New Song: Ke$ha – ‘Sleazy’

Published: Friday 29th Oct 2010 by Sam

As Ke$ha readies her new EP ‘Cannibal’ for a November release, a new song from the opus’ has surfaced in the form of ‘Sleazy’. Markedly more ‘Urban’ sounding, the gritty cut is said to have been produced by Bangladesh (Beyonce’s ‘Diva’, Kelis’ ‘Bossy’).

Take a listen below…

Wow. ‘Sleazy’ stands as a welcome departure from the “same ol” party froth Ms. Sebert had been serving up until now. While lyrically the song is as trivial as any a Ke$ha track, it manages to hold its own due its unexpected, yet believable grit and swagger. Solid.

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  1. Ash Jones October 29, 2010

    get you’re facts str8. it’s not SURFACED, it was released on iTunes Australia. something i told you in my last comment. It is confirmed to be produced by Bangladesh. If you bought the song you would know…

    stupid wig-snatching blog

  2. hat wearer October 29, 2010

    looovvve it!!!!!!!!

  3. drfenty October 29, 2010

    i like the production!!!!

    not so keen on her sing talking rapping thing, i just dont think she got enuff swaga for that..

    ah well.

    keep hurtin them feeling booboo!

  4. Mari October 29, 2010

    yeah, I can’t hate. I like it, too.

  5. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue October 29, 2010

    Awful. And she’s ugly, too. Props to Bangladesh for the production, though. His beats are always sick.

  6. Kyle October 29, 2010

    I like this song and that’s a problem. I am fully aware that Ke$ha lacks talent and its usually the production that carries her tunes and that’s a PROBLEM. Music is becoming less and less about the talent and more and more about the beat of the song. But whatever, this chick is laughing all the way to the bank. I would be lying if I said her songs weren’t catchy.

  7. SLAY FOR CIARA October 29, 2010

    I actually like it……ewwwwww.

  8. the kiddz October 29, 2010

    Even Video Phone is better than this. Take from that as you will

  9. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue October 29, 2010

    ^^^ Am listening to “Diva” as I type this, and I don’t even like that song. But it’s the best song ever compared to anything Ke$ha ever made.

  10. Geronimo Deuces October 29, 2010

    its a nice song i like it

  11. the kiddz October 29, 2010

    @ True Blue

    LMAO! That’s sad…ugh…I want a new album so bad!

  12. the kiddz October 29, 2010

    Did she just say “I’m not gonna sit here while you circle jerk and work it” ? Ewww

  13. Traci Summers October 29, 2010

    this sounds like “Lemme get that” by Rihanna…. another generic song.. she says she has a great voice so y does she not show tired of these” i dont need you” im fierce” songs..

  14. Soulful Roses October 29, 2010

    This is what happens when Beyonce is on break…sad.

  15. Traci Summers October 29, 2010

    @soulfulroses YESSSSSS DEY PUT OUT ANYTHING wen bey is here ppl put out there best… they know to iron their outfits when beyonce is about

  16. LOL October 29, 2010

    I’ll admit i liked this girl when she first came out because i thought she was a white RAPPER !!!

    Her lyrical transition sounded like she was trying to “FLOW” OVER A POP HIP HOP BEAT rather than “singing” to me

    BUT the minute she tried to label herself as a “singer” i lost interest…. “kanye shrug”

    Now can anyone explain to me the theory of how artist put out the est music when BEYONCE HAS A SONG OUT

    cause that MAKES NO SENSE


  17. S*** October 29, 2010

    This newer material seems to be a small step up from that Dumb Brainless Party Trash that was ‘Animal. I still find her to be a Poor Man’s Rip Off of all the other Hot Mess Pop Acts out today, Just a Ghetto more wilder Trailer Trash Version…

    @ LOL

    I agree with you, the Truth is B****** just DONT KNOW WTF to do with their LACE FRONTS when The Queen is out…

  18. S*** October 29, 2010

    @ the kiddz

    Doesnt matter, her fans are too retarded to actually listen to lyrics or to even know what a ‘Circle Jerk’ is…

  19. TTB October 29, 2010

    This song is fire!!!!!!!!

  20. 2nips October 29, 2010

    looooove Bangladesh. anything he does is golden

    wanna download?

  21. 2NIPS October 29, 2010

    LOVE bangladesh. he produces a lot of my favorites.
    if you want a download head here:

  22. vegasgirl October 29, 2010

    For some reason this song reminds me of Gwen Stefani, don’t exactly know why. Or something Fergie ( who clearly had “borrowed” some of Gwen for her debut solo project) would do. I don’t mind the song much like I don’t mind most of Kesha’s music, she only offended me when she had the audacity to try to come at Brit about lipsynching when she really doesn’t sing at all.

