Brandy Voted Off ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Published: Wednesday 17th Nov 2010 by Sam

In perhaps the biggest shock of the season, R&B star Brandy was sensationally voted off ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night, becoming the 9th contestant to say goodbye.

The 30 year old had consistently received the highest score from the judges; yet it appears the voting public had different ideas when it comes to who they want to see in next week’s final.

Peep the action below…

One has got to feel for Ms. Norwood. If at all there was anyone in the competition who not only took it very seriously, yet also showed remarkable growth, it was her. Hence, her disappointment (which was etched all over her face) is both understood and empathised with.

On the upside, Brandy has danced into the hearts and conciousness of America once again, and has a great springboard for her music career moving forward. Here’s hoping she utilises it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. UGh November 17, 2010

    They’re gonna let that palin girl win because of her mom. This is some b*******. Brandy was obviously the best.

  2. MISHKA November 17, 2010

    So Bristol Palin made it to the finals? Total B.S !

    This is where this show will start losing all credibility. Just like American Idol.

  3. Crack is wack November 17, 2010

    white America has spoken

  4. KNUCK November 17, 2010

    Girl.. where do I BEGIN?!

    Brandy’s Tango was one of the best dances I’ve ever SEEN. She has been so consistent throughout the competition and showed so much growth. I know a lot of people voted their ASSES off for her last night (Including fans of the other contestants who were voted off) hence the show receiving the largest number of votes EVER.

    With that being said, brisKET Palin and ELDERfer Gray identify better with DWTS core audience better, which is old ass white people NO TEA, NO SHADE. Add in the crazy ass Republicans and Tea Party and you have just THROWN the vote. Just clockin the tea honey! Kyle and his partner are very bubbly and he has the Disney audience (which is owned by ABC). Brandy hasn’t been on tv in a minute and her sitcom was aimed at the urban audience. Also, Brandy’s partner has never won the mirror ball trophy. I think it could be something as stupid as Amarica not liking him because he’s not from the country or the fact that he’s so ABRASIVE. So I could see how it may add up, but I still believe there is some TAMPERING going on.

    Brandy has “A family Business” coming out in two weeks and we bout to snatch this studio time together and get it in. I hope she gets her rest. It’s been a long journey for her and her fans.

  5. Andre November 17, 2010

    feel that Brandy was ripped off, I hope she takes all this promo and heads back to the studio quixkly!

  6. KNUCK November 17, 2010

    Honey, race is a factor. This is America, and if you know anything about the 2008 election you know what kind of hate mongering people follow the Palin’s. Not ALL of her supporters, but a good amount. There is no SHADE. As far as the demographics of the show’s audience, that is already documented. Old white people. That’s fact. I’m nowhere near racist, my dad is white. I would say it’s more about the Republican thing with Bristol moreso than race. However, the demographics of Republicans are that they are mostly what? Exactly.

  7. Jan November 17, 2010

    This caps it..I though this was a dancing show not a popularity contest. Silly me . I don’t have anything against Palin but she can’t dance that well and certainly wasn’t as good as Brandy. It’s her mother’s network that’s pushing her ahead not her skill. If she ends up winning that will be the last time I watch the show.

  8. Diane November 17, 2010

    Sistas never win on the show. Brandy was good, but Mel B is the first sista that should have definitely won. I guess when it comes to voting shows, we are simply outnumbered.

  9. Tracy November 17, 2010

    All the right wingers voted for Sarah Palin’s daughter.

  10. Mike November 17, 2010

    First Mya and now this s***…

    I mean Bristol Palin?????????????

  11. Lawrence Bass November 17, 2010

    If this palin girl win with her no dancing skills I’m done with dancing with the stars.

  12. A November 17, 2010

    This shows works like this. I dont care. Brandy will have a new album very soon and she will have the love of the general audience again.

    The rest is irrelevant for me. Brandy is coming back hard. you all will see. come on, Bangladesh!

  13. Diane November 17, 2010

    This is the last season I am watching this show. The End.

  14. aries_BLU November 17, 2010

    EPIC FAIL I am the same age as Bristol and am more of a teen activist than she is. I have been watching dwts since the beginning, but just like American Idol long ago I will no longer watch this show. It is a travesty and the judges have no integrity when it comes to fairly judging Bristol like they judge the rest of the contestants. And there is major cheating going on in terms of the online voting system they fail to regulate, so I will no longer waste my time. It is ridiculous that she knocked people like Audrina, Rick Fox, and now Brandy out of the competition when she doesn’t deserve to be in the final three. Rid-dam-diculous.

  15. stupid November 17, 2010

    This has nothing to do with race, If you spent as much time voting for Brandy instead of arguing about Chris brown and Rihanna every damn day, she would have still been there. Black peoples priorities are questionable and is becoming stupid. Obama is surrounded by the republicans now because you refused to vote. This is just a sneak peak of how the republicans will take over 2011.

  16. aries_BLU November 17, 2010

    @ Diane what about Laila Ali? She was good too, and a season before Mel B.

  17. KNUCK November 17, 2010

    B*tch.. what dont yall get? Black people don’t watch this s*** ANYWAY. We only watch for the season when our fave is on. Most folks were probably watching Bad Girls Club. But I will agree that we (I identify as black) have a problem using our resources and opportunities wisely. But this show doesn’t really count.

