Hot Shots: Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland & More LudaDay Basketball Event

Published: Tuesday 7th Sep 2010 by Sam

As earlier reported, rapper Ludacris hosted the 5th Annual LudaDay Weekend in Atlanta over the the weekend. The three-day long celebration culminated in a celebrity basketball match at the Forbes Arena last night. The event  attended by – among others – Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland (above), Nelly, Ne-Yo, Bow Wow, Polow Da Don, and Teairra Mari.

More pics below…

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  1. kody September 7, 2010

    my n**** breezy can ball tho

  2. Last S*** on earth September 7, 2010

    Smelly Flopland looks GORGEOUS

  3. Blu Majik September 7, 2010

    looks like fun!

  4. Lady September 7, 2010

    Chris and Kelly look cute! Didn’t Chris write a song caleld Germonio(I cant spell so excuse me if I spelled it wrong lol) that he gave to Kelly Rowland? Or did he give it to Brandy or decide to keep it???

    Anyways looks like good times!

  5. bjksolo September 7, 2010

    KOOL BEANS!!!!! #ciaraspeechless hits itunes 9/7/10 😀

  6. Imanni September 7, 2010

    Love TGJ BUT DAMN yall slippin. Once again I already saw these pics on another site. Anyways as usual my boy looking good. Nelly looking a lil excited and LMAO at @Last S*** On Earth calling Kelly Smelly Flopland. Oh well *shrugs* at least you said she was GORGEOUS.

    Is that Larenz Tate posing w/Kelly if so Where the HELL has he been. I love him

  7. SohhJavier September 7, 2010

    My two favorites Chris & Kelly

  8. DOPY September 7, 2010


  9. Krissy September 7, 2010

    fine fine fine fine fine….kelly been comming up (talking bout her music)…anyway chris is fin fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine!!!!! I can’t wait for clyptso ( if thats how u spell it.).OMG look at his smile..that damn smile get me everytime….i wonder if he uses colgate??? brezzy foreal

  10. OI September 7, 2010

    Aff….She´s copying Rihanna with this hair…
    This girl don´t have anithing by herself…

  11. yhtak September 7, 2010

    chris looks so hot 🙂
    kelly looks so pretty


  12. goana September 7, 2010


  13. Krissy September 7, 2010


    Rihanna ain’t the only girl who can get a damn haircut..damn

  14. Mariah Davis September 7, 2010

    who’s Rihanna? is she new?

    anyway everyone looks great.

  15. thekiddz September 7, 2010

    Nelly AND Chris?! Dreams do come true, well not quite what I had in mind….* Grinch Smile*

  16. Krissy September 7, 2010


    he called out fake people. Man what he said was so true..n***** is so fake..they didn’t wanna f** witt him when that s*** happened now they all over him…fake fake fake…anyway check out what he said…jus go on his twitter page..u know how to get there

  17. ADE September 7, 2010

    Kelly looks GOOOODD!

  18. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    Sweetheart, there’s no need to tell everybody to go to his page. I’m sure his Tweets were seen on everyone’s timeline by now. Personally, I don’t think he should use a public forum such as Twitter to call people out, especially considering that there are a bunch of people who took his Tweets the wrong way (he was referring to his peers, not the public) and may have decided not to support him again because of his words. In this day and age where it’s a miracle for an artist to sell a million records, he (along with every other artist) needs all the supporters he can get.

  19. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    Anyway, I need to move to Atlanta like yesterday since that seems to be the Black Hollywood. I just need to learn how to drive before I move (can’t get to nowhere in Atlanta without a car.)

  20. Imanni September 7, 2010

    Already seen it. He tweeted while I was on Twitter. I was like YEAH!!! I was even more happy that he didnt delete the tweet cause I was getting tired of that s***. I was getting annoyed at some of his fans saying he shouldnt be tweeting that. WHY???? Its his twitter pg he can tweet what the f*** he want and its the TRUTH!

  21. Krissy September 7, 2010


    well…i guess he was talking about you…cuz u just took it to a whole nother level…he just called out the fake ones…twitter is used to do those kinds of things…and i knw he was talking about his peers…i was just tellling people to go see….no need to get sensitive..let him do what he do…its his twitter account let him do what he pleases cuz i know i do it all the time on mine ..lmao

  22. Krissy September 7, 2010


    I knwwwww…like he said himself..”people so sensitive on this twitter..” lmao…chris stop caring about what people ( other than his fans) think a looonnnnnnggg time ago…i giv him props for those tweets….i do the same on my account

  23. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 7, 2010


    That was so funny how he said it tho.

  24. gio88 September 7, 2010

    Kelly and Chris Brown would be a great couple!!

  25. Krissy September 7, 2010

    @plain and simple

    I knw right…lol…

    everytime he say “go to bed” i jus die….lol…dude is goofy foreal

  26. jonberry September 7, 2010

    OH LORD………….NOT NE-YO! 🙂

    Chris Yum Yum,
    Bow Wow lil cutie pie,
    Nelly, arms and chest yummy,
    Kelly just looks adorable with that hair cut,
    Wait, is that cutie from Love Jones?…..yummy

    Looks like everyone, especially the fans, had a great time. I’m glad everyone came out to support such a good cause!

