That Grape Juice To Interview Teddy Riley; Submit Questions

Published: Wednesday 8th Dec 2010 by Sam

With Michael Jackson‘s first posthumous LP ‘Michael’ due in stores next week, That Grape Juice will be sitting down with the King of Pop’s longtime producer Teddy Riley tomorrow to talk to about the project. Our exclusive interview with Riley comes following his recent appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show this week.

A hitmaker in every sense of the word, Riley has crafted some of Jackson’s biggest hits, including ‘Remember The Time’, along with much of the ‘Dangerous’ LP – which went on to sell 32 million copies. The former Blackstreet star also featured heavily on Jackson’s multi-Platinum 2001 opus ‘Invincible’, and boasts many a production credit on ‘Michael’ including the 50 Cent featured ‘Monster’.

Do you have any questions for Teddy Riley regarding the controversial new Michael Jackson LP? If so, feel free to drop them in the comments section. As ever, only legitimate questions will be considered.


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  1. Topman December 8, 2010

    Who does he view as having the most potential to take the ‘King of Pop’ crown?

  2. David Asante December 8, 2010

    Many people have suggested Michael Jackson was being used by those around him, do you feel that Michael’s label are exploiting him by releasing an album after his death that he himself did not the get the chance to approve?

  3. Giant Enemy Cat December 8, 2010

    Why do the Cascio tracks sound so different from the Michael Jackson we’ve been listening to for half a century?

  4. Just Josh December 8, 2010

    What do you have to say to Taryll Jackson who says you are lying about the authenticity of the vocals as you were with him and said it was not Michael.

    I remember when Teddy and I were at Encore listening to KYHU. We both knew it wasn’t my Uncle. He stopped working on it because (and I quote) “it didn’t sound enough like Michael. Michael doesn’t swing like that.” He also said he was only working on the Cascio records in hopes that he would eventually be given a “real Michael Jackson song.” As he knows, I never agreed with that logic. I’ll never forget when Teddy called me telling me, “I’m so excited, I finally got a ‘Michael record.’ It’s called Hollywood Tonight and it’s him.”

    Also, are there any songs that you had worked on in the past which you think should have been on this album, or you believe are good enough to go on future albums?

  5. Kate December 8, 2010

    I would like him to elaborate on his conflict with Taryll Jackson that’s been going on on Twitter since the Breaking News release.

  6. Mj4ever December 8, 2010

    I have read that MJ recorded his parts on wbss 2008 at the cascio’s basement studio, and after listenning to the song,it dont even seem to be similar to his vocals on the other songs that he recorded at the cascios. what i want to ask is: why in the wbss 2008 he sounds like we knew him but in breaking news monster and others he sound not regular and not as himself?


  7. KOPWatcher December 8, 2010

    Teddy – come on now. Tell us the truth.

  8. inthedrama December 8, 2010

    What exactly was it that made you to beLIEve that MJ is still Alive (YEP YEP)?

  9. Hung December 8, 2010

    will you be releasing unreleased tracks from the invincible era?

  10. Veyda December 8, 2010

    Do u know the song Slave to the rhythm?
    will it be released in future projects?

  11. unbreakableboy December 8, 2010

    “Do you know where your children are”, “Blue Gangsta” and “Slave to the ryhthm” got recently leaked, and they all are better than most of “Michael” songs. Everybody can recognize Michael’s voice there. Why would anybody include songs like “Monster”, “Breaking News” and “Keep your head up” having songs like that?

  12. gdm December 8, 2010

    Thanks Ted Invincible is one of my MJ’s favourite albums and the media trashed it so I am not surprised with whats happening now .Its always the same when MJ has a project coming out! Can you share your favourite moments with MJ

  13. KingMikeJ December 8, 2010

    Teddy, do you believe Michael Jackson is physically alive and not dead?

  14. hung December 8, 2010

    @ GDM same I love invincible album, so much fans disliking but. They should have released tracks from invincible era. Not really feeling the new album, with all the drama about MJ impersonaters.

