Sean Garrett: “Beyonce Is Interested In Making Party Music”

Published: Thursday 16th Sep 2010 by Trent

It looks like Beyonce is getting ready to take everybody back to the dance floor. In a recent interview with Music Mix producer/songwriter Sean Garrett revealed that the dynamic diva is in fact working on making more of the “party music” that defines most of her biggest hits. Garrett previously worked with Beyonce to make ‘Get Me Bodied’, ‘Diva’ and ‘Upgrade U’. Check out what he had to say below:

“I am going in the studio with Beyoncé this week to work on her next record,” Garrett told the Music Mix at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. “I think we are doing a lot of up-tempo records for this one. She’s in such a good place right now in life that she is interested in making party music, definitely.” {Source}

Beyonce working on party music? How shocking! It seems blatantly obvious that Beyonce is intent on accumulating as many hits as she can without actually taking a risk and crafting a timeless album that has actual artistic depth. It’s disappointing to see someone as incredibly talented as her not tap into her full potential as an artist and make songs that impact people’s lives instead of just making them shake their backsides.

Artists like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey have proven time and again that it is possible to top the charts while singing songs with actual meaning (see: ‘Man In The Mirror’ and ‘Hero’). If only Beyonce would show the same kind of growth with her musical material that she has shown with her astounding vocal performances and stage shows.

Then again, everybody doesn’t have to be inspirational; some people try to change lives through motivational lyrical themes while others  do it through making upbeat/fun songs. If the latter is the lane that Ne-Yo thinks Beyonce has conquered then he might be right.


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  1. Kevin September 16, 2010

    sigh that is kind of annoying.

    im sure trey will get flak for posting this, but that is truth.

    Maybe she’s still going to get a good mix of songs on her next LP? Let’s get some more HALO’s Bey!

  2. Sasha September 16, 2010

    That was one genre I was hoping she stayed away from because everyone will accuse her copying off of Goat & Lady Gaga.

    I agree I want her to put some depth into her music this time around.

  3. Drea1204 September 16, 2010

    Eh, I was looking forward to more Dangerously In Love and less Sweet Dreams, but I guess we’ll see. *shrugs*

  4. WHITE JESUS September 16, 2010

    what the hell was single ladies beyaki rarely makes a song thats not in a club setting.

  5. Lynette September 16, 2010

    Vocally Bey is just okay to me. Her music is very of the moment and if she’s okay with that then so be it. If people want deep or emotional lyrics, soulful singing, quality R&B, and songs that when sung make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, then there are less popular singers without “machines” behind them. Just my .02.

  6. UGh September 16, 2010

    she sang R&B, and her I am Sasha Fierce was different. so IDK. Whatever she drops next will be a hit anyway…sigh

    I miss MJ ♥

  7. Rated X September 16, 2010

    I guess putting out dance music is whats hot in the streets now.

    I thought Bey Bey was gonna give us something different?

    we’ll see

    If thats the direction she gonna go, shes never gonna top her first album..

  8. Angelica September 16, 2010

    She already makes dance music and none of it is techno like gaga or riri. She always mixes Genres of music

  9. WATEVA September 16, 2010

    IMO Beyonce’s voice is ment for more uptempo songs.
    Her voice just dont clik with me on her slower songs.

  10. Fatima September 16, 2010

    Oh my god you moron THANK GOD Beyonce isn’t singing soggy ass ballads like Hero. Holy s***, NO. I love Mariah but that song is outdated.

  11. royalkev September 16, 2010

    I don’t understand why people can’t seem to remember what “meaningful” songs Beyonce recorded on each album! Me, Myself and I, Resentment, Smash into you, Dangerously in love, Halo, Scared of lonely, Broken hearted girl, Listen, Speechless, If I was a boy, Flaws and All, Disappear, Satellites … Why do you make us stans sound like a broken record! These silly comments are made with bold ignorance and without any merit. Bey, could do any album with 15 Halo’s and you people will ask for her to produce another Single ladies! It’s just a no win situation! Beyonce has a great balance in her work and I hope all of these impossible request (from people that can’t be pleased) falls on deaf ears!

  12. Rated X September 16, 2010

    the stans are starting to get mad already..ahahahahahahahaha…….

  13. royalkev September 16, 2010

    Damn right!

  14. chrissy September 16, 2010

    You have a point, but hero and man in the mirror, u do know its 2010 right. Have u seen bb top 10? Those songs in todays music climate flop hard, really hard! Usher had to go full on bubble gum pop to get a hit. One of the most generic songs out right now is #1 on itunes, rnb has no place in todays music, none!

  15. Rated X September 16, 2010

    what impossible request are we making?

    all some of us is saying is, Bey Bey is to damn talented to be following the trends out there..lets be honest..lately all shes being doing is releasing music thats in right now..
    I.E DANCE…

    Hell, I want something fresh, something Ive never heard before on the radio…is that to much to ask STANS…?

  16. chrissy September 16, 2010

    Bey is staying in her lane, he didn’t say dance/techno music her said party, aka club bangers

  17. Jolie September 16, 2010 to the fullest…pple always convieniently forget those songs when critiicising Bey’s music……bt thts wat i love about her…she always tries to maintain a balance with her music, plus pple r the one putting her on a pedestal…she never said she wanted to be a balladeer……and like @Wateva said, Bey shines best on uptempos….she got every1 beat in tht area

  18. royalkev September 16, 2010

    Bey has given us alot of variety. I don’t think IASF was just an album full of dance tracks. Why is there such a longing for substance, when she has delivered that to the world with her last album. I don’t know what trends she’s following if she’s been mixing it up from the beginning of her solo career (so many artist have come and go). She’s managed to stay around with a winning formula. If anything so many artist (before some of them finding their own groove) seem to be very inspired by her. The picture here seems to be painted differently, when we know that’s clearly not the case!

  19. O LeDoIt September 16, 2010

    Beyonce to make Booty shaking P**** poppin party music. . . umm whts new?

  20. ho ho ho merry christmas September 16, 2010

    Well looks like Miss Beyonce is coming for Rihanna. All I can say she will slay Rihanna’s ass but good.

  21. Chulo September 16, 2010

    And Beyonce had Hallo And Dangerously in love, If I were a boy, I say bring the Dance record on, everything she does is perfection

  22. Oso_jo_ro September 16, 2010

    Beyonce’s rocks ballads and uptempoes like NO OTHER!

  23. BFoxx September 16, 2010

    Yall ain’t heard ONE song yet and you’re already making judgements, STFU!

  24. ABC September 16, 2010

    I agree with @royalkev…honestly if Beyonce made an album full of ballads and slows songs, people would say the cd is boring…there is nothing wrong with her doing up-tempo sons as long as there is a balance…I highly doubt it will be an album with all up-tempos, but most of it will probably be with mid-tempos and ballads thrown in…and just because he said dance doesn’t mean she’s going the electro-pop route that everyone else is…he probably meant more so Get Me Bodied and Single Ladies type of songs

  25. kelly fan4ever September 16, 2010

    Beyonce a;ways try to stay in here lane with the uptempo songs cause she cant do anythinng esle, if i were a boy was a f****** mess and i like beyonce, single ladies was my faverite song of all time, but i was something more from her. Everybody esle trying something new you have to think out side the box and stop doing the same thing over and over again.

