Behind The Scenes: Fantasia’s ‘I’m Doin Me’ Video

Published: Wednesday 20th Oct 2010 by Sam

R&B star Fantasia continues her bounce back with the release of new single ‘I’m Doin’ Me’ – the latest to be lifted from her critically acclaimed LP ‘Back to Me’.

The video for the song, which is performing well on Urban radio, was shot recently. Check out behind the scenes footage of the songstress on set.

Good stuff.

Randomness: I’m going to need to see either ‘Move on Me’ or ‘Who’s Loving You’ get the single treatment at some point, before I’m truly satisfied with this project. That said, there are so many single-worthy picks on the album. Testament to a great LP.

Your thoughts?

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  1. S*** October 20, 2010

    I like Bitter Sweet & Even angels, I just think Fantasia needs BETTER MATERIAL to sing. Her Album is just OK. Shes too good of a vocalist for some of her weaker material. Cause Out of all the Basic Singers: Monica, MJB, Alicia OffKeys, Jasmine Suliven, Brandy Etc. Fantasia would be the Best…

    Oh & Fantasia >>> Jennifer Hudson 🙂

  2. Blue Kid October 20, 2010

    @ S***

    I agree with you and out of all the artist you name, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson had to prove they could sing and show their talent to the whole world in front of a panel of judges in order to be excepted has real artist.

    Fantasia never went anywhere she just needs new material as you said.

    Keep your head up Fanny you are looking good.

  3. Twhist October 20, 2010

    @ s*** Fantasia’s album is hot like fire! Monica’s a VET with the entire package!

  4. Chile Please!! October 20, 2010

    @ S*** & Blue Kid….HUH??????? WTF is wrong with ya’ll 2 Kittens???? Please stop smoking that s*** because it destroys your brain. Get it Fanny…..I’m loving your album!!! Work!

  5. Rd October 20, 2010

    I lovvvveeee this fantasia (back to me) album it is the best r and b sould album of the year.. It shows vocal maturity.. I love all the songs on the album… Good job tasia

  6. UGh October 20, 2010

    @ RD, co-sign!

  7. Blue Kid October 20, 2010

    @ Chile Please, thanks for the info, because I know you would know about about smoking s***, I can tell because you sound brain dead.
    It’s to early in the morning for insults just because you don’t agree with my opinion.

    You should chill!

  8. royalkev October 20, 2010

    @ RD, I agree! This album took some time to grow on me, but once it did I realizesd it was fiiire. All of Fanny’s album’s were good. I don’t know why she even had a flop. It’s like how all of Cici’s albums were good and Toni Braxton’s (well, except for her More than a woman cd) and Xtina’s, but there’s always an unexplainable flop that pops up! The hype in the music industry is just strange sometimes. Sometimes people just misss out, it’s their loss! Anyway, Fanny is on track and I like just about the entire album.

    @ S***, I like a few of those girls you named(especially Brandy), but they all bring something different to the table. I don’t consider any of them basic singers!

  9. Blue Kid October 20, 2010

    Please answer me this was Fantasia album nominated for best R&B of this year?

    I love Fanny too and her voice is beautiful, her voice can make the saddest material sound good. “Back to Me” is a well written song and so is “Bittersweet”, and she sings them both so well, just lovely, but I will still say she needs better material. I’m not shading her, I’m just saying. I also like “I’m doing me”,

  10. Blue Kid October 20, 2010

    @ Royalkev

    Not talking about myself, but I do know people who are in the music industry and they would call it the same as S***, those ladies are basic singers, to people who really cans sing, really sing they are basic. I know a person who is a studio singer and she can sing, her job is to get basic artist who are famous to sing a song the way she does.

    She gets paid mega dollars to set in a studio all day to get some of your favs to sing a song the way it should be song. When you need a studio singer than you are basic singer and just about all of your favs are basic except Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson.

    I’m not shading, just telling you that some of rich and famous because they are marketable and commercial, has nothing to do with their sing ability.

    They spend millions on songs and studio singers to make some of these artist hit makers. Fanny is not one of them!

  11. royalkev October 20, 2010

    @ Blue Kid, really? …So, your saying that Brandy, MJB, Monica and a few of those other women need someone to step in for them and sing parts of their songs to make it all come together in the studio? I think you could be referring to back ground singers when you speaking of those that work with the artist to achieve a certain sound. Their role is important, but the person singing lead still have their load to carry. I’m a songwriter and I’ve worked with a few vocally challenged singers. The studio can correct sharpness and stacking(layering vocals) does keep the tone warm, but from what I’ve seen of all these performers I’ve mentioned, I’m convinced that their all capable of delivering what we hear on the album.

  12. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 20, 2010




  13. Blue Kid October 20, 2010

    @ royalkev
    No, sweet I’m not talking about background artist, but on that marry little note, we have nothing to discuss, for once I was talking from a professional point of view, I’m sorry. I will stay on the fan point of view. The truth hurts fans.

