Hot Shots: Mariah Carey At LAX

Published: Friday 24th Sep 2010 by Trent

Mariah Carey was spotted at LAX airport recently. The icon is scheduled to perform a full concert at the already sold out 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. Check out more images of the diva below:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. criss_vaughn September 24, 2010

    She didn’t another tummy tuck while she’s pregnant?


  2. Lioness September 24, 2010

    brown is not her color .lol

  3. LAMB September 24, 2010

    Well atleast she looks happy 🙂

  4. oral anthony September 24, 2010

    what happen to the baby bump

  5. Boricua September 24, 2010

    Her ta ta’s look ginormous. Is she preggo or isn’t she?
    I’m baffled at this point…

  6. WATEVA September 24, 2010

    LOL Mimi really likes playing with our minds!! HA
    Anyways she looks Fantabulous!!!

  7. DANBOFFICIAL September 24, 2010




  8. Tish September 24, 2010

    I find it HILARIOUS that people can’t tell whether she is pregnant or not. Shade! Anyway, she does look nice, but WHERE is that soldout performance and what was the reason for Mr. Trent to minimize the font there?!?!? LOL

  9. TTB September 24, 2010

    She looks great!!!

  10. I Am ME September 24, 2010

    She’s not pregnant, only fat as a pig……………………………………….Im sick of her, she should move to Mars a undergo IVF by an alien…………………

  11. Richard September 24, 2010

    I think she’s a fabulous woman. She’s so immensely talented that she could wear a burlap sack and it wouldn’t matter to me. If she is pregnant, then I admire her for putting her family and her baby first by keeping it under wraps and not whoring it to every magazine imaginable.

  12. Samiam September 24, 2010

    I feel bad for her. It must suck to keep trying to get pregnant. And, have people mistake you for being pregnant

  13. Samiam September 24, 2010

    @IAMME, that’s lowdown. That woman isn’t doing anything to you. She’s been out of the public eye for a quite awhile now.

  14. meme September 24, 2010

    oh boy..wth happend to her

  15. Becca September 24, 2010

    I really want to see her pics, but all I see is a whale washed-up on shore

  16. egialbania September 24, 2010

    what hapened with her she looks terible

  17. Funkiboi September 24, 2010

    Well – if they stopped photoshopping her album covers to make her look like she did at 20 years old, then people wouldn’t be so shocked to see what she REALLY looks like.

    At least she looks happy here.

  18. _MAXRIAH_ September 24, 2010

    This reminds me of the Dress Brandy wore in her “Full Moon” video where you couldn’t even tell her was Pregnant but underneath, her stomach was HUGE lol

  19. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 24, 2010

    she looks very happy and thats all that matters

  20. carl September 24, 2010

    Why is everyone so disrespectful to this woman? Do u know what she has done for your fave’s and how many doors and lives she has helped with her music? Bow the f*** down!

  21. Trent’s the R***** September 24, 2010

    FACT: Shares the same dress designer as Aretha Franklin. In fact, the designer noted no change in size was required when doing mimoo’s dresses. Less work and mariah got a discount. FACT #2: Aretha looks better than this white beached whale – and sings better at age 68!! I wonder if she had to buy 3 seats on the flight. 2 for Mariah and the 3rd for Mr. Nick Carey. Mariah is normally as stiff as a concrete block when she sings. Now she has an excuse!! 400 lbs is a pretty decent paper weight.

    No doubt idiot Trent will this post and edit. But enough viewers will see this and laugh their asses off and make it viral!! Haha.

  22. truthteller September 24, 2010

    Wow! She looks huge as a house! I agree with the other poster, she needs to accept her flutuating weight and stop photoshopping so d*mn much. Look at that promo pic released today and these real pics! She does not look good at all. I hope Mr. Trent is eating humble pie as he went in on Whitney the other day but Whitney airport pics and Beverly Hills pics look 10k times better than these. No Shade but it is what it is. Now maybe Trent wouldn’t be so slick with other divas when Mimoo has her flaws and all as well.
    I imagine the blogs will have a field day with these pics, M** anyone! B*****!

  23. Bswizzle September 24, 2010

    She looks like the Mariah Carey from the 2001-2003 era…HATE IT!!!!! I want the E=MC2 MIMI back 🙁

  24. HBF82 September 24, 2010

    Real Diva.

