Christina Aguilera To Get Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame

Published: Thursday 11th Nov 2010 by Sam

While 2010 has undeniably been difficult for Christina Aguilera, the Pop diva looks set to close the year on a hight note. For, it has today been announced that she will be the 2,423rd figure to receive a star on Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame.

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Honoured for her contributions to the recording industry, Aguilera will be presented the star during a special ceremony on November 15th. Interestingly, this comes little over a week before her new movie ‘Burlesque’ hits theatres across the US on November 24th.


Congratulations are most certainly in order for Christina. Indeed, say what you will, yet it’s hard to deny that she deserves such an accolade.

Randomness: On the topic of ‘deserving it’, it’s interesting to point out that – as at writing – the likes of Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige don’t have stars on the walk, while the likes of Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears do. Things that make you go hmm.

Important to highlight, though, is the fact that spots on the Walk aren’t simply handed out on the basis of talent/success alone – contrary to popular belief. It’s a process; one which sees labels/management not only have to nominate acts themselves, yet also have to cough up money to the tune of $25,000 to “sponsor” the plaque (the ceremony, its upkeep, and any repairs). The aforementioned, reportedly, is why Whitney Houston declined the offer several years ago (wanting instead to wait until she’s ‘inactive’ and awarded it on her legendary merit alone).

Anyway, back to Christina…

Your thoughts?

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  1. sleeper November 11, 2010

    i agree sam its a joke that the legends are not with stars and yet Xtina and slutney get rewarded what the f*** did they contribute to pop execept showing ass and lip-synching

  2. Viki November 11, 2010

    Whitney will get her star, she is the most awarded artist of all time, so a star should not bother her

  3. Becca November 11, 2010

    Haters shut up!

    Sam even said that Whitney rejected the offer, so why are you mad?

    Britney has had the biggest influence on pop music in the last decade. She has sold over 100 million records. You mad?

    Christina deserves her star, so back off.

    And don’t you DARE bring race into this. SMH

  4. wd76 November 11, 2010

    I agree, Whitney (The Voice Houston), has so many awards. But it is a shame she hasn’t been given a star, and the likes of the untalented gets them with no prob. When was the last time a black person received a star anyway?

    Anyhow, cannot wait for these new films Ms Houston is working on #TeamNippy

  5. GARGLE-TINA Flop-Gorilla November 11, 2010

    You know whats Funny, Beyonce deserves a Star way more than StrainTina yet she doesnt have one Solo. Whats funny about that is shes accused of Buying Awards when ‘Walk of Fame’ Is the one award YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO BUY.

    & BTW DC & Britney Deserved their HOF Honer way more than Holler-Tina as well. LMAO, Anything to remain relevant huh Bitter-Tina??

  6. S*** November 11, 2010

    & contrary to popular belief Not only is Strain-Tina (Over Rated Singing ass) NOT anywhere near Whitney or Mariah’s LVL, Shes not touching Beyonce or Celine Dion either…

    Sorry Delusional IN-Denial Strain-Tina Stains but Ppl with Still half way intact ears would see that these Vocals make Rihanna Sound Pleasant:

  7. mgaskwater November 11, 2010

    So SOON?

    How bout artists before her… and do i need to mention them???

  8. hey November 11, 2010

    uhmm ppl need to read whitney doesnt have a star cos she rejected it,she will get one on legendary merit one day
    and i also feel christina,destinys child and britney all deserve their stars
    they have made an impact in one way or the other to modern pop culture
    n also to all those who accuse bey of buying grammys you see how stupid that accusation is when u realise beyonce doesnt have a star on the walk of fame,the one accolade you can actually buy,n we all know 25 000 is nothing for ms knowles

  9. SunDee November 11, 2010

    ^Can you just stop throwing S*** all around?! you such a bitter person… smh

    Whitney surely deserve a WOF Star.
    But she rejected it & the star is not for free (you pay for it).
    Christina in the other hand…
    She also deserved it & Thank God she will…
    after all the struggle she had on 2010.