  27. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    I know full well that it’s his Twitter. The difference between you and him, is that he can’t just say whatever he wants because he is a public figure whose words have an influence on others. If he were to say something like, “f*** Jay-Z,” you wouldn’t care because “its his twitter account let him do what he pleases”? Unlike you, his words can end up on somebody’s blog and then he’s gonna go on Twitter talking about people picking on him. It’s become a cycle. 1) He says something out-of-pocket. 2) The blogs report it. 3) He says they’re picking on him. Then it’s back to square one.

  28. Krissy September 7, 2010


    like i said chris stop caring what people think a long time ago…….there are still ALOT of people who “hate him” yet he still on top…s*** …i wouldn’t care either…and who cares if the blogs put it out..they put out everything else he wouldn’t be nothing new….Im glad he did it..he on that real s***

  29. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    Clearly, he cares. Fortunately blogs don’t report about him as much as they used to, so he doesn’t complain as much. But if this situation was on somebody’s MediaTakeOut or B*****, he would have something to say. Mind you, you’re the one who brought his Tweets up, so if no one should care, why mention it?

  30. Baby Girl September 7, 2010

    when r yall gonna post that Nelly interview? i love Nelly!! (((5.0))) Album November 16th

  31. Krissy September 7, 2010

    lmao lmao dnt get all worked up…i was just letting people who may not have ssen it yet to go look …thats all..lmao lmao sensitie sensitive..i brought it up but u took it there…end of convo…lets just enjoy the pics..k??..k


  32. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    LMAO Trust, I’m not worked up and not taking this “debate” seriously at all, which is why I just posted that YouTube link.

  33. Krissy September 7, 2010



  34. JAZ0195 September 7, 2010

    @SHIMMY I get what your trying to say but it seems like 50cent’s tweets are the only thing people care about they had his tweets int he blog all weekend. SMH. I dissagree with some of the things you said but you said because it’s his account and he shouldn’t let somebody stop him from expressing himself.

  35. JAZ0195 September 7, 2010

    I meant to say I not you

  36. Krissy September 7, 2010


    hey jaz!!!!!!

  37. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    That’s fine but I still stand by what I said. And 25 Cent is so irrelevant; he needs all the attention that he can get. I would expect an idiot like him to Tweet the way that he does. And I follow him too, just to watch the trainwreck unfold. 🙂

  38. Soulful Roses September 7, 2010

    YAASSS! Breezy has his old smile back again! Him and Kelly look so BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  39. Krissy September 7, 2010


    thats good that u stand by what u said

    and i understand where you comming from..but still u dnt know how chris feels and neither do I…stars go through s*** we can’t even imagine…soooo for that i giv u mad props!!

  40. Wha-EVA! September 7, 2010

    Monica? Is that you? ‘-‘

  41. S*** September 7, 2010

    If Kelly knew what was good for her she would stay far away from Fist Brown especially with that hair reminding him of Rihanna 😆

  42. Chick Boom September 7, 2010

    Kelly is BEAUTIFUL… Her Face is Flawless and her skin is to die for…

    I swear she can rock anything..

    If her album flops than she definitely can go into modeling or something…

    SIDENOTE: her nose is big so I don’t think she had a nose job just a boob job



  43. tera September 7, 2010

    i love nelly so much chris paul and lorenz look so fine and s*** as for nelly wow! i would ave him any day these r the type of guys looks fine with kelly grab 1 kelly chris brown and kelly what can i say ?

  44. quanberg September 7, 2010

    Kelly looks gourgeous !!! Absolutely amazing, her make-up is great also !!!!

  45. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 7, 2010

    Always someone throwing shade. I mean this comment post was so damn nice until it came here.

    Well anyway Chris is having fun with Kelly and everybody else. Yes Chris enjoy you life baby

  46. JAZ0195 September 7, 2010

    @KRISSY hey!!

    LMAO at 25cent.

  47. tera September 7, 2010

    @soulful roses* is that lisa left eye lopes picture? she was 1 attractive beautiful princess

  48. NICKY September 7, 2010



    GIRL RUN!!!!

  49. NICKY September 7, 2010



    SMOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES!!!!!! CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Keesha September 7, 2010

    I’m glad that Chris is enjoying his life. Thanks for posting to pics @TGJ.

  51. floridagirl September 7, 2010

    @S***….Shut-up that wasn’t needed and that hairstyle don’t look nothing like Rihanna’s…#carryon

  52. anon September 7, 2010

    *dead* at Chris kneeling so Bow Wow won’t look so short. lol

  53. SHIMMY September 7, 2010

    Here they come………..

    Well, ToTo is about as tall as Chris’ knees, so…

  54. badd September 7, 2010

    I’m still trying to figure out why Kelly is proudly
    wearing that old Rihanna cut.

  55. Myway September 7, 2010

    Give it a rest “fist Brown”? Listen aint nobody thinking about busted lip Rihanna! Kelly in this pic, looks much better then any recent pics I have seen of Rihanna!

