Rihanna Performs On Letterman

Published: Wednesday 17th Nov 2010 by Sam

Continuing the aggressive the promotional push for new album ‘Loud’, The Noise The Voice that is Rihanna stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman today to perform current single ‘What’s My Name’.

Peep the Bajan beauty in action below…

Being the fair and unbias site that we are, it’s important to give credit where it’s due: McFenty really held her own with this performance – effectively sounding like the track (take from that what you will). Perhaps it’s the song’s deep, inspiring lyrics, which she connects with. In any case, decent (enough) performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tracy November 17, 2010

    Oh na na. Such deep lyrics.

    Her depth and authenticity as an artist knows no bounds.

    She will sell 1 million in a week!

    Taylor who ?

  2. urias November 17, 2010


  3. UGh November 17, 2010

    Tracey you are too funny.

    Good performance but there was a part when she forgot the words. she sounds better singing these type of songs.

  4. magdalena November 17, 2010

    wow she sounded really good, i loved it. i hope she keeps it up!!

  5. jewelz November 17, 2010

    her outfit is cute #thatsaboutit

  6. AinthatsomeSHHH November 17, 2010

    This is her best performance yet! If she keeps going like this maybe she can accomplish something

  7. GangsterA November 17, 2010

    she slayed her voice is great here her best vocal peformance of this era and she looked amazing her body is bangin

  8. Jessy November 17, 2010

    I really dig this song…it’s on constant replay on my Ipod:-D

  9. Bacqui November 17, 2010

    Sam ‘In any case, decent (enough) performance”…WHAT!????… R.I.P Good Music! Their royal excellencies Mary J, Anita Baker,Mariah Carey are surely insulted…Sam ur surely hearing impared!…Get well son!

  10. sarah November 17, 2010

    Letterman looked like he didnt want to let go of her hand at the end lol.. clearly he enjoyed the performance! Its true whats been said though somehow she sounds like she can actually sing, like she did when she first came out…i don’t get it. Props to her and her plans to take over 2011, looks like we’re going to be seeing this chick ALOT like the way beybey and gaga were constantly around.

  11. Kay2911 November 17, 2010

    finally a decent performance!

    But was that Dawn of Danity Kane as one of the background singers???

  12. hahahahahaha November 17, 2010

    @Bacqui if you want to listen to Rnb, buy their Cd and stop complaining about POP music. Thank you.

    @Sam all of a sudden you are saying nice things about Rihanna, I guess you listened to her Radio interview where she made fun of bloggers( sad people that hate their life and parents) lol.

  13. tiff November 17, 2010

    Finally she sounded decent! I’m proud of her. As long as she does not sing “only girl” live ever again then I will be ok.

    Lol at the first comment. One million in the first week? I bet when she does not sell that amount you will disapeer somewhere because u will be to embarassed to comment…ever.

    She will be lucky to sell 250k in the first week.

  14. RiRi South African Stan November 17, 2010

    great song

    I love ur picture, u look like a diva

  15. Dineo November 17, 2010


  16. Trisha November 17, 2010

    You know, if she were to give as much effort into vocal training as she does playing dress up and dying her hair, she would actually get far because you can actually see POTENTIAL in her. This performance was decent and recently she’s been sounding better live…if she just KEPT it up and worked harder on focusing on her voice then maybe I would stan for her. But anyway…goo job Rihanna

  17. Ma November 17, 2010

    I liked it!

  18. nayah82 November 17, 2010

    Rum bum bum bum, rum bum bum man down. I like the performance a lot, good job Rih.

  19. Jean alchemist November 17, 2010

    She made comments about bloggers?,well u know wat dey say:in a city of the blind the one eyed man is king.mad people always think erbady else is mad except for them,sam n trent will continue telling d bitter truth,d truth her stans cant stomach.stan or non stan we know d truth!,she CANT SING,DANCE,PLAY A TAMBOURINE/FLUTE/DO CHOREOGRAPHY/WRITE A SONG/she only knows how to take orders from her slavemasters and s***,im hearing good things bout d performance,i hate her so im not gonna watch it,but i just wanna ask:did she dance?,sing on key?,choreography?,play an instrument?,did she write d song she sang?,if shem did all these then the performance was awesome!

  20. drfenty November 17, 2010

    [email protected] this site trying to turn oveer a new leaf when QUeen Rihalla called samantha and tentrina out on radio and snatched both wigs, and set them alight, love the way u lie style.


  21. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) November 17, 2010

    @Jean alchemist

    How about you read the damn post. Sam clearly says the performance was good enough.

  22. NICKY November 17, 2010



  23. Jean alchemist November 17, 2010

    In a city of the tone deaf:the worthless no talent rihanna is king

  24. truthfully November 17, 2010

    i actually think she was talking about @NICKI whose only purpose in life is to go on blogs and hate…..

    She was refering to the blog site itself she was talking about the commenters…..

  25. Rihsus November 17, 2010

    While you all are hating the album got great reviews and is #1 on itunes in less than 24 hrs. Songs that was not released charted higher than most of your favs who has singles out. Stay hating because Rihanna stay getting money….Her money will blow most of you all out the water once they are revealed next yr

    Concert 450k per show

    Stay mad

  26. Mely B November 17, 2010

    @ Trisha – couldn’t agree with you more I wish she took her profession more seriously. I think that because success came so early and easily for her that maybe she has a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality towards her vocals.