  26. BFoxx September 16, 2010

    Her albums are in no way alike, thy are albums that could have been made by three entirely different artists. DIL- R&B, Bday- Pop/Funk/Soul, IASF- Pop

  27. the thoughts of… September 16, 2010

    I agree with Rated X about the stans lol. I don’t think Trent is trying to down Beyonce or anything, what him and a few others are trying to say that if Beyonce is as great as her stans make her out to be, she shouldn’t have to follow the masses. The majority of her #1 hits are generic pop hits like “Single Ladies.” We know Beyonce is one of the best singers out right now, we are just wanting to see a little bit of growth from her, since you stans keep reminding us she’s been “killing the game for twelve years.” Don’t you think its time for some growth from her at this point?

  28. part September 16, 2010

    First of…..She has done,, R&B….POP……DANCE……….FUNK…….how much more can she get!!!!!!
    Second… Rihanna and Lady GaG DIDN’T create pop….you all make me vomit……
    Third….. Trent ur a HUGE…B****…B”ITCH
    You talk about beyonce, rihanna….u judgemental B****!!!!!!

  29. part September 16, 2010

    spellcheck^^^^^^ FIRST OFF*



  30. part September 16, 2010

    @ the thoughts
    What do you mean growth…LOOK at Dangerously in love (R&B)>>>>>B’Day (Funk)>>>>>>>I Am Sasha Fierce(POP)…Shut up….She has tons of ballads, upbeats, midtempo’s……what more can she do YODDLE, ELECTRONIC.. get reallll b****!!!!!!!!…

  31. AuntieJackie September 16, 2010

    Whatever Bey does, it will probably be great, but DAMN i don’t want her to do Generic music too. She did ‘Sweet Dreams’ and that was dope…but I don’t want her to take it any further than that into dance music…if that’s what he was referring to by ‘party’.

  32. bwashi1 September 16, 2010

    I cant believe this!!! have u all not heard her I Am side of her album. Songs like ava marie, that’s why your beautiful, halo, if i were a boy, plus destiny’s child’s stand up for love. music is about expressing yourself as an artist and that’s what beyonce has done with every album she puts out. Just because she doesn’t release many songs about worldly issues doesn’t mean she isn’t taking a risk. She took the biggest risk of her career when she released I am… sasha fierce. She introduced her fans to different genres of music. Most of u wouldn’t dare listen to half the songs on her I Am… side if Beyonce wasn’t singing them. Times are changing and music is changing. Alot of Beyonce songs are impowering and have helped change alot of lives. She’s good at what she does and although she might not sing alot of songs about worldly issues, she is taking risks and becoming one of the biggest icons of our time.

  33. WHITE JESUS September 16, 2010

    why would she be coming for rihanna i thought she was ”queen” of pop at the very top,they coming for her you mean.beyaki doing straight up techno would be interesting.

  34. *Sigh* September 16, 2010

    I NEVER post on any blog (although I frequent them often), but my thoughts exactly were posted by ROYALKEV and they deserved to be posted again!

    “I don’t understand why people can’t seem to remember what “meaningful” songs Beyonce recorded on each album! Me, Myself and I, Resentment, Smash into you, Dangerously in love, Halo, Scared of lonely, Broken hearted girl, Listen, Speechless, If I was a boy, Flaws and All, Disappear, Satellites … Why do you make us stans sound like a broken record! These silly comments are made with bold ignorance and without any merit. Bey, could do any album with 15 Halo’s and you people will ask for her to produce another Single ladies! It’s just a no win situation! Beyonce has a great balance in her work and I hope all of these impossible request (from people that can’t be pleased) falls on deaf ears!”

    Very well said…good day!

  35. Confessions of a Confused City Girl September 16, 2010

    I see what you’re saying but i think that’s what bey tried to do with I AM… Sasha
    I think with an artist like Beyonce, it’s harder to please the many levels that she has to and still give out work with a message, that people can dance to, that will transcend time etc etc. With someone like MJ, he was in a great position because he came at the end of an era when music was SUPPOSED to say something and touch people. Even he struggled with lable heads because they are always willing to dumb down the artist and songs to ensure that the masses “get it”
    Beyonce can’t sing about “the struggle” because seriously, she’s NOT struggeling lol. So i thin we’d look at her like “B*tch what do YOU know about struggles?”
    She can’t talk about wanting world peace because at the end of the day, how many ways can you say that?
    The best an artist like her can do is funnel her money into organizations and charities that’ll directly help the people, which she does. I’d rather her talk about shaking her ass all day if she’s going to turn around and build a center that betters my community instead of singing about bettering my community

  36. Rihsus September 16, 2010

    Of course she is.
    It’s the new trend.
    She’s gonna steal whatever interest Kelly garnered with Commander as well as steal some new songs.
    Can’t wait for the inevitable lawsuits. 😆

  37. Kenudigme September 16, 2010


  38. Kenudigme September 16, 2010


  39. Christopher September 16, 2010

    I think it’s irrelevant to bring up DIL because since then she hasn’t crafted a single R&B mid/ballad. B’Day was a great party record, but “substance” it was lacking in the R&B department. Similarly, the ballads on “I Am…SF” were Pop ballads. I’d like to see Beyonce go back to her roots and create some solid R&B songs that don’t require a snare and a high hat.

  40. rob September 16, 2010

    beyonce better do sum soca or suttin i am not into this dance music movement , but beyonce is at her best wen she is dancing and singing , we have endless balladeers these days , but how many powerful vocalists are there that can also dance , i only know two and neither are miss kelly

  41. Rated X September 16, 2010

    so let me get this straight, because Bey Bey had a couple meaningful songs on her albums, we’re suppose to give her a pass for putting out garbage? for following the trends?

    hell no, if Mariah carey cant get a pass(and that bish is a f****** legend), what makes beybey so special?
    Mariah carey has alot of meaningful albums, and as a fan of hers, last couple of albums was garbage to me, she was trying to compete with everybody out there..and most of us call her a** out for that s***..

    so now bey bey is doing the same thing, we suppose to give her a pass because she had a couple of meaningful songs(hell not even albums, songs).

  42. rob September 16, 2010

    Beyonce has made timeless music , on each of her albums and will continue to do so

  43. Rated X September 16, 2010

    the double standards with the stans kills me..
    especially when it comes to their favorite artists..

    yall cant sit here and praise yall favorites for following the trends and making excuses for them, and in the same breath bashing other people WHOS DOING THE SAME S***..

    I dont even know y gaga is being mention in this s***.. shes wasnt the first bish who invented DANCE MUSIC, NO S***
    yall just like to bring her name up to start s***, lol, I see right through yall stans..