  25. Trina September 24, 2010

    SHE LOOKS DISGUSTING !! And she doesn’t look pregnant at ALL !! I think she’s tryin’, and y’all know how difficult it is to get pregnant à 40! Anyway, she looks a HOT ASS MESS AS ALWAYS!! Disgustingly FAT !! And she doesn’t know how to dress as well !! NEXT

  26. TheMan September 24, 2010

    So is she not pregnant? She looked alot bigger at the last concert, poor MiMi

  27. GangsterA September 24, 2010

    cute and fat love mariah she own youre faves

  28. Trent’s the R***** September 24, 2010

    Mariah better watch those heels! Looks like they gonna break anytime soon under that gravity!! I’m sure when Mariah lands in Singapore the water levels will rise by a foot. Lucky it’s not monsoon season!!

  29. Like OMG September 24, 2010

    Some of you idiots act like there are photos out there that are photoshopped by god to make Mariah go from pregnant to skinny. Only recent photos I’ve seen is the Christmas Album Cover and everyone knows she shot the album art back in July with David La Chapelle when it was first rumored by major news writers and commentators that she would be doing a Christmas album. Keep the fat jokes coming because thats really all you bishes have on her and you sure as hell can’t touch what this woman has done for music.

  30. Corazon September 24, 2010

    Yeah I bet everyone posting is supermodel beautiful and just on every cover of every magazine. Mariah’s happy, whether big or small so wtf? Let the woman be. All she need to do is concentrate on that music. Her body has nothing to do with anyone. And if she’s a whale, she’s the most beautiful one I’ve seen 😀

  31. martha September 24, 2010

    Oh, people, people… Please THINK!!! What is important to you – music? looks? Is she thin? Is she pregnant? Is she fat? YOU DECIDE!!!

  32. Lady Rihyonce September 24, 2010



  33. Tanner September 24, 2010

    She looks awwwwwwwwwwwwfulllll! OMG! Regarding the photoshopped pictures, she wasn’t even that size back in April so stop with the lies. She’s huge and fat does not become her. Wishing her good luck in getting pregnant.

    Sometimes its’ not good to put your career first if you know later you will want children. It’s a hard price to pay to now try to get pregnant. Let’s see what she wears for her concert. she would have looked better in Black and in slacks than a flowing brown dress that washes her out.

  34. Samiam September 24, 2010

    Wowwwwwwww, you people are cruel. This woman is on IVF treatments. You Whitney fans need to stop. You guys aren’t victims on this site. Sam was trashing Mariah long before Trent even started posting. Every Mariah post some Whitney fans feel it’s their duty to rush in. Guess, what St. Whitters isn’t looking any better. And, she’s not doing any IVF treatments. So, what’s her excuse for a triple chin.

  35. Samiam September 24, 2010

    For real, Tanner? Shouldn’t you wait to get married to someone you love to get pregnant. That just happened for Mariah. It happened late in life. But, is that really something you can control?

  36. Tiff September 24, 2010

    She looks happy!

  37. Wake Up Six September 24, 2010


    Be Respectful!

  38. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 24, 2010

    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments. Well I guess it’s too many hateful for Mimi to delete.

    But anyway, please stop hating on Mimi as much as this site hates on others I would say well screw her, but like everybody else she does not deserve hit. Some people will gain weight when they get older. As long as she healthy I don’t see the problem

  39. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 24, 2010

    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments
    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments
    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments
    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments
    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments

  40. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 24, 2010

    B**** as Trent deletes and change peoples comments

  41. GREG September 24, 2010

    is that a UPS truck?….

  42. elaine12qw September 24, 2010

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  43. Sarah September 24, 2010

    The first pic is humorous. It’s like she’s saying, “Hey! Look at me! I’m not pregnant after all!

    Poor Mariah. With all of those rumors coming out about her hitting up fertility clinics, she must can’t get pregnant.

    She looks great by the way. I hope she has puts on a great vocal show

  44. Tanner September 24, 2010


    I’m not a Whitney fan and I did wish her good luck trying to get pregnant, seriously. Keeping it real, she looks happy but she doesn’t look good overweight. Trent posted the pictures and asked what people thought of them so don’t be mad when people say how they fell.

  45. CiaraMedlies September 24, 2010

    how is gravity still holding her up??

