Hot Shot: Janet Jackson Covers Instinct Magazine

Published: Tuesday 30th Nov 2010 by Trent

Check out Janet Jackson on the cover of Instinct magazine. The legendary performer is currently preparing for her 35 city world tour which is set to commence in 2011.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. IMSOJANET November 30, 2010

    Thats MY B****

  2. JJFAN1814 November 30, 2010


  3. CIARA BANGIN ON 106 AND PARK ALL WEEK November 30, 2010

    Thank You to all of my fans and Soul Train Music Awards for giving me Best Dance Video!
    about 19 hours ago via web

    Thank You to all of my fans and Soul Train Music Awards for giving me Best Dance Video!
    about 19 hours ago via web

    Thank You to all of my fans and Soul Train Music Awards for giving me Best Dance Video!
    about 19 hours ago via web

    Thank You to all of my fans and Soul Train Music Awards for giving me Best Dance Video!
    about 19 hours ago via web

  4. MissImpartial November 30, 2010

    Why is Janet on the B-List magazines never heard of Instinct she should be on Elle, Vouge. Cosmopolitain magzines. Not hating just stating.

  5. royalkev November 30, 2010

    J-A-N-E-T… I am waiting for that tour!

  6. Momo Luve November 30, 2010


  7. bips November 30, 2010

    @ missimpartial actually she did vogue twice

  8. Mariah4Life November 30, 2010

    Janitor Jackson = Irrelevant, washed up has-been studio-singer from the cassette era. Superbowl killed her music career. Tried to use MJ’s death to revive it but it didn’t work. This tour is gonna be a flop like her last one.

  9. Owwwww November 30, 2010

    @Mariah4life! GTFOH! Janet will always be legendary, she dont have to release another cd ever again and will always be in the history books, so go do some homework and worry about what u gonna do in the next 20 years of your life! Lil’ kids irk me grow the hell up!!

  10. Ch… November 30, 2010

    Poor Manriah stan still bitter.

  11. Nichole November 30, 2010

    Lol @ Janet posing on Instinct. Lawd knows her music career is “instinct” at this rate. LOL.

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  12. leo December 1, 2010

    janet looks stunning!! but anyway this dude just did a diss song in response to lil kims “black friday” and even tho he really cant rap the lyrics of what he is saying are f****** HOT!!!! he says exactly how i fee about lil kim and the whole beef situation check it out you guys!!

  13. Nichole December 1, 2010

    Whoops. “Extinct” actually. LOL.

  14. royalkev December 1, 2010

    @ Mariah 4Life, why are you so insecure? … Mariah may have a great voice, but she’s as stiff as a board on stage(hand waving, doesn’t count for any kind of choreography) . Janet hasn’t EVER used anyone to gain any of her success, Mariah had to do some strange things for Tommy Mottola before she got put on! Now, I don’t want to bash Mimi, but let’s keep this exchange of words sweet. You are not going to disrespect my lady and have Mariah come out of this in one piece.

  15. Mariah4Life December 1, 2010

    [email protected] You’re not at all tough, so your little “wannabe diva” remark about Mariah not coming out in one piece isn’t at all threatening. It’s comical and you’re pathetic. This article had nothing to do with Mariah and neither did anything I mentioned before. You dragged her into this because my comments about your washed up, has-been idol who hasn’t had a hit song or album in eons cut you so deep that you thought slinging mud at her would settle the score. lol Luv it. But since you brought her up, Mariah doesn’t need choreography. Do you know why? Because Mariah is a SINGER and lives up to that title 10 fold. Unlike your plastic favorite, Mariah doesn’t have to dance so that she’ll have an excuse to leave her mic off. Janet cannot sing at all. She’s produced to hell and back in the studio and when it comes to live performances, she lip syncs for dear life. BTW, Mariah’s album sales avalanche Janet’s and she had a ton more hits. And NOTHING you can say will change that!!! 😀 Pretty obvious who the public favors.

  16. Owwwww December 1, 2010

    @mariah4life Umm How is Mariah’s christmas cd and that last cd do! So have a GIRL BYE with yo s*** talk and sit it all the way down mama!!

  17. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_DA_GODDESS December 1, 2010




  18. royalkev December 1, 2010

    Who does the public favor? hmmm… That maybe hard to determine when you have 1 artist coming out every 4 years and another releasing atleast 1 album a year. In the 90’s most artist didn’t worry about losing their fanbase so easily and having their 15minutes run out so quickly. Mariah certainly had each new album release right behind the other to remain in the spotlight. I guess she wasn’t as secure. As far as dragging her into this post, I just find it odd that you stan for Mimi and have so much against Janet. I don’t see why, when they’re both so accomplished. It may be that perhaps, you wish that anything another Legend has to gain you wish would be Mariah’s. You dragged yourself into alot of Janet post. I’m aware of this because I’m always arguing with you. I don’t know if you got the memo, but Mariah is not on top. Susan smashed her Xmas album. Whitney made her rewrite another Memoir and self the advocate. She tried shutting down Eminem and didn’t, he has #1 hits now! You can speak of her being a singer, but everyone needs stage presence. Xtina’s has a voice and tons of that. Whitney has it. Beyonce has it! Janet has it! Mimi lacks it. Let’s not pretend that it’s not important now. Anyway, I hope you as well as Mimi get your act together.

  19. KELENDRIA ROWLAND December 1, 2010

    dis new tour gunna FLOP!

    Support Ms Kelly!

  20. Nichole December 1, 2010

    @ That Twitter fool. Sandra Rose?

    Get a photo up of yourself first, before you try clowning other people’s looks because for all I know, you could look like fvvvkin ET.

  21. Peanuts2157 December 1, 2010

    I still love Janet!

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  22. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 1, 2010

    @Mariah4Life, there is nothing you can say that will EVER change the fact that Janet Damita Jo Jackson is LEGENDARY. Nothing.

    With that said, I’m a big Mariah Cary fan as well even though she will never match the brilliance of “Butterfly.”

  23. JANHOVAISLIFE December 1, 2010

    The F****** stans stay bitter and mad. The Janet stans would never! We know how flawless our Queen is so we never feel the need to get in other female artist topics.


    You’re ugly, dark and poor. Stay mad.

  24. Terrell December 1, 2010

    How can someone sit on a post about another artist and “Stan” for them in a post about the more relevant artist that the post is about? As for Janet’s career being extinct, she starred in two films this year, a book release and tour in 2011. I would love to see your definition of a thriving career… #clown. As for Mariah Carey, if anyone has witnessed any live performances recently knows that Mariah is not the same vocalist that she once was acclaimed to be, but this isn’t about Mariah’s flaws she’s still a great legendary female solo act.

    As for Janet on the cover, she looks amazing. She looks as though ahe never ages. Can’t wait to see her on tour next year.

  25. DMWN December 1, 2010

    Janet should retire from music. She has 2 hats: nymp and corny. When she’s not cooing through a tacky s** romp, she’s mumbling some horrifically sappy love song. Followed by the same toy soldier dancing with 30 dancers behind her that she’s been doing for a hundred years. She’s grown stale and predictable.

  26. B December 1, 2010

    Hint: If u hate Janet so much, why are u spending time commenting on a post about her???? #getahobby

    Janet looks AMAZING as usual!!!! And for those not familiar with Instinct, it is a magazine catered to gay men. The #1 Gay Men’s Magazine. And Janet is only the 4th female to ever appear on the cover!!

  27. spunkypoop December 1, 2010

    “F*** THE HATERS” that’s what SARAH PALAN told me to tell yall. JANET IS THE QUEEN AND WILL NEVER END, so get over it!

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