Christina Aguilera Performs ‘Beautiful’ On X-Factor

Published: Saturday 11th Dec 2010 by Sam

Diva Christina Aguilera joined forces with X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson moments ago to perform a special rendition of her smash ‘Beautiful’.

All the action after the jump…

I can’t be alone in feeling the scantily prepared nature of this performance really showed through. While vocally solid on both Aguilera and Ferguson’s parts, lacking was any charisma,chemistry, or any ‘electric’ moment similar to Alexandra Burke and Beyonce‘s now-classic TV rendition of ‘Listen’ on the very same stage.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Dunster December 11, 2010

    Alexandra and Beyonce was TV history, this was Christina featuring Rebecca. Christina out sung rebecca from the first note

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN December 11, 2010

    Credit where it’s due, Ms. Aguilera certainly held her own …Stop being so obsessed with beyonce.
    Xtina did her thing …NEXT !!!

  3. BubblePopElectric December 11, 2010

    Xtina Sounded Amazing!
    They Shouldn’t Have Done That To Rebecca…
    Xtina’s Runs Made Her Seem Like An After-Thought.

  4. Daniel December 11, 2010

    rebecca messed up!!!

  5. Dunster December 11, 2010

    Who’s obsessed with Beyonce? I hate when people seem to have the inability to read comments and then make comment.

  6. CRAMPED December 11, 2010

    It was good, but is no where near Bey and Alexandra burke duet

  7. KAT DELUNA FAN December 11, 2010

    She clearly did SMH and the perf is better than rihanna’s one.
    This girl aient Alexandra….Alex was clearly a big STAN OF BEYONCE.You could feel the emotions in her voice/eyes.There is thing that reality shows cant fake.

    Good luck to them all

    what is xtina promoting after that?

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN December 11, 2010

    Calm down,I was talkin about Sam ..ya heard.Ok

  9. h December 11, 2010


    This was just good.

  10. matt December 11, 2010

    christina has to be at least 6 months pregnant, fat or needed a desperate s*** whilst walking around that stage!!

  11. Dunster December 11, 2010

    I hate when peopel come on a blog and tell you to calm down as if such insignificant things would wind this person up

  12. Beystanbish December 11, 2010

    Bey and Alex was the best of all best. Stay mad b******.>>>>>>>>

  13. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 11, 2010

    This was actually great. they both sounded good, but I do agree with an above commenter who said this was Xtina ft. Rebecca.

  14. iLoveXtina December 11, 2010

    This was great.

    But why do all of the X factor finalists sound like straight up s***??

  15. jewelz December 11, 2010

    BEYONCE >>>>>>>

  16. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 11, 2010

    BTW. Christina is super short. I Never noticed that until now.

  17. I HATE CIARA December 11, 2010


    XTINA >>>>>>>>>>>>> LESSORS.

  18. rob December 11, 2010

    i knew this wouldnt work , as christina cant hold back and there was no conection between the two , alex and beyonce was a moment and they were in sync.

  19. who? December 11, 2010

    I loved the first part of the song that Rebecca sang and I kind of felt that Xtina went too hard too quickly. Alex and Beyonce had chemistry and remember that Alex had performed that song twice (judges house and week 8) before the final. Beautiful was a great song choice but it would have sounded better for Rebecca if she sung it alone. Also, Xtina can outsing almost anyone in the business so Rebecca was always at a disadvantage vocally. They should have paired Rebecca with Adele as their vocals and styles are more complimentary. On another note, at least she didn’t get stuck with WillIam.

  20. Ellie December 11, 2010

    C’mon now, trying to compare this or any other duet on Xfactor to the Beyonce/Alexandra Burke duet is futile……..that performance by Bey/Alex was MAGIC on stage, no other word to say. You are not going to duplicate it ever again. I am sure all the future duets on X-Factor will be compared to that one and will come up short. But it will be a measuring stick .

    Keep on rocking Bey, you are leaving a trail of iconic performances behind you.

  21. Yellow Gorillah December 11, 2010

    =/ Hmmmm The beyonce and alex performance was great people need to stop being delusional and calling it legendary or epic it was a great performance nothing amazing

    And we all know who is the better singer betweeen be and xtina so let’s not even go there

    I agree this performance was kinda Blah! but it was still cute

    NEXT –>

  22. dboy December 11, 2010

    @yellow gorillah

    yeah coming from a rihanna fan, we should take your word for it

    why would u wanna downgrade anything to do with beyonce? hmmmm ….i ponder

  23. CRAMPED December 11, 2010

    @ DBoy – Yeah her comment is null and void!