  18. Diane November 17, 2010

    @ARIES_BLU Yep Laila was good, also the girl from that Disney Show. Mel B was just my favorite.

  19. Diane November 17, 2010

    @STUPID, how are you going to say that Blacks don’t vote? We don’t have a problem winning on American Idol, another voting show. DWTS is just full of s***. I don’t need to get upset though, because this is my last time watching. The End of DWTS and I don’t care who the next black contestant is next year. Once DWTS get the notice that Blacks intend to boycott the show, they will try to bring on a historical black figure to soften our conscience. I don’t care if they bring Tom Joyner, Angela Bassett or Ruby Dee, it’s over for me.

  20. Loving Life November 17, 2010

    Brandy should have been in the finale for this show. The three contestants for the finale should have been Jennifer, Brandy, and Kyle. I voted for Brandy. Voting on the phone and on the internet was difficult. Many people had difficulty voting on the phone and on the internet. I could not cast the same amount of votes I did for Brandy like previous weeks. Those two voting methods were not working properly. In my opinion, Brandy could have made the finale if she had a stronger fan base and higher scores from the judges. This show is a popularity contest and not a dance contest. I think the producers and judges manipulated how the audience viewed the contestants by the judges’ scores and storyline clips spaced throughout the show. The judges were awful this season. I still cannot understand how the judges were amazed with Bristol’s bad dancing. They always inflated her scores. Carrie Ann judged Brandy harshly, and she expressed how Jennifer should win the competition. Politics made this season awful. I predict that Bristol will win this competition because she has the Tea Party on her side. I agree with your comment KNUCK. Race is woven into everything in America. Nobody should be scolded for bring that fact up, especially when the Tea Party was involved. The Tea Party made this show a big joke. The Tea Party is organized, and they vote in mass numbers. Palin is good in rallying up her supporters to vote for her daughter. I am going to laugh win Bristol gets her trophy.

  21. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) November 17, 2010

    She did well.

  22. stupid November 17, 2010

    @DIANE.. When was the last time a black person won in American Idol? If you don’t vote for someone, then they will be booted off and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. The fact is that there is lack of priority and its becoming worse everyday.

  23. Diane November 17, 2010

    @STUPID Are you checking my phone line?

  24. royalkev November 17, 2010

    I said to myself (because I was that invested into this… and it’s 1 of my 4 favs of all time) that I would be proud of her if she leaves last nite and not bitter. I wanted her in the top 3, but I was going to accept top 4 with a job well done. I think I lied – I’m angry and I think the way she left was an insult. Bristol has 2 left feet! Your paired off against a woman who lived in the bottom 2 for weeks when it’s been the opposite for you – and the bad seed stays??? I’m going to transfer this energy into something positive – because this dramactic exit made so many see Brandy’s worth, as well as her passion and growth displayed in her dances in the 9 rounds she lasted/excelled in. It will carry on into a new chapter for Brandy . It’s God’s will that it happen this way and he works in mysterious ways. I know Brandy is hurt and probably taking this hard – but it was all worth it! She will have her dreams back – and I know deep down that’s all she ever wanted! Anyway, I will definitely support her! She’s way too special and mean too much to me, for me to not to. As for DWTS, I say this with every fiber of my being , with great fervor and an admance like you wouldn’t believe … I will never watch this show again. I doubt I’ll eat my words -my girls (in my avatar) will ever take part in it (nor do I expect that my other Queen will)- so I’m officially done! Good riddance!

  25. Renae November 17, 2010

    Brandy isn’t the first nor the last person who danced better than others on the show but got voted off while others who weren’t as good stayed on. This pretty much happens every season. Brandy went a little overboard with the crying, she knows its a popularity contest.

    This show isn’t about dancing, its about who the people who are voting like more. I stopped watching this show after the 2nd season because of that and in most cases the judges do not even support the decisions that the voters are making.

  26. latin86 November 17, 2010

    aw brandy looked so sad :0(

    and i know dam well white america was sending a message with that…its a shame i hope brandy dusts herself off and comes back hard to the music industy i have always been a fan of hers..

  27. THE BRANDY SUPPORT SQAD November 17, 2010

    Brandy is so much more than this show now.. Im in full anticipation of a bigger and brighter brandy now!!! NO ONE owned the stage like she did. Like Len said she owned the stage atmospherically.. so her performances to come for what i presume would be a high energy RNB album is a no-brainer. A couple of high tempo beats and passionate choreography would be the best suited for her which she will master, she just needs to get her ass to an international appeal. Shes rediscovered herself and thats something incredibly more worthy than a bit of silver. Shes learned how to Dance. Who to express herself thru another art, I just hope Maks stays by her all the way throughout her career, which again would be a no brainer. I know she will defo not be losing what shes learnt.. Shes sed a in interview how much accessed muscles she never nu she she had.
    I love brandy tho man, shes my heart. And hope she returns for what we would have seen her freestyle. You can feel that the judges feel for her and wanted her to be in the final. Which is y Bruno asked her to come back. Somthin still bugs me as to why she isn’t in the final.
    Obviously im still buzzin over her Tango.. That was on a next level. Altho shes no part of the contest anymore that was the best performance on the night…Jennifers dance altho she gained a 2×30 scores didn’t really do it for me. Bristols really a nobody so even if she does win, thats as far as shes really going.Brandys already established and has alot more to give to her industry. Jennifer..does she do anything else besides dance.? Kyle.. I cant comment.
    LIVID AS F*** but really brandy is the real winner of this show, because shes conquered it in different dances, dancing from heart, commitment to getting it right. Developing the right attitude, and remaining humble shes too dope, and whatever she goes thru will be reflected album as always. So watch this space!!

