New Video: Teairra Mari – ‘Super High’

Perseverance must be Teairra Mari‘s trigger-word; for the R&B songstress has released yet another video. This time it’s for ‘Super High’, a track lifted from her recently released DJ Drama mixtape – ‘Point Of No Return’.

Check it out below…

Though Mari’s hustle is admirable, she’d get more kudos if each clip wasn’t simply her trying to sell her sex appeal. It gets old…real quick. What’s more, while recession-specials are somewhat understandable these days (after all, we are in a recession), this looked as if it was filmed on Mari’s Blackberry. Not the business.

Your thoughts?

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  1. sugar honey ice tea August 9, 2010

    Actually were not in a rescission the UK and USA came out of recession in 2009 …. Just saying

  2. Nika August 9, 2010

    Teairra is one of those girls that is really pretty BUT b/c she tires so hard to be s***; it always fails….poor thing.

  3. arfa August 9, 2010

    love her

  4. RaydeeohCity August 9, 2010

    she sucks

  5. Richard August 9, 2010

    Sugar Hiney Iced Tea you couldn’t be more wrong. We are far from out of a recession LOL. Our unemployment rate is almost 10%

  6. teammonica August 9, 2010

    He is cute to me.. Hell ill smoke witcha

  7. LuvMeDJ August 9, 2010

    Its just a simple mixtape video. Who would put much into the video anyways? Although I must be honest..and I’m a HUGE fan, I am tired of seeing her fall around smiling and being pretty. I didn’t expect this coming from this song. But watever, its still promo for the mixtape.

  8. Carmen August 9, 2010

    LMAO She Fails So H A R D !

  9. Kyle August 9, 2010

    It’s a song for a mixtape so no sense of making a big budget video, especially when it’s a cover of someone else’s song. I am a Teairra fan and I really respect her hustle. She just isn’t giving up.

  10. futurestarDELUX August 9, 2010



    – WHERE MY B****** AT? MAKE THAT P**** PURR –

  11. MICHAEL August 9, 2010

    This girl can REALLY song; unfortunately she’s reduced to mixtapes! Soon she’ll be back on the charts! Here’s hoping to her succe$$…

  12. afan August 10, 2010

    Maybe if she had slept with the boss(Jay-z) as Rihanna did, her career also would be off the ground.

  13. truth serum. August 10, 2010

    LOL @ Richard.. I was like wtf she talking about. They’re discussing a possible homeowner’s bail out, unemployment is still rising lmao. Where the hell is that person living? Anyway this song reminds me of the 90s… but the video is dumb.

  14. raraskils August 12, 2010

    after all this promotion, her mixtape better sell well, lol.

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