  44. Rihsus September 16, 2010

    This is OT but why hasn’t TGJ made a Ciara post yet?
    You know they livin’ inside her ass.
    I need to lol @ her stans getting excited for her “VMA performance” only to find out it was basically a commercial.

  45. BFoxx September 16, 2010

    If you aren’t a Beyonce fan or if you are not gonna buy the album, I don’t see why it concerns you.

  46. Migrator September 16, 2010

    Beyonce will never be on MC or MJ’s level. Period.

  47. the kiddz September 16, 2010

    Why are people acting like Beyonce has 12 albums full of club bangers? She has three solid albums, each is well balanced with up-tempos/mid-tempos. Like I said before, the urban community are ignoring her songs of “substance”. Besides, with Beyonce I don’t believe s*** till s*** happens. I’ll wait for the first single but musically, I know she’ll exceed ’cause she’s very attentive to her music and the production/composition of it.

    And I agree with @ Royalkev

  48. Kicktheeardrum September 16, 2010

    it is crazy to think that this is only her third album! i feel like she has been a solo artist forever. I hope that she has songs like get me bodied. that was a smash! she has to deliver on this album fully.

    check out:

    great reviews on songs, tours, artist

  49. LOUD!! September 16, 2010


    Please DONT Bey!! I want her to evolve & do all full out mature & next LVL Music, maybe 12 tracks, maybe 3 uptempos & the rest Big Ballads for her next album. I would hope that she would have out grown songs like Get Me Bodied & lean more towards ‘Listen’ & ‘Disappear’.

    Etheir way ill still support her as long as the music is great as usual.

    I just dont want her thinking she must compete with the lesser girls like Rihanna & Gaga when shes so far beyond them musically & vocally.

  50. lala September 16, 2010

    very funny how bey has only 3 albums and people consider her a legend you would think she has put out tonnes of work
    anyways whether bey produces ballads,mid tempos,up tempos or all in one albums its still gonna sell like hot cake,and win awards n s*** lyk dat cos she is BEYONCE
    so it doesnt matter
    i do hope Garrett gives he nice up tempos n not those Diva and video phone crap

  51. the kiddz September 16, 2010

    Also, Sean Garrett is just one producer off the album. His stuff might not even make the cut. I really don’t care what genre she’s going for, I’ll buy regardless. I just want more vocally intricate songs….Listen, Suga Mama, Smash Into You (hard to believe The Dream produced this, huh?).

  52. S*** September 16, 2010

    Bey is ‘VERSATILE’ AS HELL so I guess it doesnt really matter as long as shes staying true to her Art & musicality.

  53. Rihsus September 16, 2010

    What exactly is going on with LOUD!! / S***?
    Why are you using 2 screen names?

  54. S*** September 16, 2010

    If she does go the ‘Dance Route’ ‘Get Me Bodied’, ‘Diva’ and ‘Upgrade U’ are pretty good but I would prefer more of the Naughty Girl, Suga Mama & Radio sound over them, really clever songs instead of Urban or Trendy songs.

    I agree with Sam, I want a timeless classic as well But dont act like Bey hasnt done any timeless/substance music: The whole IAM Side of her album!!, Listen, Resentment, Yes, Dangerously i love, Be with You, Speechless, Flaws & All etc??

    Bey knows what shes doing.

  55. S*** September 16, 2010

    …& this doesnt automatically imply that shes doing a full out Dance album, We can just Save that mess for Katty, Rihanna & Gaga.

  56. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    @ Rihsus

    LOL Im Beypolar, Im cant seem to make up my mind which Persona I wanna use next 😆

  57. fiercemc September 16, 2010

    She needs a nice ballad that would become a classic, timeless piece that she’ll be remembered!!!
    Club songs have short shelf life….
    Leave it to Gaga & other younger artists!!!
    She’s done it!

  58. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    @ Migrator

    Your Right!! SHES BETTER!!

    Thriller & The Emacipation of Mimi wasnt ALL THAT!! Mariah could never reach Bey’s Lvl of Versatility or Be half the performer.

    @ Rated X
    Bey has Meaningful Songs & ALBUMS: Survivor, DIL (about stages of love(Daddy, Yes, MM&I, DIL), B’day(about freedom & empowerment), IAM(About being vulnerable & getting in touch with your emotions).

    Bey >>> Every last one of her peers.

  59. Dustin September 16, 2010

    I don’t get it .. WHOEVER writes this blog.. who are you to decide what is a classic and what isn’t? Bad Romance is a classic. I think that is a ‘party song’. What about Diana Ross for example..Her songs are classics and there about dancing with someone…I don’t think a song has to be a ballad to have ‘artistic merit’…

  60. Gangstera September 16, 2010

    some of you are really dumb if she tried to realese an album full of ballads youre bitching an album full of dance club album you will be bitching so cut that ish out i can’t wait to the hear new music her work with sean is amazing and btw bey start doing and record electro pop before gaga #Fact

  61. C-mo Love September 16, 2010

    I admit I am a Beyonce Stan. Though, I don’t like to throw shade like a lot of us Stans do. Because again, STANS there is room for all the Divas. That being said (Again) I was really hoping Queen Bey would do stuff like “American Prayer” featuring Bono and “Stop Sign.” If you haven’t heard them youtube them. Beyonce’s vocal talent is amazing. And I love all her records but as much as I didn’t like the tone of this blog entry Trent, I have to agree. I hope she is taking some risks with this album because the artistry in the music industry has evolved into not just entertainment. The world is looking for songs that inspire, uplift, and have depth. All this being said, I have faith in Mrs. Carter because she hasn’t let me down yet. (Side note, I’d love to see her work with someone like Green Day, Florence & the Machine, or Coldplay.)

  62. Rated X September 16, 2010

    did somebody say mariah can never reach bey beys level of versatility? ahahahah
    Hell i thought the rihanna stans were delusional, but damn…the bey bey stans are starting to reach same level of delusion

    mariah carey is a legend, bey bey is not where near legend status..having ur daddy buy u 16 grammys doesnt make u a legend.
    yes when it comes to performing bey bey is a great entertainer.. but lets not kid ourselves here stan, bey bey aint all that…
    dont even try that s*** stans comparing her to mimi,

  63. Rated X September 16, 2010

    when bey bey sells 175 million albums, has 18 number 1 singles..then yall stans can come and compare her to mariah careys level

  64. Miss Chick Boom September 16, 2010

    Dangerously In love- The Power of Love
    B-Day- Freedom and Empowerment
    IASF- Really the only songs on that album that were meaningless were video phone, ego, and Diva. Every other song on that album told a story or expressed Beyonce (or someone’s) love life.

    Like others have said… Beyonce has balance!

    Plus Sean Garret is only one of the people working on the album. I doubt it’ll be only just dance music and i especially doubt it will be elctro pop(oh god i hope not). And u people act like dance songs can’t have powerful meanings(see: Black or White, Respect, etc.).