  15. cris December 8, 2010

    1.Why did “(i like) the way you love me” got re-released? (it’s already on the ultimate collection)
    2. Why did they use sounds from previously releases, like. Aaow, He-he etc, (sounds from Mj’s GHOSTS movie at the “Monster” track, etc)
    3. There was a leak acapella version of “Breacking News” and you could clearly hear the copy/paste of words, to make parts of the bridge verses) Why? why youse incomplete songs?
    4. Why the F*** did they use crowd noise from Bucharest 1992 Live concert on the “Behind The Mask” song?
    5.Why does the Estate of MJ want to put 3-4 mediocre albums, instead of one “Thriller” killer?
    6. Why put 3 songs on the album that made controversy from day 1? Did Teddy had a chance to read the MJ’s forums? All over the world the fans are mad.(he had feel a little bit of it on his twitter account) The once they’re cool with the album are younger mj fans, not hardcore fans.
    7.Just so teddy know, the next time the estate tries something like this all mj fans will boycott the projects.

  16. yrgdf December 8, 2010

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  17. Luke December 8, 2010

    Heres my question :

    What are you playing at!?

    No seriously my question is.

    If it is Michael on these songs, why does he sound so different?

  18. cris December 8, 2010

    Can Teddy confirm this?
    1. HOLD MY HAND – recorded in 2007
    2. HOLLYWOOD TONIGHT – recorded in 2007, Vegas, by Brad Buxer (unfinished)
    3. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP – recorded in 2007 at Cascio’s
    4. MONSTER – recorded in 2007 at Cascio’s .Featuring 50 Cent part recorded in 2010
    5. BEST OF JOY – recorded in 2009
    6. BREAKING NEWS – recorded in 2007 at Cascio’s
    7. (I CAN’T MAKE IT) Another DAY – recorded for the Invincible session (1999-2001)
    8. BEHIND THE MASK – recorded in the early ’80s. Cover inspired by “Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind the Mask”.
    9. MUCH TO SOON – recorded in the early ’80s. Re-recorded for the History session in 1994-1995 at Hit Factory Studios

  19. Rino Nemarnik December 8, 2010

    Ask Teddy about other tracks that he did with Michael that are still unreleased. Will these songs be released in near future. The tracks are: Belong 2, On My Anger & Vibrationist. Thanks..

  20. clearmjsname1 December 8, 2010

    Hi, I understand that you have been a great support to Michael in the past, and have spoken well of him. You have publically stated your love and said that he was your brother. It is well known that Oprah W. has not supported Michael, she has made many comments speculating about the child abuse allegations and fails to accept his 2005 acquittal. During his lifetime she has interviewed him in a disrespectful way and had many family members on her show repeatedly asking questions about drugs, abuse, surgery etc she shows him is a poor light.

    I want to understand why, if you say he is your brother, why you did not turn the tables on her and ask her why she speculates about he abuse allegations, and inform her of the truth. You said that you were going to straighten her out and make him proud, but you did not stand up for him. If I had the opportunity i would have pulled her up about her attitude, her speculative, unfound, non factual comments and asked why she continues with this theme, and why she make random negative comments about him eg Fortune Magazine.

    So my question is why did you fail to question her motivation and her negative comments?
    I hope you will respond Teddy, I had hoped for much more from you.

  21. PepzMachinbe December 8, 2010

    You worked with Michael over the years… what is your favourite memory of him and his work? What is the most important lesson you learnt from him? Thankyou.

    (Michael always said that the best way to learn is to study the masters. I consider Michael to be a master and i would like to know more about his work ethic and creative process and what drove him to create such a huge quantity of music)

    Also…. do you think Michael Jackson would be happy with the release of “Michael”? x

  22. December 8, 2010

    About Monser: is there a specific date in 2012?

  23. PepzMachine December 8, 2010

    Also.. you recently tweeted that you believe Michael Jackson is alive.

    Please can you elaborate on this for once and for all?

    Do you mean alive in the real and literal sense? … or alive in the spiritual, next life sense?

    I believe this is a legitimate question. So many of the fans are bewildered and exhausted. We are left with no answers and no justice. No one will answer the important questions.

    I really hope you address this issue for the fans out there who are genuinely hurting and in confusion over the loss of Michael Jackson.

    If you believe he is alive in the literal and real sense… then please tell us why you think this and what made you come out in public with your beliefs.

  24. MJROCKS December 8, 2010

    I’ve read that you believe Michael is Alive but you didn’t clearly elaborate why and how it all started. Can you do so please? Thanks in advance!

  25. Fatima December 8, 2010

    Any plans for an SWV reunion anytime soon?

  26. December 8, 2010

    Tell him that “Waddie G. in Chicago is the biggest fan of the new jack swing movement because the sound was the soundtrack of his high school years. Has he been trying to create a new sound since the NJS era?”