  56. Myway September 7, 2010

    “Hot-Lana” seems to be the place to be now days! I may have to visit Atlanta for next years event. It looks like everybody had tons of fun.

    I like Nelly’s new song. I’m sure he is talking about how much he misses Ashanti. It’s funny that the media has not scrutinized his song like they have done everyone of Chris’ declaring that he “must be talking about Rihanna” in each one! (LOL)

  57. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 7, 2010


    You can say that again

  58. ILOVEXTINA September 7, 2010

    Uh oh! Kelly is within punching distance, back up girl!

  59. Soulful Roses September 7, 2010


    YUP! That’s my girl Lisa 🙂

  60. KRS088 September 7, 2010

    Alright Kelly and Chris looking good in that picture. You guys look so happy as a matter of fact everyone looks happy and having such a great time.

  61. Myway September 7, 2010


    Some of these folks need to get off of this site trying to hate on Chris talking nothing but trash! I would suggets that these very ppl go out and try to find a post about their favs *cough bionicFLOP* & *cough, cough Woody Flopping Woodpecker* and STHU!

  62. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 7, 2010


    I glad no one is responding to them.

  63. Rihsus September 7, 2010

    dead @ S***


  64. KRS088 September 7, 2010

    I want to know why is that person here talking about she/he fav. Don’t she/he know we don’t give two shits about their fav. This makes me laugh.

  65. NikkiIsChillin September 7, 2010

    Kelly and Chris are to cute! Kelly’s new do is the business!!!

  66. Secret Voice September 7, 2010

    Chris can definitely ball.He got a good passing game and my little brother can dunk too!Chris is really cuter in person. I know why some of you Rih-Ho stans are so pressed about Kelly.You fools are pressed because she did not turn against Chris,infact when asked about him,she said ‘I am in no place to judge him or anyone else’….

  67. JAZ0195 September 7, 2010

    @KRS088 I’M LMAO too.

  68. the trith teller September 7, 2010

    OMG!!!!!!!! @ KELLY she neva lookes this HOT before!
    wow. she beta be like this all the time

    nice one Kelly you ROCK!!!


  69. the truth teller September 7, 2010

    but now I need a hit from you!

  70. mandy September 7, 2010

    Three flops in one shot. How suiting…

  71. mandy September 7, 2010

    Word of advice to Kelly- You wouldn’t want an album cover of you standing there in stitches and a black eye. Say deuces to the beaver face just like you will to your career when your album comes out.

  72. Bacqui September 7, 2010

    Lol! @ Breezy bending over to take a picture wit his lil homie Bow Wow!.. My boy is enjoying his lyf these days! Luv it! God bless Chris Brown and #TeamBreezy!

  73. tera September 7, 2010

    @soulful roses i love left eye so much that girl was so special and different talkin abt girl with beauty class and very talent in many things sumtimes i ask myself y i she had to go so soon but god knows y it hurts but…………………………

  74. jazybelle September 7, 2010

    chris looks delicious and kelly is a gorgeous chocolate girl

  75. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS September 7, 2010

    Chris look so happy and look like he had a great time

  76. X,Y,”and Z” September 7, 2010

    If Camp-Fenty is willing to keep out of Chris’ thread/posts, then I’ll promise not to comment on/in any Rihanna thread/post. But, there is ONE-stipulation; I’m willing to form an “alliance of sorts” and aid in the fail/fall of Beyonce’s 30-something-year-old X-back-up singer.

    Why in the world would I do that, you ask?? …Well, because TGJ refuses to “cease and desist” with “The White Rapper” post/threads. Sam/Trent must be taught a lesson; one they’ll not-soon-to-forget!

    So far, I’ve 47-HARD CORE bloggers who are VERY tech-savvy. That 47 can-be-made-to-appear 470(or more) <– REAL TALK…!!

    What say y'all, Team-Breezy …??

    If 'Camp-Fenty' will like to reach me, you can email me at<-That's a REAL email address!! has a X-Beyonce 30-year-old back-up singer post, I'll also post this info there!

    @Sam/Trent, not only did you recently post T.I.'s mug shot, but you post an "imposing White Rapper picture," in all his "melanin-deficient glory!" Such transgression CANNOT/WILL-NOT go unanswered!

    @NIcky – Beyonce's 30-something-year-old X-back-up singer is Rihanna's NEW competition, IF you choose to meet MY TERMS, we can banish-to-hell, her new rival; what say you ….??

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT …!!!

  77. Call On Me September 8, 2010

    Oh my, Chirs and Kelly look awfully cute together!

  78. Lady September 8, 2010

    Don’t seem like people really minded his tweets to me if so why didnt they click that unfollow? But they didnt so…..the problem is? Blogs report anything they need to pay their rent.

    Mariah Davis
    September 7, 2010 at 1:07 am
    who’s Rihanna? is she new?

    anyway everyone looks great.

  79. Geronimo Deuces September 8, 2010

    wow go chris go

    **m listening to “WHIP MY HAIR” …………. willow smith nailed it **

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