    Cute song though

  23. 2NIPS October 29, 2010

    @VEGASGIRL she reminds you of them because all three(ke$ha, Gwen, and Fergie) like to do what i call Talk-singing.

  24. RiRiLOUD October 29, 2010

    You guys can’t criticize this song that much. You have to take into account that this is Ke$ha. You have to critique artists based on them and not other artists because they’re all in different places. From Ke$ha, you never get serious or heartfelt. It’s fun, crazy and somewhat generic. I like that this is very urban and cool and different from Animal. Bangladesh is a great producer.

    And I think that she really wants “Animal”, which shows off her voice, to be a single so that’s why they remixed it for Cannibal.

  25. FACT October 29, 2010

    Another auto-tuned poptart lip syncing mess!!!!!

  26. iFreakum October 29, 2010

    WOW, who cleaned Ke$ha up in that pic??? lol.

    No really, I need that Cannibal EP. I love her dance joints!

  27. Jamie October 29, 2010

    Production…THUMBS UP!!!!


    Sleazy is not a good thing. Ke$ha fans, please let her know that. Ugh!!!!!

  28. SevenStars October 29, 2010

    Production= TWO FAT THUMBS UP!!!

    The song/lyrics= Yeah, not so much!!!

    But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it, to me, its her most interestingly produced song other than tik-tok. But its sad that in this day age, number one albums and singles and awards ar based on the popularity of the artist and not the creativity and *talent* of the artist! But as my friends tell me, if Celine Dion or Whitney houston were to release, im sure that it would go to number one or reach the top three nevertheless- SADE is a huge example, her era fell away in the mid-90’s but she still has her fanbase… so… Aaah Kesha- our love is for you is literally


  29. SevenStars October 29, 2010


    I agree……. For some reason it reminds me of Fergies ‘London Bridge’, anybody agree???

  30. ADE October 29, 2010

    I liked it until the first verse started. Production is tight but her delivery on the track and voice is not the one.

  31. QUESTION EXISTING October 29, 2010

    It’s quite suprising to me as to why so many people despise Beyonce’s ‘Video Phone’, I actually think it’s a very cool song I jam along to this day. Cool song by Keisha, though still not a fan of hers…

  32. KiKi October 29, 2010

    She sounds like a white Nicki Minaj. I actually like it. 😮

  33. GangsterA October 29, 2010

    pure fire i love it the beat is sick and the lyrics are sicker ke$ha outdone her self keep snatching wigs gurl

  34. CIARADABESS October 29, 2010

    This is horrible and annoying sorry

  35. DANBOFFICIAL October 29, 2010




  36. ERIC October 29, 2010


  37. Stacey October 29, 2010

    Is it just me or is anyone else annnoyed that almost every artist has songs that don’t even sound like an actual human voice? It’s so obviously autotuned. It makes the entire song unbeareable.

  38. stan October 29, 2010

    “a milli” part a milli

  39. drfenty October 29, 2010




  40. lynx October 29, 2010

    THIS MOTHER****ER & fugly biatch will FLOP!

  41. Christian October 29, 2010

    This is HOT!!!!!!!!

  42. H&S October 29, 2010

    The beat is amazing!

    Cant wait to hear what bangladesh is cooking up with Brandy! =O

  43. MUSIC LOVER October 29, 2010

    Ke$ha is a genius! Her music is trash, but somehow she makes it work!! CIRCLE JERK AND C** IN ONE SONG!!! She doesn’t give a f*** about what people say and I fucken love it!

  44. noyb October 29, 2010

    THIS IS GREAT!!!! it good that k$ can explore different style of music and still be a hit. any to the haters this is better than that s***** beyonce song video phone and diva were stupid as hell! beyonce doesnt have much talent anyway! ke$ha is better than beyonce! and true blue the kidd and any other dumb beyonce fan, y the f*** are u here if u dont like ke$ha! dumb ass f****! beyonce is just a one train pony she puts out the same s*** over and over! all she does is release album after album! her albums dont even sell well! KE$HA’S DOES!!! i rest my case u dumb f****

  45. phatmat44 October 30, 2010

    THIS SONG IS FIRE! KE$HUS CHRI$T has done it again and again and again! Ya’ll are just mad cuz she so effortlessly $hits on ur faves from lady gaga to beyonce, sorry but not even they have achieved what this “trailor park trash” has done in so little time. EVERY 1 of her singles has gone #1 or top 10 sorry but how many singles did beyonce put out for the “I Am…” era and how many went to #1 or even top ten??? *hears crickets* yea that’s right, shut up suckas! And you say her music is generic and crap, well sorry it’s fun and poppy and energetic to where even old ass beyonce tryin to copy her, so take ya’ll old asses back to the 90’s and throw on sum old ass swv and total (who arenow defunct) and stop wishing for the 90’s to comeback already, damn! It’s 20 f***** 10 b******, get with the program…im out!

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