  46. Mikeyy (Sublime00) September 24, 2010

    Wow, the level of personal disrespect and blatant personal attacks on the woman is incredibly astonishing. I wonder if people are saying this because she is a celebrity and seemingly unreachable so they feel like their comments don’t hold any weight but WOW. This iconic musician is trying desparately to get pregnant after forgoing a “family-life” and opting to contiue to LIVE IN THE STUDIO and put out album after album for Lambs..

    We all know she is trying to get pregnant and the weight gain is IVF treatment side effects. She is trying to bring a life into the world like everyone’s mother did, don’t be an ASS ABOUT IT. Keep it cute!

    What I noticed that kinda struck me was she looks significantly smaller, especially in the stomach, from when she was in Brazil. I was expecting her to be fully showing now, but its still not obviously pregnant. I wonder what the happs is…

    And don’t b**** about Trent deleting those comments cuz u would do if for ur faav too!

    Follow me on twitter:

  47. MEL September 24, 2010

    Lol at SAmiam

    You call out someone for dissing Mariah because udnerstandably she is overweigt if she is taking IVF treatments but then you turn around and diss Whtiney for her double chin when she was taking steroids for her Upper respiratory Infection,

    by the way, Whitney’s lost most of the weight and has not double chin , check her latest pictures.

    Mariah- perhaps she should wear all black to look slipper.

  48. yo its me h September 24, 2010

    YESSS SHES THE QUEEN !!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHT U PPL SAY SHES BETTER THEN YOU FAV!!!!!!!!! RT @CARL: Why is everyone so disrespectful to this woman? Do u know what she has done for your fave’s and how many doors and lives she has helped with her music? Bow the f*** down!

  49. dante0127 September 24, 2010

    I LOVE YOU MARIAH!!!!!!!


    LAMB 4 LIFE!!!!

  50. LEO September 24, 2010

    I’m a Whitney fan and I wish her the best. The pictures aren’t flattering but no body looks great all the time.

  51. Candy Bling September 24, 2010

    She looks great and even smaller than the last time we saw her so I’ve no idea if she’s pregnant or not.

    Bitter, hating turds, keep it up…

  52. Tess September 24, 2010

    Oh my gawwwd!!! You guys hate as if weight gain is one of the deadly sins!!! Let the 40 year old be!!!
    Man, I really need to see how some of you would look at 40.

    Hardly anybody’s hating on “Lady” Gaga when she flashes her vulva on TV. Yet this Mariah Carey who has written so many heartfelt songs, get so much hate!! She’s smiling, being happy, sending positive vibes and all you people can do is hate.What is the world coming to???

    * and FYI some people, she does NOT photoshop her pictures. The bloody photographers do. And the photo for her album cover was taken in April and yes she was that thin in April.

  53. RosaRubbel September 24, 2010

    She looks so sweet & happy!

  54. Ruff September 24, 2010

    I’m a Whitney fan too and I’m not going to say anything bad about Mimi. People need to stop going in on her weight. What if she’s on some medication for something serious? We don’t know. I do think it’s kind of lame of her to not respond to pregnancy rumors when she knows she’s not pregnant, instead of trying to make it seem like you are when you know you’re not, you should deny it.

    Anyway, she looks ok.

  55. MUSIC LOVER September 24, 2010

    Haters can’t hate all they want! Mariah is a living legend, and when she releases her 13th album she will shut everyone the f*** up like she did with “Emancipation of Mimi.” How are people dumb enough to believe a legend who has gotten song of the DECADE TWICE, won’t come back on top? Complete and utter idiots! We will return to real music as soon as this dance pop, autotune b******* era is over. You b****** best believe that!

  56. ~TeAM WeeZY~ September 24, 2010

    I love me some Mariah, but if she’s not pregnant, she should really think twice about wearing these frumpy ass dresses.

  57. EWWW September 24, 2010

    She is a has-been

  58. MT September 24, 2010

    I want to see how you mutha f*^%% look when you’re 40. I bet half of y’all are already obese. Leave Mariah alone she is a legend

  59. Kathy September 24, 2010

    What have our children grown up to be like? People don’t have respect for each other anymore. Better yet, go look up respect in the dictionary. Mariah, keep doing you.

  60. Tiff September 24, 2010

    She does not look pregnant anymore but who knows…

  61. Trent’s the R***** September 24, 2010

    Trent – “The fatastic icon is scheduled to perform a full concert at the already sold out 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix.”

