Melanie Fiona On BET’s ‘Rising Icons’

Melanie Fiona was the latest artist featured on BET’s ‘Rising Icons’. The singer, who is currently working on her 2nd studio album, performed several songs from her budding catalog including ‘It Kills Me’, ‘Ayo’, ‘Monday Morning’ and ‘Somebody Come Get Me’. Furthermore, Fiona used the opportunity to talk about her West Indian heritage and how it is reflected in her personality. Check out the episode below:


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  1. rebirthofslick September 12, 2010

    i love melanie fiona! she is a great artist and i really enjoy her music.

  2. nayah82 September 12, 2010

    Why would BET name a show or whatever that is, Rising Icons. When half of these singers
    won’t even be around in 10 years. Anyways i like Melanie Fiona a lot, so i wish her the best.

  3. knicole September 12, 2010

    isnt this show from last year?

  4. lina September 12, 2010

    why does she always talk about her heritage? we get it your west indian, end of .smh

  5. OB September 12, 2010

    Your face……

  6. SparkD September 12, 2010

    Loves here!

  7. xedos September 12, 2010

    “she sold 500,000 worldwide that makes her a rising icon” is that what it takes

  8. Bryan September 17, 2010

    yassssssss Melanie u betta go ahead gurl ….. u a vocal beast 🙂

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