    Speaking of IASF.. I feel these would’ve been better single choices…

    Single Ladies and If I were a Boy
    Halo and Radio instead of Diva
    Disapear instead of Ego
    Sweet Dreams
    Scared of Lonely instead of Video Phone.

    And also to people saying Ballads don’t really do well on the charts.

    See: IF I were a Boy and Halo. Both were in the top 5 on every chart worldwide. And I think Beyonce if any is the only artist who I think can get a ballad to #1. Has any other ballads been top 5 or even top 10 since 2008 besides Halo and If I were a Boy.

    Maybe if people would take time to listen to the lyrics of a song instead of the beat and hook than you would have a different aspect of Beyonce’s song.

  65. Miss Chick Boom September 16, 2010


  66. ~TeAM WeeZY~ September 16, 2010

    Wow, I actually agree with everything @S***/@Loud! said.

    I do NOT want her to go this generic dance route like everyone else because she is SOOOOO much better than that b*******! Now I don’t mind up-tempo songs because I love to see her perform those as well, but I LIVE for her ballads/slower songs and the way she performs them. IASF was a great idea because it was a balance of uptempo and ballads. I preferred songs like Broken-Hearted Girl, Halo, If I Were a Boy, Scared of Lonely, Save the Hero, Hello and my fave Smash Into You. But I did love Radio!

    All in all we don’t really know what route she’s gonna take with this album. Sean Garrett has a reputation of talking a bunch of rubbish anyway. Beyonce is ultimately in control of everything because SHE’S THE BOSS 😉

  67. Theman September 16, 2010

    Lol @ comparing Mrs.Carey to Beyonce. It’s like comparing Steak to a hamburger. Mariah is a Vocalist/Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Hitmaker/Musician. Beyonce simply does’nt compare. Mariahs last two albums were pretty damn good. Memoirs sounded like nothing else out there. Mariah is far more versatile than Beyonce can ever dream to be. She’s the queen of floating thru genre’s with great music, and making seem and look effortless.

    Party records for Beyonce could be kinda techno, but with an Urban twist. She’ll do what she can to please all of her fans. Stop the comparisons Queen Mariah has nothing to do with Beyonce.

  68. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    @Rated X

    I guess ill just stay ‘delusional’ then cause Id put Beyonce on Mariah’s LVL Vocally any day. & you say she bought her Grammys like its Fact when its infact Fiction. If you dont think she deserves her grammys fine, I dont think mimi deserved all her #1s either, I think She got most of them just because shes Mariah, & yes she is a Legend as Beyonce will be soon as shes already an ICON. IDC what you think, I will always prefer Bey over Mariah regardless of whos more successful or has been here longer, they are both very accomplished great singers.

    & Dont be mad just because Bey won more Grammys than Mariah, Bey’s Music/Albums are just better. 🙂

  69. Theman September 16, 2010

    By the way when ur Mariah u only compete with yourself.

  70. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    @ Theman

    Oh Please… Beyonce is a Singer/Artist/Musician/Performer/Writer(in eveything it consist of)/Actress/Dancer/Hitmaker & is very Consistent & FAR MORE VERSATILE than Mariah could EVER BE!! Shes a True Vocalist, Has Range, Power, versatility, Tone, Control, Technique, & even a little Soul & a GREAT VOICE just like Mariah. She can tackle any & every genre including R&B, Pop, Hip hop, Jazz, Funk, Country, acoustic, Alternative, electro, Opera etc & even Gospel H**.

    Mimi’s Last 2 Albums were S*** so please Stop. & the one B4 those was good I guess, I personally didnt care for very many of those songs or very many of her songs in her entire discography besides Hero, Dont forget about us, WBT, Shake it off & a Cpl others but generally her music is just OKAY.

  71. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    @ Theman

    Beyonce has mentioned countless times that she finds NOONE her Competition so she only competes with herself also, whats your point??

  72. Theman September 16, 2010

    The Emancipation is better than any 3 of Beyonce albums period. It’s disrespect to compare her to such greatness.

  73. Theman September 16, 2010

    Beyonce does’nt have range or power. For todays vocalist she is good, by Mariah Whitney Christina Jhud standards not even an after thought. Does’nt belong. Mariah has tackled all of those genres with ease. Bday sounded like a demo, and IASF took alot of warming up to get used to it.

  74. Theman September 16, 2010

    When Beyonce can give you a Vision Of Love, Fly Like A Bird, or We Belong Together then talk to me. Her best balld DIL was great but very 1 dimensional. She does’nt take u anywhere with her ballads. Listen was a poor mans attempt at trying to compete with Jhuds AIATY’. Did’nt measure up.

  75. LOUD!! September 16, 2010


    LMAO. I guess we’re playing the “Over-Rate another Artist just to Under Rate Beyonce act”

    Boy Stop!! You say Bey has no range or Power?? lol, Really?

    So what if she cant whistle like BOOriah. And??

    Bey has a 3.5 Octave so how is that no Range. Thats impressive, Its more than Whitney.

    & Bey has Plenty of Power, those without power cant Belt like Bey does at the end of Upgrade You of all songs. Bey is an Elite vocalist. Ill let you put Mariah & Whitney above the Queen’s Vocals but HELL NO to Jennifer hudson & Christina, they are just plain Loud. Fantasia is a better singer & Vocalist than J.Hudson which is why she lost idol. & dont even get me started on Xtina’s Straining & hollering which often gets confused with TRUE POWER.

    & Bey shits in Listen, DIL, Halo, Speechless Trust in me Etc You Fail.

  76. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    & DEATH @ you saying Mariah can do or has done what Bey has done MUSICALLY LMAO. When has BOOriah been versatile enough to tackle anything REAL besides R&B BALLADS??

    No FAKE s*** like AUTOTUNE does not count. I guess she can do Opera or Soul also but what else can she do musically??

    Can BOOriah do Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Blues, country, Gospel Style Music?? Bey can/has Even Rihanna is more Versatile & has even Done Dark Metal influences can BOORiah Scarey??

  77. Jolie September 16, 2010

    i really hate when people act like ballads/r &b songs are the only songs with substance…hello!..they are many uptempos with great messages, bt i guess sum pple never sit down to listen to the words,only concerned about shakin their behinds..SMH… to me Dangerously in Love is really overrated, yes it was good bt IMO B’Day was way better…..only pple hu wnt B to go back to her ‘roots’ are hardcore RnB fans…i dnt knw wat roots they r referring to,since DC ws pretty much more pop thn rNb

  78. Theman September 16, 2010

    What real ballads does Beyonce do besides DIL’ which was good but far from one of the best. All those genres u named Mariah has been there done that. Christina and Jennifer are two of the best vocalist this generation has to offer. Thats signed sealed deliverd. Nobody talks about that over forced vibrato voice Beyonce has. Face she just isn’t one of the best vocalist period. Decent yes great no. 3.5 octave range more like 3, so what Christina and Jhud have 4 and Mariah has fiv enough said. Her voice still does’nt emote the power that the others does. Listen’ was forced, and she strained all of those notes she sing, i mean’t hollered. Her range is nowhere near Christina’s.