    I heard one of her radio interviews yesterday and LOL at her calling herself a “musician” but last night’s performance was better than she’s had recently mainly because she didn’t dance much.

  27. Heaven November 17, 2010

    The band and back up singers were terrific.

  28. ??? November 17, 2010

    Enough all ready I bet Sam will post the show this morning GMA, Now that was some funny s*** with the two ugly Rihanna Navy staters showing black tee shirts. But I really wish she would get rid of that hair because her head look way to big and makes her neck look extra long. Even tho her neck is long anyway it brings more attention to it. But other than that the show was decent. Don’t like when she sings Only Girl but What My Name she did great.

  29. ??? November 17, 2010

    correct starters

  30. Jean alchemist November 17, 2010

    Wheres nicky with those first and second day USA sales of loud

  31. shame November 17, 2010


    I’ts nice that she has all that going for her. It’s the singing that’s a problem because she can’t sing. Maybe she should stick to that list you posted or be a model.

  32. Blue Kid November 17, 2010

    In Toronto if you buy the album “LOUD” and listen to it, you may win a trip to Barbados for two. ROFL!

    They are really promoting this chick over time here!

  33. Blue Kid November 17, 2010

    Satan loves this girl, she just keep getting soul for him, the two of them see victory.

  34. caliguy22 November 17, 2010

    Cheater! She cheated you can tell she is singing with a backtrack. As soon as the high notes come in the backtrack kicks in to help her out. UGH! What a shame.

  35. mark ginnis November 17, 2010

    II liked her, the band and of course the song! She killed! She is coming into her own!

  36. shame November 17, 2010

    Right I think she was speaking about NIcky because she loves to spread hate and wish death on people. Instead of that thing let people make there comment or give there opinion Nicky preach hate. No one, No one has who is a fan of someone else never wish death on Rihanna. And looking at the show this morning I wonder if one of those things that come up on the stage Rihanna Navy was Nicky lmfao.

  37. Nichole November 17, 2010

    I don’t think TGJ should commented at all on Rihanna’s voice.

    Thinking about not voting for Obama in 2012? Watch this video and think again!

  38. plain and simple November 17, 2010

    Rihanna was not singing the whole song the backtrack and her backkup singers was doing most of the singing. ROFL

  39. Shouw November 17, 2010

    Well we can’t say that she’s SINGING ! that’s not singing for me this is speaking with rythm !

  40. Secret Voice November 17, 2010

    I never click on clips other than the one when the bytch fell on stage but just looking at the still frame on the site,that goat is holding the mic as if she is REALLY blowing,LMAO! The things some people can be brainwashed into believing.

  41. demagnatized November 17, 2010

    I guess you guys didn’t get the “deep, inspiring lyrics” part.

    Sam is making fun of rihanna because she herself said the song was deep and inspiring.

    When it truly is not.

  42. A November 17, 2010

    why the background singers sounded like Rihanna?


  43. Blue Kid November 17, 2010

    @ Demagnatized

    How in the [email protected] rihanna can say whats deep are not when the bytch didn’t even write the song, rihanna has know clue. The bytch is a puppet to keep your dumb a** asleep.

    rihanna has an ghost singer “studio singer” to teach the bytch the way the song is to be song, get out of here with that dumb s***.

    Wake up! Wake up sheepel! Wake up!

    Want something deep this is what deep is!

    IRON MOUNTAIN: watch this video unto it’s end, it is deep.


  44. Sweetbaba November 17, 2010

    Fair and Unbiased don’t make me laugh

  45. SLAY FOR CISUS/F*** RIHMODEL November 17, 2010



    @Jean Alchemist


    @Plain And Simple and @CAILIGUY22

    I peeped that too…now let that had been Cisus Almighty. They wouldv’e SWORE up and down it was pre-recorded.

  46. the truth(say no more) November 17, 2010

    hahahahhahaa i have been waitign for u guys to finally give her her props…..everyones has been saying she cant sing…now wait….sam aint got nothing to say……..he calls he the noise or sheep bleating but beyonce…..really shouts when she sings and its annoying

    TAKEOVER 2008/2009/2010/2011 AND BEYOND HAHAHAHA


  47. Irish Cream November 17, 2010

    Seems like everybody and their momma are feeling this song. I can’t go anywhere without hearing random people i didn’t even know jammed to rihanna singing the song. All over fb my friends are posting it up. This song is definitely connecting with people. Wow and i even like the kinder gentler sam. Way to go. If you guys keep giving unbiased posts like this. Your site could make a turn for the better.

  48. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS November 17, 2010

    The performance was ok could have been better. I’m tired of seeing that same stiff a** tired a** whined and I’m tired of seeing these stripper stage outfits. Now she’s opening up for the AMA’s if she doesn’t dance or show any type of stage presence she just does her normal walk back and forth I’m done. I’m gone go in on her so bad ain’t NOBODY gone tell me sh*t.

    where’s the rih stan that said Rihanna was gone sale 10 million first day.

  49. UMMM……….. November 17, 2010

    This was barely average! I’ve seen her perfrom “umbrella” with more enthusiasm! I find it funny that the artist of today (mainly those who lack talent) release every song on a CD before it’s release. What’s up with that?

    Make quality music, give great live performances, and you should fair well!

  50. truth serum November 18, 2010

    She sounded fine.. but I don’t understand why she never moves. Lol Rihanna get some stage presence… dance a little. Do SOMEthing.. Also lmbo David Letterman is a creeper.

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