  28. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) November 17, 2010

    I’m spitting like fire and don’t want to tweet or talk just yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Diane November 17, 2010

    Ebony should do a photo shoot of the Black Women of DWTS Alumni. That clear picture would undoubtedly show the unfairness. If any black woman wins after this, America won’t get enough of headlining, “The First Black Women of DWTS.” They love showing us as a deficit. I’m so through with this s***. If any of my friends watch DWTS, I will dump their dumb asses too, at least during the season.

  30. Erin November 17, 2010

    From the beginning, I just KNEW it would all come down to Jennifer and Brandy. I thought Brandy had the edge because she was so vibrant and precise. I thought some of Jennifer’s dances were beautiful, but ALL of Brandy’s were lovely. I think the whole thing shocked everyone. I was first shocked when Audrina was kicked off and then Rick. Both of them deserved to go much farther than they did. I don’t know about this being a racial thing–what about Audrina? It was embarrassing to get her off, too. Oh, well, at least Brandy is out there now and everyone can see her talent. I thought Bristol was very nice and she did improve, but no way does she belong where she is.

  31. Infamous Doll November 17, 2010

    This show is bullish thats why I dont watch it. Its a popularity contest not a dance contest. Once Mel B lost and Mya lost to DONNY OSMOND. Get the heck outta here. And then Kelly Osbourne made it to the finals a few seasons ago and now Palin. Im done and I hope the show get either canceled or the strength of the judges votiing will have to be higher. Because its obvious that voters are idiots and the worse dancer is still there

  32. KEM November 17, 2010

    Audrina didn’t have the fanbase. The age group who watches “The Hills” couldn’t care less about this show.

    Kyle has the disney kids and parents who may be watching together. plus he’s bubbly and a pretty good dancer.

    I really think America didn’t like the way the producers of the show spun brandy against Maks. It made it a lot worse than it was. Maks just has a very militant style and Brandy can be overly sensitive, no lies.

    I think race can always be a factor, it’s just not apparent. I don’t think race got Brandy off of the show as much as it’s keeping Bristol on. Because clearly Kyle is still there. It can b a complex issue.

    I guess Brandy just didn’t get the votes no matter what factors are involved. She should be against Jennifer in the finals though. I hope their viewer count plummets.

  33. ljc November 17, 2010

    I am completely shocked !!! That goes to show that the public did not vote. Brandy is the winner all the way!!! The last 3 contestants havent even come close!

  34. Disgusted! November 17, 2010

    What the heck is Bristol Palin doing on this show in the first place? Seriously! A daughter of a mediocre politician Bearing a child out of wedlock does not a “star” make.

    Brandy was abundantly gracious during her total r*** of justice. Palin is a cute kid but she’s a CLOD!

    The show has lost all credibility with this colossal blunder. It was fun while it lasted.

    What a letdown.

  35. #FACT November 17, 2010

    OMG. Brandy lost on some Z-list “celebrity” competition. DEAD

    I’m so glad I abandoned the sinking ship that is Brandy’s career two flop albums ago.

  36. Imjustsaying November 17, 2010

    I need yall to do your research….Brandy is 31……..NOT 30…

  37. danielle November 17, 2010

    She was robbed and I am so SO mad right now I have tears falling, She wanted this so bad.

    I cant type anything else.

  38. danielle November 17, 2010

    #Fact shut your dumb ass up, Brandy is doing something you cant and has accomplished thngs You will NEVER

  39. kw November 17, 2010

    Foul, This is total BS, I am so over this show. I voted the max for Brandy as she was the best performer of the evening and this happens. I am DONE and DONE with DWTS. That Tea Party is beginning to be a major thorn in my side and this should be a major wakeup call on the importance of voting. Unreal. I just can’t state enough how disappointed I was last night. UGH

  40. hffd November 17, 2010

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  41. Pat Jennings November 17, 2010

    Oh my gosh!!! So many of you make this about race and that what every white person is sick of. I couldn’t care less what color Brandy is–red, green or purple. I just happened to like Bristol’s personality better and her vernability is very attractive. She is a very young girl who has been thru a lot and I give her props–not because of her mom, but in spite of her mom. Her mom being in the spotlight has cost Bristol so much. I think a lot of us voted for her because we’ve heard some of the rude things that Tom Bergereon (?) has said about conservatives. He has treated other conservative contestants w/ such disdain, that for many I think they said, ‘We’ll show him!”
    Oh, and why we’re talking color….again I don’t care if Obama is red, green or blue. I would have no trouble voting for a black person for president. I just want it to be the right black person. I vote for what the black person stands for, not just because he’s black. If the black voters would learn this as well, we’d all be a better country for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lyoness November 17, 2010

    Bristol just plainly sucks! if she wins over the other two standing contestants, then I’ve lost all credibility of our (the fans) votiing capabilities. Lets be honest folks….Bristol sucks compared to Jennifer and Brandy! What is wrong with people! These contestants have worked very hard, its evident in their short takes prior to dancing. Jennifer with her injures and Brandy only striving for perfection which is evidence of perserverance of a winner. Bristol seems to always have excuses, doesn’t appear to be focused and immersed in doing her best. She’s a stiff as a board and has no dancing talent! How could we as a country be so biased to vote for political bias as opposed to what this show is supposed to be about…….TALENT!!!!