    Halo is a Pop ballad with a slight dance beat to it. Tell her to give me a stripped down pure r&b track that she kills, which she cannot. All i hear is shrillness with Beyonce, no range just a person singing.

    Mariah is why Beyonce has a career well she’s part of it anyway. Rihanna lol clearly ur knowledge of music is minimal. Mariah has surpassed everything that Beyonce has done with her first album. Beyonce meanwhile is still during the same ole same ole. Talking about during the bday era she was during things with her voice that she has’nt ever done. Lol i don’t consider screaming songs, during experimental things with ur voice. Her voice is 1 dimensional. Theres not much to it. Notice most of her uptempo stuff suits her much better. Whenever she does a ballad she has to do the most, only to be like ok that was good but not great.

    By the way Fantasia is also a better singer than Beyonce. But i don’t know about Jennifer. Fantasia is more of an emotional singer, Jenn is more of a technical singer.

  79. Theman September 16, 2010

    When Beyonce does ballads she reminds me of a Las Vegas show girl with all of her antics lol.

  80. Theman September 16, 2010

    Rihanna is just a prepackaged act to be sold. Thats it thats all. Yes she nice to look at and has catchy songs, but after that, it’s pretty much down hill.

  81. pinkpop September 16, 2010

    you’all really got on my nerves: GOSH. we haven’t even heard a single note of a new song or anything and y’all act like wtf!?…. seems ike she can do no right to most of you. I love her “party music” and let’s remember how many blamed the I AM side to be boring so what the deal now? I say, let’s just wait and I’m sure we’re gonna love her new material… and I’m sure that the album will be versatile, too

  82. Theman September 16, 2010

    She did experiment and had some nice stuff on the IA side, it took a while to warm up too. But people try to make her out to be some kind of genius and she’s far from. She’s a decent vocalist, Great performer and entertainer. Superstar yes she is. But she has had alot of help along the way that others have not. She has the advantage of being favored in this industry. Her father does’nt take no for an answer, and he will walk over anyone to get her where she needs to be. Beyonce is good, i’m not saying she does’nt have talent. But to throw her up there with the likes of some of the greatest is just absurd. By todays standards she is excellent.

  83. vegasgirl September 16, 2010

    I want to hear something from the album before I jump to conclusions on her jumping on the bandwagon. Beyonce does dance music already, just not stuff set to tech beats. I’m sure it will be good.

    I’m really tired of people saying Beyonce does not have a good voice, she actually has a fantasic voice she does have range and power but in most POP music, you don’t need to use your entire range. Alot of people just dislike her just because she is who she is. I had Beyonce fatigue a couple of years back but guess what?….I recognized she is one of the best we have in popular music ( my opinion, but I believe this is correct), especially after seeing the other options out there.

    That’s why she really is unchallenged in the game(hasn’t been challenged for YEARS) and I am not talking about sales, I’m talking the entire package. She’s one that when she does leave the game, we WILL miss her voice . Really can’t imagine music without her contributions ( yeah that’s right, I said it!!) and believe me I used to be quite the hater!

  84. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    @ Theman

    Beyonce is no doubt an UNDER-RATED Singer. Its really difficult responding to you when I disagree with EVERYTHING you just said but ill try to make it short. & Dont you ever Discredit Beyonce without knowing what the f*** your talking about to begin with. It doesnt matter what Mimi did 20 Years ago, Bey excels her in certain areas as well. & I dont recall Beyonce ever saying Mariah is her Reason. If anything that would be MJ, Tina Turner & Whitney.

    Range, Power & Ballads isnt everything, Bey has all of those things under her Belt & yes she does have her Limitations (as does Mariah) but she could very well sing a full throttle Ballad, The ballads she has done are more Pure & suited for her sultry voice but I too would love to see her Tackle Bigger songs. Fantasia can not see Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter & Jennifer Hudson Dame sure cant see Beyonce’s. Being a vocalist goes well far & Beyond just Power & Range, Make no mistake. . Christina & JHud can sing but are just not on Bey’s LVL. Bey’s voice is not 1 demensional, youre ignorant, Her voice is very Dynamic, you would know that If you actually knew what you were talking about. Beyonce is No Mariah & Mariah is Damn Sure No Beyonce & Ill just leave it at that so Stop Hating on Bey to boast Mariah, They are both Great & Successful in EVERYTHING & in all of their own Abilities. Learn how to separate your own personal opinion From actual Fact.

  85. LOUD!! September 16, 2010

    & I actually always have seen Bey as a Ballad/slower tempo song Singer thats also singing Uptempo songs instead of the other way around. When I think of Bey’s music, I think of the Ballads 1st, She is EQUALLY good at doint BOTH, Talk about RARE.

    & @ theman, I agree with the other poster, I think your feeling toward Bey as a vocalist derives from you simply not Favoring Bey’s Voice, Yes it is very Light, Sharp, Husky, Sultry, Angelic or whatever but She has Depth & a real authenticy, She really does have a great & Unique voice & tone. Power, Technique, control, Range(3.5) & VERSATILITY both vocally & musically. Give her a chance. Why are you putting her at a Keyshia Cole/Monica LVL when shes a lot closer to Mariah & past Xtina & JHud. I wish we could trade ears for a day 😆

  86. TrentshutupPLEASE September 16, 2010

    Seriously your making an assumption on 1 statement trent.

    Shes been in the studio for what a few weeks and people are already making assumptions.

    IMO I Am.. Sasha fierce was a good effort and it was nice to see her experiment with more of a pop sound.

    This is what trent does though, he makes this ‘risque’ posts so the haters will flock and then it gives the site more viewers.. He really is the ‘b****’ of thatgrapejuice

  87. question existing September 16, 2010

    Not that I dislike Beyonce but I Co-Sign with THE MAN, ALL THE WAY!!!!

  88. TEE September 16, 2010

    Why is everyone judging an album that hasn’t been released yet? We don’t know what direction Beyonce will be taking with this album, so let’s wait and see. Also, how could she be coming for someone who was never on her level to begin with.

  89. KD September 16, 2010

    @Trent I totally agree. If B really focused she could produce some really meaningful songs, but then again meaningful songs do not sell as much as they did back in the day so from a business point of view I guess this makes a lot of sense. Let’s hope that this album won’t be B’Day pt. 2 whilst I did enjoy the album I do not think I want another one.


  90. …………………………………………………. September 16, 2010

    That’s what she is known for her commercial bubble gum music!!! LOL Beyonce wouldn’t be as successful without 13 years in the game and no quality music… Diva, Ego, Video Phone, single ladies, upgrade you, etc <<======== All Ghetto Dance music Really?? Who the hell is gonna listen to that 10 years from now?? JOKE!