  24. Mack December 12, 2010

    Xtina is clearly a better singer than beyonce. I love Rebeccas voice but I think she did not perform that well here

  25. jade December 12, 2010

    i felt that Christina should have paired with Matt (who could have sung beautiful so amazingly ughh) and Rihanna with Rebecca. When Christina and Rebecca sang their sol parts of beautiful i thaught it was good, but to be honest i wasn’t feeling any chemistry which is a shame.Matt singing unfaithful i wasn’t feeling either but the chemistry between him and Rihanna was much better than Christina’s with Rebecca.

  26. Mr.M December 12, 2010

    Who’s Beyonce?

  27. Beystanbish December 12, 2010

    Again Queen Bey and Alex>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  28. Mike December 12, 2010

    Leona ruined the X-Factor me. Vocally (and success wise), no one has come close to her and I just feel like they’re trying to put Rebecca over as a lesser version of her or Alexandra. (Though not even Alexandra was able to come close to Leona).

    Speaking of which, they should have put Leona with Rebecca (or Matt). Leona knows how to tone it down and take someone’s spotlight away from them. It was supposed to be Rebecca’s moment but XTina definitely took it away with her AMAZING vocals.

    Hopefully they pick better singers to pair with the people next year who will be able to mesh together.

  29. Mike December 12, 2010

    **and NOT take someone’s spotlight away from them.

  30. T.R December 12, 2010

    Um…Leona is almost an after-thought right now..alex is well poised to be a bigger sucess!! Anyways, You could tell that girl was teriribly nervous from the outset the way she was holding the mic so tight, and close to her body, Lol!!

  31. Mr.GQ December 12, 2010

    Christina is dead ass wrong for out singing dat girl, she shoulda let her get a lil shine lol But they both did good

  32. Mike December 12, 2010

    Don’t be delusional…

  33. salz December 12, 2010

    this was good, but it wasn’t my favourite, it felt like christiana was stealling the shine from rebbecca and their was no connection.
    not trying to throw a shade but rihanna had more of a connection with her contestant than christiana did, she acted like she was more superior than rebbeca

  34. Teflon Boy December 12, 2010

    Yeah, I love Christina but I wasn’t feeling this rendition. There was no real connection between the two. Of course sometimes down to the fact there’s no rehearsal the guests don’t have the time to gel with the contestants but if the contestants bring their A game then it almost always works…, like in the case of Leona and Take That and Beyonce and Alexandra.., Leona completely outshone the Take That boys her year which IMO is exactly what the contestants should be able to do while although Beyonce was obviously better than Alex, Alex at least held her own. The guests are seasoned professionals after all so are used to bringing it at the last minute.

    Rebecca and Christina’s duet failed because Rebecca was dead as a door knob throughout and gave Christina virtually nothing to work with and also because Christina didn’t even try to restrain or reign herself in the slightest to match Rebecca’s obviously smaller scale vocals…, though she shouldn’t have to reduce herself if Rebecca (in this case) is simply not even remotely bringing it.

    They’re both to blame which is why Cher and Will.i.Am worked so well.., Cher believed in herself and performed like Will.i.Am’s equal not his fan so their energies matched perfectly. In fact I’m gonna go as far as to say Cher was the only act who brought their A game last night, shouldn’t have gone and her absence has left the final weaker as a result.

  35. Hbf82 December 12, 2010

    Rebecca to win.

  36. Christinasabitch December 12, 2010

    Did anyone else see the bit where she stole rebeccas lines and rebecca just looked at her like ‘Erm I thought that was my bit’

    And then when she was walking off stage she looked like she wanted to spit on the floor.

    Christina is an ungrateful b**** and seems to think that everyone is below her..

  37. FUTURESTARdelux December 12, 2010

    LOL you b****** need to sit the f*** down over Beyonce, that girl doesn’y have a single ICONIC performance so don’t even try. Yeah she did really good with Alex but i can’t even remember what the f*** they sang so…
    And whomever said Alex is gonna be bigger than Leona, Alex’s album has gone 2x Platinum, Leona’s 2nd album was 2x Platinum just from 2 singles lmao!!! i don’t see Alex selling out Arenas either she’s to busy wearing shoes and dresses that are to small and trying to achieve Naomi Campbells level of weave ravaged hair in a fraction of the time.

    XTina SLAYED #staymad, i think if Rebecca sang this alone her version would have been good but nobody can compete with XTina’s vocals so rebecca was at a dissadvantage from the start. Also @CHRISTINASABITCH, XTina didn’t steal Rebecca’s line she jumped in when rebecca was momenterily speachless (which you would be to if you were in front of the awsome power that is XTina’s voice) lol

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