  14. TEAM KELLY (ROWLAND) October 20, 2010

    Who’s loving you is AWESOME! That should have been put out a long time ago! So radio friendly! LOL!

  15. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 20, 2010


  16. genes October 20, 2010

    All I can say is she is so underrated….my favrte track is the worst part is over….awesome babe

  17. Daniel October 20, 2010

    The worst person ever to win american idol. she is terrible… all she does is scream.

  18. WAYNE October 20, 2010

    if thats the video she need to start over

  19. ~TeAM WeeZY~ October 20, 2010

    LOVE her! <3

    Get it 'Tasia!

  20. ~TeAM WeeZY~ October 20, 2010


    I think she actually has good material. She has a soulful voice so she’s given soulful music most of the time.

    And yes Fantasia>>>>>>>Jennifer Hudson, Monica, Alicia, and MJB. But not Jazmine Sullivan or Brandy.

  21. NUNYA October 20, 2010

    Fantasia have one of the best R&B cds that came out this year. I love this song, and the title of her cd Back To Me is so perfect because she took it back to her roots on every song. Bittersweet grew on me I wont lie. I’ll be satisfied with any of the songs she choose to release. Im going to see Fantasia at the circle of sisters seminar oct 30 in NYC and I’m also going to her concert in Dec. Fantasia keep doing your thing and F*** all the negative people who talk s*** about you and your music.

  22. Kahari October 21, 2010

    Fantasia’s dramatic rise to stardom is a true testament to all who has dreams. But, like a double edged sword, fame has its downfall. Struggling with her finances, balancing out her role as a family member and a gloomy romantic life, ‘Tasia faded to black. But with her recent 3rd album appropriately titled Back To Me, Fantasia has found the inner strength to assist her with overcoming the most daunting of obstacles. Although I disagree with her and her team to serve “I’m Doin’ Me” as a second single to “Bittersweet,” the song stands as an anthem of to all to know their self-worth; we can only tolerate so much emotionality before we loose sight of everything. And at the end of the day, you only have yourself, your health, your mind and love for life. 🙂

  23. CHILE… October 21, 2010

    @Daniel F*** YOU. What do you mean she was the worst? After millions sold, 8 grammy nods, #1 hot 100 hit, #1 R&B hit and several Top 5 hits shes considered the worst? Pleazzzeee… Taylor Hicks, Chris (WHATEVER HIS NAME IS), Ruben Studdard and more havent accomplished what she has… Go play in your asshole…

  24. blackbeautyanddiva October 21, 2010

    all fantasia songs on this album are hits. even the two songs that i really wasn’t feeling which were #4 “who’s been loving you” and #10 “falling in love tonight” after constantly having her CD on repeat i even learned some words to those two songs. The “thrill is gone” slapped me in the face because i was going thru some s*** with my this dude that i liked (ladies yall know the ones who act like saints the first 6 or 7 months then all of a sudden when you finally show interest in them they want to flip the script) well the thrill is gone lyrics are “something going on, i’m not saying your to blame, i know i’m not your girl, i know your not my man, but somthings wrong i cant explain..chorus “just let me know boy why i’m feeling strange, just let me know boy why yo feeling changed”…it ‘s like she was singing that song just for me and my situation…TASIA IS NOMINATED FOR 2 SOUL TRAIN AWARDS BEST R&B FEMALE AND BEST R&B SONG FOR BITTERSWEET..WHEn I CHECKED HER TWITTER PAGE THEY MENTIONED HER BEING NOMINATED FOR 8 AWARDS…I BOUGHT MY TICKET TO HER BACK TO ME CONCERT IN SF FOR 11/27…TOTAL $75.00!!!! make sure yall request i’m doing me on the radio, her video will be released in the next two weeks.

  25. KBJr. October 21, 2010

    Love “I’m Doin’ Me”…BUT, “Falling In Love Tonight” would have made a better universal 2nd single…it’s the “When I See U” of “Back to Me”. A sure-fire #1.

  26. Daniel October 21, 2010

    @CHILE… chris daughtry has actually got a great voice and has sold 5.3 million compared to 2.3 million albums sold of this girl and he didnt even win, and 2 years less. Her second album didnt sell anything like the first.. shes s***.

  27. BLACKBEAUTYANDDIVA October 21, 2010

    @daniel…fantasia 2nd CD is certified gold 700,00 units sold…she didn’t do asw ell o the 2nd Cd because she hardly did any promotion, she was on Broadway during the time when that cd dropped…700,000 with no promotion is EXCELLENT…fantasia is the shiitt and you remember that

  28. Daniel October 22, 2010

    @BLACKBEAUTYANDDIVA She hasnt got a good voice like other winners of america idol like kelly clarkson, or carrie underwood.. she screams… i remember when she came back on america idol to sing.. i muted it.. it was that bad.

  29. That dude at the end of the video! October 29, 2010

    I am the white dude that pops up at the end of the video!!! hahahahaha

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