s good to change the style from time to time, at least it was not over like other artists who uses auto tune like there’s no tomorrow. Then we doesn’t use it for the whole song.

  116. Nadia August 29, 2010

    she is 40 years old but still looks younger than Copyonce anyway hahahaha. Then the concept of the song or the album is not like what you trying to say. Plus the age has nothing on music. Thanks for some stupid ideas, I have to stop now, I said everything so I will be just a fool if I keep arguing with someone like s*** who doesn’t have anything to do in life than saying crap about people, b**** get a life. Jealous and jobless. XD

  117. harvey August 29, 2010

    @s*** STU SMH…jenny sold 25 million albums worldwide beyonce just sold over 11 million albums…jenny the head b**** of the game.

  118. S*** August 29, 2010

    @ harvey

    WTF RU talking about?? Bey sold 11Mill in the US alone & shes the one who sold 25 million albums worldwide num nuts & this is off just 3 albums. Count all her albums & is over 75 million albums worldwide. So Please Hush.

    @ Nadia

    LOL, Jealous?? Why would I be jealous of JHoe of all PPL, Shes a Flop & a Has-Been. shouldnt I be Jealous of Beyonce LOL. I dont get jealous of Celebs/rich PPL babs.

  119. RealMusic August 29, 2010

    How the mighty have fallen

  120. harvey August 29, 2010

    hold up I forgot the over 25 million albums worldwide ok….where did it say beyonce sold 75 million albums worldwide.

  121. Meriam August 29, 2010

    Jenny has sold 55 million albums worldwide ( in few countries and without doing a lot of Tours and promotions like Beyonce ) ( @ harvey : it’s not the whole selling ofher cds and clips )

    Jennifer has sold 12.145.000 in US only and her albums were not released in many countries, even though she’s a biggest artist in all over the world.

    Then Jennifer didn’t focus on music only but in acting and she did great in both.

    to beyonce fans ; if you were not obsessed and JEALOUS, you would not be here. This is about JLo not Beyonce.

  122. Meriam August 29, 2010

    No boyonce has sold 35 million copies woldwide not 75 million.

  123. Meriam August 29, 2010

    PS : I’m sorry if you don’t speak French. ^^ But you can find the right sources in other sites.

  124. Meriam August 29, 2010

    … such as wikipedia in English.

  125. True Blue August 29, 2010

    @ The Kiddz & Nadia:

    Like I said earlier, the reason her career died was because she overexposed herself. There was a time where you literally could not go anywhere without hearing or seeing something about J.Lo. She was in the movie theaters, on the radio, on TV, on magazine stands, just everywhere. And it was mainly her personal life that was catching everyone’s attention. Eventually, people got sick of her overexposed ass and started ignoring her. And apparently, they have no desire to bring her back. I don’t blame them. To me she’s all flash and no substance. I won’t lie and say I never enjoyed her music, I did, but I never took her seriously as an artist.

  126. Meriam August 29, 2010

    This song is gonna be a HIT .. I can’t wait for the full song, the new album and its lead single.

    Jennifer is the BEST. <3

  127. Meriam August 29, 2010

    @trueblue : you’re wrong, people are just followers, they don’t care about who you are no matter what, that’s why everyone can flop in US and it’s like a miracle to come back again. Gaga and Justin B are youtube stars today so everyone is obsessed with them. ( Sorry) You are a hater and at least you liked her stuff one day but don’t talk about people, Jennifer is an artist like it or not, if not you wouldn’t even care about what she’s doing NOW. Then she has proved herself an artist, no need to say otherwise. Tastes are different but if you don’t love some people, don’t care about them.

  128. egialbania August 29, 2010

    who is beyonce or lady gaga ha who is for me is just porno star nothing else
    jennifer lopez is a diva she is the best singer actrese im so proud for jlo because she is my insiprition in my life go to the hell copyonce and lezbo lady gagushi

  129. True Blue August 29, 2010

    @ Meriam:

    Exactly, people are followers. People followed her when she was hot, now she no longer is, cause they found better. If she were that good, she wouldn’t be considered a has-been right now. And FYI, having an opinion doesn’t make one a “hater”, grow up and stop throwing that term around with people whose opinions you disagree with.

  130. harvey.c August 29, 2010

    thanx @meriam.Cuz bey only had 3 albums this is finna be J-Lo’s seventh album this gonna be an insinct hit cuz she rappin,and tricky&dream wrote the track.

  131. JT August 29, 2010

    first of all, BIGGEST PIECE OF S*** i’ve heard in awhile.

    secondly, you “wonder… how she intends to perform such a studio enhanced song live”?

    b******, she doesn’t perform in a studio, either. everyone knows her voice is masked. She CAN’T. DO. A. F******. THING.