    WOF is not about How She Level or touching Beyonce, Celine, or many others.
    It’s about WOF management offered it to an Artist/Actor/so on…

  10. Bacqui November 11, 2010

    Congratz gal!….

  11. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_DA_GODDESS November 11, 2010



  12. royalkev November 11, 2010

    This is well deserved. I’m glad Xtina is receiving this honor during such an emotionally draining time.

    The fact that Whitney doesn’t have a star awarded to her on her legendary merit is preposterous! She is a legend and they all should have one. Every last one of them, including Mary J. Blige( who I’m not even a fan, but it’s only right). I am ready to sign a petition for Nippy though. It’s just a shame.

    … S*** have made an excellent point. Beyonce supposedly buys every honor she owns know to man. What’s another $25,000? Matter fact why not just have Matthew Knowles or JayZ (the 2 most unstoppable forces on earth) decided that she gets one without paying a few. Don’t they have a direct link to Jesus? … or is apart of a secret society (can’t leave out these folks). What’s the delay?

  13. royalkev November 11, 2010

    * that’s a FEE, not a FEW.

  14. jasmineee November 11, 2010

    umm yeah the shade def wasnt named two celebs without a star, but what are you saying about the people that actually DESERVED it? Mariah has one..did she “buy it”? or MJ? if you say “some” artists buy their star, you mine as well say all of them do unless you have solid PROOF that they were bought..thank you. Out of the 2,500 stars on that side walk Im sure there are more celebs that actually DESERVE IT than DONT. just saying.

    now when RIHANNA gets a star, thats when Ima start questioning s***.

  15. Aryo November 11, 2010

    congrats to her, but is it like if u have a flop album then ull be known as a walk of fame star?????

  16. Dave November 11, 2010

    YESS Chrissy. She deserves it too. Get it girl! There is always light @ the end of every dark tunnel. & you will see the light! Congrats to my girl

  17. Shouw November 11, 2010

    Congrats to Christina !!

  18. jj November 11, 2010

    after 11 years of her career she will just get it NOW? for sure her crazy stans bought that star for her. cause they are pissed to all people calling christina FAILTINA, FLOPTINA, HASBEENTINA etc…

  19. Warren November 11, 2010

    I am a big fan of Christina Aguilera and think she does deserve it. However, she should get it in another 10 years or so. Even though, she has been around for over 10 years, she is still young. Britney got it after 5 years and did not deserve. it. Whitney has been around for over 25 years and Mary J. Blige who has been around for almost 20 years do deserve. How about Madonna? She also does deserve it and has been around almost 30 years. I am very upset especially about Whitney because she has million of awards and no Hollywood Hall of Fame. I hope she gets one.

  20. Rihanna’s Dusty Red Wig November 11, 2010

    NOBODY GIVES A F*** about Whitney and Mary’s cracked out ol’ rusty stank asses, understand this! That’s why they ain’t gettin’ no star!

    I just find it funny how Sam mentioned BOTH of these ol’ crackheads, being the notorious hot messes they are. Lmao, did you do that on purpose Sam?

  21. Truth Seeker November 11, 2010

    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce runs the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They receive thousands of applications every year for celebs and other notables in the community to be awarded the “star”. HCC determines who receives a star in several categories. However a “star” has to be bought. Current fee is $24k up from $15k. Usually it’s the celeb, PR firms, companies, or fan clubs/organizations that file the application and pay the fee.

    Whitney Houston was awarded the honor in 1996. Ironically, she was awarded as an actress for her role in The Bodyguard and NOT as a singer. Plain and simple, SHE REFUSED!! She said she shouldn’t have to pay for the award and didnt want “people walking over my name.” She did say if when she’s retired or dead and gone, her daughter Bobbi-kristina could apply and buy the honor if she wants. Methinks whitney was on drugs at the time and not in her right mind. Recall on Oprah she said she refused to do a lot of things in her career to make Bobby “look good” and put herself down to make him look the man of the house and she, the good wife. This is probably another example, SMH.