    Very wrong reasons to vote and if Bristol wins, that’s it…will never watch the show again.

  43. Jergarr November 17, 2010

    @Pat Jennings… We’d be a better country if Black people learned??? Wow…

    Black people only make up 12 or 13% of America.. We really don’t have the power that the media gives us during elections (including dance competitions)… and we know it..

  44. James November 17, 2010

    I think that Brandi is an excellent dancer. The point of DWTS is improvement. It may be the case that the majority of both the black and white voters, voted for who has shown the most improvement in dancing. Obviously Brandi has much more experience and Bristol, coming into this show – Bristol had none. If you want make this a race issue which so many of you have done, then Brandi’s camp should’nt have chosen coke head Whitney Houston as an advocate.

  45. did YOU vote? November 17, 2010

    If you didn’t vote, then you have no say so. All the contestants are working their butts off to be in this competition. I guess it goes to show you that overconfident can get you no where.

  46. Pat Jennings November 17, 2010

    P.S. I think that Brandy’s angry, ungracious, entitled attitude when the results were announced spoke volumes. That attitude undermined all the clips telling us how she’s overcome so much and how humble and all she is. Did she even congratulate Bristol? What a sore loser!!!

  47. SOUTHERN BELL November 17, 2010


  48. Rose November 17, 2010

    I dont know why everybody is being a big baby. OK so Brandy was a really good dancer, but I gotta give props to Miss Palin, like she said she has no previous acting or dancing experinece, and she has gotten better. Personally I dont think its fair if someone has had previous dancing experience (Mel B, Joey Fatone, Jennifer ), anyway Im no Sarah Palin supporter, just giving my 2 cents.

  49. VA STAND UP!! November 17, 2010

    Well..there is nothing I can say that everyone else hasn’t already said except ‘Aint this some s***!’. SMH! I’m hella disappointed but I can’t say I am totally surprised. Even though Brandy is obviously the better dancer, Bristol has the bigger fan base. Those white folks are voting overtime to keep that girl on the show! SMGDH!

    I’m not gonna bash Bristol its not her fault that people are voting for her but its just not fair! Brandy so deserves to be in the finals. I’m not gonna give up on the show just yet, I’m rooting for Jennifer Gray now, but if Bristol wins then know its some BS!

    @Bristol: Um..I voted in the election! But I get what your saying. Just don’t put all black people in that category.

  50. ME November 17, 2010

    Poor Brandy…. I don’t see how she lost to someone who clearly can’t dance at all and really don’t care if she wins or not. (Bristol) Ok like someone said WHITE america has spoken again. I think all black america should ban from watching that show because clearly it’s not geared towards black amercia. CLEARLY black americans don’t watch that show. LOL

  51. —-> 80s Child November 17, 2010

    Youy know what would get that show major views

    is if they had both janet Jackson and Madonna on the same season.

    Battle of the Pop Queens.

    Now I would definitely watch that whole season in and ou

  52. truthis November 17, 2010

    h well it happened to Mya-Laila Ali-Lil Kim and Mel B…s*** happens…Brandy this is a tv show and not the end of the world….People need to stop hating on the remaining contestants cause truth be told if people wanted to vote for brandy she’d still be there….Bristol people actually picked up the phone and voted thats why she still there has nothing to do with color!!!!!!!

  53. THEiVY November 17, 2010

    im over bristol playing innocent… you know who your mother is and that people were going to be cheering for you off that fact alone. republicans are like zombies too me they
    have no individual style or personality. they shout about morals and cling to God , but they are first people to get drunk or get arrested i dont get it.

  54. SOUTHERN BELL November 17, 2010

    @80S CHILD



  55. Realtalk 101 November 17, 2010

    If race wasn’t a factor in America we wouldn’t be talking about ignorant ass Sarah Palin or her family. How can a 17 yr old with a baby be the face of abstinence in America? Only if your white.

  56. P J November 17, 2010

    To: Loving Life–I guess you forgot that Bristol was in the bottom more than anybody else. Don’t you know that everyone loves the under dog!!

    I find it interesting that all the curse words here in the forum are from Brandy supporters. I think that says a lot.

    At least Max was gracious.

    Everyone gets the same number of votes and just because your favorite didn’t win, you’re writing off the show and have to try and totally tear down the one who won over your chosen one. That’s not how things work.

    It’s not a race thing… did anyone notice that Kyle is in the finals and last time I saw him, he’s still black. He has a wonderful personality , unlike Brandy, and I’d be thrilled to see him win the entire thing.

  57. SparkD November 17, 2010

    Losing worked wonders for Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Palin, it can work for Brandy too

    I’m black, and voted for DWTS for the first time.

    The Tea Partiers are voting, and The View mentioned that the Democrats are not watching DWTS, but the Tea Partiers/Republicans are watching.

  58. SparkD November 17, 2010

    Losing worked wonders for Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Palin, it can work for Brandy too

    I’m black, and voted for DWTS for the first time.

    The Tea Partiers are voting, and The View mentioned that the Democrats are not watching DWTS, but the Tea Partiers/Republicans are watching.

  59. P J November 17, 2010

    To Truthis–you got it!! Thanks for some sanity on the subject!!