    Note fat mimoo Mariah is just an invited singer at an “…ALREADY SOLD OUT GRAND PRIX” cuz she had no part in selling any tickets. Haha. What’s left of mimoo Mariah’s career… Doing overseas one stint gigs!! No one in the US wants her that’s for f**** sure. Trent oughta be b**** slapped!!!!

  62. DION-ISH September 24, 2010

    i LOVVEEEE Mariah! How can you not?!?!

    Such a Gorgeous women…..And her last album was extremely underrated!

    Plus we all Know shes Rihanna’s REAL inspiration besides Madonna…..Not that other women.

  63. iLoveXtina September 24, 2010


    that outfit is horrible. too much doodoo brown

  64. dante0127 September 24, 2010

    “There is no Merry Christmas without MC”
    It’s the official slogan that we will see in the marketing campaign for Mariah’s new holiday album Merry Christmas II You that’s slated for release on Tuesday, November 2. Kicking off with teaser ads in September, the extensive advertising campaign for the album extends through the Holiday season; and will stretch across all platforms (TV, Radio, Online, Outdoor, Print). MariahDailyJournal is happy to share with you the planned promotional blitz for Merry Christmas II You.

    • Mariah Christmas Special – PBS Soundstage (Major Network Broadcast)
    • Oprah
    • ABC Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Special
    • NBC Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
    • Today Show
    • Saturday Night Live Christmas Special
    • The View
    • Ellen
    • Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    • ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    Print Media: All major daily and weekly publications

    • “Oh Santa” will ship to Pop, Hot AC, AC, Rhythmic, and Urban Radio in October
    • Single and album tracks will be programmed on all holiday-themed syndicated radio shows, as well as major holiday initiatives with XM and Sirius.

    The music video for the first single “Oh Santa” (to be reportedly filmed on Oct. 1) will be programmed on all major TV and online partners.

  65. word September 25, 2010

    This fat b**** aint pregnant

  66. word September 25, 2010

    Still love the fat b**** though

  67. Oh yeah, oh yeah September 25, 2010

    She looks gorgeous and like the damn diva she is. You better werk!

  68. Spunky September 25, 2010

    you people can be so f****** cruel. she lost her baby. to the guy who said “she’s just a fat pig”… go jump off a bridge. i mean i’m not a huge mariah carey fan either but s*** give her a damn break you jerk

  69. blessed2bea1 September 25, 2010

    The sister looks fabulous and extremely happy looking. Just maybe the reason for this is because,”she had a healthy & beautiful baby”….Lets pray for this reason verses the worst.

  70. Soulful Roses September 25, 2010

    She looks beautiful 🙂

  71. trini_shorty868 September 25, 2010

    I remember this pic from a while back. No wonder celebs go on drugs. Maybe we need to rethink how our words affect ppl…

  72. Cold World September 25, 2010

    l feel like music would have made it without her. She is a joke, i’m a mother and if my now 9 year old son tell me when he gets older that he is marring someone my age i would have a problem with that. Nick canon could have done a lot better. She is not pretty. She is a average looking woman with money, so i guess that is what makes her “pretty”. I don’t know maybe it is the broad shoulders that is distracting me. Now on another not she is not fat, people are just use to the unhealthy look size, 0, 1, 2 those are the sizes of people who smoke drugs.. Nick is a brother so i know he like thickness.

  73. Cold World September 25, 2010

    There is no doubt in my mind that Mariah is a diva, but hell i am also. I work, attend school, i take care of my children , i drive a lexus rx 300 and if that is not a diva what the hell is. We give these artist especially the stuck up ones like Janet Jackson (who happens to look scary with her medically man made nose) to much credit. We make these people who and what they are. If we didn’t buy there music who would? She would have been like the artist before her that flopped.

  74. The Truth September 25, 2010

    There is no doubt in my mind that Mariah is a diva, but hell i am also. I work, attend school, i take care of my children , i drive a lexus rx 300 and if that is not a diva what the hell is. We give these artist especially the stuck up ones like Janet Jackson (who happens to look scary with her medically man made nose) to much credit. We make these people who and what they are. If we didn’t buy there music who would? She would have been like the artist before her that flopped.

  75. The Truth September 25, 2010

    I apologize for the duplicate comment, the first one did not post immediately so i assumed that it would not.