  27. Jordan December 8, 2010

    Many have justified the validity Michael’s lower-register vocals in “Breaking News” and “Monster” by comparing it to the 2001 Invincible track “2000 Watts.” However, there is still much speculation about this issue of his lower register vocals in the songs you produced. Is the song 100% Michael Jackson — main vocals, background vocals, etc?

  28. JLOVE December 8, 2010

    1. What made you believe that Michael Jackson is alive?

    2. Are you or is the family being fully aware of the amount of people who believe Michael is alive and of all the so-called “hoax death websites”?

  29. Tammy December 8, 2010

    Hi Teddy
    My question is: What makes you think Michael is alive?

    There are many fans, who believe the same…. Some of them think that Michael will come back and that will be the Greatest Show On Earth… 🙂
    What would you tell to all the believers around the world?


  30. momof3kids December 8, 2010

    Hi Teddy. You have made the comment about Michael being alive. Did you mean physically alive or were were speaking metaphorically? There are numerous other people who believe him to be alive in the same way that some people believe Elvis is alive. Did Michael ever talk about how he felt about the people who think Elvis is alive? If so, did he find it disrespectful or an honor?

    I love the new Michael album!

  31. SISI December 8, 2010

    Please tell us when was the last time you spoke with Michael?

  32. Cassy Atkins December 8, 2010

    Hello Mr Riley,
    My question for you is ; On your twitter you have said that you believe Michael hoaxed his death ( which makes sense because Conrad Murray is running around a free man ) SO when will the truth prevail?

  33. pipa7 December 8, 2010

    Hello Teddy.
    I had many questions to ask you but they have already been presented before me. However, I have one more. Why there isn’t a serious promoting action from Sony for the King of Pop’s first posthumous album ?
    In 2009, the new versions of The Beatles albums were promoted, globally and around the world, until exhaustion. I have not seen nor heard any form of promotion in my country, unlike what happened with The Beatles work.

    Thank you in advance.

    pipa (Europe)

  34. cris December 8, 2010

    Omfg, Sorry for being an asshole, but people are so dumb to think that Teddy said MJ is alive in a non spiritual way. You people must be from US or underage. go read a book

  35. Ms.A December 8, 2010


  36. its_reasonables December 8, 2010

    1) If you were MJ, would you plan to be dead for this long??
    2) What do you think he’s doing??
    3) If you knew that he was coming back on a certain date/time, would you say so??
    4) When and how did you start to beLIEve that Michael is alive??

    (((P.S. it’s me from twitter)))

  37. JLOVE December 8, 2010

    ^ Don’t be disrespectful. Everything is possible.

  38. Marien December 8, 2010

    Where is Michael Jackson ?

  39. ChrisFresh December 8, 2010

    Will you be working with Gaga again? And how did you two meet?

  40. BCorn December 8, 2010

    Hi. Recently, it’s been rumored that you tweeted that you believed Michael Jackson to still be alive. My first question is did you actually tweeted that you believed Michael is alive or was that another person pretending to be you? And if yes to the first question, then my second question is what do you mean by “alive”? Do you mean it in more of a metaphorical, spiritual sense or an actual physical sense?

  41. OliviaMJfan December 8, 2010


  42. OliviaMJfan December 8, 2010

    Obviously, people want to know why Teddy Riley believes Michael Jackson is alive. As a That Grape Juice. net fan I would be very disappointed if this issue were to be ignored in the interview.

    Thank You.

  43. Susan December 8, 2010

    What is the main raeson that you think Michael is alive? It would mean so much to Michael’s fans if you would answer this please Teddy, with love x

  44. Hayley December 8, 2010

    Hi Teddy.

    I’d just like to ask what it was that spurred you to beLIEve Michael Jackson is still alive, or did you know right from the very beginning? Also, do you think he will ever make a comeback? What do you personally feel his reasons for faking his death were? If you can’t reveal anything, could you maybe give us a small clue?

    Thank you.

    P.S. Yep, yep! ;D

  45. tooy December 8, 2010

    Teddy, Guy, Blackstreet, 90’s, Gap band covered, this is r n b soul and funk music history thanks to Mr Riley ! I have no question! 1. I L.O.V.E MJ and 2. I Do love Teddy as well ! thanks “Guys” for what you gave to me !