    To LIONESS–the show isn’t about ‘TALENT’ as you said. It’s about taking a person who is in the publics’ eye who has not been trained in dance and making them into a dancer. Talk about not fair, Jennifer began her career as a dancer. She is an absoulutely beautiful dancer, but she should be. How is it that Bristol, Kyle, or even Brandy be placed up against her. I’d rather see true non-dancers compete. Just to keep it fair.

  60. josh November 17, 2010

    Not a huge fan of brandy but I do like her music & her style. She got my vote every week, she was arguably the best. So sad to see her go, now on to better things for her I hope.

    Anywho Ciara Basic Instinct Instore 12.14.10 & Cop the new Kanye My Dark Twisted Friday 11.22.10 It’s Kanye Friday, f** a pink friday ho! :p

  61. eric November 17, 2010

    I think producers of live voting shows give consideration to viewers at the phone, but in the end they have to do what they have to do to generate viewership. DWTS feeds on controversy to draw attention from people who couldn’t care less about tuning in. Palin’s presence has allowed DWTS to pander to the wide majority of people that are eager to voice their power and control. If the republicans and tea party supporters weren’t already looking for a way to use the phones to extend their post-election celebration, the voting rumors planted the idea in their heads.

    I have to also say that it may have hurt Brandy’s cause a little that she chose the fatal car accident as the subject of her personal hardship story. A percentage of her voting public was probably not too familiar with Brandy before DWTS and only came to know of her through the passion and determination she displayed on the show. Suddenly on Monday they saw her in a very different light and it brought new suspicion to the incident. Instead of voting, Brandy’s audience probably spent more time researching the details of the car accident. Jennifer Grey in her segment also shared involvement in a fatal collision, but she has a longer, much wider and more favorable image with the public, especially with the recent death of Patrick Swayze. Brandy would’ve been safer had she focused entirely on overcoming the disappointment of her album sales.

  62. SWEET S November 17, 2010


  63. royalkev November 17, 2010

    @PJ – The show IS about TALENT and who has the best dance skill. That’s what these stars are being judged on. It’s a competition, it’s not only about whose the most improved. There actually have been so much growth with just about all of the contestants, still you have to choose which one is best – and that’s the purpose of eliminating those who aren’t in the process. Brandy isn’t a trained dancer. I would have liked to see her win, but I would have understood it if she lost to Jennifer (who has had training). Their passion, technique, grace and ability to entertain are some of the factors that should come into play for the judging. Bristol was not leading anyone in any of these catergories and that’s why this is such BS! … Jennifer may have technique, Brandy maybe the most intense and Kyle the most entertaining… but Bristol was robotic and didn’t own the stage. Individually regardless of who had training , it comes down to having some flare naturally.

  64. Geronimo Deuces November 17, 2010

    i dont know if any of you watched the day before this elimination…. Brandy was talking about her accident blablabla some people forgot about it and she brought it up, of course they will vote you off……. sorry guys but brandys time is “OVA”.

  65. Jasmine November 17, 2010

    I will never watch this stupid DWTS ever again, why was Brandy voted off? is it racism? I do not like Jennifer Grey, she is pathetic, she is so old and is jealous of Brandy. I noticed that she is trying to get sympathy votes! I will not watch this show! unreasonable all the way! If Brandy was there I will watch it, since she is gone, i have no respect for this show and the voters who kept Palin!

  66. posh November 17, 2010

    my only issue here is that the show is called Dancing With the Stars..since when does having a child outta weblock under 18 make u a celebrity? Bristol she have NEVER been on the show to begin w/ …if her mother was not a politician then she would not have been invited to be on…im done w/ this show…i took a break after Mel B lost now this….no more DWTS for me

  67. Juan November 17, 2010

    She was ok but I liked Jennifer Gray and Bristol Palin better. I wasn’t shocked she lost …

  68. LOL November 17, 2010

    This is FUNNY!!! Who Cares…. it’s ENTERTAINMENT!! That’s ALL!!
    It’s NOT Racial….. GEEEZ!! Put that card away…. PLEASE!!!

    OH… and ANYONE who looks at “THE VIEW” as Gospel…. needs their head examined!!

  69. LOL November 17, 2010

    OMG!!! Just had a thought!!
    Take DWTS off ABC….. put it on BET……. and see what happens!!

    Put your cards away!! LOL

  70. Renee November 17, 2010

    Normally, I really wouldn’t bother commenting on this subject, but it seems MOST of you have an extremely backwards and uneducated view of blacks in America. First and foremost, try do some education – I mean basic education. For example, STOP LUMPING ALL BLACKS INTO ONE GROUP. I have read some comments where there are assumptions of how blacks vote in America to the fact that it is ONLY blacks who constantly bring up race into every subject. Lets face the facts here. This is a reality competition show. In my opinion, it is most likely staged and the winner has already been picked. Second, for you dumb asses who are clueless to the current toxic landscape of politics in America, the Republican Party and the Tea Party are a dominant and powerful factor in America right now. And if you take a close damn look, it is the GOP and Tea Party who are always bringing up race or saying something racially insensitive in reference to a nonwhite group. Whether it is blacks, muslims, illegal immigrants, usually a nonwhite group is always the target for hate almost every other month or so. I can bring up a whole damn list of the constant hate I have seen in mainstream media in America after the Presidential Election of 2008. And I dare anyone of you try to debate me on it. And if whites are so damn tired of blacks discussing our perspectives of how race works in America, then you need to have a discussion with all the hate mongers on conservative talk radio to mainstream television hosts on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC who CONSTANTLY talk about race in America almost every damn day. Nothing pisses me off more than when people try to say it is blacks who have an issue with race when blacks are not the ones controlling the mass media from television to print to radio. UGH! It disgusts me that most of you are so damn ignorant and caught up on this dumb s*** from a reality show that you somehow spread your uninform and clearly uneducated views on race. And last but not least, just because a black person may feel that a results from a FIXED reality show may have the factor of race in it, DOESN’T MEAN that black person isn’t inform on important issues in everyday society. Damn, it is frustrating to read the lack of intelligence with people online.