  132. Robier August 29, 2010

    Yes this better than the Lola Bs and Fresh out the oven FAILURE. OF COURSE this was leaked to get the publics opinion

  133. Ricanprince August 29, 2010

    Yess J to the L o hello I’m in love with this u got that good s*** and I’m dying for the full version looks like def jam is really going in on this let’s see let’s see I love my Latina Puerto Rican Queen the rican bronx barbie I see it yes work puta tu es mi puta for life! And I want hooked on u on the cd if Sony let u keep it although I doubt but coño nena u killin it at 41 show these ppl that a mother of too is hotter then any 20 something age is just a number at 95 I’d still buy ur album! Jenny fan through the thick and thin forever I rep for my boricua.

  134. harvey.c August 29, 2010

    if nicki can use auto tune so can J-Lo. . .this s*** is much better than your love.

  135. G.LaSalle August 29, 2010

    DEAD @ people getting “facts” from Wikipedia. #iCant

  136. Push101 August 29, 2010

    I dont know about this… I like the part when she starts “rapping” but other then that Im not a HUGE fan cause the auto-tune isin’t amazing. Im a HUGE Jennifer Lopez fan but Im getting really sick of waiting and getting my hopes up for them to leak the new hit but they have been such fails recently. She needs to stop trying to do what everyone else is and do what got her famous, stuff like “If you had my love”, “Waiting for Tonight”, and “Im Real”.

    She should release her cover of “On the Radio” with David Guetta as a single, now thats a sick track!

  137. Luka August 29, 2010

    Love this just wow and f**k haters

  138. Kellz August 29, 2010

    YAWWWWWWWWWWWN. I dont care for it, but is sounds like the typical crap that will make it a hit

  139. Charlie August 29, 2010

    It’s amaziiiiing. I love it !

  140. HUSHBITCH August 29, 2010

    Yesssssss, I approve.

  141. Justin August 29, 2010

    I love it! Now release the full damn song! I’ve been replaying the snippet like crazy!

  142. Madonna Christina Britney August 29, 2010

    good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it love love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. John August 29, 2010

    Can’t stop listening to the song. Hopefully we will get a full version tomorrow.

    Beyonce is great. But Jen is the biggest DIVA of them all. She changed so much for Latin American Artists. U all should learn to appreciate what she did for the latin people in Northamerica!

    GOOD S***!!!!! (quess that will be the real title of the song?! maybe Good Hit is the radio friendly title?)

  144. veronica August 29, 2010


  145. POOR copyonce August 29, 2010


  146. POOR copyonce August 29, 2010


  147. POOR copyonce August 29, 2010


  148. Luis August 29, 2010


  149. Conundrum August 30, 2010

    CiaraDabess u sound like a f****** r*****. Just stop. Next time when oyu are gonna right something. Dont.

    “yes its catchy but thats the type of song i hate” – How is that sensible? You there discrediting her when Basic Flop is dropping October 32nd. NEVER COMING OUT!!!

  150. Conundrum August 30, 2010

    And another thing if you hate the song.. why do u want Ciara to record it? Why… is it because shes accustomed of releasing flops?

  151. Sanging August 30, 2010


  152. BEYONCES BIG WEAVE SPEAKS OUT August 30, 2010

    Lmao typical beyonce stans Are f****** wrecked in the head

    Beyonce is a f****** very very bad actress she cant act to save her padded a***! She cant dance for s*** and she dresses like a f****** bad tranny! Her clothing line flopped and her perfume smells like a bottled fart! She is a thief and f****** copycat she has Lost her shine now

    Her last solo hit was over a year ago with sweetdream! She f****** bagged Gaga success because she knows Gaga and kesha and katy perry are f****** taking over her!

    Beyonce fans Get scared they Fear the comp!

    Anyways jennifer is a f****** powerhouse megastar and even after her flops she still gets offerd films roles…even def jam jumped at the chance to sign Jennifer Up

    even Jennifers perfume line has gone onto sell over $1billion

    JLO is the American F****** Power house Diva that the likes of Beyfat try copying all the time

    JLO matters Your Faves dont!

    this song is amazing JLO is back!

  153. modjo August 30, 2010

    just one word this song is FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE … to the haters just if u don like it don comments idiots … welcome back JLO i knew it that DEF JAM r goin to take care of her and forget RIRI for a while !!!!!