    Other celebs have refused the star, not just Whitney. The reasons have been similar. That it’s a “bought” award and for “PR purposes”. Besides, the honor no longer has the significance it did in recent decades when “real” stars were awarded and was considered a prestigious accolade. The public dont give it respect anymore, leaving the area in a craptastic physical state of affairs. Tons of pics on the internet with graffiti and crap.

  22. Lana November 11, 2010

    I do believe that celebs buy them what? f***** Shrek has a star on the walk of fame. literally. some stars set higher goals for themselves, such as Grammys and ASCAP awards, I’m sure Whitney is crying herself to sleep, mad at the world, because she doesnt have a star on the walk of fame..

  23. …. November 11, 2010


  24. cocololo November 11, 2010

    @Truth Seeker THANK YOU. GOOGLE is your friend, Sam. you could have easily looked up that information but of course you just HAD to throw shade.

    everyone knows a star isnt just AWARDED to a LA? noo. the “stars” have to be maintained, etcc. but if “ANY” celeb could have one, dont you think Christina would have gotten one a LONG time ago? she HAS been around for likee 12 years. As for Mary J, no one is checkin for her ass anyways. I bet you if you go up to a white person now, they couldnt name on MJB song. and as you said Whitneys crackhead ass refused. soo no what..

  25. Sabrina November 11, 2010

    She deserves it!!!!

  26. GREG November 11, 2010

    Xtina is an ok artist but i just dont think she’s done enough in her career to deserve a star on the walk of fame..Seems as if these celebrities want the star to add to their bragging rights or something. And it is true Whitney did reject the honor of a star on the walk of fame. I remember reading a quote where she said “why would i want my name printed on the ground where people will be walking over it”….in some ways it makes sense…lol…not to mention the city makes the celebrity pay for the upkeep of the star.

  27. Ugh! I Can’t! November 11, 2010

    From my understanding, Christina was offered her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a few years ago. An entertainer has up to five years to claim it. I think she is claiming it now because Burlesque is coming out soon. Without question she deserves it. No one can deny that she is a phenomenal vocalist and a great performer overall.

    Haters keep hating!

  28. Liam November 11, 2010

    actually, the hollywood walk of fame association has ALREADY DECIDED to give christina a star IN 2008!!! the OFFICIAL walk of fame website has already said so.

    christina was waiting to get the star. thus, she DID NOT BUY THE STAR coz if she did, she WOULDNT BE WAITING TWO YEARS for the star and would have recieved it with a ceremony only MONTHS after they locate an area to put her star. 🙂

  29. Sarah November 11, 2010

    Please. STFU. Britney definitely deserved her star and she is the most influential performer to come along since Madonna.

    Yes, she got it earlier on in her career. I believe she received her reward in 2002-03. But she deserves the reward regardless. She made a much bigger musical cultural impact than Christina did.

    Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus know Britney is the Queen, and GaGa even mentioned it previously. Britney is one of her idols. After all, she opened more doors for them. She’s an icon.

    As for Whitney, if she did reject a star then that would explain why she doesn’t have one along with other legends. Not everyone is interested in a star on the HWOF.

    Frankly, I don’t think Christina deserves a star but congrats. Those things are handed out like water now anyway.

  30. Nik November 11, 2010

    Whitney Houston DECLINED her Star years ago. She said she wasn’t about to pay them fees to keep up no star LOL

  31. Joseph November 11, 2010

    That Voice deserves a star,
    Xtina is such a talent, i dont think people of this time appriciate her,
    thats real talent, thats a real voice singing them songs, not a computer.

    them other celeBRITies could learn alot from her!

  32. Rihanna’s Dutty Red Wig November 11, 2010

    @Sarah, b**** you must be smoking the same crack Whitney was on! S****** Spears deserves a star, but Christina doesn’t? Chile please…let’s not even get into this. At least Whitney and Mary had an excuse for they crazy asses – the drugs! What was Britney on? Non-singing, non-dancing, non-songwriting, lip-synching, can’t take care of her god damn kids untalented ass b****, don’t even bring her ass up in the same category as people with REAL skills!