  71. Chimier November 17, 2010

    The show should be renamed Dancing with the Stars (and Voting B*******)

  72. Renee November 17, 2010

    @ LOL

    Please put that tired “race card” phrase away. You talk as if this magic race card is going to somehow advance blacks in the world. I swear, that is a b******* phrase started with white conservatives and need to retired with white conservatives. As I stated in a previous post, the show is most likely fixed and staged. And if you are sick of reading of how some blacks mention race in this issue, then go to another blog. Actually, go to a Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Coulter, or Michelle Malkin blog and tell them to stop talking about race. Lets go for equal opportunity here.

  73. Kenny November 17, 2010

    Many of you dont know about reality shows, they are all set up. The public doesnt have a say so in who wins, we are fooled into voting because the networks and the phone companies are in cahoots with each other… the more we vote the more money the network gets. The actually votes comes from the producers and judges, the public always thinks voting is fair. If you read the fine print during the intro of the shows it sometimes states the decision is made by judges and producers.

  74. Renee November 17, 2010

    @ P J

    I don’t know where to start with you. Brandy was angry and ungracious and so forth. Well, I didn’t watch the show, just the clip from above. I didn’t see the angry b**** you described. Clearly, you have an issue with Brandy. If Brandy doesn’t smile the right way or if her tone of voice is too heavy and so forth, you would label her a monster. Last, just because a black person is in the finals doesn’t mean the final results didn’t have the influence of race. Although with this show, as with all reality shows, it is staged. Your view on blacks in America is troubling yet typical. My question? What are doing on this blog if you have such an issue with blacks expressing their opinion on a harmless blog? Just go to ABC blog or Yahoo Entertainment blog and call it a day.

  75. Dunno November 17, 2010

    Hey..any of you black folks realize Kyle Massey is black? Y’all a bunch of ain’t got nutting to do with if their black or not. Brandy is just a Bit..h…

  76. Rha November 17, 2010

    U guys are NUTS if u think race is not relevant in EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE including DWTS. Brandy should have won but if Bristol was Tamika and had a baby by a popular black political person she would be a LOST TEENAGE W**** WHO GOT PREGNANT she wouldnt even be on the show #thatsthetruthefoeyoass WAKE THE F*** UP!

  77. antertain November 17, 2010

    Wow what a shame and this is seriously a weird season.

    1st i’d like to congratulate Bran on making it that far and she did sooo great that no.1 can take away votes or not.

    Proud of her journey and good on her. I hope she doesn’t feel down about it and pushes her momentum into the music scene.

    Mya & Mel B were years that ROBBERY was clear as day. I think Jennifer was always fav to win so Bran did excellent and at the end of the day there can only be one winner.

    I think maybe the hunger of Brandy outwardly saying how much she wants to win so much over the last few weeks probably played a part in her not gettin the few extra votes she needed over poplar acts like Bristol & Kyle (Cory from that’s so Raven).

    NEVERMIND its all been a positive experience 4 her so if the people wanna really play the race thing then put your votes in for Kyle but IMO Jennifer Grey should win.

  78. jbm November 17, 2010

    Darn voters…. I knew their votes matter when Mya didn’t win & that’s when I stopped watching DWTS

  79. Leonid November 17, 2010

    Brandy was a cut-throat diva and I’m surprized she lasted this long. Good riddins’! All you people whining about a Bristol conspiracy theory are full of crap. You have to realize, whether you like it or not, that this, just like A Idol is as much a popularity contest as it is a talent contest. And we like Palin because she’s the underdog. Let’s hope that whining Jeniffer Grey loses too.

  80. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) November 17, 2010

    I am in so much pain that itwill take me awhile to understand. Brandy not in the final???????????
    Not so sure about the racist thing but come on who do you want to see in the final. I better start thinking about my phone bils.

  81. Daniel November 17, 2010

    People meed to get a grip.. besides it’s probs mosly white people that watch it and im gonna ask this.. do you mostly vote for black people on these shows? and if the answer is yes.. then you cant blame white people for voting for white people.

  82. Karen November 17, 2010

    I think Dancing with the Stars is a joke after Palin winning over Brandy. Palin can’t dance. She is ungraceful. I am not the only person who will no longer watch Dancing with the Stars.

  83. VA STAND UP!! November 17, 2010

    I meant @Stupid. Lol. I know I’m late!