  91. Rated X September 16, 2010

    if u actually think beybey is actually on the same level as Mariah vocally, THEN UR MORE DELLUSIONAL THAN I THOUGHT BOO.SMH
    beybeys voice is average at best…hell even though mimi been sounding like crap lately, she still can sing circles around beybey..

    when did bey reach icon status? I’m sorry I guess singing about: its to big, its to wide, kitty kat, upgrading u, shawty what ur name is, i’m a diva and put a ring on it..MAKES HER AN ICON…RIGHT..

    yea, thats it I’m mad bey beys daddy bought her 16 grammys, while mimi earned her 5…
    (rolling eyes)

  92. Rated X September 16, 2010

    Dellusional much stans?
    beyonces voice is not unique..hell do u know how many people on american idol, x factor that sounds just like bey?

    lets keep it real stans, bey is NOT the only bad bish in this game..u stans acting like shes the only one who can sing..that shes better than everybody else
    and have the audacity to compare her with legends B**** PLEASE.

    bey got this far in the game, not because of her voice.
    yes shes a great entertainer, but having ur daddy on the grammy board, being the top bish in ur girl group, and popping ur c****** left and right, doesnt make u BETTER THAN EVERY BODY ELSE.

  93. OUPS I S*** ON YOU AGAIN September 16, 2010

    Trent,Sam are giving their opinions.This is exactly what a Blog is about.Not only pictures + video posted without any feelings.

    I agree with them cause Beyoncé got great ballads but the world dont know that.She need a great slow song as big as Single ladies aka a “classic ballad”.The first one like Alicia Keys “Fallin”.Beyoncé just dont wanna take the risk to release a ballad as the first single because it’ll flopped harder than Listen.

    Like everybody here,I dont wanna hear bubble gam s*** diva,videophone .Work it out bey and comeback …We miss U

  94. BLACk September 16, 2010

    Ok so i love beyonce, but im happy, i want her to do a rock album like halo and if i were a boy type of songs….but i do want some upbeat dnce songs, she is happy, let her make happy music…whats on the charts now EM with the Goat which is a good song, the others are pop flopped songs, i really want her to make her music for this album with like a dance R&B rock songs I.E

    Michale jackson feat janet jackson – SCREAM
    Janet jackson – IF
    u know songs like that. idk i also heard she was doing some indi rock stuff, ugh… i dont know; all i know is that it better be top i AM…..sasha firece.


  95. BLACk September 16, 2010

    @Rated X
    WTF……your whole comment is a mess, WTF rihanna has been doing for the past 5 years, u….mmmm..u know what, IM done.and for your comment, B**** BOO THE F*** BYE.

  96. Derell September 16, 2010

    Beyonce’s audiance is different than michael and mariah’s. they don’t connect that way. that’s not her gift, her gift is to move people a different way. Beyonce does put out quality music.time and time again you rant aout her being original and then throw it in her face when she does.

  97. daseekah September 16, 2010

    Is grapejuice throwing shade at Bey?….dayum the stans about to come for yall lol

  98. TEAM KELLY (ROWLAND) September 16, 2010

    I’m kind of torn… I agree fully with this post, but I still think Beyonce is just gonna play it safe as usual… i would love another Dangerously in love record though… Something you can listen to every song and connect… I couldn’t get with that I am cd all the way through…

  99. Jace September 16, 2010

    The last timeless record Mariah recorded was We belong together that was released in 05…Since then she’s released two albums that garnered not a timeless hit to date. Stop comparing careers. Beyonce and Mariah are two different people, two different careers. B’s fans, and pretty much the entire world will enjoy this next album period. Im thrilled that she’s making dance music, she does it well and it inspires. Inspiration isn’t one sided, you don’t have to be standing in front of a mic belting out a heartfelt emotional roller coaster, sometimes uplifting can come in various forms. Embrace it.

  100. the kiddz September 16, 2010

    Ok, I’m about to rant. But, what disqualifies an up-tempo from being classic? I Will Survive, anyone? Her vocals are always on point and she excels at making a party atmosphere. Music should be judged by what it’s trying to achieve, not by PERSONAL preference of style. Music is self expression and every emotion is worthy of praise. Not everyone wants to listen to ballads about the depression or the ice caps melting. Some people just want to DANCE, and if the songs are well crafted (which they will be), than that’s it.

    And how do we know something is timeless? Do we hear it on the radio and say “That’s some timeless s***, right there!”? Bee does have timeless material. Her first album is timeless, according to lists by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Entertainment Weekly. “Crazy in Love” is timeless, and a number of publications list it as one of the top 5 songs of the decade (Slant Magazine, Pitchfork Media, New Musical Express (where it appeared at #1), Rolling Stone etc ). And the song also appeared at #118 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (which is HUGE, she was the highest ranked female artist of our generation, only Gnarls Barkley beat her at #100). Single Ladies has proven to be timeless too. So is Irreplaceable.

    Now, until Bee releasing a statement about her album, I will just (sigh) and keep it moving. These produces are getting on my nerves. Where the hell is Darkchild when you need him?

  101. the kiddz September 16, 2010

    ^^^until Bee releases

  102. Alex September 16, 2010

    Beyonce really wants to be forgotten in 10 years dont she?
    if she wants to make white ppl music they go ahead!

  103. Haza September 16, 2010

    Beyonce DOES NOT have to be inspirational through ballads as she has proven time and time again. I don’t think she’ll have a complete album full of dance/party tracks. I think it’s be somewhere between B’Day and Dangerously in Love. We’ll see. I was hoping for a more traditional album this time though. I Am… Sasha Fierce was perfect.

  104. gigi September 16, 2010

    She doing that just because Kelly Rowland has started to make dance music. Beyonce is a b****.. Uggh she cant stand to see Kelly do her thing… Lame

  105. Blasian September 16, 2010


  106. Blasian September 16, 2010

    I know where not talking about Mariah Carey first all Mariah didn’t have any control over her Career she was told what to sing. The Real Mariah Came out doing the Butterfly Era half naked singing on Hip Hop beats

  107. Blasian September 16, 2010


    Funny how Beyonce’s “Crazy In love” Makes the best of all Time listes and NONE of Mariah’ s ballads DON’T lmao!

  108. Blasian September 16, 2010

    Beyonce is not going to do another album like DIL or B’Day you people need to get over if you want the R&B Beyonce go buy DIL if you want The Funk Beyonce go buy B’Day

  109. RosaRubbel September 16, 2010

    I don’t have a problem with up-tempos, but she should stay in the R&B lane, because if she goes Europop, oh Beyoncé this will be a waste of your talent. I love her albums, especially because she always, really ALWAYS, keeps the balance between ballads & club bangers. & the most confusing thing is Beyoncé kills both type of songs. I love ‘Upgrade U’ just like ‘Be With You’.

  110. Chimier September 16, 2010

    Get that party music Bee!

  111. Blasian September 16, 2010

    Beyonce is going to the Dance route

    Ne-yo said it but in some many words

    “It’s coming along nicely. I can’t speak too much on it, but it’s another direction for her, and she’s carving out her own niche.”

  112. Shouw September 16, 2010

    Nooooooooooooooooo !!

  113. Kenny September 16, 2010

    Beyonce is trying to compete with others by releasing dance music, instead of staying in her lane. DIL was the best album she has and the others were all over the place… we shall see.