  33. Sarah November 11, 2010

    ^^Hahahaha. I didn’t read NONE of that.

  34. Beyonce OWNS your Fav. November 11, 2010

    Sam you just contradicted yourself buddy.

    First you said:

    “On the topic of ‘deserving it’, it’s interesting to point out that – as at writing – the likes of Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige don’t have stars on the walk, while the likes of Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears do. Things that make you go hmm.”

    And then went answered your own question:

    “Whitney Houston declined the offer several years ago”
    But I do think Mary deserves a star, maybe she wasn’t nominated yet or she probably isn’t willing to pay 25k either.

    Congrats to Xtina also.

  35. MT November 11, 2010

    I agree that Christina has an amazing voice and love her albums like they’re my children, but as far as contributing to pop culture and setting records, she does not deserve the star YET

  36. Speechless November 11, 2010

    LOL at the pressed beyonce stan. Someone’s mad cuz their fav doesnt have one of her own I see….MJ has 2: one with his brothers and one solo. beyawnce has one with destiny’s child which is fine but if she’s the “queen” like you claim then how come she doesnt have one of her own? And yes Britney got hers WAY too early, she was only 22 at the time. But Xtina is packed with pure talent and Im very happy for her. STAY MADD.

  37. Beyonce OWNS your Fav. November 11, 2010


    Who is mad sweetie? I gave props so you can go on with that boo.

  38. corrie November 11, 2010

    Mst of u guys are hypocrites xtina more than deserves it,amean who right now can sing like xtinaahhm,no1..the girl has done many things nd sold many records u ppl r jus bashin cuz she had a not so great album, that’s the thing I hate with sum ppl the mintue u on top of ur game they love u nd as soon as u make jus a tiny mistake or they go against u.xtina is the few artiste lefthat is nt sellin hers soul to reap glory jus like that b**** beyonce nd that w**** rihanna..a bet if beyonce should start make nt so good album 2maro y’all with start to say bad thing abt her..xtina is the best…..

  39. I & I (yardie style) November 11, 2010

    I am happy for Christina. she deserves that spot

  40. Mel November 11, 2010

    Christina is well deserved of having a star!!

    She’s an amazing Singer, Artist, Woman, Humanitarian, etc…

    haters stfu

  41. I’M A BILLY GOAT November 11, 2010

    TGJ, thanks for clearing up that “Whitney doesn’t have a plaque” statement. She should have had a star years ago! I like Xtina but neither her or Brit deserve a star, well not just yet anyway.

    I guess Billy Goat and Willow Smith will be nominated this time next year!

  42. ilovextina November 11, 2010

    Congrats to her she deserves it!

    LOL @ the stans being pressed & saying “this award isn’t significant” yet they’re FURIOUS that their fav didn’t get one.

  43. Anthony November 11, 2010

    Christina most certainly deserves this. You may not like her image or brand of music, but anyone with any ear for singing, will tell you that she has one of the most flawless voices ever recorded… EVER! Only a handfull of singers, male or female, have ever had her range and vocal skills, and NOONE, but NOONE ever had them at such an early age. If there is a such thing as a born singer, it’s her. And the fact that she is not afraid to be who she is, only enhances her talent for me.

  44. shelby November 11, 2010

    Well if you have this many haters, you definately deserve a star. lol But seriously she’s the youngest person to be listed greatest voices of all time, sold millions, 5 grammys, and has stood on stage with so many legends and held her own. Not to mention she has the best voice ever, and that alone should’ve landed her a star a long time ago. Christina has always been a legend in the making like it or not.