  84. Kayla November 17, 2010

    As a Bristol Palin supporter last night I just want to say people should be happy for her! She was chosen over Brandy because of her personality, growth, and being so genuine. Yes, she is not the best dancer.. but from day 1 until now she has grown so much and continues to surprise me. Being a former dancer and now a choreographer I would chose Bristol as a student over Brandy any day. No offense, but Brandy has continued to do things technically wrong such as her neck and not extended her lines through her wrist as well as her shoulders. The judges stopped pointing those things out. If you go back and watch you will see that she wasn’t as good of a dancer as every one is making her out to be and unfortunately she came off fake. Her getting voting off has nothing to do with her race, popularity, or talent. Plus, every week I vote for who delivered a shocking performance and last night Bristol brought her A game.

  85. Kio November 17, 2010


  86. daboss8791 November 17, 2010

    Wow people are mad as h#@l about this! I don’t think Bran was all that good, however I do feel that Bristol should’ve been one of the first to go. She can’t dance at all, it seems like she’s walking the whole time, instead of dancing, it’s a complete farce. I don’t know about race, but my jaw dropped when ever the judges would give the scores for Bristol. I remember one week they gave Kyle 5’s and he was dancin his tail off. He’s always been one of the best performers. I do think that they chose the winners based on their demographics, and Blacks are probably just not watching all that much, nor voting. If you don’t vote don’t complain!


  87. Lady Honest November 17, 2010

    Black people need to boycott these shows, when we are in it, we never seem to win it.
    These shows are designed to make white people come out on top.
    Having said that if Jennifer win, shes the only one left who deserves to.



  88. Lady Honest November 17, 2010

    KENNY You are so right,you’ve hit the nail right on the head.

  89. Robert November 17, 2010

    Just because you are BLACK dose not mean you can DANCE.iT,S ONE THING TO HOP AROUND,BOUNCE AROUND,but tu really DANCE .that,s another thing.So stop petting on her it,s over she,s done.

  90. SAYINSOMETHIN-NICE November 17, 2010

    Pat Jennings ermm u know what u can do..

    BRandy was the reason why some viewers watched DWTS, like Brandy Support Squad said, brandy has already Won. And shes even said that in interviews. Shes now overcome her fear shes more confident than ever.. Im expecting a high production tour.. Dancers and
    slick chroegraphy in her videos and live performances..

    Hope she comes back on Tuesday next week to show them all HOW the stage is owned as tho shes a past winner.. The perfect way to say F*** YOU ALL gracefully.. Cant wait if she does. That wld be perfect…lol..

    ANd SHOUT OUT TO MAKSIM.. youve done what alot of brandy fans have always wanted..,for Brandy to fall bak on her feet nicely.. For THAT i 4ever APPLAUD u and respect u

  91. Daniel November 18, 2010

    You moan about having a boycott of these shows… but answer this… do you vote for mostly black people on these shows? if the answer is yes.. then how can you moan that mostly white people vote for white people… and seeing as theres more white people… theres always gonna be a bigger change that a white person will win. Its pretty simple.

  92. SAYINSOMETHIN-NICE November 18, 2010


  93. jammy November 18, 2010

    Bristol placed 3rd. Not 1st or 2nd. There is still a chance to oust her! VOte for the boy or other woman. PLZZZ

  94. jane powell November 18, 2010

    I do hope Brandy will be stronge and use the negative energy from this injustice. I hope Brandy will take my advice and know she is the better dancer and she is the winner no matter how the voters vote.She has got to know she is a stronger tallent.I am a black woman but I am not gonna say it is a black issue,but I will say it is an evil world and bad will continue to try and beat out good.You have to know in your heart you are good at what you do and not depend on other people to judge you

  95. True November 18, 2010

    Brandy did awesome on this show and she proved alot of people, including herself, wrong. I think most people are upset because, Bristol is NOWHERE near the level of skill that Brandy is on. She has not improved at all to me. She is even more stiff now than she was when she started. SORRY! But, it is the truth. Brandy should be in the finals.

    I think Brandy is a sweet woman, who has gone through SO much in her life. Everybody that knows who she is, knew about the car accident. I don’t think she was trying to gain any sympathy votes at all. She was just stating what obstacle she faced that REALLY changed her. NONE of the other contestants had a story as compelling as hers. I love Brandy for sharing what that experience was like for her. She suffered indeed.

    I hope she takes this experience and applies it to other aspects of her life. She was THE best dancer this season. Whether you like Brandy or not, that is a fact.

  96. True November 18, 2010

    To PJ: Do you really think that Sarah Palin’s being in the limelight hurt Bristol? Are you serious? If anything, the fact that Sarah is her mother HELPED her. People voted for Bristol because of HER MOTHER’S popularity. It was clearly not her talent or the fact that she is a STAR.

    Sorry but let’s state facts here. Bristol is the daughter of a former governor. That former governor ran for vice president and lost. During that process Bristol was a teenager that got pregnant out of wedlock. She calls herself a teen-activist now but really wants fame. So you think that her mother hurt her? I’m going to need you to rethink that one and examine ALL aspects.

  97. dee November 18, 2010

    Brandi and Max both had terrible attitudes. Yes, they could dance, but NO they aren’t as wonderful as they both THINK they are. I felt that Brandi was FAKE from the beginning. And MEAN even to her coach. With attitudes like that I’m surprised they made it as far as they did. And as far as Palin, PUHLEESE the girl has come a long way! She was horrible at the beginning. Is she as good as a dancer as Brandi? NO. IS it a popularity contest? Obviously yes, no one likes nor votes for the girl who thinks she’s IT and has a witchy attitude.