  46. live~laugh~love~mj December 8, 2010

    Hello Teddy, I too hope you will answer the question about why you said on twitter that you thought michael was alive. Can you please tell everyone what you meant by it? Alot of hopes are up thinking you mean physically. Can you please clarify exactly what you mean.

    Thank You

  47. wishingplace December 8, 2010


    You are awesome.

    In regards to Michael Jackson, we all know that you beLIEve he is alive, but do you think he will come back and reveal himself?

    Love to you and your family

  48. TS December 8, 2010

    Dear Tedward,

    could you possibly confirm for sure that MJ is physically alive right now and point out the unmistakable numerology connected to this hoax , oh and through in some bible quotes just for the heck of it? That would be so good of you, i seem to be losing my credibility lately and could use a little nudge back up into the “i’m sooooo important and obviously in the know-ratings list”
    theres a good fellow now,
    yours truly TS (aka the sign/the source/ the sucker/ the s***)

  49. JLOVE December 8, 2010

    lol @ the above

  50. MISHKA December 8, 2010

    “Who does he think of Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and a bunch of others?”

    “Who does he think has the power to bring back R’n’B/New Jack golden days?”

    “Are you gonna team with Janet again?”

  51. MISHKA December 8, 2010

    sorry “What does he think of…?”

  52. Susy December 8, 2010

    Please Teddy, explain what makes you believe Michael is alive? Many fans know that. However, how would you confirm that? This is serious announcement you made, you have to back it up. We all wait for Michael. will fight for Michael. Do you have contact with MJ to forward this message?

  53. cris December 8, 2010

    Here’s the quote from Teddy about MJ “… If people can think Elvis is still alive why the F*** I cant think Michael is still alive…”

  54. Jasmine December 8, 2010

    Hey Teddy
    You once said that Michael loves controversy,do you think he would be pleased with the controversy surrounding the new album?

  55. John December 8, 2010

    What filtering effects did you use on the vocal tracks on Michael? And why did you decide to add artificial vibrato?

  56. Eternalluv4mj December 8, 2010

    I am terminally ill and am asking sincerely, is there any real possibility of ever seeing Michael Jackson in the flesh again? I want to know this for my daughter who is torn at the thought of losing both of her heroes. Please be honest with me. I have nothing to gain or lose from knowing the truth. If he lives, please just say yes. That is enough for both of us.

  57. anelia December 9, 2010

    Hi teddy, im glad u want to answer to some of our questions… i have some questions for you… Iv seen that Michael LP is already full on net… and wat come sin my mind is that someone leaked the tracks.. but.. u know.. im not very convinced on that.. I see it more like Mj prank.. ( V for vendetta)… He signed a contract with sony, but i think he is not completly satisfied of this work.. its not a masterpeiece like others are….
    My other question is.. DO U KNOW JASON MALACHI???? well.. Tell us… DO U REALLY THINK THAT JASON CAN FOOL MJ FANS:? Now way.. Its only 40% of Mj in Braking news… other 60% is someone else.. na i think is jason…
    Alswer plz!

  58. LiberianGirl(beLIEve) December 9, 2010

    How long have you been a believer and what makes you believe that Michael is alive?

  59. Doreen December 9, 2010

    Hi Teddy,
    Thanks for taking the time to do this. Since everyone is asking you hoax related questions, I would like to change the pace a little bit.

    Is it true that when Michael recorded a song, that he would dance and twirl around like he does when performing live?


  60. trinity infinity December 9, 2010

    Dear Teddy, EAT S***. Everyone knows you’re a big liar LOSER. Have fun with your blood money. That is all. PS- your production on “Michael” SUCKS anyways.

  61. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 9, 2010

    Hi Teddy, I’m really interested to know if Michael decided that he didn’t want funky, heavy and dominant bass-lines on Dangerous like he did on his 3 previous albums? It is very obvious when listening to Jam, In the Closet, Dangerous and your other tracks that there were more effects than bass, something that Quincy always had. Did he intend for Dangerous to be bigger than Bad and Thriller and was he disappointed when it won him no Grammys? Also, did you produce Shout and what was Michael’s intention for the song because it is brilliant. Thank you.

  62. anotherpartofme1 December 9, 2010

    Something in 50 Cent’s rap in “Monster” reminds me of Andre Crouch’s hymn at the Memorial…who wrote 50 Cent’s rap?

  63. trinity infinity December 9, 2010


  64. PepzMachine December 9, 2010

    Im sorry about some of the trolls that have appeared here. Please ignore them.