  45. FUTURESTARdelux November 11, 2010




  46. dboy November 12, 2010

    so you know why Whitney doesn’t have one, why then do you bring it up in comparison to christina?

    seriuosly ..sometimes you just ….. “insert explicit”

  47. Rated X November 12, 2010

    of course britney spears earn that star, that broad made an impact in the pop culture..

    even when the bish was certified crazy, her album was still selling…

    christina had a VERY VERY bad yr,

    congrats, hope 2011 is much better for her….

  48. Ch… November 12, 2010

    The shade is THICK! Lmfaoooo!!

    Poor Crustina!

  49. Dave November 12, 2010

    YASSS @Corrie. U trans STAY MAD! I can’t believe you say she doesn’t deserve one. I don’t even need to argue why she should have one. Christina Aguilera’s name speaks for itself, check her credentials. “It’s A Man’s World” [James Brown Tribute] <- that alone could have got her a Hollywood walk of fame star.

  50. BENJAMIN November 12, 2010

    Doesn’t make sense how this faded pop star gets a star over an overachiever like Beyonce, legendary Whitney, or even Mary J Blige. Their careers are more extensive. It’s been a hard year for her, so it’s a sympathy move. S***, even Gaga can get it before her, after all, she murdered her career anyways.

  51. SunDee November 12, 2010


    it Does make sense, because this faded Xtina has achieved many things on her past. (well you might be a cute kid back then, so you not noticed). & If you carefully read it. Whitney DID offered a Star. & the case is different on behalf of Gaga & Beyonce or Mary J. Blige. WOF people not YET offered them a Star.

  52. LTM November 12, 2010

    whoever said xtina lip sings needs to be slapped to death

  53. #Fact November 12, 2010

    Just for the record, anyone who is willing to shell out LOTS of money can purchase a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Consider this another one of Christina’s attempt in being recognized as a living legend.

  54. ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY November 12, 2010


  55. haters all the same November 12, 2010

    pretty clear what class britney fans have, especially britney 12yr old fans which is obvious. calling christina floptina or straintina and britney slutney or whatnot is getting old. in fact, it’s OLD. if something works for them as entertainers and for the bored public, don’t be seething with jealousy and be acting like rabid dogs. these artists are successful and extremely smart. they know rivalry between fans comes with the territory. they don’t give a rat’s ass what these insignificant fans are writing on this wall. don’t concern yourself with who gets what, get a life. so have a nice life jealous b******. there should be a board about stupid fans.

  56. Xtina_Outstandinglera November 12, 2010

    Personally, I don’t give a flying f*k about this f*king star or this award or that trophy. I never cared about relevancies and charts and sales and impacts on pop culture and whatnot. I don’t give a flying sh*t about all that abstract sh*t that I simply never gave a sh*t about. LOL I simply can’t comprehend why people keep talking about these wack things when it comes to MUSIC!!

    I only care about the fact that CHRISTINA MARIA AGUILERA is THE BEST SINGER WORLDWIDE these days and she is EPIC. Christina’s CDs are the BEST POP CDs WORLDWIDE. Christina is my favorite pop artist of all time. Her vocals are a magic power.


    Christina Aguilera is the pop star that makes the most sense. Most other pop stars are just autotune aliens that I don’t give a sh*t about.

    Christina Fantasticalera Singerlera always wins! 🙂

  57. Andrea November 12, 2010

    VIKI: Michael Jackson is the most awared artist of all time, not Whitney.

  58. Hmmm November 13, 2010

    Why would Whitney not having a star make you go hmmmmmmm when you just said she declined to have one???? It’s also worth pointing out that this site does anything to try to throw shade at artists who aren’t Chris Brown or Mariah Carey. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm

  59. Brian November 13, 2010

    I can tell u one thing, you can pick any day of 2010 for Xtina and her life was 1000x better than the “journalist” who wrote this ” post”. You see a global superstar like Xtina makes in a second what this chump works 5 years for. It’s just the way it is when your a legend. The woman is awarded a star on the walk of fame, and chump is hating?? Christina would be like…. Who?? So ya, back to Christina… you know, the legend you make a living talking about?? Ya her

  60. Merlito November 13, 2010

    Christina is getting this recognition NOT only for being the BEST of her Generation but for her immense contribution to several institutions helping out people. She’s UN Ambassador for Christ’s sake! A lot of young stars now look up to her talent NOT unlike your faves. Yes that star can be bought BUT eberything Christina earns SHE DESERVES IT! with a talent like that IT’S UNQUESTIONABLE!

    you idiots should be ashamed for posting such hate comments without even knowing.