  98. dave November 18, 2010

    Anyone who is upset the bristol got more votes then brandy and is claiming its a white persons world is a racist pig……………………..

  99. Iris November 18, 2010

    I do not believe this is about race. I think it is all about politics and nothing more. Bristal Palin
    has made progress but she does not deserve to be in the finals and would not be if it were not for politics. To begin with why did they pick her. She is not a “Star”. It was about politics from week one and you all should not be surprised is she is the winner. As for Brandy, she is a star and will remain one. She is to be commended for all of her abilities including her dancing.

  100. kay dog November 18, 2010

    Wow all you people b**** about race or the Republican party, HELLO its a show that count americas votes, its not just the judges so stop complaining that Brandy got ripped from Palin, Brandy was better yes ,but she was also better than Kyle so why not b**** about him being in, Bristol has done alot better

  101. Kristin November 18, 2010

    whoa whoa whoa.. all you people stop raggin on Bristol..isnt this show about people coming on the show with 0 talent with dancing, pretty sure Jennifer Grey and Brandy have a lot of talent in this area already. Give her some freaking credit she has come so far and improved and that is what its all about..its not about people who already have rhythm and can dance!! thanks and GO BRISTOL!

  102. Dee November 18, 2010

    This is about voting, not necessarily who the best dancer is. More people like and vote for Palin each week. She, herself, has said that she is not the best dancer in the group. Remember Mario and Emmitt? Mario was by far the better dancer, but he did not win because of the fans voting. On a political note, the same applies: Barack Obama was not the best candidate in the race, but because he had the most votes, he won. When you have voting as the way to choose, then that’s how it works.

  103. Dee November 18, 2010

    It’s interesting that TRUE mentions Bristol’s out of wedlock pregnancy but conveniently leaves Brandy’s out of the post. Hmmm. A little prejudiced maybe?

  104. deb November 18, 2010

    So when someone you don’t want to move on DOES then all of a sudden the show becomes just a ‘popularity contest’?????? Kinda like when Obama won, right?
    Life is a popularity contest – not just when YOUR guy wins.

  105. Linda November 18, 2010

    Brandy’s dancing was amazing, but what impressed me most was the gracious way in which she accepted the loss. Later that evening, on Jimmy Kimmel, she showed what true class really is…though she believed the decision to be unfair, she did not express her displeasure by belittling Palin or the show. Instead, she stated what a wonderful experience she’d had and that she had no regrets. What a mature, gracious, classy young woman. Hats off to Brandy and I hope her career soars as a result of this decision!

  106. Good November 18, 2010

    Brandy’s and Maks’ big egos are what made them lose. I’m sure I am not the only person who was so sick of her bragging about her ‘musicality’ and getting to cocky. She needed to be brought down a peg. She wanted to win too badly and thought she was too great. Maks also ruined their chances with his immature argument with the judges. If he had an issue, live TV is not the place to discuss it. They were their own biggest fans, and it ruined them. America wanted to tell Brandy who was boss, and they did. I laughed my b*** off when she left. Good. I hate people who are too confident in themselves.

  107. Good November 18, 2010

    Most annoying thing about black people: THEY ARE THE RACIST ONES. Everytime something as trivial as this happens, they immediately go on blabbing, “OMG, IT’S BECAUSE SHE’S BLACK!” So stupid! Black people are the ones who are the most aware of race. They are all for black people. But apparently white people can’t succeed either. Hypocrites is all I have to say. SO STOP MAKING THIS A RACE THING! People were just sick of Brandy’s over confidence. She could dance, but she was too full of herself. SO SHUT THE F**** up about her race!

  108. starlet November 22, 2010

    Brandy may have lost but now this has open the the door to get her life back on track.

  109. Irene November 22, 2010

    What was the big shock? Some win, some lose – get over it.

  110. Irene November 22, 2010

    Just because she’s black,doesn’t make her the best dancer.
    Anybody catch Michelle and Bam Bam trying to dance in India?
    Who are the racists?

  111. Allie November 23, 2010

    I think Brandy — who was never in the bottom before — lost massive votes due to that Video Diary that reminded everyone of that fatal car accident. I’d forgotten about it and I immediately thought, “oh wasn’t she at fault for texting or something?” Then she said she was found “not to be at fault” and I’m thinking, “how can you not be at fault for rearending someone?” I don’t care of the person stopped short, you are not legally allowed to rearend someone. She was speeding, not paying attention, etc. SOMETHING. That, combined with the “poor me” thing she pulled just turned off voters. That’s what I think happened anyway. If she’d picked a different topic for the Video thing, she’d have stayed on.

  112. James November 23, 2010

    I’m glad brandy was voted off. She was too emotional and competitive and it was becoming sickening to watch her.

  113. kamala November 24, 2010

    First it was Monique Coleman. Then it was Laila Ali, Mel B., Lil Kim and Mya. Now it is Brandy. All of these dancers were much better than white their counterparts. For those who do not think we should use the ‘race card’, need to think again. It is something about black women on this show and So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew, that do not mesh with the audience. Maybe It is time for BET and TVOne to do our own shows. Wait a minute….then white folks would want to be on that show too and would probably win that as well.

  114. Jeramy Baroody April 8, 2011

    What i find tough is to discover a weblog that may capture me for a minute but your blog is different. Bravo.

  115. Minerva Khov April 10, 2011

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