  114. Kevin September 16, 2010

    Lady Gaga had close to a TIMELESS album with THE FAME.

    If she goes hard and the dance music is innovative, it can be timeless in a different sense.

  115. goats suck September 16, 2010

    I Can’t Wait

    Cmon Bey im getting tired of these untalented, overrated gimmicky h***


  116. Blasian September 16, 2010


  117. TheOneAndOnly September 16, 2010

    She’s not soulful right?

    Me, Myself and i, Gift from Virgo, Dangerously in Love, Resentment, Listen, If I were a Boy (#1 on the world chart btw), Halo, Hello, Scared of lonely, Broken Hearted Girl, Smash into You, That’s why your Beautiful, Ave Maria (a song she was not afraid to perform to an entire black audience), Save the Hero….the list goes on and on….She just can’t win with you guys. The fact has been stated, and will continued to be stated album after album, that she is dynamic, creative, and a hitmaker. Period.

    *Sits and waits for more irrelevant ranting from haters that chooses to disagree with the blatant facts that i’ve just stated and continue to make fools of themselves*

  118. OUPS I S*** ON YOU AGAIN September 16, 2010

    I love Beyoncé’s posts.NO CHART POSITIONS

  119. Anne September 16, 2010

    As usual TRENT REFUSES to acknowledge and admit the FACT that Beyonce has an abundance of meaningful songs, some hits and some album cuts. What about chart toppers like “Me, Myself, & I”, “Listen”, “Irreplaceable,” “If I Were A Boy,” & “Halo” and other singles like “Dangerously In Love,” “Once In a Lifetime” & “Flaws & All”; the list goes on and on (see THEONEANDONLY comment above). I really wish you guys would stop being so dishonest on this issue; it’s not a matter of opinion, your implication is down right factually incorrect. She only has three albums and already has a significant number of meaningful songs. What is the motive behind such a misleading post? (BTW, songs like “Single Ladies” may be fun, but it also has a dual meaningful message: self-worth & appreciation–women should not feel compelled to stay in a relationship where there’s no commitment and men should not take for granted the woman will sit around forever and wait for you to commit; like you said, there’s more than one way to inspire people–Beyonce records BOTH types of songs.)

  120. Anne September 16, 2010

    ONE MORE THING: “If only Beyonce would show the same kind of growth with her musical material that she has shown with her astounding vocal performances and stage shows.” THIS COMMENT MAKES NO SENSE! What do you think she is using to give those astounding vocal performances and stage shows? Mainly HER OWN MUSICAL MATERIAL!!! The same musical material that you choose to criticize is the very substance of the astounding vocal performances that you are praising. In the words of Beyonce, “LISTEN!”

  121. Trent’s D*** September 16, 2010


  122. remmy September 16, 2010

    This is good news…cait wait to hear some new tracks…

  123. Bee September 16, 2010

    Since when did Sean Garrett get to decide what makes the final cut? I’m sure she asked HIM for uptempo tracks. There have also been reports of her working with The Script, but did y’all point that out? Surely didn’t. She might be working with Of Montreal & wants to work with Kings of Leon. I guess those are all gonna be mindless uptempo tracks as well? You’re so full of it Trent. Just because a song isn’t slow and puts you to sleep DOESN’T mean it doesn’t have a deeper meaning. Oh and party music doesn’t = europop dance. B’Day was a party album and I want you all to point out ONE song that’s europop on there. It’s too early on in the era to tell what kind of album she’s going for anyway. I remember before IASF dropped they said it was gonna be a country album and Timbaland was gonna produce most of it. And we see how that turned out…

  124. modjo September 16, 2010

    Honestly she should take a rest !!!!!!!!!! damn i hate to se eher on TV again take a deep rest you Copyonce .. she is always imitating the queen JLO

  125. teflon boy September 16, 2010

    @Royalkev…, you know we part ways at Beyonce but the songs you referenced have little to nothing to do with her actual life and experiences so it is hard to digest the bulk of them as personal songs of substance. Me, Myself and I is perhaps the only one that was born out of a need to express somethin inside of herself , the rest unfortunately are just a calculated reaction to her naysayers, not accomplished deep songs in their own right…,

    Personally ‘ve given up hoping the type of music I enjoy will ever come from Beyonce, as she is clearly content and hell-bent to forever be known for the uninspired music and shallow themes she predominantly stands for…, she does inspire a desire for material things and megalomia in her songs but to continuously throw together her projects with such a blatant focus on chart positions rather han recording techniques and musical innovation when she is reputable (and rich) enough now to weather a more purposeful body of work that might sell less just makes me like her less and less despite her obvious charms.

    IMO, ‘depth’ and ‘substance’ shouldn’t necessarily mean her standing in one spot belting out a boring ballad (Trent you were wrong for that because referencing Hero made your point null and void), just that she take more time with the craft of lacing the lyrics with something more purposeful and vocally interesting…, because with the exception of Me, Myself and I, Yes, Cards Never Lie and Halo the rest isn’t honest or representative enough to qualify…,

  126. TEE September 16, 2010

    Beyonce keep doing your thing girl.

  127. True Blue September 16, 2010

    Why is everyone acting like ballads are the ONLY way for Beyoncé to be “deep”? That doesn’t necessarily make you deep, ballads can be just as artificial and meaningless as dance music sometimes. I’d take “Billie Jean” over “Hero” any day, even though the former is a dance song and the latter is a ballad. I listened to “I Am…” and I hated that album. I found the ballad side to be even more unlistenable than the uptempo side, only because I felt all the songs sounded the same. Beyoncé is too talented to operate in only two modes. How about she chuck her current sound altogether and go in a COMPLETELY different direction? Why not be like her idol Tina and go the rock n’ roll route? I mean, look at her sister. And I’m not saying Bey should just do what Solange does, but I mean why not consider stepping outside the box and do something completely unexpected? Doing ballads as a way of proving she’s not just a pop artist isn’t enough. That’s a bit cliché. Let artists who aren’t talented enough to be multi-dimensional do that. Bey is above it.

  128. True Blue September 16, 2010

    @ Teflon Boy:

    Agreed 100%.

  129. dboy September 16, 2010

    i disagree w/ ppp saying songs dat dont reflect her personal life arent substantial, when artistes start getting to 3rd/4th album they not gonna eeep singing just bou dem, they have family, friends, fans even whose experiences can inspire records, am glad bee did single ladies when she was married cus der are plenty single ladies in her lives am sure that talk to her about commitment -phobia men have, kelly talked bee giving her relationship advice

  130. Shocked September 16, 2010


  131. Theman September 16, 2010

    Look stans Beyonce is good and she has a decent voice, but yall downplay alot of artists to boost her up. Mariah has many great songs on her last two albums that were simply not released. What are some classic songs that Beyonce has released from her last album ? Single Ladies ? Lol get outta here. Beyonce no matter how she trys to sing always sounds the same. Her last true ballad was Listen’ and u could hear how hard she was reaching. It was hardly effortless. She was trying to compete with Jennifer and she failed miserably. She does’nt have that kind of power. She may be a better technical singer that Fantasia but Fantasia has more soul, emotion and grit that Beyonce. She takes her songs to a whole different place. Speaking of Monica, her voice is way better than Beyonce’.s Monica is a well groomed and sultry vocalist. One of the best out there. She does her songs with ease. When Beyonce does ballads everythings so over exxagerated.