  65. Joni December 9, 2010

    “Breaking News”, “Keep Your Head Up”, and “Monster” are simply not Michael Jackson. This man who is singing these songs have a totally different ACCENT than Michael Jackson and does not pronounce words in the same manner as Michael. Can you explain how the “accents” are different?

    I know about “processed” material. It’s not only processed, it’s simply not MJ.


  66. David December 9, 2010

    Hello teddy, I have a question:

    Did Michael Jackson record the song “Joy” for the “Dangerous” album? You said in an interview last year that he gave you and your group Blackstreet that song for your 1994 self-titled album. It was a beautiful song, and I wanted to know if MJ actually recorded his own version? Thanks!

  67. frenchbraid December 9, 2010

    Hiya Handsome – I love what you did on the MICHAEL album tracks you worked on – the love shows in your work. I will cherish this album, it’s a masterpiece and Hollywood Tonight is an aural aphrodisiac ♥. Question: Is MJ still breathing darling? We just want to know for sure that Mike saw how the world came to a standstill when he was reported dead last year and that he KNOWS how much he’s loved by the masses. Did it help to mend his broken heart and heal his wounded spirit? Thanks Teddy ♥

    p.s. what is your prediction for album sales of MICHAEL factoring in all that strategic CONTROVERSY that MJ thrives on?

  68. ulisesR December 9, 2010

    Dear Teddy, What do you believe Michael is doing up in heaven?

  69. True December 9, 2010

    what does he think of the state of R&B today?
    who is he listening to now?
    which artist & producers are creating great music?
    what makes new jack swing & 90s R&B so timeless? what’s missing in R&B today?

  70. Blu December 10, 2010

    Hello Teddy,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer the fans questions. We really Love Mchael and we’re heart broken that he’s not here. There is only one question I want an answer too.
    Is Michael alive? I don’t mean in our hearts. He’ll always be there. I mean alive in the physical world, or are you just a believer like many and have no definitive answer for us?

    Thanks for the taking the time to answer my question.

  71. Tracy December 10, 2010

    Do you have contact with the Jackson family? What are their thoughts about you thinking Michael is still alive?

  72. RO December 10, 2010

    Hi Teddy, it’s awesome that you are taking this time out to do this. The burning question at the HEART of the matter is of course:

    Are you able to somehow CONFIRM/CONVEY to all beLIEvers that Michael is indeed ALIVE in EVERY sense of the word, or are your comments on Twitter more related to you beLIEving in the “I’m Alive and I’m Here Forever’ kind of way – as in the words used in Michael’s Memorial kind-of-way?

    Really appreciated it Teddy on behalf of Michael’s beLIEvers everywhere, again, thank you so very much.

    Always, with the L.O.V.E. 🙂


  73. BlueButterfly December 11, 2010

    I wonder if all the Jackson family knows that Micheal is alive

  74. Carefreedo December 14, 2010

    After the release of the fantastic new MJ album, there has been a lot of speculation regarding what’s left in the vault for future albums. Some are saying that there aren’t the hundreds of tracks we were originally told, a journalist recently said that there were as few as 17 – 20 songs that the estate would be prepared to release. Just how many great MJ tracks are left (recent and old)?

  75. Liberian Girl Heehee December 20, 2010

    Thank you Teddy for your willingness to come out and speak the truth. Your work on MICHAEL clearly shines. I love the album and have listened to all the songs enough to believe that it is Michael, through and through. Did Michael make those 3 songs, Breaking News, Monster, and Keep Your Head Up, controversal for a reason because of their lyrics? Maybe thinking more people would listen to them over and over to decide if it’s Michael or not? Just a thought! 🙂

    I know lots of BeLIEvers are hoping that you are truly a Knower and being guided by Michael to just say so much but not all. I hope that is the case. Could you elaborate on this?

    Thanks! Keep the Faith! L.O.V.E. <3 Happy Holidays and Peace in the New Year!

  76. pleaseaskhimthisbecausenotjustmebutloadsotherswanttoknow December 27, 2010


  77. Ross Lavinder November 8, 2011

    If any or a lot of the testimony is to be believed on either side Michael Jackson was MAJOR effed up!!!!… imo he was a ticking time bomb that was only a matter of time till death… I don’t think he lived in the real world or had a clue… He was not stupid I think, but he was not intelligent at all imo… What? I don’t know???…

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