  154. amazing August 31, 2010

    I really don’t see what everyone else does in this song. The auto-tune is so over powering that I can barely make out what she is even saying. In the least this song is filler/mediocre. However, it’s far from a “good hit.” I mean, this isn’t the type of music Jennifer Lopez is known for. It’s obvious she’s trying to be trendy, and just like Christina suffered for jumping on banwagons, Jennifer will probably have the same consequences. It’s unfortunate that artists have to resort to following trends instead of setting them, but in any case, if she wants to be a follower at least do it right. This song is really annoying if anything . (Louboutins and Fresh out the Oven were much better; and that’s not saying much).

  155. Alberto August 31, 2010

    I love this song…… I can’t wait to hear the new album “LOVE?” ….. I love u J.Lo

  156. egialbania September 1, 2010

    ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Tops Weekly BLOCKBUSTER Hit Lists

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    3. The Back-Up Plan

  157. Paf September 1, 2010


  158. ED September 1, 2010

    all this hate! you don’t like her…then LEAVE!!!! If I don’t like an artist, I don’t spend my time hating…that makes me look like a fool cause I’m just spreading the word and promote them even MORE!! come on people, have some type of class!!!*ROLLS EYES* bey and jenny are awesome! and just like any other artist out there…they each appeal to different audiences so enough hating already, I bet you Beyonce and JLO are the bestest friends and are laughing at ALL of you while they read these comments on their blackberries!!!LMAO!

  159. sheraz September 2, 2010

    hmmm i can see that The queen is comin back and ready to kill LAdy kaka, beyonce and katy perry …… welcome back JLO we missed u !!!!!!!!!!

  160. Wow September 3, 2010

    @ciaradabess…. Ur da tru definition of a hater!!!!!! Omg! Jlo is way better than ciara in everything nd plus jennifer doesn’t have a penis like ciara the tranny!!! Oh nd plus ciara talks to the beat NOT sing…. Get a life b****

  161. BB September 13, 2010

    Love it!

  162. c2dalo September 16, 2010

    All of you get a F****** job please you stupid pieces of S***!!! jennifer Lopez has accomplished a lot in her life…she doesn’t care what you have to say. especially you @s*** or jenny whatever your f****** dumb-ass name is…is that your name, cause that’s what you eat for breakfast h**! haha…she has money ,what do you have? nothing…go back to your shack! BBBBIIITCCCHHHH!! and i won’t respond back…cause i don’t have time…i barley have time to write this..because i have a life!…you c** dumpster! I got the last laugh hoodrat!

  163. Taylor September 27, 2010

    I think this is supposed to say “I got that good s*it” but they chose to edit it. I hope we get a dirty version.

  164. ricky October 6, 2010

    lol this is just funny to c all these damn haterz talkin thier smack it just makes me laugh
    but isnt it funny too how they be hating and they dont like jenny but yet they r on here checkin out her song i mean come on isnt that stupid???? showz that they do care n wanna hear her music lol
    Jlo is comin back hard n shes gonna be takin over the charts like she always has i kno now that with this def jam she is gonna be doing great i never gave up on her n i never will she inspires me in many ways she has come along way n proud of everything shes done
    all i can say is haters keep hatin n just be ready for her comeback cause she is goin nowhere remember that!!!!!!

  165. sebastian November 27, 2010

    This song has alot of potential in my opinion to be a hit.. especialy with the correct promotion and hot video ! .. i think its freakin’ hot and the beat is sick also .. im sure she could kill it on stage.. and haters keep hatin’ .. thats why ur all up on a jlo snippet to see what shes coming up with .. lol .. her true fans are waiting for some more hot dance tracks ! ..

  166. bitchx January 4, 2011

    honestly this song is actually amazing, maybe you guys just have bad taste in music or your just jealous. and to all of you who are bashing on jlo and her career your really just jealous cause you could never do the s*** she does, and you have no lives but to sit here and bash celebrities because their lives are better then yours. and not for nothing ciara was like a one hit b****, she fell off the face of the earth and she only had a few good songs.

  167. D.Strock January 17, 2011

    If only it weren’t for the overused, massive auto-tune

  168. tony January 17, 2011


  169. xoxo January 18, 2011

    You people are either defensive or highly sensitive.

    Everyone has their OWN opinions. So if they like it good and if they don’t like it, that’s still good.
    People have different taste in music so that whole “you people have bad taste in music” just doesn’t make any sense. Like I said, people have different taste in music in which it should be respected. I personally think the song is catchy, and I like it.

    So before you people start lashing out on me and cursing me our because you don’t like what I said. Just note that your just another person arguing behind a computer desk. Get over it.


  170. J.R. January 18, 2011

    She should just give it up already. Her era was the mid 90’s, … This is corny as HELL!!! and so is the stupid video. What is she trying to be like? Beyonce? BORING!!!!

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