  76. lovelarah September 25, 2010

    All 4 of your post are stupidly asinine, so they are easy to overlook 😉

  77. Face-it September 25, 2010

    Mariah looks horrible. Whitney looked waaaay better in her airport pics. When Mariah isn’t wearing her bronzer, you can see how pale this chick really is ewww

  78. MsJ September 25, 2010

    Wow, some of you guys are amazing. How dare you call her fat. She looks healthy and happy. Shame on you who called this beautiful woman fat , shame on you.

  79. michelle September 25, 2010

    i really liked her when she got with puffy and broke out and did honey but then she got a big head and became a monster not a diva and she never wore clothes,she can’t get a grip between stage and real life,maybe she already had the baby her breast are big…ger,however parenting causes stress,and stress causes you to bloat,and i know how tough it can be to raise a 12 yr old boy(nick cannon) HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  80. Britt September 25, 2010

    she still looks preggo to me…the outfit just makes her belly look i dont think its anyones business…if she did lose a baby i dont think she would want a bunch of people spreading it around…let it go people

  81. THE ONE September 25, 2010

    Their are so many simple people in this world until its sad!!! I bet the majority of the ones leaving negative comments about this woman’s weight sitting behind their computer, phone or etc have bad bodies themselves!!!! Put your pic in your profile and watch how many of you become mute!! LOL attractive people don’t leave comments such as this because they are happy with themselves and could care less about the apperance of others. Put pic up of youseleves and then sit back and cry!! LMAO and you know who you are thats even more pathetic!

  82. Deirdre B Pride September 25, 2010

    Maybe she had her baby. Some of these comments are so ignorant.

  83. Deirdre B Pride September 25, 2010

    btw, Alisha Keyes looked not pregnant at times too.

  84. cervantes September 26, 2010


  85. 601_DYNAMITE September 26, 2010

    just like all otha singers n such,its just for the attention,she 2 dam old.all her eggs r hard n boiled.if she can still have kids,then so can i…………….n i knw dats not happening.

  86. Porschia September 26, 2010

    I don’t think Mariah Carey lost the baby. She looks to be in good spirits. I beleive she had the baby. Good Luck Mariah!!

  87. sick of u haters$$$ September 27, 2010

    Shut the hell up……thats what happy people look like….f***** healthy. Where they do u haterz at? I don’t even like her but still she is a beautiful person who happens to be eating right and living her life. So you broke-starving ass people need to get right or get light!

  88. Sandra September 28, 2010

    Could have been the morningsickness though.
    maybe that’s why she lost some weight.
    and that dress could hide a baby bump.

  89. bolo97 September 28, 2010

    I don’t think she is pregnant any longer ; if had I its very huge secret. She could have give birth in another country? But I doubt it. Possibilities of miscarrage are out of the question though; why? She would be rather sad about it. There has been enough time, but I donot believe it has been the customary nine months though?? Or has it ?

  90. bolo97 September 28, 2010

    Please excuse me for my duplicate post this my correction for my previous grammatical error.
    I don’t think she is pregnant any longer; if she has had a baby then its very huge secret. She could have given birth in another country though? But I doubt it. Possibilities of miscarriage are out of the question though; why? She would be rather sad about it. There has been enough time, but I do not believe it has been the customary nine months though?? Or has it?

  91. Kenny @ KRAVE September 28, 2010

    Wow! I’m really appalled by many of the comments here. It just makes me truly wonder what the person on the other side of the comment looks like and how they view themselves. What is your self esteem at right now? What makes you feel the need to tear down someone else who is happy in his/her life?

    Whether Mariah is pregnant or not, I believe she looks great to be 40. I see “white washed, beach whale etc” on here: this is her natural skin color. Sans tanning, sans photoshop. As many know she’s been trying to get pregant (hence the NO tanning salon), and is on IVF treatments which apparently ramp up your hormone count and “round” your body out. Its expected for her to gain weight.

    I’m so surprised to see people, esp. if a lot of you are people of color, tear down someone who is trying to enjoy life and have a family. Beyond that, this is a photo. At most she probably weighs 150-160 and is actually at the size that the majority of American women, ESPECIALLY African American/Latino women, really are.

    Grow up people…she’s steady bringing in millions of dollars a year..laughing all the way to the bank whilst you are mired in hate and negative energy.


  92. Kenny @ KRAVE September 28, 2010

    Oh! To the author of this post, I love this blog and I thank you for you efforts.


  93. nunya bizness November 2, 2010

    WTF are you people talking about! What about her is so damn fat to you morons?! Please stop the hate. It is so not attractive!

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