Exclusive: Teddy Riley Talks New Michael Jackson Album (Video)

Published: Tuesday 14th Dec 2010 by Sam

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That Grape Juice caught up with legendary producer Teddy Riley here in London this past week. The long-time Michael Jackson collaborator was in town to promote the King of Pop’s first posthumous release ‘Michael’, which hit stores across the globe today. Riley’s contributions to the album include the Jackson’s much talked about  50 Cent collaboration ‘Monster’.

Never ones to shy away from asking the questions you really want answers to, during our filmed chat we quizzed Riley on many a topic; including the controversy surrounding the album’s vocals, feuding with the Jackson family, plans for new MJ material, Janet Jackson’s comeback, and much more.

Riley’s also elaborates on his recent Twitter declaration that “Michael Jackson is still alive”

An intimate discussion you won’t want to miss. {Hit ‘play’ on the video above}. Enjoy

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  1. LOL December 14, 2010

    amazing interview

  2. Tito December 14, 2010

    OMG! You guys are dropping amazing interview after amazing interview. Loved this!

  3. spunkypoop December 14, 2010

    Great Job!

  4. Nichole December 14, 2010

    Teddy R. is one of the most amazing, and brilliant producers there is. It would be nice to see him, and Mariah working together.

  5. M1CH43L F4N December 14, 2010

    Teddy Riley pretty much gets straight to the point without glossing anything over. That’s pretty rare these days, especially in any interview regarding MJ. Nice job to everyone involved.

  6. Maja December 14, 2010

    Thanky you very much for the interview. Very interesting!! Thanks again…

  7. Stoney-Brie December 14, 2010

    omg great interview Sam!!!

    u r like Oprah now u be askin every question i see u! lol

  8. Pedro December 14, 2010


    Teddy Riley is amazing!!! Great musician, producer…. and now I can say person!!!

    Greatings from Spain,

  9. B December 14, 2010

    Teddy Riley sounds like an idiot the entire interview. Who taught him english??? In any case, he brings up some interesting points. But the notion of MJ being alive is a bit ridiculous to me.

  10. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ December 14, 2010

    I agree his speech may not be the best but he speaks the truth or at least what he believes.

  11. i’m a billy goat December 14, 2010

    Leave MJ’s legacy the hell alone! Sony or however ewww just stop and let the man’s legacy stand!

    I’m glad Teddy cleared that rumor up!

  12. annie December 14, 2010

    WOW this was terrible . You guys spent too little time talking about what people really wanted to know and that was about teddy riley’s hoax beliefs. WOW that was like the most important subject and you guys screwed it up for yourselves.
    good job.

  13. mj fan December 14, 2010

    good interview

    However i dont like him lying saying its michaels vocals on breaking news and monster.

    Why lie even taryl jackson said riley is lying for money…..

  14. Sugaranice December 14, 2010

    I really thought this was a good interview!! Wonderful job! Teddy Riley got right to the point and he doesn’t need the money he is a successful producer in his own right! I totally agree especially what he said about Janet Jackson!!

  15. Geronimo Deuces Champion December 15, 2010

    shout out to chris brown and chipmunk 🙂

  16. GREG December 15, 2010

    Michael’s voice had changed somewhat towards the end….i believe its him on the vocals. I dont know why but the most interesting thing i heard him say was that Michael was a target for everyone accept his children and that surrogate family…..which means his real family targeted him as well…..thought it was a great interview….

  17. S*** December 15, 2010


  18. daisy December 15, 2010

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  19. Jasmine December 15, 2010

    wow u even asked my question!
    Great Job and teddy answered each question with HONESTY!
    I love you both!
    God Bless!

  20. Tami December 15, 2010

    I’m sorry but why won’t they let MJ rest in peace?Releasing all this s***, he probably wouldn’t or whould have worked 10 times harder on until perfection. I mean I know this money goes to his family and all but they don’t need it that much?Smh all these albums and what not.Let the man rest in peace……. I doubt he wanted that stuff released anyway!

  21. C December 15, 2010

    That was a really good interview Sam!

  22. GREG December 15, 2010

    @tami….The reality is Michael died and left a tremendous amount of debt and the estate is doing what it needs to do to resolve the debt….if the estate didnt owe money then i would agree with everyone on not releasing this music

  23. CHOCOLATE_BOX December 15, 2010

    Like Teddy he tells it like it is. He knows the real MJ. He is a real cool talented brutha…..

  24. trinity infinity December 15, 2010

    Say it with me Teddy…”RETIREMENT HOME.”

  25. julie December 15, 2010

    Most of you guys claiming it isn’t Michaels voice have never met him personally nor did u talk to him!
    I’m sick of those people! Teddy explained how he had to work on the voice! If MJ was still here, maybe woul’ve rerecorded some of the parts…didn’t happen so Teddy did the best he could with what he had.

    It’s always easy to bash other people, but maybe u should try to put yourself into Teddys position. I’m sure he’s honest with what he says & I respect him for his work on the new album. He seems genuine with his feelings for MJ & the project.
    Thanks for the interview!

  26. MJ fan December 15, 2010

    thanx alot Teddy , u rocks , you’re the man ! we love and trust you !

    beautiful intetrview !
    MJ forever !

  27. Chris December 16, 2010

    Disappointed Interview.
    Where the F*** are the questions from the “ask questions to TR” post?
    We didn’t want stories, we waned answers, God dammit!!!!!

  28. legacy December 16, 2010

    When Michael Jackson died the executives of his estate released a statement that his estate was solvent and worth more than $500 million. The talk of him being broke or swimming in debt was never morer than rumors used to try and hurt his image.

  29. alex December 19, 2010

    he talked about MJ in present tense the entire time. but then again A LOT of ppl do. eh, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it’d be really nice to know that mj is free now…. safe, happy, counting his royalties :)…. seeing how the world stopped spinning & everyone broke down when he left us…. seeing how much, after all the hell we put him through, how much we all really did love him all along.

  30. KarmaQueen December 22, 2010

    He just wants money.

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