Hot Shot: Ludacris & Kelly Rowland At LudaDay Weekend

Published: Saturday 4th Sep 2010 by Sam

Rapper Ludacris kicked off the 5th Annual LudaDay Weekend in Atlanta last night. The anniversary dinner, which was attended by the likes Kelly Rowland and Sean Garrett (both pictured above), served as the first event of the Weekend – which was created as a platform to give back to the community and celebrate unity amongst the city’s taste-makers. {Source}

Tidbit: Kelly is set to feature on the latest Sims 3 expansion pack, ‘The Sims 3: Late Night’. The 29 year old re-recorded her new single ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ in “sim language” to feature in the game. Anyone who knows about computer games, knows ‘The Sims’ franchise is a huge seller, hence this is a really good look for Ms. Kelly.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JR September 4, 2010

    Good Job Luda thats my boy! Nice to see Kelly Rowland as usually with her s*** ass!

  2. Dave September 4, 2010

    Work Kelly! Get them coins. She looking s*** as f*** in that fitted dress too

  3. Jay September 4, 2010

    Sam/Trent how come no one is posting news about kellys album ? No release date, singles, videos or anything …

    I smell a flop brewing yet you f*** continue to be little other artist when your favs are barely pushing 50,000 units.

  4. Jay September 4, 2010

    And have you two noticed you only get “comments” when you talk trash about someone ex. Rihanna 402 comments while others have barely 10 smmfh

  5. Jay September 4, 2010

    Oh Yeah and Kelly will continue to flop. Shes wack and boring.

  6. tera September 4, 2010

    @jay kelly is not wack nor boring she is fine leave her alone

  7. Kelly September 4, 2010

    Go Girl, I got your back all d Way!!! Your soooo talented and u deserve all d best. God Bless U! U luk hot by d way. Love d hair. And Jay or wat eva d hell u call yourself, since u like oda stars comment on dem and leave Kelly alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! rubbish.

  8. Chidimma September 4, 2010

    Take charge of your destiny Girl, pple out dere love u so much. Even if u re not as popular as oda stars now, trust me girl wit hard work and dedication, u’ll be some day. I’m your numba one Fan. Your very pretty…….

  9. Jude September 4, 2010

    I cud marry u every single day!!! your hot! mmwahhhhh!

  10. quanberg September 4, 2010

    Kelly looks absolutely amazing, her body is on fire, her make-up in on point and and her looks real good !!!! She has been real bust lately, promoting promoting promoting. I will be getting 5 copies of her album !!!! I’m stanning 100% keep the posts coming !!!

    @Jay – get a life and leave Kelly alone.

  11. kelly fan4ever September 4, 2010

    omg kelly is everywhere love you kelly and keep up the good work, let these b**** as haters hate mama, you look so good and that body wow

  12. NikkiIsChillin September 4, 2010

    Everyone in the picture looks so nice. I love Kelly’s dress. Its good to see her stepping up her game in the US. Oh, and I must admit, I like the Sims. I’m glad she’s part of the soundtrack. Keep up the good work Kelly!!!

  13. dboy September 4, 2010

    we love u kelly

  14. Rudeboi September 4, 2010

    is Kelly dating Denver nuggets Kenyon Martin??? rumors spreading like a wild fire!!!
    I think they would make a hot couple !!

  15. GangsterA September 5, 2010

    kelly looks fly

  16. tera September 5, 2010

    every body comes at kelly yes they would make a good couple ! this nastyass trash is no good for kelly *\ she need to find herself a good decent man

  17. Janet J. September 5, 2010

    Best song by Kelly Rowland is ” Unity ” … check it out on YouTube and iTunes ~ amazing ballad !!!

  18. Nneka September 5, 2010

    Kelly, U alwayz leave me short of words. What do I say now? U are so beautiful!!!! and Hot and u have a great voice too. I love your song ”COMMANDER” so much. Keep up d gud work. God Bless.

  19. Rara September 5, 2010

    Kelly you are so Hot!!!!…we love you

  20. kellyfan September 5, 2010

    kelly bod looks hot bet kell wearing s*** thong cos dress sooo tight x

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