    My ears are good, and from what i hear she’s ok at best as a singer.

    Beyonce did state that Mariah inspired her, and what i mean’t by her being here, Mariah helped open that door up alot wider for Beyonce, i mean she can take alot of credit also for working really hard. Most of what i’m saying is really real. It’s nothing bad. But Beyonce is more known for being an entertainer/performer. If people told Beyonce to just do ballads would she really be all that excited? The only people that really crave her are her hardcore fans.

  132. Theman September 16, 2010

    Now what i mean as far as Beyonce being a better technical singer than Fantasia, i mean she has a better technical sounding voice, but she’s not the better singer to me. It’s funny how now that everyone’s doing party and dance records now she wants to do them. Isn’t she supposed to be this big trendsetter. She should be working on something fresh that could be groundbreaking. But she’ll probably play it safe. Kelly has some really good dance stuff out now, i wonder if Beyonce is trying to compete with her as well. Beyonce is to apprehensive to sit down, she wants to control everything, which is why she keeps releasing music so much, and will not sit down.

  133. TC ;D September 16, 2010


  134. Yellow Gorilah September 17, 2010

    I Always said beyonce never had soul =/

    She can sing but she is not the best noo way Christina jhud sing better then her, Good day!

  135. Yellow Gorilah September 17, 2010

    And yes Brandy is the most soulful to me that b**** will make you cry *Sighs she is such an underrated singer beyonce is such a overrated singer when is is average at best, oh well this album will still do good because she is BEYONCE

  136. True Blue September 17, 2010

    ^^^ Christina has the bigger and more powerful voice, that is true. But Beyoncé utilizes her voice more effectively.

  137. True Blue September 17, 2010

    Aw, shoot. forgot to sign in with my real email address. (I promise I’m the same True Blue as the one above).

  138. Theman September 17, 2010

    Lol yeah right. Christina does so much with her voice, and with the kind of voice she has she’s able to do that.

  139. Dasja September 17, 2010

    She looks like a black version of kim kardashian in that pic… but anyways I love B-day and I am.. so I’m looking forward to this

  140. LOUD!! September 17, 2010

    A CPL of the last several Coments are just STR8 up DELUSIONAL as F***. I CANT…

  141. raraskils September 17, 2010

    if she wants to be iconic, how about inserting a tiny bit of artistry here and there??
    she doesn’t write lyrics or play an instrument, so at least choose GOOD MOTIVATIONAL LYRICS TO SING TO!!! DAMN. you’d think with all that money she’d be able to afford a decent iconic song, rather than average run of the mill shake your moneymaker tunes.

  142. Jeff September 17, 2010

    People who think like Trent are obviously forgetting that until Single Ladies, Irreplaceable was Beyoncé’s biggest hit. And a dance track it was not. She also had big hits with “Me, Myself, & I,” “If I Were A Boy” and “Halo” (all of them were top 5 singles). I’m surprised that Trent doesn’t mention her I Am… music having actual depth, but then again, Beyoncé can never win unless there are Grammys involved.

    What bothers me the most is that no one has heard a single track from her new sessions and things are “blatantly obvious?” What the hell? Make your reviews after she has released the album and then you will have at least an ounce of credibility. Sean Garrett is one producer who may or may not have worked on a couple of songs out of (I’m sure) at least fifty that she will record.

  143. Theman September 17, 2010

    We are not talking about the her new album which has yet to see any new material released to the public lol. Were talking about what wever heard. The reason people are always riding her is because her fans act like she is musical royalty. They put her on such a pedestal that it’s almost like wow. Yes she is a superstar and has some good music and has done some really good things. But she is far from the end all be all. I think she can do way more artistically but she isn’t gonna compromise her commercial success. But part of that i can understand. If it’s gonna be commercial make sure it’s memorable.

  144. GAGA MINAJ September 17, 2010

    full of s***,artistically
    come on her whole i am side of her last CD is artistic, u choose to not listen to the dept in her songs like those, u are more focus on her upbeats, but if u look at her first album she was sanging her soul out, i am cd she was giving meaning in depth in those songs, hell CADILAC records she was giving u power and strentgh with soul..people and critics and other artist put her so high because others tend to hear what u dont, probaly when u think of beyonce all u think of is ASS shaking bey, she is not all that. the rest of your comment just isnt worth the time to go back and forth on..

  145. Joe September 17, 2010

    People just can’t get over the fact that Beyonce is so versatile. She, like Michael Jackson, Are one of the few artists that can make dance music Ex Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, Thriller, Bad, Beat It, and then turn right back around and give us a nice ballad Ex Halo, Dangerously In Love, Resentment, Man In The Mirror, Human Nature, etc. and still be loved and liked at the same time. When you’re so talented with many skills you can release a balance of the 2 and people will still be happy. Beyonce has been making R&B/Pop music since she has been a solo artist. So if she continues to make dance music and then make a nice ballad people will still love her because she’s been doing since 2003. Before anybody knew a Gaga or a Goat, so lets not act like she’s following the pack…

  146. Sollai September 18, 2010

    of curse she wants to do dance and party! kelly is doing it! so lets stomp her!
    chill beyonce! find ur own spot, stop shoving people!

  147. His_Babigurl September 19, 2010

    Maybe ppl don’t consider beyonsatans songs such as speechless*resentment*listen*etc because her singing those songs don’t give off the vibe of any soul and genuinity n her flat same monotone voice!! 4 whoever said hero is outdated what r u 5yr old?? Hero is a CLASSIC that is still listened 2 TODAY! Beyucki has NO classics all her songs are of the moment and 4gettable!! Single ladies was hot 4 a nanosecond thankGod 2 never b heard 4rm again while halo is barely remebered*im not saying beyallaboutme doesn’t have songs that I think are good what I feel is that its her voice that kills it 4 me! I could listen 2 halo or speechless repeatedly if only someone else sang the words!! Beyonce voice is below mediocre and she’s NOT I repeat NOT and will NEVER be a true legendary icon! Her age**37** is catching up 2 her her lacefronts and illiterate rehearsed interviews r getn old and her seizurific dancing manly voiced stolen/paid n full music and I’m such an angel yet my actions r devilish behavior is/has been too predictable!! I’m still waitn 4 the plug 2b pulled on her failing half dead wannabe career life support gimmick machine! Thanx n bye!!

  148. Robert Dixon September 20, 2010

    Lol ok Beyonce’ has put out meaningul music…she gives us a great balance of trend and meaningul…don’t forget Why Don’t You Love Me,,,

  149. leshay simmons January 26, 2011

    so unlike you beyonce

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