  61. Xisme November 14, 2010

    i dont get why people are saying the untalented? …. ummmm if im not mistaken isnt christina aguilera the best singer of our decade not to mention one of the best of all time. today she beats whitney houston and mariah carey at singing.. Christina is the most talented singer out there today no doubt about it, so she does deserve the star and is a legend, you tell me who wasnt inspired by christina in the music industry to day? and ill eat my words! christina ofcourse is a legend to people who dont even know it let alone what she does for 3rd world countrys and for other charities. no other singing does what she does yet she gets hate from people like you for no reason!!! oh because the news says that shes done this and done that when none of it is actually true its just to get pages sold!. you are a bunch of idiots you should be ashamed of your selfs for saying horrible things about a woman who does so much for people alot more than any of you put together. late lady gaga or britney spears they do nothing for charity but something for an extra buck.

  62. Xisme November 14, 2010

    p.s some of you are saying beyonce has her name on the walk of fame…….. she dosnt just destiny’s child and the last i checked that isnt just hers.. she isnt legendary enought yet for the walk of fame.

  63. DOPE November 16, 2010

    She completely deserves it. She has almost more Grammy’s than Mariah herself. Celine Dion said twice that Xtina has the best voice in the world. She’s the only artist under 30 that was named the greatest singers of all time in Rolling Stone Magazine. Her Grammy performance of James Brown was the 3rd best Grammy performance OF ALL TIME. What has Britney done?? Lip synched, has dance moves of a 5th grade girl, copied Xtina’s Circus theme, and umm nothing really except relied on the top #1 producers and writers to do everything for her, she has no creative control over her career that’s why she was pimped by her last manager and even pimped by a paparazzi (Adnan) she was that demented and stupid. Be-Yawn-say? Is an illuminati w**** and got her way to the top like that, why is she with Jay-Z now for almost 10yrs and no kids? She don’t love him she just wants that illuminati money and sold her soul for the riches of the world. Same with that troll Rihanna. Xtina is the real queen and is the most underrated singer out right now.

  64. keivn November 17, 2010

    STFU Britney haters.. BRITNEY deserved her Star way back in 2003.. This award is not about

    how powerful your vocals are U IDIOTS.. Britney made a huge Impact in the Music

    Industry. Everybody knws Britney Spears. PLUS. TAKE NOTE HATERS that BRITNEY is the

    ONLY MUSICIAN WHO TOPPED THE FORBES MOST POWERFUL CELEBRITY. no other musicians ever topped the list.

    Wether u like it or not, Britney is a BIGGER STAR than Christina from the day they started.

  65. Marko November 19, 2010

    Whitney declined.. she doesnt need a star.. she holds soo much unbreakable records, and achivements,best selling ost album of all time, best selling female single of all time, most awarded female artist by guinness records,most ama of any female atrists.. by all experts her imapct to music is huge!!! Mariah Carey said-none of us would sound the same if Aretha or Whitney didint record anything.she is major influence to many female singers, Mariah,Xtina,Mary J, Toni Braxton..they all named her.
    She is legend but i must agree that that was stupid she refused.. OLSEN TWINS HAVE STAR THERE!!!! and if star needs to be bought hell with it. Britney is not singer, she is entretainer.. and u dont need talent for that..just great pr and menagement team. She influenced on that teen pop sound.. but that doesnt exist anymore,at end of 90 s that was super not so much.

  66. mickey82 December 18, 2010

    Christina Aguilera is an amazing takent.

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